ISIS Execute 3 Yemenis by Beheading, Gunshots and Stoning

ISIS Execute 3 Yemenis by Beheading, Gunshots and Stoning

New video released by ISIS titled “Crush Your Enemies“. The video features three executions – one by beheading, one by gunshots, and the final by having a rock dropped on his head. All 3 condemned were Yemeni soldiers.

The rest of the video features different assassinations of Yemeni government officials by IED/VBIED. Video was filmed in Wilayat Aden Abyan, Yemen.

ISIS is fairly new to Yemen, arriving in early 2015 to exploit the chaos caused by the Houthis warring with government forces.

Props to Best Gore member @refuse2renig for the video:

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245 thoughts on “ISIS Execute 3 Yemenis by Beheading, Gunshots and Stoning”

        1. Yeah the rock was the worst, they put that image of the kid in the hospital next to his head to make it look like he was thinking about the child. I did laugh at that point i don’t know why ,the poor bloke drowned in his own blood.

          1. No man i think you’re wrong ! I think it’s a message to their enemies, they fetch the stone in a collapsed building (probably by a drone strike) probably the kid who we see in the photo is at an hospital… probably it was wounded in that done strike , See the connection ? i think it was revenge.

            on the video , it was impressing and shocking yes .

          2. Such a horrible death with that super heavy stone (2 needed to lift the damn thing!)..drowning in your own blood like this…I cannot even dare to imagine this poor guy’s agony and despair in those sad last moments…oh man, when I see deaths like these and what we are capable of inflicting to each other..I always think that human species does not stand a chance at all…as a species…very very sad video..

          3. That “kid in the hospital” thing isn’t related to anything the victim is thinking of. It’s being used as justification for what the ISIS guys are doing to crushed-head guy.

            The pattern these video follows is 10 minutes of justification followed by 2 minutes of execution. ISIS is basically trying to claim that all the people THEY kill in THEIR videos all deserve what happens to them, even if those people had f*ck-all to do with what happened in the first 10 minutes.

            They’re trying to pretend that what THEY do is “justice” even though its indistinguishable from what any rabid chimp with a gun would do.

        2. I know this is gore but look at the quality of the video complete with logo music special effects…this little video was done with a huge budget. It’s just like Sam Harris stated, ISIS has lots of rich and well educated (and delusional psychopathic) benefactors. So where is the moderate Islam? I think all religion is shit

    1. Actually…
      If given a choice, I have no problem with the middle seat in a car (minus the ejection factor), and I have no problem experiencing the middle death, again, when choosing out of the 3.

      1. I’m with you on that. Give me the ak death any day. Fuck getting beheaded or taking a rock to the noggin. It’s proven that when they decapitate ppl, if done fast enough, your brain stays active long enough to stay conscious for like 15-30 seconds. Long enough to know your head is now separate from your body, and I’m sure you can feel the pain. As for that Boulder to the skull, that looks like the worst. Crazy fucks.

    2. I will translate: Our cities look like Berlin in April of 1945. That is why I am sure we are winning. We put bombs in the roads…this has never been done before anywhere in any place….That is why Iam sure we are winning. We have blown up many cities in the US as Hitler did…That is why Iam sure we are winning. Even if the US devils were to drop an atomic bomb on us….we would not suffer…That is why Iam sure we are winning.

    3. Definitely. What I don’t understand is why these guys just allow the Isis/isil to torture kill them that way. One thing is for sure, if that was me I’d get up or craw my ass away. Make em shoot me. Fuck taking a rock to the head. Even tied up. I’d be doing everything in my power to not die that way. I’d be spitting in their face, kicking them in the balls, whatever. Fuck laying there praying to allah. You see what that gets them. Muslim brotherhood my ass. These dudes are walking contradictions. Islam is a religion of tolerance and forgiveness. These dudes just kill and wage war for personal gain. They just use Islam as a front. They’re the ones who will answer to Satan. Even though none of that shit exists. Fucking fantasy fairytale.

      1. I think what happens is that as part of the game the bad guys do mock executions. So you probably don’t know when its gonna happen. Plus, I’m guessing that apart from ransom, i think isis deliberately let some just go to further the unexpectedness of their actions.You may hope that if you don’t fuck with them, it will be you going home…….

      2. Ive often thought the same, i watched one video where they were executing about 50 men with what appeared to be just 2 or 3 gunmen, why the fuck did’nt they have a go? Yeah the odds are against you but its gotta be better odds then just doing nothing.

