ISIS Promises More Attacks in France, Beheads Two Men Accused of Spying

ISIS Promises More Attacks in France, Beheads Two Men Accused of Spying

A new video released by ISIS starts out showing footage of the Nice attack and praises Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel for killing 84 victims during Bastille Day celebrations.

The video then switches to footage of injured and dead children supposedly caused by French airstrikes. The video ends with 2 French speaking Islamic State fighters promising more attacks in France and then beheading 2 men accused of being spies. Afterwards, men and children from the crowd are interviewed.

Beheading starts at around 3:40. Props to Best Gore member @Refuse2Renig for the video:

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148 thoughts on “ISIS Promises More Attacks in France, Beheads Two Men Accused of Spying”

  1. These fucks gotta go. The mass killings and executions all because of religion. It is history repeating, just with different people and religion. Makes one think that if all or most religion was eradicated, we may finally find peace. Sadly, it is impossible.

      1. its political as well as religion inspired. cia/mossad are playing these particular mofos because its easy since they been taught to hate others and spread islam at any cost. once that particular region is destroyed cia/mossad can then install puppet government. simple.

        1. as a Turk I can say this without hesitation, this fucks has nothing to do with any kind of religion at all, they are terrorist and should be shot point blank anywhere they show up, like my friend said this fucks gotta go.

          1. anyone can say anything while killing someone. For example if I wanted to damage the Christianity or America I would do massacres and say I did those on behalf of Christianity and America. Would that make it true? of course not. They are on Syrian soil who has borders with Turkey and Turkey declared war on them even if they come too close to borders and Turkey is a secular country and has no formal religion but the %98 of the Turkish public is muslim and believes Islam and condemnes ISIS. So you are seeing things not from a realistic angle just from a simple angle. @bassstarlet

            Edit: And even more information you can not kill anyone who is or not a muslim unless they try to kill you and your family or declare war on your country according to Quran and prophet Muhammad. There are no circumsitances that would make a murder or kill just beside those I counted in Islam. My english can be bad don’t mind it mind the idea.

        2. And the reason Isis is stronger than ever is because they won’t let Uncle Sam colonize the Middle East. and they are seeking death in order to make it happen sure some religion influence but with a political purpose. The day the yanks stop killing leaders and invading countries peace will occur but meanwhile they are getting hit hard way before 911.

    1. I’m white British born and bred , directly descended from an Irishman.
      I have many family members who have or are still serving in various forces , Falklands , Northern Ireland , 2 Gulfs , my cousin , with 3 tours so far said this to me at a recent party . ( I’ll give you the Gyst )
      We’ve got the best soldiers in the world , along with the U.S and others
      We spend billions on defence , weapons , training , equipment , etc.
      We’ve got by far the best tanks , stealth planes , navy frigates , subs ,
      Snipers … We even have guns that can shoot round corners .
      And we’re losing a war to a dog holding a knife .
      Our boys shouldn’t even be there

      1. And no I dont support our troops. They are terrorists themselves. The USA and Britain invades countries and destroys nations for profit. Our troops have turned into nothing but assassin emissaries.

        They are what has caused this mass psycophathic dissemination of beheadings, murder, whcih by the way is spreading across Europe to places we thought it never would touch. UK is no longer safe. France is no longer safe, etc

    2. Yeah. They need to go, like yesteryear! That is one thing that I agree with “Dubya” about. Obama really doesn’t know what he is doing, OR he doesn’t give a rats ass about other people’s lives! I truly believe that Obama is a “sleeper”…

    3. How brainwashed are you to call this as a religion? … Just know that ISIS did not exist before USA intervened to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Syria.

      This ISIS is just a toy usa created and placed into the Middle East, it is nothing else than a dangerous toy I and as many muslims as I can count hope that it will bite its own creator sooner or later.

