ISIS Behead 21 Christians in a Message Signed with Blood to the Nation of the Cross

ISIS Behead 21 Christians in a Message Signed with Blood to the Nation of the Cross

Yes, they wear beards, and they audio dub their videos with Nasheed music, but ISIS fighters have never fired a single bullet at a Jew. They readily behead Muslims and Christians, but send their wounded to Israel to receive treatment so they can return back to Syria, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere to kill more Muslims and Christians. They may call themselves the Islamic State, but their Mossad affiliations are simply way too obvious to ignore.

Today, the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service released a video titled “A Message Signed with Blood to the Nation of the Cross“. The video starts off with masked fighters clad in black, marching 21 captives wearing orange jumpsuits along Wilāyat Tarābulus, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, near Tripoli, the capital of Libya.

After they make the captives kneel on the shore, it is revealed that they are the 21 kidnapped Egyptian Coptic Church followers who were vising Libya for work, and were captured there.

The chief executioner, distinguished from his all-black co-conspirators by wearing military fatigues and an olive-green balaclava, begins his speech. He speak English with an accent that I can’t quite pinpoint.

He begins by saying that this message is to show that the proxy fighters of Israel, (ie Islam), are ever nearer to the beaches of Rome, the Crusaders. He points out that the Isa of Islam is the Jesus of Christianity, suggesting that the “Crusaders” believe in the same prophet, only that Islam’s version of events is true, whereas the Christian’s is false.

The executioner then reveals himself as a dedicated Zionist by affirming the event everyone, but paid for shills, know has been fabricated – the dumping of Shaikh Usama bin Laden to the sea:

The sea that you have hidden Shaikh Usama in, we will mix it with your blood.

The language he uses to address Christians with is the same language one would find in The Talmud:

…breaking the cross, killing the swine, and abolishing jizya.

The video then lingers on the captives for a bit, showing that some of them were making their prayers before death. Then, the executioners appear to decapitate them all, although the act of decapitation is censored out James Foley style – the same way it has been in previous productions.

After placing the captives’ heads on their bodies, it is revealed that this execution was revenge for Kamilia Shehata and her sisters.

The executioner then announces that the Islamic State will conquer Rome, proceeding to wash the dead captives’ blood into the sea, coloring it red.

The story of Kamilia Shehata is confusing with a lot of conflicting information. It is believed by some that she converted to Islam, but was then forcibly converted back to the Coptic Church, even tortured, and murdered. However there is no evidence that she was tortured, nor murdered for that matter, so the whole case is surrounded in nothing but controversy.

Through its proxy force cleverly nicknamed the Islamic State, Israel is finally getting their wholesome revenge on Christians they’ve wholeheartedly hated, and waited to square up with, for two millennia.

Props to Best Gore member Baby14 for the video:

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      1. Don’t worry @frog. If they think they’re gonna get to Rome by crossing the Mediterranean the Sicillians will handle them..if not, Naples University will get a crack at them. You don’t wanna piss off an angry southern Italian. Otherwise, they go by land through way too many countries that would crush them like the cockroaches they are.

        1. it will be a great show to see these underdeveloped guys trying to break trough freeway traffic form Sicily to Rome….their camels will starve on the way…please snackbar boys…try to get into Sicily…please…you’ll see where we can stick your sick Prophet…bring your wifes and sisters please…don’t bring knives, we have them..

      2. I cant wait for my local taxi drivers to start getting smart, would love to teach those Islamic fuckwits rule .303- those that fuck with my country will get shot, in the guts so you have to live with a bag for pissing and shitting in. Plus I will dip my bullets in pigs blood.

      1. ISIS led by Mossad operative Baghdadi has released these CIA issued orange jumpsuit execution videos to get Jordan to strike Syria and now Egypt is striking Libya…I would love to hear the conversations that the CIA and Mossad agents are having that their operation Hornets Nest is working better than they even planned to turn the whole middle east upside down …Sunni Muslims killing Shia Muslims and now Arab countries attacking their neighbor countries…

        Iran isn’t stupid and recently sent the puppet in DC a no thank you letter that it would not take the bait to fight their created Sunni
        group that would
        open the door for ISIS going into Iran.. USA spent trillions of dollars and almost 6,000 dead soldiers to surround Iran with 35 military bases in Iraq and afghan for the future take down of Iran…

        1. Most of these ISIS in iraq and Syria are trained and smuggled in from Eastern Jordan. That’s their main supply because after all it’s an open border and Jordanian officials admitted to a CIA camp there.

      2. i know mate ^^ take a look at Guantanamo i bet they need to walk naked now ^^ idk “they” really think we are all just sheeps questioning nothing…. and believe in everything “they” tell us… shame so many humans and all fighting the wrong war….

