Iraqi Cop Beheaded by ISIS

Iraqi Cop Beheaded by ISIS

Members of the Islamic State beheaded a captured Iraqi cop. His name was Raad Ali Jasim (رعد علي جاسم). As has become typical of ISIS beheading videos lately, the video fades to black before the beheading, and then resumes with the images of the headless corpse with the severed head rested atop it.

The video features the Saleel as-Sawarim (Clanking of Swords) nasheed, immortalized by this epic release, but held on backburner since.

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        1. Me too, I don’t know what purpose the music serves, are the lyrics in the song about ISIS? or does it just happen to be a hit song at the time over there… If that is the case, could you imagine if Western people started beheading people and making videos? what music would they play over that? Kanye West?

          1. Show offs? Fawk no! They are cowards because they don’t want to show their faces however they want to show off how proud they are. SHIT! Take off your masks and be the man you think you are for Pete’s sake.

        1. Hey, they’re doing what they do best as the Sand Creatures they are-perpetuating their torturing/head slicing-athon. Also the whole censoring has gotten quite old, the idea of instilling fear is falling flat with these fuckwits.

          Any more updates on John Can’tbelieve’s tv show for the IS, it’s been a while since we last heard from the propanda student?

      1. True, they should release the tape unedited, no stupid interviews at the beginning, no speech before the execution (we should all know by now they are going to do anyway so no need for a speech) but the main thing they need to drop from these videos is the fucking music.

    1. It’s actually part of their strategy and it serves two purposes.

      First, and most obviously, the victim dies. The people in the immediate vicinity will know about this and be terrorized by it.

      Second, and most importantly for them, it gets them into the Western media. Think about songs that get on the radio (in the U.S., for example). They are either devoid of explicit content or heavily censored. And they are typically produced as singles specifically for the purpose of being on the radio. These videos are the same thing for ISIS. Uncensored, they wouldn’t stand a chance of being shown in the West. Censored, they can be shown on the nightly news and ISIS can spread its message globally instead of having its videos restricted to Islamist sites and gore sites.

          1. it aint fake tho, you can see the victim’s mouth move when they started slicing over his throat.
            maybe they let him bleed to death before they beheaded him?

        1. haha, its fine to post your thoughts, even if someone else has the same. You have the freedom of speach and freedom to express yourself. unless u live in America, in that case i’ll need to see some permits for your freedom XD

        1. The blade is also very short.. there is no way his hand/arm would be that clean. he has a little bit of blood on his fingers… This video is questionable. The pain he shows for a second can be due to the applied pressure to the neck, and the fear of actualy being beheaded.. I have no way to prove anything, so all we can do is accept that its not another staged vid.

  1. Hi all,
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    With love to all

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    2. @Mendozus
      Hi and welcome. If your’e not a troll, then here are some tips for you. When I firsted start commenting, I was pretty pissed too.
      I call “bad blacks” nigger, “terrorist” dirty muslims too, but that’s just for emotion.
      But I never make jokes when a black is the victim in the vid, or when some muslim is just minding his own business.
      but as you can see, people do crack jokes even in the above situation.
      Like you said, it’s the guys who frequent it… and what do you expect from people who frequent gore sites, right?
      So the best thing to do is to ignore, ignore, ignore. If you don’t have anything special to say, don’t comment, you’ll just get more offended. I’ve been on this site site since it’s beginning(though started commenting few months ago), so i know whats going on. Wish you the best.

  2. Is it just me or did that knife have barely any blood on it for cutting through a guy’s neck?

    Speaking of cops, off topic but the chief of the Ferguson police department resigned today and surprise more protesters gathered around for it…I wonder what they’ll burn down this time.

    1. @LF

      I just commented that above, and yeah seemed to have nothing on it at all!! Does make you wonder?

      But then the guys head is off so why would it be anything to doubt? I don’t know but it definitely seems suspicious how the knife is shining clean in the light after a beheading!!

      1. @Judge

        I saw that after I posted, my apologies. But I don’t know how one side is perfectly clean and the other side has a little bit of blood. Maybe after the beheading he wiped if off then realized that they had another scene to film lol.

