ISIS in Afghanistan Executes 8 Alleged Apostates Plus a Cross Dresser

ISIS in Afghanistan Executes 8 Alleged Apostates Plus a Cross Dresser

New ISIS video titled “Battle to Avenge the Arrest of Muhajirat Sisters” was released today from Wilayat Khorasan, Afghanistan. The title is in reference to two Pakistani women who were arrested in May for attempting to transfer classified documents to ISIS.

The video features the executions of 8 men sitting in a circle who are accused of being apostates. Three of them are beheaded, two shot in their heads with handguns and three shot in head with rifles.

At the end, a ninth man is executed and thrown over a waterfall. His crime was cross-dressing, as he was caught trying to flee ISIS dressed in women’s clothes.

Props to Best Gore members @refuse2renig and @african-angel for the video:

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      1. It’s funny to me I remember friends of mine when I was in the Marine Corps (Wanted money for college, didn’t pan out, luckily never deployed because I got myself kicked out when that was gonna happen, fuck going into a combat zone for some rich assholes who don’t give a shit about anything but money and power) who had been deployed to Iraq had encountered people part of the insurgency there who dressed as women to be more stealthy in their attacks. Military even made propaganda about it about how can these be the real mujahideen or however the fuck that is spelled when they have people doing shit like that which is against Islam. I thought it was funny even if it had been made up potentially.

    1. As with any video, we have no way of knowing the truth behind the footage. He could’ve been forced to dress up in a dress for the sake of the picture for all we know.

      Why would he be forced to wear a dress for the sake of a picture? Hell if I know. Ridicule, perhaps?

      I’m just throwing it out there that we know absolutely nothing about why these men are killed in these videos, whether they were even guilty of the things they were accused of, and so on.

      1. I’m not too familiar with his dialect and he’s mumbling so I’m having some trouble understanding him but I got the gist of it.

        I’m not very familiar with Afghan geography so the first name he said could have been either a place or a group, he said he was there (or with that group). He escaped to a forest and went through various cities trying to get away (typical refugee or prison escape story). At times he would dress as a woman so he could travel inconspicuously, being in a country where women are expected to wear burkas this is your best bet. The blue burka popular in Afghanistan is secured on the head and drapes in front halfway down the torso and in the back down to the ankles so wearing a dress underneath is necessary to fit in. @greetsob His facial hair doesn’t matter if his face is hidden. He says he was captured and imprisoned for some time so had he been clean shaven, it would have grown back. He continues with his generic scripted message and is then executed.

        1. I can’t blame them for executing trannies. I’m getting really tired of hearing about it here in the States.
          I say give them a choice: Either they get therapy (because you know they’re mentally ill) or they get a hollow-point antidepressant to the back of the head. Actually, parents who put their children on hormone therapy should not get the option of therapy……

      1. They just kill the weak and powerless.
        A bunch of demons is what they are.
        They murder people for graffiti.
        They murder people for cross dressing.
        Isis are just vicious turd nuggets.
        I’d love to see their caliphate die.
        I’d like to behead that evil guy.
        Arabs or muslims they all seem gay.
        What the hell is it with the burkas?
        I can not believe they live like that.
        Imagine a world without hot babes,
        Wearing bikinis and wearing thongs.
        A world that prohibits babes in thongs…
        That’s not a world I’d want to live in.


    2. I am surprised that the victims did not offer to sharpen the knives before having their heads cut off….How can anyone with an IQ of over 20 kneel there in passivity knowing that they could get up and run away?? What is the ISIS devil going to do…throw the knife?

      1. Anyone with an IQ above 1 would realize that running away would do nothing to help them. You’re being held in an ISIS camp, surrounded by demons who have sentenced you to death. Try to run, you won’t get far at all and subsequently tortured for having tried to escape. So, kneel there and wait for death, which in this case probably wouldn’t be that bad. The initial pain of having your throat sliced into, sure, but once the corroded and the jugular are cut death will come in no more than 30 seconds. Within just a few seconds you would have lost so much blood that you lose sensation in your body and don’t feel the pain anyways (think of that light headed feeling you get when you have blood taken and multiply the sensation by like 500). You’re dead before they even get halfway through your neck at which point who cares?

        On the other hand, should you try to escape, you better pray that they shoot you dead. Otherwise, you’re likely going to be shot in the leg to bring you down, dragged back to some concrete room and tortured by some psychopath who gets off on hearing you scream. I don’t think I need to describe torture to anyone on this site. Coming so close to death yet so far away, begging for the mercy of a beheading.

        You haven’t got even an ounce of logic, eh?

  1. Still wasting ammo I see. Head blows up like an overly ripe watermelon – but – better step closer and take another shot, just to be sure. Think he’s just getting’ off on the blood spray. Moron. Of course…I’m watching it…(but NOT getting off on it. Honest!)

    1. More than likely this guy dressed that way thinking he had a better chance of escaping isis but ended up being fatally wrong. And as for shooting him over a water fall and letting his body fall in, that just shows how completely mind fucked these filth are. That waterfall is probably a main source of water for even their own, but no one thinks of that until Mohamed takes his turn fetching the drinking water tomorrow night only to come back with a pale of bloody corpsey water. Just business as usual I guess.