      1. @BestServedCold YES!!
        I thought the same thing!! He sounds like an American with a Mexican/Spanish accent. It is hard to say if he was brought to America and then learned English or he was born in America and picked up the accent from family member.

  1. Been visiting this site ever since i was a young lad, finally mad an account.. some of the dark humor in the comment sections is what helps me get through the day xD.. anyways i barely click on these ISIS beheadings anymore since they’re censored half the time >.<

      1. does isis produce these movies at fox studios?when most of these traitors return home to the western world . i hope we have no pity for these animals, Nazis are still being hunted today , most of them hiding in our communities . makes you wonder what will the world be like in 50 years?

      1. More of the fleshy viral parasites slithering across the planet, it’s bad enough they’ve invaded European countries like a plague. Nowhere is safe when it comes to these vermin where the people are basically prisoners in their fucking country.

        All in the name of religion with made up god, killing in the name of bearded sky daddy by furthering their bullshit indoctrination practices, fucking pathetic. What’s even more pathetic are these so-called followers attempting to support their “new buddies”.

        These are same cunts who’ll most likely lose their heads out of spite, by all accounts go there, we don’t fucking want you anyway. People are afraid to do anything out of fear, repercussion of attacks of because Liberals still believe there’s still good in them.

        See what all this multicultural blending has done and you still wish to continue with it-you fucking, bleating fuckwits, good luck with that.

    1. Honestly, all this bullshit sounds like a made up stuff by the Jews of Israel. I am not saying Muslims are the most peaceful people, but these videos look fake as shit. Maybe Israel wants West to HATE the Syria and other Muslim countries to the point that the West helps Israel take over the land. Maybe Israel is the biggest bullshitter in the world.

      1. Or here is a radical idea. Maybe, just maybe IS provoke the west, the west demonize the muslims (ALL muslims, even the good ones), the west attacks the muslims and…

        do you even realize the consequences of the western attacks against ALL muslims and muslim countries?

        The consequence is that, this hatred and military attacks are killing the moderacy within Islam. It creates a Hive Mind, a Hive Community.

        Sunni muslims start to abandon liberalism, moderacy and the ideology of IS is becoming more and more appealing to them.

        This is the real Black Psy op behind IS.

        One of the reasons why i don’t bait this Israeli conspiracy about IS, it’s simple.
        Israelis can’t be that stupid to enable the creation of real Islamic Caliphate… let’s just say that it’s not good for them.

        The actions of IS are leading to Radicalization of muslims within the west, extreme radicalization in middle-east. They know what they are doing.

      1. You don’t want all the niggers to be killed mate. There are many blacks, probably better people than you.

        I know a good few blacks and other dark skinned people in The Netherlands. They either have or working to get their bachelor’s or masters degree. (how’s that possible when blacks are just dumb monkeys??)

        Seeing those monkeys in the USA makes me sick. Those parasites indeed should be lined up and shot. Useless people.
        But so many blacks are great people. If you hate all of them cause a few did someting you don’t agree with. And how they look, well, it means you are pretty simple and ignorant/dumb. Maybe both… πŸ˜‰

        Thus my claim is true. There are many blacks that are better people than you. Little racist dumb shit.

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        1. I’m sorry to spoil your party but you’re following the old literature about defining humans, humans don’t have any race but sub species and that too is highly controversial as per modern knowlege. You, the blondie with blue eyes, might be genetically much more closer to an African rather than your cousin.

      2. And then theres all those brilliant black doctors ohh and those fucking footballers and bball players they throw stupid amounts of money at and those fucking gs americans love to emulate so much. Lol your racism is fucking laughable at best. And it shows how indoctrinated all you zio haters are. Talking all the shit they wanna hear while you spout about how much smarter than them you all are. Remember your 3 rs
        Religion racism and revenge. retards. As for here in most of canada most welfare recipiants are white trailer trash or indians. And lets not forget how many of the 1 percent are white. Fucking christ people can be stupid

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    1. No, it sounds like he learned english as a second language from the Tv or somewhere (wonder what shows they watch). I haven’t heard enough dodgy english accents to have a proper guess but there were a lot of parts in the dialogue where he sounded like someone from Holland trying to speak english. A lot of them there have very ‘americanized’ accents.

      1. To me, He sounds like he spent time in Ireland. He has the twang of Ireland in his voice. Many Europeans adapt their accent from the places they studied their English. His use of the word “therefore” is forced and practiced, not natural. He’s trying to sound intelligent which is something he clearly is not. He’s not American though. My guess is northern europe.