    1. The bell chanting in “mourning of Ashira,” when dude is chopping his back with a sword, still I hear its tintinnabulation making me retch. Once heard never unheard. The self immolation? No problem.

        1. Yes there is a bit of drama…. well the whole thing is drama like a variety pack of “we decimate the infection” a truly global army wouldn’t need these propaganda films ive seen mafia so much worse. The core group is about 10,000 not including paid mercenaries, paper pushers sympathizers true believers (some 2 billion) affiliated nations like Pakistan and the scared shirtless general populace. Mission achieved. I’m an atheist but one thing about the caliphate is they’re not crying wolf

    2. LOL that music sounds like an old vinyl record being played backwards real slow, my sister and I used to do that to try and hear demons in metal records , maybe play ISIS music forwards and it might sound english ha ha

  1. Mute the video, and then watch it while listening to Black Tongue. It makes it so much more brutal than the usual shitty music and allahu akbar-ing. And the second exploding car synced almost perfectly with the music. \m/

      1. That was fucked up, i thought he’d be like brain dead or have a brain injury, do you know what would cause him to cough up all that blood like where is it from and how would a head injury make that happen. I just was not expecting it, i thought he’d just have a horrible head wound. I am the first to admit I’m not that bright, so sorry if the answer seems obvious…

        1. That was fuckin awful to see the look in that stoned-to-death dudes eyes—almost threw up.
          How the fuck are we —wow—i don’t even know why the US won’t try to stop ISIS by stopping OUR GOVERNMENT!!!
          terror reigns
          ….god help us…

          1. The Crips are a black gang, this guy looks like he’s from one of those little gangs straight out of Echo Park. He probably had a couple cans of spray paint on him too when “Muhammad el-Mir Allah Osama el-Sayed Akbar” scooped him up off the streets.

          2. I played Basketball in High School with all the black people. They all called me their nigga cause I could ball, lmao. You don’t have to be black, my dude!

  2. Damn that rock-kill was pretty rough, even for these guys. I wasn’t expecting that much blood to come up and be choked on.

    Also, I agree with you all on the audio…I mute these before anything else can happen.

    1. That was fucked up, i thought he’d be like brain dead or have a brain injury, do you know what would cause him to cough up all that blood like where is it from and how would a head injury make that happen. I just was not expecting it, i thought he’d just have a horrible head wound. I am the first to admit I’m not that bright, so sorry if the answer seems obvious…

      1. I dont know the exact reason behind it but my best guess is that even though the head wasnt smashed, there was enough trauma to everything inside that things ruptured, got scrambled, however you want to say it. A hard hit to the temple will scramble your circuits for sure.

        1. My wife is a trauma surgeon. I showed her the clip of the rock kill.
          She said there is a rich network of arteries above the pallet and sinuses. The he most likely had his head cracked in such a way that when the thin bones of the sinuses and pallet are shatterd the become razor sharp easly slicing thoes arteries. She stated that why blood came from both nose and mouth.

          1. The network referred to is the Circle of Willis. It receives blood from the internal carotid arteries and primarily supplies the anterior brain structures; there is a link to the posterior cerebral blood supply.

            15% of cardiac output (around 800 ml per minute) is directed towards the cerebral circulation; it’s fresh from the lungs and full of adsorbed oxygen, hence the colour.

            I would expect that rock man’s output would have been increased massively by enormous amounts of adrenaline; his blood pressure and pulse would have been way above normal in that situation.


            As an aside; execution by elephant must have had similar, possibly squashier, results.


  3. The one they made sit and tied up to the chair was frantically yelling out for a pizza or a pepsi as his last wish to be fulfilled but instead he was fed with streams of bullets .

    The one that got beheaded with his head yanked and placed atop hadn’t had his eyes shut as though he couldn’t believe what had just happened to him . Frozen and horror struck with sheer terror

    And the last one was the most brutal of all with the guy turning to a faucet of blood .

    1. I think every one of these Nazi’s, when captured should be beheaded and they when the Iraq or US troops have 100 Heads…take a C-130 and drop from from the sky on one of their cities with pig feet glued into their mouth. Also a nice note to say…Hey your ugly bastards…this is how you will die…get used to it…and oh by the way, before we cut off your head, we cut off your legs, they your arms, then your dick and spray you with Amonia and make you listen to Rap for an hour, then cut your head off…Have a nice day.

  4. The execution by stone is the highlight of this video. I was expecting the stone to crush his head, but it wasn’t heavy enough and what happened was even more gruesome. Despicable Daesh.