    1. You probably would missT…….they don’t like recalcitrant victims……….if you want more action….(on your part)
      It’s the way to go…….torture will be next…….like gouging
      Your eyes out……. cutting your tongue off……and who knows
      What is in their sick deviated psychopath mind….( they are
      Looking for the kind of rambo hero……just to show him what real shit and guts look like.)…..
      But just taking the bullet and live another day is not in their
      Agenda either………..I guess.
      They won’t miss…..!!!!
      Best scenario……not to get caught…..and if you do…..
      Not alive…..but I’m not an expert…..who knows….!!!!

  2. The one that was ninth in the row was plain foolish .
    C’mon man !!wanna cross dress yourself like a woman with all that bush on ya ???.. you thought the others were blind and you could give ’em an easy slip ……… huh ………that’s what ya thought ….didn’t ya ..??
    whaddya knew that the other faggots who nabbed ya were any less clever than ya .

    The rest of the other eight were needed to go as they had spent all their lives jerking off and turned pretty haggardish with no hard -ons left . therefore they were the wasted ones .
    I like how slowly like a rock concert the crescendo keeps picking up……….amplifying ……bringing in tons of laughter……and these fucktards on their part think their music is enough to send out chills .
    Fuck ya ISIS and your entire breed !
    Perish in hell !

  3. Not sure if I would rather be one of the first to go or the last to go if I was stuck in a situation like that.
    At least with the gun it’s instant – not sure how long you would be conscious of pain whilst being beheaded.

  4. OK so these shitty assholes are trying to capture our imagination trying to use different method’s of execution, I will only be wowed if they can attach there victims to a space rocket, and film it until it gets to space and see what happens to them.
    Obviously make sure they have enough oxygen to survive in a mask till they get there.

    1. If that’s how you wish to be wowed
      then these shitty gutter rats need to approach one of the nations closer home which is already in to space exploration .
      But for that to own and fly in to space these bastards will have to beg for funds by soliciting rich customers who want nothing else but tight arsehole of ISIS faggots ………..who seem to be well endowed anally.

  5. I have to disagree with the majority of the posters here. NO, the fact that the last guy crossdresses does NOT entitle him to a death sentence. Call me a faggot if you want, I don’t care, but executing someone for expressing themselves in a non-violent fashion is unacceptable under any circumstances. To grant such a thought would be to agree that you, YOURSELF, deserve death because someone else doesn’t like the fact that you like to barbecue outdoors, or because you are a man who desires women of different races, or even because your personal body odor is stronger than other human beings. Its why most of us cowards who watch these videos and comment on this board choose to live in countries that protect our right to free speech, which prevents us from getting executed for “trivial” matters, such as crossdressing or making humorous comments on this board.

    Take a moment and think what big cojones it must take to crossdress in a region where homosexuality is easily punished with death. Would any of us dare to do that in his country? We, who live in civilized countries, understand that if a guy wants to dress and act like a woman, that should be his choice; he risks people making fun of him, or of getting beat up, but as long as he is not using physical force to inflict himself on someone, he should have the right to do what he wants.

    What do we know about this man? Just what ISIS tells us, and are they REALLY a credible source of information? Maybe he was a high-ranking soldier in ISIS who was caught banging his superior’s wife, and to humiliate him he was forced to dress as a woman, talk in an effeminate manner, and admit to crossdressing before he was executed in such a brutal manner. Even if he was a crossdresser in real life, how do we know he wasn’t a medical researcher on the verge of discovering a cure for cancer, or an agent working from within to disband ISIS?

    As Gandalf (from the Lord of the Rings) once said, “Do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment” [unless you can give life back to those who are innocent].

    1. I agree with you, the guy was trying his best to escape isis, I would have done the same, I don’t care what people say here I’m sure they would have done the same.
      But I’m thinking there must be many routes in Afghanistan to flee the Israeli secret intelligence service “isis” he probably was to lazy to take the long route.

  6. Mostly old guys. I’m guessing as the supply lines are cut and food/supplies are running out, ISIS decided these old timers weren’t worth keeping around anymore and trumped up some charges against them so they could kill them and not have to expend resources on them anymore.

  7. i dont know the devil but he would be a muslum. live and follow me take all the blood you desire satan says. satan says..i wrote the quran for islam, muslum says..but why allah it talks of love and harmony? allah says.. go kill your country men and any who are infidels. muslum says.. infidels what is that? satan allah says.. if they dont believe in satan allah oh i mean allah them murder them all for they are the beast. muslum says.. yes my master allah they are all evil, i will teach my flocks to use quran so were not hated or feared and some of these sheep will invite us to there lands and then we shall spread allah.

  8. seriously these dogs desire to kill and the world watches yet i dont want any fellow american brother or sister to be put in danger from these evil muslums. no person that has watched the abundant sadistic acts of violence created by muslums who practice islam. not one sain person would say there holy people. it blows my mind that hillory wants 250000 muslums to live in us thats crazy.

  9. Just for the record: that crossdresser was wearing digital camo leggings, knee-lenght camo skirt, and a black gimp mask. Perfect for a wild night out on the town, or an intimate evening entertaining friends. Pair it with some sexy boots, a black lace bra and panties, your friends will go crazy, gurl!

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