  2. The ISIS slowly gets on my nerves, do they really have nothing better to do then beheading people every week?? You guys are scumbags and dumb idiots. You think you can change the planet? Well then I need to disappoint you because the ISIS alone can’t do a fucking shit and you ain’t gonna change something, you only make the killed people’s families sad, that’s all, for the rest you reach NOTHING: You guys don’t think a lot huh, just handling? Well, that’s NOT a solution and your Allah is NOT gonna be with you, good you believe is him but with saying it 1 Million times there is NOTHING gonna help, you guys are a pretty dumb species, that’s all and that’s my opinion about the ISIS.

  3. “Ladies and gentleman, get ready to see 21 contenders racing to see who’s the fastest beheader in the whole world! Stay tunned in Alahsnackbar-TV! – Coming up next, shark hunt with the blood of infidels, only on Alahsnackbar-TV!” πŸ˜†

    So they want Rome? AHAHAHAHHAHA!!! x’D We will just kick them like we did nearly a thousand years ago. If history is bound to repeat itself, we just need to repeat the deeds of our ancestors, El Cid, Afonso IV, and the Norman heroes, Roger I and Robert Guiscard… πŸ˜†

    1. The problem is…1000 years ago, many leaders were brave warriors that often fought along side of their countrymen. Now we’re (USA) stuck with a spineless, liberal, narcissistic, rock-star wannabe, baboon…fucking sad man…

      1. Aye, youre not alone in there, here in Europa, theres no honest known politicians either, we’ve been too poisioned by cultural marxism to even remember what we stood for, what we ruled for, and for what our forefathers fought, bleed, cried and died so that today we can be proud of what and who we are… Luckly theres still a few that speaks in our names but they are being constantly under attack by medias and politics…

    2. @Der Kopfsammler and @ justice6996

      You guys are weird. The video is bumping with capitalist ducklings who received their training from there from western countries.

      Actually, the joke here about the Jihadi show is exactly what ISIS did -with allowance from twitter & most social media sites- : making jihadi magazines & internet shows !

      It is so ironic & funny to the level of it not being believed ; but honestly think about it again : ISIS is a CIA joke, this is a Jihadi community built & maintained by the States & its allies.

      Oh well about the “real warriors” of “Evropa”, aside from impaling people like Vlad & converting the poor Aztecs to Christianity and call their children “Esteban”, your ancestors were very greedy & fat, I mean just check the Lionheart’s history, he hated his own countrymen and had an inferiority complex towards Muslims and French. Despite having wars with them -to prove to the nobles of Europe he has a penis like all men-. Though he was very greedy ; and left his “countrymen” to rot in medieval london.

      Liberals are the best Europeans when it comes to today’s term. They share their beautiful heritage as Europeans with the rest of the world, and have no problem being friends to Muslims & Arabs, having one simple & major goal : to live happily.

      You guys should loosen up the white power skinhead style, or watch “American History X”.

      1. Oh ok! Then we allow those ISIS scum enter our lands… erm… i mean, THEIR lands… hooray multiculturalism… braaaainns… πŸ˜†

        Seriously… shut the fuck up already. We’re talking about counter attacking an imminent invasion, defending OUR fucking righteous lands that you fucking sand niggers are willing to take away from us again. Europe is waking up, and soon, we will start eating those zombified cultural marxism victims, or “liberals” as you call them. Hell, if you want them, you can have them to “share their beautiful unexistent heritage” with you! There wont be any space in here for such disgraceful traitors in our lands. Im so fucking sick and tired to walk among stupid open-ass zombies…

        As for you, i dont know who’s side are you on, but you also know that those ISIS scum are your enemy, yet youre defending them?

        1. @Der Kopfsammler

          I have an awesome job for you in Cortez’s conquistador ranks ; not as a warrior though -you’re not worthy-, but as a fine Cor Anglais playing the evil melody of bullshit and racism.

          Liberals of Europe gave humans technology, science & literature, they taught me & many other Muslims about greek culture, about the beauty of the norse woman who fought side by side against the anglo-saxons, about how peace usually exists not via war but via sitting with each other & just chat.

          Some of them took flights to stand with Palestinians against Israel, some died defending me & my people, some got kidnapped feeding poor Muslims in the deserts of Africa. how dare you speak about them like that ? Liberals gave an image of Europe that neither you nor a thousand other Cortez can draw. In 50 years, they did what all your warlord so called leaders couldn’t.

          What is the heritage the likes of you are willing to share ? more crusades & more wars and more “killing” ? you can’t control the natural love between humans -from arabs to asians passing by europeans-, and racism my dear conquistador always fails.