    1. Maybe it just happened.. Very soon after someone dies if they are not left in a cold room the eyes close esp if they were moving his head around.. My son died 2hours after his birth, i wanted him in the room with me selfish i know so he didn’t get put in a morgue well in only like 2hours i noticed how different he was looking already.. If i picked him up his brain would fall to one side and his fingers went black right away and his tongue and belly swelled and stuck out after like an hour. I couldn’t believe how quick this happened but we were in a hot hospital with heating and he had blankets and clothes on him.. They do decompose very early on. You will see changes right away

      1. @caca.
        That was a sad story about your son. So, they let you keep him with you post mortem? I don’t know if I could do that. I think I’d rather try to have no memory of that day than to the one that you just described.
        My condolences.

      2. @caca
        Agreed @Dan-A-Conda that was such a sad story, I’m sorry to hear about your baby πŸ™
        Honestly I just didn’t know about the eyes thing, I noticed they were open and then closed in the next scene and so I was like okay did he close them himself somehow, or did those crazed bloodthirsty sand monkeys close them for some reason haha.
        I just thought it seemed strange if it was the latter because they don’t seem like the kind of people who care if you look “peaceful” (for lack of better word) in death, so I wasn’t sure why they’d take the time to physically close the eyes ya know?

      3. I heard that the soul leaves the body before this and is standing there watching his head be crushed!.This is what EDGER CAYCE said in a AKASHIC RECORD readings!.In one of his readings because of it being too traumatic for the soul.DEATH has no STING!.it,s HEAVENS gift a kinda Anesthetic for the soul.Would be nice if thats true!.

    2. I’m sure I’ll get animal cruelty yelled at me but whatever. I live on a farm, I raise chickens and a few ducks as egg layers and pets. I had a 3 week old chick that broke it’s leg completely in half a few months ago. I tried splinting it but the leg somehow twisted all the way backwards. I had to put him out of his misery so I took him out and cut its head off. The eyes were closed and I was looking at it, then it’s eyes popped up and looked straight at me. After the longest and creepiest 20 seconds it closed it’s eyes again. That image will never leave my mind.

      @caca I’m very sorry to hear that. If it were me I’d probably do the same. Losing children has to be the worst pain in this world. I hope you’re doing well now.

      1. @dirtydreamdesigner I hope I’m not a terrible person for laughing at your story, but I had to lol. The ending was just perfectly written and I pictured the last haunting chicken stare it gave you. I used to have chickens in my backyard when I was little and they were MEAN! They would chase me around the yard and peck me hardcore. I still have scars from them haha. So my chicken sympathy meter might be lower than the average persons πŸ˜‰ @illegalsmile you said it, at least she tried to fix the poor thing!

        1. Lol we have some evil birds down there for sure, especially the ducks. Getting bit in the ass every morning sucks but that’ll wake you up better than coffee! The way that little chick looked at me with no body freaked me the hell out. It’ll be culling season in about a month. I have to go all ISIS on 15 roosters…. luckily for them there will be no snackbar chanting or unintelligible music playing in their ears.

          1. The heinous “music” these creatures put in these videos is the WORST!
            We have a huge Somali population in the town where I live and I swear this is the exact music they listen to! They blast it, windows down and just cruise around. It’s isn’t even catchy! Such weird, weird people.

          1. @tas-tiger, a friend of mine raise goats, she makes soap and other things from their milk. That’s all they drink, milk wise, and goat milk does not have to be homogenized, the fat in it stayswhere it is, does not separate like cow milk.
            Those goats sound like humans sometimes…freaks me out…they are really cute though…

    1. Yes, maybe,,, but let,s not forget that I.S.I.S. means Israeli Security Intelligence Soldiers. And they get paid big bucks, U.S. Bucks by Israel, and the C.I.A. True This! Paid by the worlds biggest Leeches The ISRAELI/ZIONIST/JEWS. πŸ™

      1. Yeah true to that!

        I guess i should be happy he isnt living in my country anymore.
        Chances of him getting killed in a shitlamic region are greater there, then here in The Netherlands πŸ™‚

      2. No actually the money comes from a fund from Turkey….who do you thing provides them with food, gasoline,uniforms etc…..they sell the oil to Turkey…I saw a caravan of Trucks on video bringing oil trucks to Turkey and the Russian planes did what they did to the Nazi trucks in 1943.