  3. Don’t know what it is with me lately, I thought I’d visit a few favourites… Eugene Armstrong beheading, Sinaloa chainsaw beheading, Dnepropetrovsk maniacs and Dagestan beheading videos but got to the Dagestan one and couldn’t bring myself to watch it.

    I Must be going soft lol, it takes a lot of bottle to click on that video. In my opinion it’s probably the worst act ever caught on camera!! No doubt I’ll view it soon but you gotta be in the right mind frame to view it for sure!!

      1. @Kate

        Hmm, I did say they were my favourites so I have viewed each one many times before.
        That was the whole point of my comment!
        It’s just that not viewing hardcore gore in a while seems to be a case of “if your not using it, your losing it”.
        There are hundreds of videos on the site and I don’t think I’m far off watching nearly all of them.
        Just that I don’t view a lot of them as real hardcore stuff but those few vids I mentioned are the real deal.
        It’s not the actions in the Degestan videos that bother me, I’ve seen hundreds of beheadings, it’s the dialect and emotion that are behind the whole thing! It’s pretty fucked up stuff.
        I dunno, maybe I’m emotional at the moment haha!! 😉

        1. @the judge sorry! Lol read your comment way too fast haha. You have a point when you put it like that, that beheading was cold hearted when you read the “convo” etc. Personally, I found the 3 guys 1 hammer vid the most brutal and gut wrenching.

          1. The best if not one of the is the Blondie or Blanca cartel video where they chop those 4 girls up with axes I love the pile of parts at the end I’d like to dig thru and keep the stuff I want

      1. @TheJudge, I get this. Same goes for me. I?ve been a regular visitor of this site for years (created an account not too long ago; hardly ever comment though) and have seen it all here, but Dagestan continues to haunt me.
        All of it – the scenario, the gurgling sounds of them trying to breathe, the dialogue/the begging for their lives. Yep, to this day, it is one of the hardest videos (for me) to watch.

  4. Now, now – the man does have a point – for sure, we all certainly know there are indeed more ‘good’ people then ‘bad’ on this planet of yours in these last days left of it – and, as well, the good ones are members in ALL races, etc.
    On the one hand, one can judge these be-headers in a ‘western powers’ labeling of them as ‘savages’.
    On the other hand, remember – man is the only animal that kills, other than for food (so far, at least – lol) – therefore, these ‘savages’ have some reason to be doing this (as in, beheading = making a point)! That point is that THEIR CURRENT radical version of Islam to bring down the ‘West’, is quite merely the ultimate reaction to all the ‘bad’ politicians that screwed their people for decades by sucking the black gold right from under their feet – literally – while leaving them in the economic dark ages! – which is still what they’re in now. … And in the real dark ages, beheading was as a common way to execute as any others! So if you look at it from THEIR point of view, you do what’s called ‘putting the shoe on the other foot’.
    But yes, these people ARE savages – and they WILL bring down this planet given time, I’m afraid. Religion will INDEED be the source of mankind’s destruction!
    How fucking sad is that!!!!!

  5. look at the figure on the right. thats a female, a tall gangly female , you can tell with the shape and gait of walk. wonder if its kate middleton shes got that gangly long legged figure. probably is even royals must have ‘gore’ fixes now and again.

  6. I’m confused now. Are we supposed to be glad a corrupt cop was captured and killed, or sad because ISIS violently slayed another Muslim, or grateful for the new gore, or angry because it’s ridiculously edited? *shrug

    A little help would be great thanks, as I have all of this traveling through my brain due to this post.

  7. he was killed a month ago, a newspapper in Napoli, Italiy, talk about this man who was shown in a set of pictures released by ISIS (mid february) because the cop wear a Napoli shirt (football/soccer team)…… and only for this..

  8. These idiots need to make up their mind. Are they going to pretend to be civilized or actually be civilized. Cutting heads off certainly isn’t civilized, but pretending to be civilized by not showing the sawing, is well, retarded…

  9. To think I was probably packing my pipe when this was going on what on Earth is going on with these fucks this shits no laughing matter and needs to be addressed with significance behind the storie instead of talking about how epic the bloodshed is or how the dead slut has nice tits.

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