          Anyhow, yes I stand against ISIS (viciously) because obviously they slaughtered the real freedom fighters in Syria & Iraq to take their place. Whenever the United States government wants to intervene without suspicion , ISIS shows up to give it every possible reason to invade. Sadly, some muslims accept and serve as an isolated frontline pawn, usually killed in airstrikes or skirmishes.

          Liberals of Europe can prevent the Muslim youth from this disaster if western military intervention stopped, and we sat together -like I’m doing with you- to chit chat, then many Muslims would stop the racism which is similar to yours, and start looking at non-muslims as humans.

          Honestly, you differ nothing from ISIS. and I know if I fell in your hands someday I will never be spared. Just as if I fell into the hands of ISIS.

          1. I stopped reading after that “Liberals of Europe gave humans technology”…

            So ill just quote this instead as an answer:
            “To argue with a person who has renouced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.” – Thomas Paine.

          2. @DK…Yeah, I stopped reading about the same spot. I started to get nauseous…Your Thomas Paine quote summed it all up!!! Awesome!
            @arabic…you’re so far from reality, it’s to the point of no return.

          3. @justice6996 – Aye, i first wondered if he was joking or just playing stupid, since no one can be THAT stupid and still remember to breath… πŸ˜† …but then again, hes a muslim…

      2. When did I say SHIT about “white power” asshole? READ what I said! I said “many leaders” NOT all leaders. I’m also criticizing our president who I think SUCKS ASS and is indeed a spineless liberal, pc, idiot who’s ruining this country. You demonstrate EXACTLY what I mean regarding people that are blind to reality. Yes, world peace would be a wonderful thing blah blah blah, but get your head out of your “hold hands and dance around like a benetton ad” ass!!!

        1. @Der Kopfsammler

          Using sand nigger also points to your abandoning of reason. To simplify it life has two main sides : good & evil. Every person can commit both. Racism & preventing the needy to share is evil, while sharing & treating everybody equally despite their race is good. You apply that concept to all humans, but then again a paradox hits us since you’re a racist, claiming to be just -the famous paradox of 1 person trying to be 2 different persons-.
          Case closed.

          @ justice6996

          I’m a simple person, @justice, and as children I dream about contributing to achieve that world peace. Islam pushes me to be patient , to fight for that instead of slaughtering everybody, sorry, but any belief in life that calls for “encapsulation & isolation” is nothing but pouring gas on Satan’s wheel of evil, the same wheel that turned identically over thousands of years. Nothing broke that cycle but the abandoning of such mentality.

          1. “Racism” is only considered a “problem” because people treats it too seriously when they shouldnt. If you water a plant, how can you not expect it to grow? In that same context, if you feed my “racist” side, how cannot i reply in hostility? But then you started talking about the cultural zombies in here, and that was the last drop…

            Morgan Freeman, a black man, once said: “If you want to stop racism, stop talking about it”. Maybe you should think about that for a bit.

          2. Although i agree with your points about how to achieve peace to an extent i disagree that any religion should be completely disregarded for no lie can exist without truth. As you say the need to sit down and discuss these truths contained there in is paramount but unfortunately our races are proud and scared. Leading to this kind of ignorance. While der komfp is somewhat personable as people on here go he is too proud of his own intelligance as am i. For these conversations to happen properly in this forum arabic. Ive tried and ran into my own pride when faces with my misunderstandings. (sins). I hate to see that we have a real oppertunity to affect change and pride continues to destroy those oppertunities

          3. @ der really der? who should think about it? Speaking of fucking hypocrites. The guy who quotes about abandoning reason cant have a reasonable discussion! Gotta mock what you dont understand. How about accept that all cultures have cultural differences and lies we need to dispell instead of having a “racist side”
            Then you quote morgan freeman lol. Whilst talking about your racist side. There are schools for the handicapped you know. Ten second tom

          4. @dulphwiggins – Im trying to sweeten him up a bit to dig inside of him, im sure he wont understand that, but i just want to know whats his “point”, so dont blow my cover. πŸ˜†

  4. I love Christian beheadings, executions, etc. You name it, i’ll jerk off to their gasping, gurgling breaths.
    The only good this ISIS is for, is when they decapitate these bible-thumping dolts. Slower next time. Let them suffer as long as possible.
    .. I hate Christians if you couldn’t tell.

    1. More of that “internet bravery” huh? Trust me guys, if he was right in front of us, he’d sit in the corner like a little pussy coward and suck his thumb, cry for his mommy and eventually home to cry to his boyfriend.

