ISIS Behead Three Men with Large Sword

ISIS Behead Three Men with Large Sword

ISIS has released a video from the Syrian town of Deir ez-Zor. The near 8 minutes long video is titled “Forewarned Is Forearmed“, and focuses on three captured, middle-aged men, whose fate is sealed with beheading.

The production value of the video is phenomenal, but you can also tell that with this one, much as with the burning of the Jordanian pilot, the producers were shooting for maximum horror value. To achieve the effect, the prisoners wore leg shackles with medieval style cast iron ball on a chain, and were held in an untidy dungeon that reeked of middle ages.

The captives were made to walk to the execution ground chained to one another – hands and feet – like in Guantanamo Bay. Then they were beheaded like dogs, kneeling on all four next to one another, with a huge, curved blade sword.

The beheading part starts at 7:25. The beginning of the video focuses mostly on the captives saying their last words. Between 5:32 and 7:25, the video shows some Arabic text – presumably quotes from the Qur’an. You may want to skip that part.

Props to Best Gore member Baby14 for the video:

113 thoughts on “ISIS Behead Three Men with Large Sword”

    1. seen as they have been looting museums, id say this sword came from one of those.

      museums throughout the region have many many swords from history…….some are really old……….the best ones are the executioners swords in the topkapi museum in istanbul.

      1. I think maybe getting shot would be the last thing they would do to you if you tried to run.

        I can imagine they have been shown someone whose fate is worse than death and if they don’t play to the camera – that would be their fate too..

        Getting the head removed by a nice new razor sharp blade would probably be the best way to go..

    1. The little convoy of cars made me think that is was some kind of episode of one of those appalling television talent shows.

      Maybe it’s a deliberate intent to attract teenagers.

      ‘Hey, Ahmed, seen Slow & Angry 2? Great car chase with stick shifting and awesome action scenes with a crappy sword that kept on hitting the ground with the swing through.’

      1. It probably is a recruiting tool as you say for the young ones.
        Must be one heck of a backlog for Driver Ed at the Madrassas
        Slow and Angry LOL !!!
        Be funny as hell if @Hitman was driving one of those death racer cars and his had a sinister, angry, single eyebrow painted over the top of the the headlights.

          1. Yeah, those types that instantly suck all of the air out of a room when they walk their pathetic, dull, self pitying arse through the door. And they wonder why they lead a solitary life !
            Miserable twats.

          2. Hi Mama doing good hope you are too. Leap frog or anything to liven up these things. Maybe insteadof a sword they could shove live cobras up their butts.

  1. Such a nicely forged sword, made by amateurish peasants… 😆 Such a wasted video by cutting the best parts…

    Also, a bit of attention to detail… They shown the date of birth of them all using the generic gregorian calendar year instead of their own hijri calendar year. Another proof that they are indeed outsiders, new to islam?

    1. You must have just come out of a cave if you have not noticed that Israeli Secret Intelligence Service executes people for one and one reason only – because it’s good for Israel. If being reminded of that every other days is not enough for you, then perhaps you need to start addressing your basic comprehension abilities.

      1. Haha, that’s cool with me man! The way they edited their video into a little movie is what reminded me of 80s movies, hence my comment. I’d much rather have a car chase that ends in the car rolling 40 times and flattening the pricks in the video.

  2. If they’re going to make execution videos why censor it? And how come none of their captives try to run? If I were in that situation I think I would do anything to just get me shot. Fuck being beheaded.

  3. This is Jew propaganda with paid actors… I’m sure. Some of the grainy, amateur videos are real – muzzies do behead each other, and not all the beheading videos are made by Jews.

    These kinds of well-made videos are probably Jew-made, the main reason being, the typical muzzie doesn’t know cinematography and that kind of shit…

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