ISIS Advance on Baghdad

ISIS Mujaheddin Celebrate in Mosul on Vehicles Taken from Fleeing Iraqi Security Forces

Finally, Washington has begun to wake up to the rapidly deepening crisis in Iraq. Barack Hussein Obama II, the 44th and current President of the United States, who just could not wait to ‘cut and run’ out of Iraq in 2011, is realizing that, despite the thousands of military and civilian lives lost and the billions of US dollars ‘invested’ in the country, it’s descending rapidly into a fiasco of enormous proportions.

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Background 1

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (aka Abu Dua), the lead player of Isis/IsiL, was little known before 2010 when he became leader of al-Qa’ida in Iraq after the death of the previous leadership group in an attack by a combined force of United States and Iraqi forces. It is believed that his real name is Awwad Ibrahim Ali al-Badri al-Samarrai and that he is a Sunni, and was born in Samarra in 1971. He has a University of Baghdad degrees in Islamic Studies, including history, poetry and genealogy. He was an American prisoner in Bocca Camp, in southern Iraq, from 2005 – 09, probably as a result of activities as a militant preacher, with his own militia in Diyala province, in support of Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti, President of Iraq 16 July 1979 – 9 April 2003.

The destruction of the leadership of al-Qa’ida in Iraq, in 2010, marked a nadir in the organisation. The take-over of the leadership by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was accompanied by increasingly detailed organisation which even included the publication of ‘annual reports’ of its activities in each Iraqi province. Nonetheless, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi remained a shadowy figure with few knowing where he was located or, even, what he looked like. It is reported by prisoners of al-Qa’ida in Iraq, that he would wear a mask in order to maintain his anonymity.

The outbreak of the conflict in Syria allowed al-Baghdadi to expand his area of operations and undertake a series of carefully planned and brutal operations against both the Syrian Army and, remarkably, other jihardist fighters. The success of his campaigns may reflect on the composition of his leadership group, and advisers, who are believed to include senior figures from the previous Iraqi military (disbanded on 23 May 2003 by Coalition Provisional Authority Order Number 2 issued by US Administrator of Iraq Paul Bremer) and Ba’ath Party (Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party meaning ‘renaissance’ or ‘resurrection’) members.

Al-Baghdadi directed experienced fighters from Iraq to Syria, to establish Jabhat al-Nusra as his initial al-Qa’ida franchise but separated from this in 2013. As previously posted Isis/IsiL tactics are exceptionally brutal and the areas of Syria under their control are subject to Sharia law with torture, public executions (including be-headings) and the indoctrination of children and adolescents.

Background 2

Whilst the chaotic and disorderly retreat of Iraqi security forces (police and military) continues, with only minimal attempts at holding Kirkuk, Iranian Forces are reported to have crossed into Iraq. These are believed to be Iranian Special Forces (Saberin) and 150 members of the highly trained Republican Guard (Quds Force), their aim will be to bolster the Iraqi forces in the defence of Baghdad and any attempt to regain control of the lost cities including Mosul, Tikrit and Fallujah. The dismal performance of the Iraqi forces, attributed by a British ex-military commentator to a reluctance to fire on their own countrymen, may necessitate a return to the World War I practice of ‘pour encourager les autres’

The involvement of Iran in Syria to support President Bashar Hafez al-Assad (approximately 1500 members of the Quds Force) and, now, Iraq demonstrates that Tehran recognises the rapidly deteriorating situation across the Middle East, not least that Mosul is only 250 miles from the Iranian border and a gateway to the country. Ali Abdollahi, Deputy Interior Minister, stated yesterday that ‘The security of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s borders has been enhanced we cannot wait for incidents to take place, we always implement pre-emptive measure’

The Iranian leadership is a significant backer of the increasingly isolated Iraqi President Nouri al-Maliki and is probably in despair at his apparent impotence at quashing the Sunni Isis/IsiL rebellion and the weakness of his control over his Shia-dominated government that could only muster 128 of 325 Members of Parliament for today’s ’emergency vote’; whilst the Kurdish and Sunni members boycotted the session, the other members may have been otherwise engaged in packing bags and arranging overseas trips.

