Iraqi Soldier Beheaded by ISIS North of Baghdad

Iraqi Soldier Beheaded by ISIS North of Baghdad

Video allegedly filmed north of Baghdad in Iraq, shows ISIS mujaheddin beheading a captured Iraqi soldier. As has become customary of late, the act of beheading is almost entirely censored out.

A fairly sized group of people, including children, turned up for the execution. Must have been the most exciting thing to take place in their neck of the woods in ages.

Props to Best Gore member Amer the adventurerz for the video:

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    1. Totally agree. What’s the sense of showing a beheading when you don’t actually show it in it’s entirety? Where will this CrAzY censorship end? The quality of filming has also degraded, I’ve noticed. The flag waving at the end is a little corny too; sooooo last year. I have to give this a 6.2 out of 10. MaybeHitman, could you please convey our pleas to your peeps; you seem like a somewhat reasonable man.

        1. Arabs being divided by their own man made up fairytales are retarded….The House of Saud which have Jewish ancestors (DNA) and Israelis are laughing at all the Muslims killing other Muslims as planned…

      1. Hezbollah is one of few forces in the Middle East that are not proxies of Israel. That’s why they fight ISIS without pretending to. ISIS is a creation of Israel, acting out Israel’s atrocities under the pretense of following Islam. A double whammy for Israel as it both attacks countries that don’t like Israeli boots, and gives real Muslims a bad name. We got lots of Israeli agents who pretend to be Muslims on Best Gore. They will badmouth Hezbollah because that’s what Israel wants.

        1. Look at the history of Hezbollah, they are raging dogs against the Sunnis. They rape and kill our women and kids, and humiliate our grandparents in front of us. They started the fight before the Sunnis did. The Quran (And we decreed for them in it that: the life for the life, the eye for the eye, the nose for the nose, the ear for the ear, the tooth for the tooth, and an equivalent injury for any injury. If one forfeits what is due to him as a charity, it will atone for his sins. Those who do not rule in accordance with GOD’s revelations are the unjust. ) Al-Maeda Verse No:45

          1. @retard, offencing a member of the family or a close person worth doing the same to the other who did it, if you don’t payback, then you’re really a retard

          2. @LittleMountainWoman , i don’t actually act tough, (Quran: “And do not walk upon the earth exultantly. Indeed, you will never tear the earth [apart], and you will never reach the mountains in height.” _ Al-Israa verse 37)

          3. For all you believers of religions…since the world is millions if not billions of years old why is it that the three main religions were only made up a few thousand years ago? Made up stories were passed down over the years and were finally written down….anyone that believes these stories are very naive but than look how one group took control of all the money supply and banking…

            Maybehitman is just another crypto Jew playing Arab like the Lebanon imposter that use to post here…

          4. @MaybeHitman, You and the rest of you Sunnis really think you are perfect, whiter than white, free and innocent and have never committed any acts of sin, you often talk about how much greif you get from everyone else, but you don’t say a fucking word about all the shit you people cause? cause, do you and us a favour and fucking kill yourself.

          5. @espliam
            I agree with mike11111
            And I’m Sunni btw and MaybeHitman he just called me an apostate. MaybeHitman is not a Muslim. MaybeHitman is a Takfiri Wahhabi. He’s a Khawarij Isreali playing a Sunni Muslim role.

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  1. I prefer to watch the videos of ISIS guys getting their heads sliced off. For some reason, when an ISIS guy is getting his head sheared off they squeal and gurggle like little girls. Maybe that’s because ISIS is nothing but a bunch of little girls with beards.

  2. Why do so many people keep banging on about Israel and the Jews ‘controlling’ everything? You need to seethe bigger ppicture.Don’t get me wrong,I hate Jews as much as I hate everyone but Israel and the Jews (moreover Zionists) are usually in the middle of wars and people suffering/ money(banking)/dirty tricks/psy-ops(media) etc,etc…plain and simply because they are the very best at these things.But at the end of the day they are just another tool of their Jesuit/Vatican masters.

  3. I always think to myself that it must be a little more challenging beheading those with hair receding. Nothing or barely anything to hold to help with the severing. Especially some of those rookies we sometimes see that take a million years and have no idea how to get through the spine.

