Iraqi Soldiers Behead Dead ISIS Mujaheddin

Iraqi Soldiers Behead Dead ISIS Mujaheddin

Look at the smirk on the face of that Iraqi soldier at 1:09 after finally severing the head and raising it like a trophy for his mates to admire. That’s the face of a guy who blew his load in a whore’s mouth for the first time.

The video depicts a group of Iraqi soldiers standing around a few corpses of killed ISIS mujaheddin. One of the corpses is beheaded. The mujaheddin must have been dead for a while, cause there isn’t any blood flow in his veins anymore.

The video started vertical, then went horizontal, making for a neck snapping viewing experience.

Props to Best Gore member @amer-the-adventurerz for the video:

49 thoughts on “Iraqi Soldiers Behead Dead ISIS Mujaheddin”

      1. Actually , what the Sargeant is saying to everyone while he’s holding the head is….. Be careful when you fuck the mouth and watch out for the hairpiece ( herpes ) on the lips !! If your a Cheech & Chong fan , you’ll get the hairpiece joke lol !!!

      1. Oh don’t get me wrong, I would personally love to see that. But for this guy’s sake he is fortunate he wasn’t alive to experience that slow beheading. The rest of us who wanted to see it are not so lucky though 😀

  1. I like the Mexicans better. They hang the dude nude by the ankles, slice off his penis and balls, and then slowly slice away on the neck.

    Hey! There’s the chainsaw Mexicans. Those are entertaining!

    1. That video of that poor guy was brutal. Castrated him upside down while he was bucking like crazy, then decapitated him, then skinned his face.
      That is one I’ll never watch again!
      They made that chainsaw beheading look tame in comparison.

  2. For the record… I did not make that smirk when I blew my load in a whore’s mouth for the first time…

    Oh fine job on the cameraman’s part to, capturing all the gruesome detail. This is up there with one of my favourite beheading vids. Despite that the dude was already dead.

  3. Wait! Not fair! You need to subtract point from Iraqis because this be-heading does not count.
    The rules for be-heading states that towel-head must be alive in order for point to count. C!early towel-head was already dead, camera don’t lie, when be-heading took place. Therefore be-heading don’t count. Put 3 minutes back on the clock and let’s play ball.

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