    1. Hhhahaha you think that would stop human barbarism…. More human barbarism??? Fucking joke guys this whole fucking religiouse theme here retarded. I cant get the sound of the shears outta my head bahhhhhh bahhhhh bahhhh

          1. It doesn’t matter what it is…

            It’s a fucking lie and the sooner everyone realises that, the better.

            Religion is created for one simple rule.

            :: FEAR and POWER over people ::

            I believed in a higher power for many years but slowly started to realise that it’s bullshit and the heaven people speak about is already here on earth.

            It’s the most beautiful place and we as a race are way to caught up in war and politics to realise it.

            We deserve all we get for being such greedy, violent, selfish cunts who can’t appreciate the beauty of the universe.

            All we do is cosume and consume until there is nothing left! Then complain when it’s gone. It’s priceless really.

            Hope in humanity left me a long time ago but you can surround yourself with others to make your time easier who understand your position.

            Like minded people! That’s the key.

            These ISIS fighters are slowly pushing themselves into the forefront of everyone’s liives and it is time our useless government did something about them. They are boring me now. Kill them all and move on. Why drag it out?

          2. God gave us the truth @The Judge… Satan gave us religion.
            When people realize THIS we’ll all be in a better world… that’s all I was saying.

          3. I agree @Judge, but our government only ever does anything if it fills the coffers. Only if the action is deemed suitable to gain profit, will it be acted upon.

          4. @gnat. You have no idea how much your comment explained and helped me with my faith. It is incredibly baffling how some of the best news can be found mixed through comments made by some of the most hopeless, hateful, hurting and wicked people. You are a fine example of the beacon of light in the darkness. thank you again.

          5. yt chistians tout it and take offense to any evidence of the contrary just like any other zealotouse religions. And it has a bible. In fact there is lttle philosophy to it other than some of the words of jesus christ. It teaches fear and propoganda while ignoring imperical evidence that it tries to tout as something that its not. In fact someof the scientific knowledge there in points to the possibility that the bible was a collection of scientific understanding twisted to create fear. After thousands of yrs and religiously documentedchanges to the liturature of your “philosophy”such as original sin how could any one believe that the truth exists in whole in said liturature. To say christianity is a philosophy is a joke. I can sum up the new testament in 30 words or less. Man from the east travels west with buhddas teachings takes on rome rome wins jews rewrite.
            And since when does christianity not fall undrr creationism.”laminin is the evidence of christ in all of us” no laminin is the evidence of a scientiffic history far older than the fucking bible couldve known about if our history was as old as christians would like to think it is so are the seven days of creation. The expansion of the universe or synapse was 6 planck times the deflation of it will take the same. a planck time is 1×10 to the -35th of a second in which all things in theuniverse were set in motion we cannot know all that god does simply because 1 answer spawns millions of questions and for laminin to be perfectly represented by the figure of christ on the cross is just good fucking planning. All that aside is it just coincidence that all over the counter medicationscontain an acid that breaks down laminin. And since laminin binds our dna in strands is it coincidence that our race shows signs of de-evolution. I can grow any plant rich in this acid knowing full well telling you not to will make you. rethink your story of adam and eve and imagine humans as a race with perfect redux regen. Who communicated what they felt without words. Give them medication and language and you get us! a de-evolutionized race with no real communication just confusing argument causing language struggling to get back to what we know in our hearts is true. Then you take all the truth cut it into little pieces wrap it in lies destroy the old civilization and segregate give each a different religion. Bam welcome to earth. Before you jump on it is your god egotistixal proud ignorant savage blind and stupid.white brown black tall short fat? Then we wernt created in his image. Urizan on the other hand much more like us. Lol. 14 sub christian religions that end in ism. Buhddas philosophiestaught cessationism. If that is your only distinctionits pretty sad. For that matter you cant be a sihkist or believe in sihkism either lol. Western or christian founded cultures use the ism distinction so do the ek. The need to openly discuss and dispell old misunderstandings (sins) is paramount not trying to make further distinctions between old mistakes.

        1. Jesus sacrificed his life for us he got cruxified by Satan’s! Jesus teaches us to forgive rather than killing people! So whover believes in it n follow it is the real human rest all are son of satans !who came to earth for destruction only!