    4. If the the rich western nation troops weren’t there they wouldnt be doing this. We are not innocent in all this. our troops cause destruction, mass killing, maming of innocent people– all for what? Oil? No.. WAR PROFITEERING ;/ It makes me sick to my stomach

    5. Oh how right you are! How VERY right you are. ISIS – what does it mean? Hmmm. I – idiots (dumber than a bag of rocks) S – slime. (Shit stalkers) I – ignorant (goat fuckers) and finally S – Sac-a-la-douche (douche bags) oh yeah!!

  2. Petits terroristes impuissants…Avec vos complexes de petites bites, attaquants ceux qui n’ont pas d’armes au lieu d’attaquer ceux soit disant responsables…quelle farce que vous êtes. Quelle nullité. Quelle faiblesse digne de votre vrai valeure. Hollande s’en fous de vous car vous ne valler même pas un coup de fil de sa secrétaire la moin payé. Votre musique de merde en plaque. N’importe quoi…

          1. Je crois qu’ils ont écouter un peu trop de rap des magrèbins alors ils rêvent de faire les Cowboys arabes mais ils ont oubliés leurs couilles dans du hummus. Ça doit puer la rage de chausette poilue partout! Lol

          2. Now can you both translate what you said? Please? 🙂
            Actually never mind, by reading those comments, I have a pretty good idea what was said. “Idiot gross bouffons with sandals….”

        1. @re-pete: greetsob first said: “Fucking impotents who pretend to scare us as terrorists… With your small dicks, attacking those who have no gun instead of attacking the true so-called responsible (i.e. the government)…What a joke you are. How weak. Your stupidity shows what you’re worth. Hollande doesn’t give a fuck cause you’re not even worth a call from his less qualified assistant (the least paid). Plus your shitty music as a soundtrack. Whatever…
          Phillip D. : What a jerk, for f**k’s sake!
          Greetsob: They’re all Fucking idiots… The whole crew.
          FrenchCat (me): They want war with us? The war of the sandals ?
          Bunch of big douches, you make me laugh 😀

          1. Hehe….I was thinking if someone would do it and you did 🙂 it feels weird to read it in English though lol
            Merci french cat you rock! 🙂 it’s like wiping your ass with silk !(merovingian from matrix 2).

        1. I must Google ISIS hot line. They must have one in case a terrorist needs troubleshooting or in their case, shootingtrouble. If Ahmed Akbar cannot blow himself up because the button is jammed who can he call for support? If he cannot say his lines during the recording because Ali the goat rapist messed with the teleprompter? How can he get assistance?

          Yallayalla yalla ya habibi Welcome to the ISIS hot line. Press 1 for infidel now. Sharmoota itneen***** you have selected 1 for infidel and have forfeited your 72 virgins allocation. If you have a beard and mustache press 1 now****if you cannot blow yourself up dust yourself off and try again now. If you still cannot blow yourself up and wish to return your device to your local terrorist reseller press 11 now. If you forgot your knife in the shitter of your mud house and are unable to perform a beheading press 2 now. If you forgot your lines before your beheading of choice press 3 now. If your turban is covered in camel shit press 4 now. If your camel is covered in turban press 5 now. If you have an ISIS voip key and wish to connect with Allah press 6 now. If you need help with your ISIS propaganda video press 7 and a trained ISIS donkey will arrive at your location within 3 days. If you need to order a falafel press 8 to be connected to the closest falafel house in the Sahara. To fuck a pig press 9 now. To fuck a goat press 9 then 9 again because we all know the only goat fucker is fucking a goat right now! If you smell like rotten shawarma do not press any buttons. To repeat this menu shout Allah oo akbar!

    1. i’ve read somewhere, perhaps even on this site that there was this isis guy who allegedly escaped to the west and told his story about the filmings. apparently they tell them not to worry its just for the show until the very last moment..

    2. This twats and cowards torture innocent people before executions and break their will to live, nails to fingertips etc. These motherfuckers are cowards. They can not attack anywhere formally with their ‘so-called’ army. They just do terrorist attacks on my country Turkey (lucky for us we bomb the shit out of them with artiellry when they get to cocky and close)
      , europe, America and other states. This fuckers will not be remembered by history in anymeans even as terrorists. They will cease to exist.

