ISIS Behead Three Palestinians After Assault on Yarmouk Refugee Camp

ISIS Behead Three Palestinians After Assault on Yarmouk Refugee Camp

Israel’s BFFs – ISIS has launched an assault on the Yarmouk refugee camp near Damascus in Syria. Yarmouk houses refugees from Syria and Palestine – people who have been displaced by war brought onto their lands by ISIS, Al Nusra, FSA and other Israel friendly terror forces.

In the video, ISIS brag about the assault on the camp, as if attacking desperate, starved, war weary souls was their greatest accomplishment. Toward the end of the video, Al-Israelis behead three Palestinian men. During the beheading, the picture is censored out, but is enhanced with the gurgling sound which appears so exaggerated, I suspect it was added in post production.

The video concludes with the images of Mount Qasioun that overlooks all of Damascus. The superimposed text reads: “Today Yarmouk, Tomorrow Qasioun.” Tel Aviv must be ecstatic their boys are finally prepping to take on Damascus.

Props to Best Gore member Amer the adventurerz for the video:

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  1. Serious comments need not apply.
    Wonder when the people who make this shit will get the hint. These type of videos must appeal to the ladyboys of Islam.

  2. Getting pig sick with the repitition of this arab pish.All the talk in the world is going to change nothing.Was that a human lung or something that animal was roasting over the fire?? Beggars belief!!!

        1. I can’t wait for this entire region to return to only sand (eventhough it’s well on it’s way now). People can’t live in peace there, obviously. The problem is… our great immigration policies invite these sand rats here. Now THATS a conundrum!

  3. In all these videos I see the same faces and I see lots of gunfire but no armed enemy. They jump about shooting fucking great machine guns from their hips like they’re bloody Rambo.

    And in this one we were treated to a guy cooking what I can only assume was a rat ! Now this guy I swear was laughing under his bandana .

    Maybe he was cooking his rat over a pile of discarded flip flops.

    1. @bobcat.

      Yeah, where the fuck are the enemy ?. Strange war when there’s no fucker to fight.

      And how very noble of them to attack a refugee camp. Fucking dogs.

      A rat cooking a rat. Sad, pathetic fucking rag head.

    2. In the prisoner of war camps during the American Civil war they would cook rats and compare it to eating squirrel.
      The term Rations comes from cooking rats. Prisoners on both sides were starved to death. So they ate anything.
      All the bad stuff you hear about MREs I’m sure a nice Shrek style feast is a welcome change of pace.

      1. I suppose because Squirrels are considered to be cute, they may seem more palatable, but I wouldn’t have thought they would taste any different, especially to a starving man. Cook a rat properly and I’m sure it would go down the hatch just fine if one was hungry enough.

  4. Playing these ISIS videos on your phone with the volume all the way up while riding the subway sure gets you some weird looks from people. I also like nervously looking at my watch every 15 seconds or so and tapping on my bag just to add to the drama.

          1. That sounds delightful @mama, way better than getting shot. You know us whacky ‘muricans with our guns, always with the nuclear option.

  5. Haha! These Abu whabis are sitting around roasting rats like demolition man and what the fuck was up with that car!? Let’s pack some explosives into a car and crash it into an abandon building!… Demolition men! What a joke, amateurs.

          1. That’s because it’s human nature for us to believe what we want to believe @Chosen. We cherry pick to believe the things that suit us as fact, and disregard the things that don’t as fiction. We’re all biased, hypocrites, self-serving, and outright liars on varying levels. Its all hopeless and just one big fucking joke as far as I’m concerned.

          2. Bang on @amnyc. You could get 100 different opinions from 100 different people, but the one thing they All have in common is an arsehole. That can not be denied.

  6. the only people in the usa who really understand the problems caused by illegal immigration, are the legal immigants who know what one has to go threw to gain a visa………..

    fence hoppers and amnesties allow great swaths of people in…… live amongst us…….who no one knows absolutely anything about……

    if pedro was a child molester in his country…..he is a child molester here……….and because there are no ties to his past……….mr ‘i get my lawn cut for cheap’ will gladly let pedro to cut his lawn.

    or because maria had tb or aids in her country…she has tb or aids here……….but mrs ‘my baby sitter is cheap’ will gladly let maria access her children…….

    or because wang drives in his own country and mows down a bus line of people he will drive the same here……but the government will allow him to get a driving license in certain states based on nothing more than a signature on a piece of paper and reading a few letters fom 6 feet away……… the way…….cos wang cant speak english he has absolutely no idea what half the traffic rules even say……..

    ironically any one person seen in these videos shown administering street justice………..will do the same here…..

    think about that next time you piss someone off……….just like the govenment,,,,,you know exactly nothing about that persons past……..

  7. yea i dunno what the dots is meant to mean either…………..a lefty is just a righty that hasnt been mugged yet.

    or hasnt been in a serious car accident with an illegal who is carrying easily available false insurance papers……..

    or has had an illegal have multiple hospital visits using their ss number………

    or gave their ss number when told they will recieve a 1099…………….guess who irs goes after……….

    it woul;d help if the government protected its citizens against illegal immigration instead of appeasing them

    and my fave……if the media used the word IMMIGRANT by inserting illegal where appropriate..

    remember there are two types of immigrant….legal and illegal………..

    and for those that dont know…………the only options not available to legal immigrants is they cant vote and cant get a us passpot………

    google……….illegal immigration the cost to the usa……..

    its a lot………

    1. Not many illegal immigrants in the UK, they have a free pass courtesy of the Brussels corrupt money go round.
      After tonight’s vote count, that might, just might change for the better.
      Immigrants, legal, illegal or whatever else, we’ve had our fill of them, enough is enough. I just hope we get the fuck out of that Euro gravy train once and for all. We need it like we need the plague.

  8. I’m muslim and I’m sick of seeing these fucktards that call themselves “muslims” kill each other like this…they beyond sick and calling them Scum aint coming close to what these corrupt idiots are. Fuck ISIS and Fuck Muslims…Period!

  9. Utter destruction all in the name of something they can’t see and is a figure of their imagination planted there by devils tricking the earth and enslaving us all however they will not win we will beat this lie and make truth prevail bless us all from the beast.

  10. Fucking IS pigs, they owned now over 50% of Syria.
    Fucking Qatar, Turkey, US, Israhell, Bahrain, Saudi, Sudan and others finance those idiots.
    When Assad will be defeated, this Syria will fall into a dark abyss.
    I hope Assad will resist and stay there.

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