ISIS Member Poses with Female Kurdish Soldier’s Head

ISIS Member Poses with Female Kurdish Soldier's Head

This image shows an ISIS member posing with the freshly severed head of a female Kurdish fighter. As I have reported previously; the Kurds, although being predominantly Muslim, treat their female soldiers as equals. Since she willingly signed up to fight ISIS, I’m sure she willing killed people herself. So we shouldn’t be too shocked or appalled that they would be treated any differently from the male fighters being captured and beheaded. I just hope she wasn’t subjected to a brutal gang rape but I wont hold my breath.

Apparently, the second photo shows this piece of shit cockroach dead although it’s hard to tell for sure. Besides that, this is probably the only head he ever got from a woman.

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        1. They’d definitely be caught off guard! If they stuck around long enough for you to hit them with it could you imagine the damage? Heads are tough and heavy. It wouldn’t last though, your weapon would become weaker as it decomposes. Eventually you’d need a new 1.

          1. And who can forget Sigurd “The Mighty” Eysteinsson? Who decapitated a rival leader nicknamed “Buck-Tooth” and strapped the head to his saddle. While he rode, the head’s teeth scratched his leg; Which caused infection and death.

      1. yup, still that’s fucked up cant imagine living is such environment. I used to work with a dude from Syria, he was christian and was lucky enough to go to UIC with me, he always talks about how good Camels taste

  1. That’s fucked up! That piece of shit needs to be skinned alive and tortured to death. De-glove his little pecker, remove his nuts from his nut sack, stick them in his mouth, tape it shut and then begin the torture. Look at the pride in this sick fuckers face.

    “Besides that, this is probably the only head he ever got from a woman.” “head”? “woman”?
    These fuckers wouldn’t know what to do with a woman, they look nothing like goats…

    1. @Brokeback,

      Your choice of photo is a bit too tame. You should print out a photo of an elephant’s face and cut a hole out where it’s trunk is, put your cock through that hole to create a new trunk and then take a photo and upload it to BG.

      Now that would be creative.

  2. The lady looks so calm & has a smile. These ladies are the real brave ones I suppose. Wonder what these fuckers do with those zillions of american, british,syrian,kurdish,lebanese etc heads. They might be preparing head soups from them I guess.

  3. Tough chicks ; Kurds have some of the strongest women because of the small population they have & their harsh conditions. Either in Syria, Iraq or the borders of Turkey & Iran, Kurds live a shitty life. The women must take arms & become tough.

    I still hold to my theory which nobody believes that ISIS are CIA proxy army. Any Islamist knows for certain that such an image is a “suicide”, because the first value that most Islamists brag about is that they “don’t assault Muslim women”. Many Islamists would be so offended to see a Muslim woman with a chopped head. The mistakes of ISIS are literally growing of the hook. Looks like an operative was drunk & forgot about the mentality of many Muslims.

  4. They feel like IS tore their families apart, took away their homes. IS is known for its barbaric treatment of women and young girls. These women want a chance to fight and live free.
    A lot of these women have had their husbands killed by IS. I give them a lot of credit. Most of them are under 30 years old too

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  6. Bet they did not behead her alive, that is why it is a photo and not a video. Hopefully she died fighting them till the last minute, hopefully annihilating as many of those subhuman vermin as possible before they took her out…that seems to be one of the generally wholly honorable races of people in the world, the Kurds. Wouldn’t doubt she fought till the last. Rest in peace, exalted, ascending sister. Mercy on the souls who will suffer unimaginably for these inhuman atrocities, it will take them a thousand lifetimes to evolve to the point where you are and will always be. Rest in peace.

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