  3. who gives two shits about islam these sadistic pigs enjoy killing all whom differ in theology or faith religion. for a muslim is taught the quran that teaches love parents say allah is our god the quran’s teachings are truth but allah came teaching kill any infidel for they are evil. islam uses jihad to try to destroy there foe yet whats holy about killing kids? whats holy about cuting the heads off of prisoners of war? they got no geneva convention us evil devils do follow it we dont hack off there heads. it seems like isis loves killing due to them lacking compassion or empathy. we watch out of curiosity allowing these swine to gloat in others suffering caused by them. on a personal note ive grown to greatly detest them all. history has truths of islam and muslums whom practice there accult. the vikings dominated europe but latter where no more the people had enough and stomped them out, that time shall come to islam

    1. It’s basically commonplace nowadays, like a daily occurrence for these vile beings; I truly detest those goat fucking rapist, murdering children and anybody else pillager. The more they chant snackbar the more I detest Islam and all that it’s associated with it. It’s bad enough this virus has infiltrated Europe due to the open arms of bleating sheep and lemmings, fuck all the ramifications but they still make up excuses. They enter the country, make up their own rules, enforce shitria law by holding the countries hostage.

      Not only do they have no go zones to boot but the police have no balls do anything about it when citizens get assaulted and whatnot, their reasoning is don’t go out after dark and avoid the troublesome areas. This is exactly what happens when you lose and give control to those who’ll usurp their position, which is tyranny to be blatant. Cunts like Merkel love multiculturalism so much they continually keep flooding their homeland with raw sewage and give no shit whatsoever.

      Of course we have our own ZC President who has to be the biggest fucking sympathizer there is by allowing anyone who claims persecution and other bullshit reasons, that fuckwit doesn’t surprise me anymore, not that he ever did. He truly hates America by smiling in front of cameras with knives behind his back ready to strike and continues to lie to the public, shit they eat it up quickly anway. As far as future presidents go I’ll never support anyone who is Pro Israel as they’ll continue to add more to the trauma section and keep on trucking.

  4. Poor bastards… Maybe they don’t know that Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel was not a radical islamist but a fucking bisexual moron with a 70 yo lover, a weed smoker and an alcoholic.

    1. hey zen lol,i wouldnt be laughing if i was you,see what they done to that red head french convert fool?,they look at converts as being discarded,weak,lick ass cunts,spys that deserve to get the head chopped,i think your ok man so ill just put a bullet in the back of your head,shit is hitting the fan man and you will find yourself on the wrong fucking dope.

      1. @fightingirish16 uuhh! First off I wasn’t fucken preaching islam and putting down people who weren’t Muslims like I have before. If you didn’t notice it was almost 4 something in the fuck ass morning I wasn’t about to go into details about what I wanted to talk about coz i was in a rush to go to work. Now what the point I had in mind to talk about was what is being said in the song and speeches. Wasn’t gonna write out the entire thing but parts.coz it was some seriously shady lyrics and speeches,really in between the line,a lot of bold taunting was just different than other speeches/nasheeds .this one had sour undertones to it. So don’t know why you all if a sudden talked shit like that to me but doesn’t matter I’m fucken too tired lol worked hard and am stuffing myself full if sushy and expensive tea. Cheers wtv lol .
        You act like you think I’m all for isis. Lol I probably hate them more than you you know what those fucking zio sell out,half-ass trained,puppet pieces of shit are to actual Muslims? Isis and the likes are to Muslims what pedophile priests are to the Catholic /Christian churches. They’re a plague. So THERE Now If THAT Doesn’t clear things up then maybe it’s coz you just don’t like Muslims no matter if they’re brown or white and in that case then wtv spit your venom, I have before so wtv have at it, I got bigger titties to lick like eating sushy

      2. But I do agree with you coz shit is hitting the fan and I’m sure they wouldn’t hesitate to snuff me as quick as they’d snuff a crackhead. But to me isis is not islam. Only to kafirs outside the circle is isis=islam. Nah man fuck that Islam doesn’t teach to have kidnapped childrens as sex slaves.

