11 thoughts on “Bad Mother Shakir Wahiyib with High Powered Rifle”

  1. It’s hardly a “high power rifle” it’s s US military M-4 carbine with a mediocre scope. It shoots 5.56mm rounds. Its like a .22 on steroids. Canadians always think every gun is “high power.” I assume he is posing with this weapon instead of the atypical AK-47 to show that it was taken; a sort of “counting coup” pose, which says, “hey, i stole this weapon from US military. Was is taken…or given? we have always been arming those sons of bitches.

  2. I have one of those rifles. Its not high powered its .223 (5.56) I also have an AK47 and an SKS. Last two I mentioned are 7.62 cal bullets. Which are far more high powered than the AR15 or M4

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