  4. I don’t know what they’re trying to achieve here, but this recent trend of eliminating the actual beheadings really works to their disadvantage, in my opinion.
    They want to be feared by all, but skipping the brutality they are inflicting on the victims makes IS look (even more) like…well…pussies.
    I’ve read arguments they’re now doing this to provide MSM with censored videos so they can be aired. MSM can censor the vids before airing, themselves – they don’t need IS doing it for them. Perhaps they’re censoring them because they suck balls at beheadings and are too ashamed. Who knows what these goat fuckers think.
    Whatever the case, this does NOT show them as the “tough guys” they want the world to believe them to be. It takes away the fear factor that was working for them, once upon a time.
    If they keep this up, perhaps sheeple will lose interest, quit taking them seriously or tuning in to see what they’re up to, and then IS will fall.
    OK…OK…that’s just wishful thinking, but a girl can dream.
    Fuck ’em!!!

    1. The amount of bullshit in your post is uncountabe. The knife, the neck, the skin being scratched, sliced, then flesh , blood , moaning ,, does not have that big sense. if you would be afraid only if you see what i said above, you are an idiot and will end up one of those in the videos or out of the videos.

      If you focus a little, you’ll find the word “message to…” . The videos are not meant to be used to please you and others, or to make fear .. you wil fear by your own choice, you have no other choice. If you say you don’t, it’s because of the comfortable home you’re connecting from, you think youre so far. You’re not.

      Then why the “goat” thing, it’s outdated bring another joke, you look like a parrot.

      Again, gore is not the goal, it’s only the way.

      1. You’re too kind. I love parrots!!!
        I am aware that you are Muslim, so if I hit a nerve or offended you….oh well. I’m sick of these (goat) fuckers, and will not apologize for expressing my hatred and disgust for IS.
        I will say that I did not watch *this* particular video in its entirety, so I will certainly apologize for my ignorance there, but my comment was to look at this recent trend of theirs from a different angle; to try to make sense of it – because I ultimately ask the same question so many others here do: Why are they leaving out the actual beheadings in their videos lately?
        One thing’s for sure, I do NOT crave the bloodshed, gore, so you got it all wrong thinking that I am “complaining” about them eliminating the beheadings for my own personal satisfaction. If they want to make them rated PG-13, doesn’t bother me, but does it make as much of a statement that they mean business as the ones which do show the beheadings? Just thinking out loud, is all.

        And I didn’t read your above comments. I usually don’t read most of your comments, for all you do is bitch and you’re not one to reason. It’s exhausting. I did reread my comment and know it wasn’t all that great or eloquently written, but it all makes perfect sense in my head…so eat it.

        1. i didn’t mention my “above” comments, you did, so you’ve read it.
          Since i didn’t comment on YOUR replies, mean the messages is NOT meant for you to read it. So don’t.

          i will not make my comment as cheesy and stupid as you by (goat) expression. If I , or my other brothers don’t have sex with you, not because we do it with goats 😀 ,it’s because you are so filthy for us to sleep with, it’s not different from being with a pig.

          Anyway, i’m not trying to offend or something, excuse my frankness.
          I excuse you, but i won’t let you go if you said that in front of me here.

          1. Oh no. I do not value your opinion, so I am not the least bit offended.
            But you obviously are.
            If me calling ISIS out for being weak, “goat fuckers” offends you this much, you must be a supporter of their cause.
            Which means you’re just the guy to answer the question: Why are you filthy pig fuckers cutting out the actual beheadings in the videos now?
            I’m dying to know.

          2. now you look upset 😀 so you’re tying to “make me mad” with repeating insults, i idn’t get offended, i only commeted on your statement, didn’t you see the laughing smiley up there in the previous comment? 😉

            and by the way, i hae bad news: I won’t answer. 😀

        2. As an aside, the PG-13 rating is given by the MPAA, or the Motion Picture Association of America.
          This is perhaps one reason why this video is NOT in fact rated PG-13 or anything else for that matter.

          1. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Here we go. I don’t know what my avatar has to do with anything, and fantastic job overanalyzing my PG-13 comment. Your comments are so typical of who you choose to label and target as “newbies”. It’s been that way here for years. It doesn’t work with me, however.
            For the record, I have been an extremely loyal follower of BG for several years – perhaps even longer than you. True, I don’t comment often, but I have just as much the right to be here as anyone else.

            I absolutely love gore, I’m not denying that a single bit. But when it comes to ISIS, it’s not seeing the gore that I crave (although it’s important because that’s the reality); I crave information and trying to understand their logic. What’s going on over there is serious. I hate them. I’m angry and I want to understand WHY they do what they do. Don’t we all?
            I am also here because I value what Mark and his contributors have done to build this website to provide us with information on what’s really going on in the world – none of that MSM bullshit. That’s the fucking truth. I know the industry well, and I know how manipulating it is.


  5. These videos don’t half go on. They should make them a bit more snappy and to the point. Also, I wish they’d invest in some knife sharpening tools. They really make a botch of the head severing bit with them crappy butter knives. Amateurs.

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