  5. What the hell is with the Ginger? I also want to know why they are so calm? I would be shitting it and crying like a bitch. I don’t care who you are, getting your head hacked off by a dull ass knife is no way to go out.

    1. I really can’t understand either,It’s very rare to see them freak out, even after they’ve began cutting.
      I would like to think I would freak out, but if you began squirming about it would just take longer wouldn’t it . Maybe it’s just better to accept your fate and hope they get it over with ASAP.

      1. fred,if you had a group of people looking at you while your on your knees and hand cuffed,you wouldnt cry out,ud take it,you would brace yourself tell it goes black,that red head looks like a proper home grown french fool that converted to them and got blamed for being a spy,fuck him,same will happen the best gore member canada clown that converted to the muslims.

        1. @fightingirish16 excuse me?! One second you say “your ok zen …” then the next you say this!? What’s up ?you a fucken pussy? A two face hypocrite? Or both! ? Kinda wish you lived closer I’d meet up with you and make you eat your words you fucken p.c goof! Oh but then youd probably pull the same shit to my face then wouldn’t ya? Hmmmmm maybe it’s part reason why white mens turn their backs to their cultures… Coz for the most part white people are two face,gutless,hypocrites

          1. i said this before our chat up top,so relax,ill show my face if you show yours,i just dont want all the best gore women reckin my head with friendship requests if i show my face,dont be taking things so personal zen,im not two faced either,you are ok,just hyper.

  6. theres no going back from all this sh1t now you know there will never be peace. and all this stems from 9 11 and the sacrifice of american citizens by george bush. they really did do some demonic shit at bohemian grove and unleashed all this murder. and wether you care to admit it or not all this has its roots in 9 11

    1. @haydolf_hittler

      This conflict has been going on long before even the times of Saladin and Suleiman the Magnificent.

      Islam has always traditionally expanded when Christianity was contracting and contracted when Christianity was expanding. Neither group ever accepted the presence of each other in their own geographical territories however and this meant that war was simple because it was waged as two internally strong sides pushing against each other for dominance which often ended in check because armies and the resources that propel them are easily weakened and destroyed via attrition the more one side overstretches itself.

      Anyway, I suppose my point is that modern day Islam/Christianity warfare is different in the sense that Islam still keeps the Christians at arms length and away from their territories whereas Christians accept Islam into their territories with open arms which puts them at a great disadvantage. 9/11 then was just a can of oil to a fire that had already been burning for centuries before hand.

      Coincidently Richard the 1st of England(Richard the Lionheart) launched an anti-Jew campaign, the result of which saw the massacre of many Jews, after being crowned King in 1189 because the Jews were financing and manipulating the crown into doing their bidding, namely the Crusades to re-conquer the Holy Land from Saladin.

      As you can see then Islam and Christianity have been at war with each other for over a thousand years and equally then the Jewish bankers have been stirring this shit up for centuries as well, 9/11 was just a more recent example of their fuckery.

      My conclusion, Muslims and Christians are inherently incompatible with each other and the Jews are just self-serving parasites who inflame the above for Zionistic reasons.

      1. Richard the 1st is a legend, to me and mine especially.

        Just a point regarding the incompatibility of Islam and Christianity. Saddam’s right hand man.. Aziz, was a fully fledged Christian, so, there are exceptions I suppose.

      1. ok long dick,nukes arent real,so what,i hope there not,ill fight for Russia and i hope they rule the world,so China and Russia,North Korea and all them cunts are keeping the same secret that nukes are not real,why?so people dont go to war with guns and tanks and shit?bring it on long dick…

      2. They’re not. Are two anvils mechanically compressible? Does fission release heat or gas?

        Everything that came about from WWII is just mind control. Fear. Once you realize that nukes are universally impossible (except dirty bombs and uranium bullets etc) then it’s much easier to sleep at night and laugh at tyrants the world over.