          1. @judge Everyone is segregated with people of a like mind…. Forcebly forceblie fuck it. Further segregation is not the answer. Segregation was the purpose of religion. Humans are wired to form like group structures. Its natural. But for far too long weve let fear of the unkown stop us from rethinking our structures and properly blending our ideals. Usually those more reveared in said structure feel they will lose importance amongst said groups so they use fear to maintain. The problem with having non violent beliefs is that it used against people by people with violent beliefs. Thier fear tells them those who would not fight are weak, so they do fight. And since they have a willingness to kill they walk all over those who seek peace. Yet it is those who would not be moved from thier beliefs of peace that are the strongest. When we die and how is without point. What we learned and what we taught are. I would stand firm for peace i will promote better understanding and try to be an example of greater humanity. But come into my house forcefully…. And unfortunately i will defend it and those i love. And i am learned enough to destroy many on my way out. I will stand for peace but i have a seriouse fucking problem with injustice and oppression. White black brown dont fucking care. It is because my love is great that my hate is potent. We are all on a scale. Hate is love that is confused and wounded. Indifference is true evil. I believe There is a higher power or will be eventually but unfortunately its us and we are stuck here till we are done with learning why. I want god to be compassionite and understanding forgiving and just. But we are not there yet. And if we dont get there we will be resolved as a mistake that wont be relived. I was raised christian but saw that even the best men twist truth to thier liking. I believe in forgiveness and sacrifice. But no religion is without lie and no lie is without truth. The consistant thing is that we were created to be better than we are to believe we can be better than we are. The true death that apostesy refers to is spiritual death. Stop believing in something better than you and you will learn just how insignificant 1 of us is. No we dont all have the answer but ALL of us CAN and must find it. A single synapse in the mind is all the time we really have. That is what i believe the reality is. A thought in the unborn mind of a child. Not the first not the last just 1. And when we finally realize that we are 1 a new thought will begin based on the collective realizations of ourselves and others. Sorry if i spammed.

          2. While i love the story to fully believe that jesus was real and everyone who doesnt believe in him will burn in hell whilst having just said we should fight to the end had better mean with hugging wars or your not any better than those killing for apostesy. As is my affliction with the most hypocritical religion ive encounteredwith the seconed most judgmental sheep following thier imaginary shepards. Is it not as well in the christian bible that god sent man to WAR against blah blah blah hypocrite

  5. I find it funny that these guys think that this is justice. Yet you can clearly see ISIS is the group here with the most brutal reputation for committing atrocities world wide. But oh yeah, they keep saying that we’re the bad guys lawl… I’d like whatever the hell they’re smoking. It must be something that bends reality upside down and inside out.

  6. ?The sea that you have hidden Shaikh Usama in, we will mix it with your blood?.

    The legend goes that if you fill the seas with Christian blood Bin laden will rise like the Kraken and seek a most cruel revenge, whilst censoring the worst parts along the way.

    1. Hey @Empty

      I have come to the conclusion you are either John Harris or Veronica Chapman! Haha either that or you are in fact familiar with their work.

      Ok maybe not John Harris, he is rather delusional at times and you speak very clearly and with rational thought. Your critical thinking is very impressive.

      Now that leaves Veronica Chapman. Who is a man turned woman but is very clued up on the whole freeman movement and adheres to your beliefs about ways to bring down the political and global elite system based on power by consumerism.

      Just an observation, more of a light hearted suggestion!! Hehe πŸ˜‰

      Hope you are ok buddy!!

      1. @The Judge. I?m ok I suppose, thanks for asking.

        I?m not familiar with Veronica Chapman, I?ll have to look her up. Also, which John Harris do you refer to, there are many so I am not sure?.

        I mostly only post in the evenings after work and so I am often drunk and/or stoned when making comments which often leaves me feeling confused when I reread them as well.

        My mindset is that of observational judgments. I learn as much as I can about life and various subjects in general and then I discard the social/moral/political aspects thrown at me during the learning process so that I can arrive at my own conclusions free from external influence.

        I am not always right but I am always myself and this allows me to adapt, change and learn without psychological restraint.

        My conclusion, survival is adaptation without blind conformity for those who adapt to the weak and dieing will surely die themselves.

  7. As a Coptic Christian Egyptian, this one really hurts. These evil subhuman savage barbarians are one of the reasons we left Egypt to come to Canada in the first place.

    When will the world unite and exterminate these disgusting soulless creatures once and for all?

    May God have mercy on these martyrs who were killed for no reason other than who they were. R.I.P.

