ISIS Executes Soldier in Fallujah

ISIS Executes Soldier in Fallujah

An Iraqi soldier was captured and executed by ISIS in Fallujah, in the province of Al Anbar, Iraq recently. It was a public beheading in a rather nice looking public square. The last two photos are “unofficial”, taken by bystanders. One even goes so far as to kick the decapitated soldier. You have to wonder if these people are forced to watch and act as if they support ISIS or if they have indeed been effectively brainwashed by cockroach ideology.

I suppose their boss didn’t pay the oil bill on time…Mad props to Best Gore member Baby14 for the pics.

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    1. Allow me to try, and answer,if you will. It is another way of giving credit to somebody, for their input, or giving them ownership for something that they have done, or, acquired, by themselves, me thinks!

      1. Ever killed a chicken yourself?? a giant metal cone with the chosen beheading victim placed in head first would allow for a clean and most importantly humane decapitation whilst holding the thrashing corpse in place.. These sand monkeys display a definite lack of proper slaughtering practices.

          1. @Dre true my brother. Ever hear that old saying about getting your neck wrung like a chicken ?
            Like watching John Belushi with those killer bee antennas going in opposite directions she’d twirl em around and when the heads popped off they’d go running and jumping and flapping all over the place.

  1. Town squares and stadiums there don’t attract the same venues that we get here.
    They have the Throwing Stones while we get the Rolling Stones.
    Is it the money from the Jews that make them do this or do they really hate each other that much ?

  2. Looks as fake as Foley and the others , in the cutting pic why are things blurred that shouldn’t be? The guys shoe in the bottom left hand corner . Also if the killers arm is blurred due to motion this must mean he has cut the guy at least once but probably more, so why no blood?

    And what the fuck is that guy doing on pushbike?

    1. The pictures are very clear. This is a beheading. I don’t feel manipulated into thinking it’s one, it is.

      So…[email protected]….Best gore and any media can give you pics, it can give you vids but that’s about it pal. Unless you’re planning on going to ISIS land for a live check in.

      It seems some people here will only accept a beheading when it’s been done to them personally.

      1. @SKS.

        It could be real, but we’ve seen so many fakes already that I’m sceptical.

        I’m just saying what I see. And I see a created threat , created by the west . Notice how it used to be al Qaeda ? Where the fuck are they now?

        1. I hear you @bobcat, apologies I didn’t mean to deny that bit of what you say, i agree there has been some past questionable footage and coverage.

          However I thought you were coming out with the very foolish notion that I have seen peddled here that it’s ALL fake and the MSM are setting us up to hate the poor misunderstood peaceful muslims who are innocent pawns.
          They’re not.

  3. Saddam was no saint,m. However, after suffering over a decade of US occupation and the death and mayhem of the Sunni/Shia communal violence, some may very well pine for the return of a Saddam-like strongman. Daash may very well be defeated militarily, but its remnants will live on in the Middle East and in our “safe” zones of N. America, Europe and Oz.

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