        I should change that lame avatar to protect the children.

  7. How the hell are they going to fight america if they cant even find some sharp knives??

    “Where should we do todays video Ahhkhhak?”

    “How about the public park, the sky will look pretty and there are many falafels and goats to fuck across the street Hahakakkahahak.”


  8. Todos entienden el frances.Alguien me dijo que no se en cuantos años Europa va a ser musulmana.Y tambien me dijeron unos meses antes que iba a haber un antentado en Brasil y ahora veo en las noticias que detuvieron a terroristas que planeaban hacer algo en las olimpiadas.Nunca pense que Isis pudiera estar en Sudamerica

  9. If they want us to fear them at least they should put subtitles in English. Fortunately I can understand some French. Poor kids some of them are dying and the others are learning all that shit, there must be some cold-blooded army that can beat their asses. I hope they’ve cleaned all that mess.

  10. When half of the rags are done killing off the other half, it’ll be easier for us to go in and finish the job.

    Hopefully when the smoke clears the Muslim percent of the world population will be about .00001% or less.

    You Muslims can burn in hell with your piece of shit Muhammad. So much for the “religion of peace.”

    Your existence is hell even here on earth, a hell that is created by Islam for Islam… and when you die it’ll be even worse.

      1. @FightingIrish16

        Can I have a hug?

        Dude, everyone hates Germany…we’re used to it and we don’t care.

        You’re Irish? I heard a riddle in college that I’ll share with you…

        QUESTION: Who are the only nation on earth that doesn’t hate the Germans?

        ANSWER: The Irish…because the Germans bombed the English (WWII) 😉

  11. i have to say this and im no lick ass,Acneska id love to see what you look like love cause you are one hot women,im starting to fall in love with you,your turning me on you sexy bitch,i think your hot love,you dont take any shit and you seam like a horny bitch,fuck trump. id fuck you love ..lets meet up,what you think.

  12. This is gonna be long, but I have to translate what they say…
    1st song: My kalachnikov is armed, civils with no guns, I’m killing Frenchies, C4 in my belt, in a crowd it will explode, muslims blow themselves inside the Stade de France, come emergency state, people scream and cry.
    TV interview : Why do we have problems with terrorism today? Well, muslims are not stupid, it means, we lead a war, in their territory, killing them, by hundreds, and yet we expect these people to be nice, etc…Well, they’re not nice, and they are right. As for me, I’m for an atheist fight against Islam…
    Song 2: You think that you’ve got the right to massacre us, in the name of your Freedom so loved by your people. To us, tour goods, your lives, have nothing sacred to it. While your warriors are nuking us, bombing us, the most intelligent of yours, with no shame, watch us die. Your media censor every atrocity. Our dead to you, don’t deserve to be quoted.
    Beheading : (2 victims speak arab) 1st guy (left of the screen) : We came here, to celebrate, and rejoice, about Nice. Ô Muhammad, let Allah welcome you into the highest degrees of Paradise/Heaven. The planes have created black smoke, let them collect Allah’s anger (didn’t get it…)
    Inch’Allah such is the retribution of the murderous people that are the French, who doesn’t hesitate to go out, by hundreds in the streets. To feed themselves, for their job, but who know very well that part of their income pays the Army, and the massacre of the Palestinians.. That their taxes help pay for the bombs, in Irak, and in the 4 corners of the planet. When they don’t even speak against it. LET THE PEOPLE OF CHARLIE DIE ! ! And let that hypocrite government of France die, too.
    For the profit of some lobbies, such as oil and weapons, they don’t hesitate to sacrifice the safety of the people, Ô my brother !
    Muhammad said: “The community is one and only body. If one part hurts, then all the body must hurt.”
    Here in the earth, Islam has been mocked, and insulted, in theatres of (débauches, sorry guys, I have no idea how that translates). Here in the earth, Muhammad has been insulted. In the earth, Allah has been insulted. In the earth where they send their army fight us, mainly women and children of Muhammad. Today, we are being attacked, and we are here to take, Inch’Allah, what belongs to us. Every bomb that has exploded will be given back to us, and we will have no hesitation, Ô, François Hollande ! You, who said that you would intensify your attacks! Then we, too, are gonna intensify our attacks!
    Guy 2 (at the right of the screen) : Watch this scene, François Hollande, for it is coming soon on all of your citizens, in the streets of Paris, in the streets of Marseille, in the streets of Nice, in the streets of all France, Inch’Allah!
    Guy 1 (on the left of the screen) ,holding the head and screaming : A message to France, this is a message, for each muslim that fell down, for our wives, and for our kids, in the name of Allah, you’re gonna pay!
    You have declared the war to Islam, you want the war with us, all you will know now is loss !

