Iraqi Soldiers Try to Behead Dead ISIS Mujaheddin

Iraqi Soldiers Try to Behead Dead ISIS Mujaheddin

The video depicts Iraqi soldiers trying to behead a dead ISIS mujaheddin. They need lessons from this guy on how to do it.

The corpse they are beheading has his hands tied behind his back. This pretty much suggests that he’d been executed. Cause you don’t die in battle with your hands cuffed.

Props to Best Gore member Amer the adventurerz for the video:

59 thoughts on “Iraqi Soldiers Try to Behead Dead ISIS Mujaheddin”

      1. Exactly. Must suck to fail so many times in front of all your butt buddies. Funny when the one guy gets all hurt and kicks the dead guys head. “well fuck it. Let’s just kick and drag the body around”
        worthless pricks

      1. With that fucking overuse of the fucking F-word, your fucking language is geting fucking fucked up and fucking meaningless, because nowadays it’s already used instead of literally every verb as you can see in this example.

  1. Funniest attempt to behead I have seen i made my own translation. Cut him fuck it kick, try cutting him again fucking kick him again, give me the knife I show you how it’s done, come off you prick. Fuck this kick him, give me the knife you prick let me try, yo won’t he’s head won’t come off, turns the camera to selfie mode, we can’t get he’s head off oh wait my turn, drag him over there i don’t want blood on my shoes, attempts with the knife, fuck this let’s leave him there the video will still go on bestgore.

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    Sorry. I thought that it would make sense writing the way that these camel cock sperm drinkers talk. It doesn’t.

    How do they understand each other? Only these sand monkeys know.

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