The Iranian troops are headed by General Hasan Gohari, a veteran of the Iran-Iraq war (22 September 1980 – 20 August 1988; 500,000 Iraqi and Iranian soldiers, with an equivalent number of civilians, are believed to have died). General Gohari is believed to have arrived in Baghdad, with Major General Qasem Soleimani, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Quds Force, prior to the collapse of Mosul.

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  1. Thank you, @nastypersuasions, for the in depth explanation. I’ve heard those supposedly in the know state that ISIS will never take Baghdad. After seeing them take Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq, I have doubts about that.

    1. I agree with you girl, but if i remember these Kurdish Fighters from the north,,, man these fuckers are no pussies. I.S.I.S. better go around these guys, because they will not back-off cowardly, like the other ones did!

      1. ***This isn?t nearly serious enough for Obama to take time away from golf. Or his ?wife? to take time out from shopping.

        …until BP makes a cellphone call to O’Bomber on the 11th green…

        Nigger, we need your black ass back in the White House, to protect our oil fields!!


    2. Here’s my 2 pence worth from another post:

      Quick explanation for y?all. Extremist Sunnis backed by gulf oil money have been rebelling against the Iraqi government just like what happened in Syria. Except the Iraqis are mostly loyal Shia and even the Sunnis are mostly loyal so not much happened. The Government has been forced to not take action against the terrorists (rebels) in Anbar so Saudi and it?s bitches don?t accuse it of being sectarian and targeting the Sunnis. Meanwhile the terrorists backed by insiders in the government and the army have been consolidating the presence in Anbar. (The Iraqi vice-president has been indited on terrorism related charges and he?s run away to Anbar). ISIS leaders are nearly all former Saddam officers. So are the Naqshbandi Army fighting alongside them. The Sunnis in Anbar are extreme, they loved Saddam and hate the current government and Army. The Army there is also mainly made up of Sunnis. That?s why they fled quickly like pussies, most were complicit and the rest were just pussies. The Shia are not so. Moreover for the first time since 1920 (against the British) the Shi?i high authority ? represented in Ayatollah Seyed Sistani ? has issued a religious edict (fatwa) for Jihad (holy war). Unlike the Sunni fanatics these come rarely from the Shia. As such, literally millions are singing up to join the Army. The end is nigh for ISIS et al.

      Reply ?

      1. I’ll give you this for Sistani he is a true Iraqi who believes in Iraq. A moderate and a reformer. Rare in that part of the world for a man in his position who seems to issue Fatwas mainly for peace and the preservation of life. A rare quality to stand firm in his beliefs without going out of his way to offend anyone. If Iraq is to survive and not become an Iranian puppet he is the man to lead the Shia.

  2. Yes this is now becoming very serious indeed . Will the Western leaders allow ISIS to continue on into Iraq’s largest and capital city ? . I doubt very much whether the
    west has the stomach for wiping that much egg off their faces .

    I have a question . Does anyone know if any ISIS fighters , have the ability to fly Apache helicopters ? . It would be interesting to know whether they will actually use them .

    1. Kept partying – now it’s Friday!! Fuck… What do I do? Gonna be messy again I know it.

      Keeping up with the posts is real hard lol you guys show a lot of dedication.

      As for the ISIS I heard that all the foreign countries such as ourselves have said that there not going to intervene. Ha what a joke it’s obvious they got what they want and now they couldn’t give two shits about the people they were trying to “Liberate”.

      If you ever needed a show of corruption and second agendas the here you have it. The most ruthless people are the ones in suits and ties my friend.


          1. I’m not good at coping with that morning after the night before feeling nowadays . It’s a once a flood thing now . Especially Sundays … being wired and having to concentrate is nye on impossible I find .

            Yep , good luck fella , have a good one , a messy one , but not too messy !

          1. Cool man, did not know! I am planning a trip to Europe for next year. Our stops will include England, to visit Abbey road & such, and David Gilmour,s childhood residence. Then off to France, and Gemany. Nothing would be cooler than buying you both plenty of pints one day at a pub when we travel there. 🙂

          2. Hey dre , it would be brilliant to meet up while you’re in England mate . If you’re mostly touring down south , it may be tricky to get together . Never the less , keep us posted and maybe we could work something out . 😀

            BTW , Dave Gilmour is a Legend .