          1. Pete et re-Pete sont dans un bateau. Pete tombe, qui reste? 🙂

            You are now the official french language terrorist bg translator. I can be your back up when you are on vacation just put me in your ooo 🙂

      1. For real ? Are you kidding me?
        If you’re not, then, please, let me get to your basement… I’m scared, I need protection.
        I’ll be there as soon as you want !
        No lies… But trust me, you won’t be disappointed 🙂

          1. I am the official translator, here on BG, whenever there are (or will be..), French videos 🙂
            It’s my job, in real life, you know, I went to college for this.
            I could choose:
            – Become an English teacher, or ;
            – Translate books and texts.
            Which I did there 🙂
            It’s just my passion, I’ve been living in England for a few months, and I absolutely fell in love for the people, the country, the culture,and the English way of life 😀
            Plus, I used to be a very good student. School has never been a problem. I was what they call “gifted”..
            From a very early age (4y.o.),skipped a class cause I could read and write in two different languages at barely four. And no, it wasn’t my parents who pushed me. I just showed an unusual curiosity for my age, when it came to reading and writing. Since then, I never stopped learning, and I speak four languages. Plus, some Italian and a bit of German (These two, I understand more than I speak..).
            @greetsob: What do you mean when you say “Put me in your ooo…”?
            J’comprends pas lol

          2. @fighting-irish:
            How is it that you know what I like?! lol
            Just one thing : I don’t drink milk… Orange juice, maybe? 😀
            Oh and I loooove eggs and bacon with toasts, for breakfast. Except for that, I don’t eat much 🙂

  13. Here in Colombia we have been in war with guerrillas for more than 60 years, in the 80´s and 90’s narcotrafficking mafias, in late 90’s a lot of paramilitary groups killing thousands of people it is believe for 5 years 30,000 people murder, many kinds of massacres: decapitations, mass bombing from guerrilas to small towns, and you see the world efraid for me that is nothing. Developed nations
    have to see other sub-developed or none developed nations and try understand our suffer, I’m against terrorism, but once you live with it, for us is not strange believe me. Another kind of violence here that was born from last goverment are that we called Bacrim like other kind of paramilitary, well I can write a full book of Colombia´s violence.

  14. for terrorist ISIS must be { Islamic state of Iraq and syria } But for me ISIS :- { Idiotics Suckers Islamic Fuçkers } , Oh dang it didn’t went right with the abbreviations thought!!!! LEAVE THE ABBREVIATION IT SEE THE RHYME

  15. Why cant these close minded killers understand the fact that allah doesn’t exist anymore, he died and never risen, and really, they are not even doing it for their dead allah, all this violence is pointless and is without reason.

  16. Wanted revenge you got it, wanted to scare, also got it, wanted respect you did not got it. Matter of fact, the more I see this shit, the more I disrespect islam. Keep cutting throats till the end of this world. At the end of the day you will be nothing but terrorists and cowards. Want to fight imperialism, came to Washington and fight face to face with your real enemy its much to ask to you bunch of …..

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