    1. If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.
      If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.
      Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also.
      But all these things will they do unto you for my name’s sake, because they know not him that sent me.
      If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin: but now they have no cloak for their sin.
      He that hateth me hateth my Father also.
      If I had not done among them the works which none other man did, they had not had sin: but now have they both seen and hated both me and my Father.
      But this cometh to pass, that the word might be fulfilled that is written in their law, They hated me without a cause.
      John 15:18-25

      For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. Matthew 16:25

      Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5:10

        1. So go against the grain you will not fit in sin of desire is worse than sin of sin lol to speak the truth to those who dont want to hear it will make you enemies but do it all in my name and you will return to do it again. You know i had this same problem in church. Whilst i agree that once one knows he is doing wrong but continues to do so is guilty. I severly disagree with the fact that the implied guilt creates more sin. That said why jump all over the book when doing so removes context. And just because it is you pulling versedoes not make you rightouse you could be sinful as well and applying the context wrong. To say they hated without cause was unjust for it is your judgment held paramount over thier ignorance that bore resentment lest ye be after all. If you have nothing to contribute to those who are ignorant but words rearranged and written in forgotten verse than you only add to confusion and resentment. The choice of verse drips with judgment and disdain for peoples misunderstandings. If you live in a glass house dont be throwing rocks at me -cinderella simply because your choice of book contains a truth or 2 doesnt mean others dont as well. So look up misdirection in the dictionary. And than maybe email your quotes to you buddies here.
          “When mundaciousness at any price adopts “truth” as its perspective than what is actually veraciouse can only be found bearing the worst names.” live by example keep your words there are to many people twisting them as you speak. Trust me. The fact that you have nothing but a quote is dissapointing. The serpent in the garden of eden resides between mans earhole and brain. Or i geuss youd believe womens earhole and empty skull

    2. @Cold World
      Indeed these men were martyrs for their faith and belief system in God. Right before the beheadings you can see one man praying and his lips read….”Have Mercy on them.” As Jesus died on the cross He said, “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.” Whether you are a Christian or an Athiest, it does not matter. These 21 men could have been any religion. I also agree with @Gnat when he basically said, “God gave us the truth ? Satan gave us religion.”
      I believe that religion divides us and that was never God’s plan. He gave us free will and we are the one’s who fucked it up. I pray that God will bless the families of these men who were crucified and that they (ISIS) will come to know the truth in a harsh and swift manner!!

  8. I think the fake religion called islam will now finally begin its long overdue destruction by the rest of the civilize world. They want a “holy war”, I think they’re gonna get what they wished for! I think open season should now begin across this globe! “See a muslim, kill a muslim” should now begin!

  9. Personally I’d Hiroshima the middle east x 1000. Obviously there’d be a lot of fallout but I’m sure American black projects have come up with something more powerful than a hydrogen bomb without the fallout.. We just won’t find out about it till it’s dropped. Fuck I’d do Africa n parts of Asia while I’m at it. Oooosh

    1. Id say his accent is that of a privleged syrian raised speaking english. Its the way he says blood that sounds this way to me. But his tongue doesnt roll naturally where it should for him to have been raised speaking any form of arabic. When you teach an adult punjabi; english for example they have a hard time slowing thier tongue down to pronounce alot of words. Same as english speaking people have a hard time speeding thier tongues up to pronounce punjabi words. As an example!

      This guy seems to me to have trouble with accenting some of his words in such a way. Just an opinion.

        1. Possibly never met the man lol for that matter his family could be irish and moved there when he was a kid. I mean shit i got redhaird white skinned muslims at work barely adults who are ready to run off and fight isis outta spite for christian parents lol really hes red haired white skinned negroid go figure. Broad ass shoulders tho tiny head skinny legs kind of a funny looking fucker

  10. What a waste of perfectly good Christians…so close to Rome they can smell it, they could have thrown or fed them poor fuckers to the Lions.
    The propaganda reeks !
    Fishing With Osama.
    I didn’t know a Al-Qaeda and ISIS were such good fishing buddies.
    Smells like the shore they shot it on…dead fishy.
    Lets make videos showing us fucking everybody off on the planet….Indeed who does this benefit..?!

  11. It seems a bit suspicious to me that this happened in Libya. ISIS is an Islamic state in Syria and Iraq, Libya is a long distance away. The people fighting in Libya are not even ISIS but other different Islamists groups, NOT ISIS. While Israel has been waging a media propaganda war in Europe even conducting false flag Mossad operations in France such as Charlie Hebdo to try to manipulate the Christian nations to want to wage a war against ISIS which benefits no one but Israel this happens? Why would ISIS start beheading “Christians” and help the Christian West want to wage war on them? This is a propaganda nightmare that would not benefit ISIS in the least. But this can benefit Israel greatly! This could had easily had been done by Pro-US forces in Libya (which there are currently plenty of them there fighting to stay in control of the govt) masquerading as ISIS for the purpose of propaganda and to get the Christian West to fight Israel’s war for them. Israel stop killing people and blaming ISIS. Christians know you hate us we will not fight your wars for you any more. Go fight them yourselves you cowards. The only people that Israel wages war on is unarmed Palestinians damn cowards. Think people analyze what you see and who it benefits. Don’t just believe everything hook line and sinker. Learn to spot and distinguish “Propaganda”.

