Iraqi Soldier Beheaded by ISIS North of Baghdad

Iraqi Soldier Beheaded by ISIS North of Baghdad

ISIS has released a new video titled “Capturing and Beheading a Safavid Soldier“. In the video, the mujaheddin behead an Iraqi soldier. The act of beheading is censored out in line with previous video releases.

The video was reportedly filmed north of Baghdad, in Iraq. In the video, ISIS are sending a message to the Iraqi Shiite people, and they quote the prophet Mohammad who said: “I have brought slaughter to you“.

Props to Best Gore member Amer the adventurerz for the video:

33 thoughts on “Iraqi Soldier Beheaded by ISIS North of Baghdad”

          1. Catchy tune…. It would be more thrilling if a American was being beheaded like the other cowards but patience’s the streets of America will flow with blood

  1. As i see it, these fucks can be picked out of any crowd. All you have to do is look for the pieces of shit that cant stand talking without flying that damned finger all over the place! Dead give away that finger is!

  2. dawlahtul islamiya I love my brothers , all the way form Iraq showing the weak iraqi police who is boss , allahu akbar I will fight alongside these great mujahadeen and post videos on bestgore

  3. Boring, what a bunch of fucking idiots. Reason people that follow the islamic cult are like this, I think it because they don’t enjoy life. World is so beautiful, beautiful girls, drugs booze, music, beaches, fast cars, family, love, friends, but no these guys want to babble about 17th century islamic bullshit and chop people heads off. these idiots like to cover women up in tents, ban all fun / music, i’d go crazy also, living in a hot dessert with no women to check out, no music or parties to to go to, just hating on everyone that doesn’t like your stupid religion. fuck these people, almost feel sorry for them.

    1. They enjoy the things you mention more than anyone, but on the quiet. Sick fucks have no problem with raping young white girls, they don’t mind seeing that flesh.
      Fucking double standards all the way with these pieces of fucking dog shite. They kid no one, transparent pricks.

  4. I’m sure we are all thinking the exact same thing(especially the victim) leading up to the beheading and that is “I wish this guy would shut the fuck up and get it over with already, nobody cares what some ignorant criminal has to say”.

  5. fuck i mean how in the world those basterds advanced this much where do they get the guns . i know some people in here is gonna be upset but thank to the UN and obama those basterds fucking our lives if they enter the DC whitch i am sure they cant beacuse obama cares about the oil more than his own life . in other hand this is punishment beacuse iraqi people are stupid and they are full of hate and anger and they proof that they are fucked up . i mean why do u join the army if u cant kill on of those fuckers u know if they capture u they will kill u at least die in brave way …

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