  5. The blood spray in the beheading was crazy. Then they showed the ejected brain form the guy that got gunned down. The one i least expected to be shocking was the stoning. Holy mother of fuck that impact was just mind blowing! No pun intended. Looked to me like right before he finally collapsed, he started straining to sit up. I find it odd that they were using effects to censor the gore, but now they are using it to enhance it. Although, they mute the screams and sounds with their daesh goat mating ritual music.

  6. That 3rd execution was brutal to the core. ISIS is like that one hot gf that just won’t stop blowing you. What else can these sick fucks come up with to use as an excuse to kill someone? Why not tie someone up in a rocket and blast his ass to the moon.

  7. Now ! That’s what im talking about.. these fuckers needed a bit of a color change from good old blue jumpsuits…yay!! Whats next maybe? Hot Pink ? To add to the torture joe arpiaio from maracopia county Arizona tent city..makes inmates wear pink..I think its hilarious

  8. Any European leader that advocates the continued immigration of these dirtbags into their country should be shot for treason. I can’t help but think of those 130 Parisians executed in cold blood by these pieces of shit……

    1. Stoning is a tradition in Arab nations that goes back to the time of Christ….Its part of the Arab lifestyle….murder, torture and worse….this is why Christ created a very special place in the depth of HELL for all of them.

      1. Christ was a towel head, camel dick sucking whore. He used to hang out with dudes. He would wash the dudes feet after blowing them.

        Christ can’t create anything. He could not even create his own biography, let alone a place you call “hell”.

        Stop reading those comic books, specially that crap called the bible. You don’t have to stop, but maybe you should!

  9. That camel fuckers music is just rotting your brain away.
    There’s another vid on BG with German lyrics. If this is really what these camelfuckers listening all the day, no wonder they went insane just to make it stop.

  10. The rock killing reminds me of the thief that got shot for trying to steal the purse of a cop’s wife posted a while ago, horrible way to go. Any information on why he threw up blood was it from skull\nasal passages being crushed or something?

    1. They didn’t show the whole thing, either. It was however, the most I’ve seen from an isis video.
      It’s funny that they censor the beheadings yet, they are more than willing to let us see brains being splattered everywhere from a gun shot to the back of the head. Or being crushed by a tank, or a big fucking rock.
      Burning a man to death, drowning several men at the same time. I don’t understand how they differentiate the executions. Ultimately, they all have the same outcome.

  11. Every person that states he or she believes in a religion must be put to death.
    Especialy these guys, and muslims in general.
    if there was a job free for killing such people like the germans did back than, i would not hesitate to apply for it.
    I would love to show believers that the holocaust back than was a paradise.

    1. Look Canter, I’m willing to give them a chance to give up their crappy ideas about extraterrestrial beings that can make virgins pregnant and dudes who can fly into the atmosphere and into an awaiting ship. I’m willing to give them a chance to say, “you know, fuck all that, religion is bullshit!” and come to their senses, before they are put to death. Can you please give them a chance to come to the bright side before you start hacking them to death?

      Remember, we don’t want to kill people, we want to kill RELIGION!

      1. Now, there is a country, that all countries, should emulate. The reason why is because of the political group known as “Alternative for Germany (AfD)”. They are declaring that there is no place for Islam in Germany.

        The Afd has also launched a campaign against the construction of a mosque in the eastern state of Thuringia, joining up for the first time with the group known as “the Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West (PEGIDA)”.

        To my brothers in Germany, fight these camel dick sucking muslims. Stop them from building any more mosques in your country. Fight the power that is trying to shove these muslims down your throats. Merkel and her pals got to go.

    1. Middle Eastern bukkie?
      The only issue I see with this is, that due to the amount of goats that would be required in order to facilitate keeping that many dune coons aroused, would obstruct the camera view. Not to mention that it would probably just turn into a goat fucking rodeo.

  12. I saw some clear liquid squirt out from the neck in the beheading one which I don’t know what it was? Also maybe they crushed his chest with the rock too – yes I know, those scrawny dudes could not lift it many times, but they definitely didn’t show much of the ‘stoning’ kill, that guy would have taken the longest to die.
    The guy on the beautiful beach at the 4 min mark, he should just take his clothes off and have a swim, it’ll make him feel better! What is it with these people, they don’t want to have a little relaxation?

  13. i just dont get it. years ago the us attacked vietnam with napalm. rice farmers with barely no weapons to defend themselfes. now they are “attacking” isis but nothing seams to change. just use fucking napalm and nukes to kill those arabs. there arent any civilists you could kill with a nuke. they are all in europe and mostly in germany.

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