  3. Before there is any more bloodshed, I’m sure that both sides will meet at the bargaining table and work out a sensible and fair compromise that both sides can live with. From all the footage I’ve seen, Muslims seem totally reasonable. Taking over Mosul while the world is distracted by the World Cup thinking no one would notice, pretty sneaky Sunnis.

  4. Hello everyone, been visiting this site for years, decided it’s about time to voice my opinions. 4,800+ Coalition casualties, 1.9 Trillion US dollars, and over 623,000 US vets with service-connected disability. ALL FOR NOTHING.

  5. There is a good reason why Iraq, Afghanistan and such have been living in the stone age for over a thousand years, Islam.

    Europe went through the Medieval period after the fall of the western Roman empire and became bogged down in pro-religious ideology and anti-science, anti-knowledge mentality and was slowly dragged back into human advancement via the newly emerging Renaissance period.

    My point, extremely religious societies lead to a decline in science, philosophy and other intellectual pursuits. The God factor leads men away from creative design due to an acceptance of the present without thought for the future, in God we live, in God we need no other, ect.

    Many scientists were in fact killed because their ideas were seen to be against God’s will, anyone who dared to question the status quo system were men of the devil and dealt with accordingly.

    As we can see, a religion based society is in fact a regression of humanity, Islamic countries being a good example here, however it is also true that a purely science/logic based society is fraught with problems as well.

    Many of the problems that we have today, economic unfairness, large rich/poor divide, out of control capitalism, obsessive consumerism and general everyday human cruelty is the result of a society without “morals” or “compassion”, only greed filled human self seeking betterment, good for the well placed but a life of misery for many others.

    A combination of the two without the extreme swings would seem to be a better way of living.

    My conclusion, this current Iraq issue is not surprising but rather to be expected, they are a religion based society and will continue to fall back into extreme religious ideology because of the lack of new thought and ideas.

    If anything were to change them it would be through their fellow Muslims who are less extreme and more free thinking, the Syrians/Libyans, pre-war, being good examples, however because these countries were destabilised for obvious reasons and the extremely religious rebels backed by our governments the chance of advancement as gone back a few hundred years or so.

    Oh well, its a Friday night and at least I have my bottle of wine and ready salted crisps at hand, the world can fuck off for today, I shall care once more tomorrow.

    1. And FUCK off tomorrow once more you shall. If Jesus Christ or any mind controlling religion did NOT exist at all. We would NOT have a century’s worth of bullshit beliefs that brain wash the people of OUR world. NOT trying to miss your point here. In other words. Let’s blame the jew in the sky for getting the Romans hyped up. And leading to a future where a bunch of Sand Niggers in the Middle East would kill a bunch of people and START a fuckin’ war that would last decades. THANK you Jesus. And let’s thank the dune coons and the Romans for ruining the world! Logic or NOT. Shit bricks and live it UP in America you dumb mother fuckers.

  6. the moment i heard that we were pulling out of iraq all i could think was: in a couple of years itll all go to shit again.

    looks like i was right, so lets see if i can make another prediction: high hundreds or low thousands will die in the coming days.

  7. Iran is gonna fuck ISIS up !!! I say this because them fuckers are every bit as crazy as ISIS. They prevented Syria from being toppled They’re going to prevent Iraq from falling, and when the U.S. pulls out of Afghanistan who knows what will happen but I don’t see Iran sitting back letting itself be surrounded by Sunni Extremists and doing nothing about it. Shits about to get good for the carrion eaters in that part of the world.

  8. We need to be bombing the shit out out of these traveling columns and killing these roaches by the tens of thousands. They can’t be that hard to spot and bomb enough of them and the civilians will learn to stay out of the way when they roll into town and if they don’t, if they stand there and cheer them on, then they can die too!

  9. The category topic “Iran.” Does NOT do itself justice with the lack of sand nigger beheadings and dune coon slaying. Like 8 articles only? Must be a new category. Aside from that…where ARE the number of camel jockey executions people???

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