Iraqi Soldiers Dance with Severed Heads of ISIS Mujaheddin

Iraqi Soldiers Dance with Severed Heads of ISIS Mujaheddin

In Mosul, Iraqi army soldiers filmed themselves having a bit of good time dancing in a street with severed heads of ISIS mujaheddin.

There’s a lot of negativity in war, so if one can find something to be cheerful about, even if it involves circle jerking with beheaded adversaries, it can make a whole lot of difference in the life of death.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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66 thoughts on “Iraqi Soldiers Dance with Severed Heads of ISIS Mujaheddin”

  1. The term circle jerk is my favorite.. but I’m not sure if its where guys just jerk themselves off on a circle or if they jerk eachother off in a circle.. either way “circle jerk” just rolls right off the tongue.

    Really though this is horrible. And Id say they need to work on their dance moves a little.

    1. As with many phrases meanings evolve and vary by region. In it’s most appealing sense the circle jerk is a prelude to bukkakee. Ideally the center of the circle contains a haggard woman in her mid thirties but looking much older from meth abuse and beatings from truck stop johns. Frequently taking place in parks and recreation centers while their husband watches. In major urban areas the woman is usually replaced with a ripe bottomed and rosy-cheeked young man. Sometimes it is done symbolically in website comment sections where the center position is filled by a jumentous redhead with little shame and less humility who has cast herself in the role of the mother to fulfill the Oedipus ritual for several lovelorn and desperate manboys.

      1. medendo + What hell are you talking? This is a beheading video of two sadistic bastards dancing around with two heads!! Fucking savages! They made us US Army guys train those fucks and would have to take them with us on patrol. I can guarantee you, we didn’t teach them those dance moves, especially with a severed heads in the hands!! lol

      1. If I was a dude in a circle of dudes stroking a dudes dick while getting my dick stroked by another dude

        I wouldn’t want to be the first to get off, it’d get weird

        unless I was gay,
        good times

    2. I worked with a black guy from Georgia who said that as kids, he and his friends used to bet candy , get in a jerk circle and who ever busted a nut first, won all the candy. He expressed disbelief that no one else in the group had taken part in such sport.

  2. Man, today’s popular music is just…insipid. Some guy with no talent speaking in a monotone about bullshit that has already been covered by better artists, but people will buy it simply because it has a sugary beat attached to it and they can dance to it. I never understood why so many Latinos love that reggaeton….when I hear the beat of that music coming from a passing car, it sounds like the perfect accompaniment to some doink with a jacket three sizes too small hobbling around on bowlegs.

    “Don’t set out to raze all shrines; you’ll frighten men. Enshrine mediocrity, and the shrines are razed”. (Ellsworth Toohey)

  3. soon those will be european heads. a bloodbath will take place once the ‘far right’ governments take the reins in europe, and then finally islam will be banished from europe once again, everything anders breivik proclaimed will unfold.

  4. Damn….imagine driving up on this scene. These people truly do live in a twisted world. Sadly, the west gets sucked into shows such as “the walking dead” little do the sheeple know, it gets much much worse than that in real life. And this short clip is proof positive of that. So is the Brazilian prison videos recently come to light thanks to the work of the Best Gore community.

  5. The Isis Hood, with brother hood, from the black to shining death, put fear in western majesties, from barbaric shiny wood, Isishood, oh Isishood, the virgins don’t put out, cuz you guys all stink and get no pink, you are all human fools!

  6. I hope these ISIS savages suffered much worse fate.

    Why is it that the Arabs fight like dirty cowards though?

    They mutilate already dead bodies and they scurry and run away when they feel like they are going to lose.

    They never fight to the last man.

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