  12. They make primordial swamp stew seem like absolute human genius! What, no stomach for impaling? Or you don’t know how because that technology hasn’t reached you yet? Conquer Rome? Holy Roman Empire of Shit! What fucking millennium or century do these malfunctioning cuckolded camel cocksuckers actually think they’re shitstaining in? What’s the latest from Hammufuckingrabi, guys? Do you have a message for Khufu the Great Pyramid Keeper? I’ll send him a falcon from you! How about Saladin? Whoops sorry, he was Kurdish. My bad. I didn’t mean to offend.

    Pick up a fucking book from the last 500 years and read it for Christ’s sake! It’s fun-duh-mental! Try starting with something light, such as “How to Win Friends and Influence People”!

  13. Because the FBI has never heard of or watches this site.
    Quick guys he’s discovered us on that dark matrix internet thing site…QUICK get him!!! He’s getting AWAY !!!
    Efen Lunatic !!!

  14. I saw thrones on which were seated those who had been given authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony about Jesus and because of the word of God. They had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

    1. Killer canuck? Killer whale? lol no seriously the eyebrows? Canuck? Never seen eyebrows like that on a whale!! But yah canadians have a hard time picking up the r thing you know cause of our largley celtic heritage. And because we are all bred with beavers and the teeth and the oyy

  15. Yea these guys just get off on killing, and making people loose dignity. If destruction and death is all they know. Its there curse. I do see a grizzly future. Good people had better arm themselves. to the teeth.

  16. Finally ISIS is starting to uncensor their videos love the blood on the tides of the *Red Sea* too bad they didn’t turn them around for nice scenic look before they die so The Condemned can watch their blood mix in the waves.

    1. They love using symbolisms like burning the pilot than crushing him with concrete ruble…..the blood coming ashore like in blood coming to your shores next….

      All these orange jumpsuit execution are orchestrated by their CIA and Mossad directors to achieve the worst PR as possible…lol…

      Not one of these videos has ever criticized Israel for stealing their land and killing their brothers….just another confirmation that ISIS is being ran by the zionist Jews and their agents..

  17. I hear no accent. Just that you can tell English isn’t his first language. So he must’ve learned it here in America or got a Rosetta Stone how to speak English DVD. πŸ˜‰ either way, there message was made. Now lets wait and see what’s to come of this.

    P.s. this Seems odd. I don’t know any black man who would be so calm and just let himself get beheaded without a fight. No one else find that odd? Either way. Those souls will be in a better place.

  18. fuck if they were going to behead me i wouldn’t just wait silently i’d be like fuck you stupid religion you retarded mother fuckers. I bet all the members of isis have IQ of around 70.

    although i am pissed that isis exists it seems obvious that the west doesn’t want to get rid of them. it’s very obvious. how are these fuckers getting endless supplies of bullets and weapons? it’s not like isis has a weapons factory. and most likely source of the weapons is saudi arabia and the gulf arab countries. so why is the west increasing sanctions against russia and iran when it should be directed towards saudis and gulf arabs? of course it’s bc they don’t want to get rid of isis bc they are destroying syria and they want to take down iran next.

      1. They’re starting to find out that some halal money is getting to these and other extremist groups. Money can come from many many sources. A lot of sympathy these guys have because people hate their lives and this makes them feel big and important , plus you get the enemy of my enemy is my friend type support. Billions of muzzies and growing fastest of anyone.

  19. As a Radical Catholist, a new power in Christianity should be established to eliminate Papa Francisco whose dissolving the Catholic Church and eliminate the Great Satan Of The West whose destroying Christianity not for peace but chaos as the truth.

  20. They didn’t even mention Israel or Jews. “We will conquer Rome.” What a sham. This is propaganda to get whites to hate Arabs. That’s why that Canadian sounding hoser was speaking in English. Israeli Secret Intelligence Service is correct. All of you Arabs, whites are not the ones responsible for the millions of deaths of your brothers, sisters, and children. Jews are the brains behind the operation. I have no problem with Arabs. Jews are your enemy.

  21. Things are very shady here, there are many solution to this problem. And many are especially available to West. One of them is Biological weapons, they can easily infect this region with deadly, non deadly (but deteriorating) diseases, disabling disease and of course having antidote available at UN (WHO), where they can easily control them. Once these sand monkeys got infected with a weird disease they will start cursing their master pretty soon.

  22. The plan is obvious.
    Threat everybody and be the more hideous as possible so that the reject of the IS will be unanimous. Then there will be a long tail of nations behind Israel in its fight to IS (but Israel will remain in a discrete second cap).
    The most amazing thing is that the war will be lost. Why? I’ll explain that later.

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