ISIS Khorasan Executes Alleged Spy by Chopping His Arms Off and Beheading Him

ISIS Khorasan Executes Alleged Spy by Chopping His Arms Off and Beheading Him

Islamic State’s Khorasan Province (ISKP), located in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar Province, on the border with Pakistan, has released a video of an execution of a man accused of spying for the Pakistani intelligence. The alleged spy’s future orphaned child participated in the execution.

Titled “Slaughtering of the Spy in Khorasan Province“, the video shows the ISIS mujaheddin chopping off the spy’s arms with swords, and beheading his armless body.

Props to Best Gore members @13lunt420Media and @sagar_jungrana72 for the video:

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        1. I didn’t know argen’s could spell lol. After seeing shithole after shithole video I figured you’d probably be out and about with your flip flops kicking rocks somewhere. Meh, who knew!

        1. I guess you are, indeed.
          These Isis mofos can “use” 3 live human beings (or more) to get the right cut.
          After seeing hundreds of gory execution vids since Chechen wars and the 2004 Iraqi uprising, I can say All-in on this one.
          Sadly, no fugazi here.

        2. Bruv i reckon fake aswell..

          Not much movement in those hands, before and after execution?
          Where the soldiers cut the arms JUST HAPPENS to be on the shirt line?
          And when they are slicing that neck, they seem to CUT at the exact moment you would cut if you were making a horror film? Some SFX work on that neck, nice work ALAH AKBAR SPIELBERGO

          *Been creepin the BEST GORE for a while, signed up just for this comment haha

      1. Kids are kids and it does not matter where or how they are raised. Look at all the kids who were forced into service in Sierra Leone. They have seen and took part in many atrocities, some even being forced to either rape or kill other family members and this has taken a toll on them later on in life, some of them are broken beyond repair.
        Their upbringing is no different than whats going on in areas that are impacted by extreme violence and warfare. Children have a different set of coping skills than adults do, but this will haunt them down the line.

      1. Not coward.
        Think about it, how can a “human” beheading someone can be called a coward? These bastards must live among us, in the west, that’s why. They know if the CIA/FBI watched this video, they will get caught.

  1. That chopping of both arms at once must had taken lots of Muslim practice!

    Imagine what his thoughts were seconds after his arms were chopped off and the knife stared slicing his Koran reciting throat: my arms hurt, Now my throat too!

    1. Very cinematographic and high production for a beheading video.
      Which is actually not uncommon at all for ISIS vids.
      They might be scums, but very artistic, they have high standard, me gusta.

  2. Yo, the look in his eyes was pretty nice right there. I’m not, however, a fan of their damn editing department anymore. At least put the unedited version at the very end after all your Hollywood tricks of the trade so we can see it like we were there.

  3. Ok, I’ve only read the title and I know that this is some really sick shit, when a kid is filmed executing his own dad by chopping his arms and head off. He must have been a pretty shit father to have raised a son capable of that. First impressions. Now I’ll watch the video.

    1. Ok so I was a bit wrong on first impressions. His ‘son’ did nothing, if that was even his son.

      So this guy is the Pakistani version of James Bond? A failed version, I mean.

      The guy’s death stare shows a really shocked expression. Wow. Can’t imagine what it felt like to lose your arms in a split second and have no way of protecting yourself from the beheading fucker with the blade. At least the end came quick.

    1. Good question, MoonTrip.

      IMHO, yes. And I believe they have watched those gory SAW movies.
      You know, the fast-forwarded editing, the accompanying sound effects, the basic razzamatazz smacks of SAW movies in some places.

      All that’s missing is just the tiny clown puppet riding a tricycle, and the really creepy, menacing voiceover. In fact they should bring all this in. That would really creep everyone out.

    1. Don’t complain. 50% of all niggers on Earth reside now in the U.S.
      Half a million smelly terrorist won’t hurt Canada too badly. We all have to do our part by spreading the fleeing filth evenly.

  4. Come on guys give the man a hand. Here we go then…Let the Pun begin….

    A man broke his left arm… When asked, he said he was ALL RIGHT.
    Is the skin on your forearm called…..FORESKIN.
    If you lose your left arm, your right arm will be left.
    Saw a guy with one arm yesterday. i was stumped upon seeing him. i bet he’s ‘armless though.
    If a man with no arm has a gun, Is he armed?
    After injuring my upper arm and wearing an ice pack, my wife accused me of giving her the cold shoulder.
    The divers had to be careful, the octopus was heavily armed.
    A one-armed clock maker wished he had a second hand.
    Two weathermen each broke an arm and a leg in an accident and called from the hospital about the four casts.
    My Girlfriend broke her arm today, but on the other hand she was completely fine.

  5. You can tell by the color in his face it was a bit of a gap between the arms and the beheading. Fuck ISIS and all who support the Rats. The videos went from 20-30 min to 1 min of high quality. FUCK Dem N dare mama’z

  6. That Mouthy Paki-Punk, with the girly voice at the end of the video, Should Be Taught a Good Lesson. Lock Him Up with *A Bunch* of Retired, Cock Starved Rabbi’s,( By having that Soprano Voice,) And Get Dat Bunch Ta-Munch That Lil Cock Right Off His Body.

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