ISIS Shooter Fails to Execute Spy with Machine Gun, Beheads Him Instead

ISIS Shooter Fails to Execute Spy with Machine Gun, Beheads Him Instead

ISIS has released a video from Aleppo, Syria titled “So Take Warning“. Video features a spy referred to as “rafidi” being tied up to a pole and shot with an M2 .50 caliber machine gun.

The soldier operating the gun is a horrible shot and only manages to wound the prisoner’s leg, so they end up killing the man by beheading him.

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88 thoughts on “ISIS Shooter Fails to Execute Spy with Machine Gun, Beheads Him Instead”

        1. Actually, the first shot did not hit his leg. It hit him in the lower, right flank (stomach), and opened what looks like a massive exit wound. He looked to be already dead when he was beheaded. At 0.42 seconds in the video, you can see a huge exit wound in his back.

    1. Sloppy akbars how will they train the little ones to do it if they can’t even do it correctly! Bomber the other day couldn’t even chalk up one kill. How are you going to try to inspire fear to the west with such unprofessionalism? I give 1 star.

    2. unfortunate for him could have been a quick death but instead he indured all that great slow pain of a blunt knife cutting through your whole neck heck those executed in the century’s past had it easy when it came to beheading

      1. It’s like their “holy” chanting bullshit. I forget what these chants are called and I’m too lazy to google it right now. But if you look up “isis chant music”, you’ll find what you are looking for. They are all at once mesmerizing and annoying as fuck.

    3. Fuck that, I can not watch the video. Not only this video but there is problem with all videos. When I click on the title and the link opens but the videos are not showing up there. WTF

      1. I hate Kikes more than ISIS hates them. When I see a Muslim killing a Muslim it’s so retarded.killing a Muslims means 1 point for team Israel. Well done ISIS. Please behead a couple Jews next time.I enjoy watching that rather.

        I’m an atheist btw

        1. ISIS loves kikes as much as kikes love ISIS. They’re one and the same. They’re best friends forever. In its entire history of existence, ISIS has not made a slightest move on Israel. Just as Israel has not made a slightest move on ISIS, other than extracting wounded ISIS fighters from Syria to provide them with medical care in Israeli hospitals, training them in Kuwaiti military facilities, and providing air support and defence against Syrian military.

  1. Christ man, the guy shooting should be beheaded for being a horrible shot. If you can’t pop that cherry from that close then you should just stick with the knife. I don’t claim to be an expert but c’mon man he’s like 20ft away.

    1. Hahaha! That made me laugh. It’s so true tho. I think they don’t have enough ammo for that bad boy so they said one shot at a time and only 3 tries. Cheap bastards. Hold that trigger/lever back and rip off a burst of .50 BMH at a rate of 600 rounds a minute and u can’t miss. but that ammo is hard to come by so they try to look cool with the “ma duce” but end up looking stupid

    1. @annie my guess is there’s no funeral parlors or morticians…its just not a necessity,or blooming business. Ya think it would be?…but between all the bombings,and beheadings there’s just no reason to cherish a loved one or family members remains. they just prolly toss all these bodies to side of rumble road like garbage wrappers out a car window,and let the dogs and vultures feed.
      I’m honestly surprised they’re not cannibals ??? The way they hack off heads like a butcher. Maybe in near future ISIS 2.0 will start munching their victims whilst saying Allahu Akbar!

  2. Actually I think he hit more then his leg ..looked like an initial pelvic shot … those can be fatal. But anyways he should have torn him to pieces with the .50 cal. At least fucking aim for his head. Why the fuck was he like 50 feet from the guy anyways? That like shooting from the 3 pt line when all you need is 2 pts.

    1. Nah @brokeback that .50 at that range would have been pretty spectacular. Too bad that dumb sand nigger could fuck up a wet dream because this had potential. Honestly by the time they beheaded him he was probably really close to bleeding out. I don’t see how the bullet couldn’t have done some serious damage to his femoral artery with just that one shit shot. Isis must be broke because he didn’t seem to want to waste many bullets. Those .50 bmg rounds are 5 bucks a piece for those cheap military ball ammo.

  3. Welcome back Mark; drop me a line sometime.
    I’ve looked at this video repeatedly.

    I think he was only hit once, with impact being almost centrally on his abdomen. The thigh wound is, probably, the exit wound, and he either crapped himself or, more probably, the abdominal pressure wave emptied his colon.

    The second and third shots, I think, missed completely; the movement of his head is a rotation as he slumps, it’s shown in both camera streams. If his head had been hit with a .50 calibre round, it would have resembled an exploding pumpkin.

    The abdominal shot was, in my opinion, immediately lethal; muzzle energy for .50 is around 15,000 joules (comparison: .357 Magnum is around 800 joules, .41AE around 1000 joules, and .556/45 700 joules). At this short range there would be relatively little attenuation of this energy value and, as high velocity rounds tend to tumble as they hit tissue planes, the cavitation and effects on bone and gas filled structures in the abdomen (bowel) will be considerable – the effect is akin to a soft deforming round (hollow point / soft point) which has an increased wound track (x2 diameter, and loses most of the kinetic energy in the target (a full metal jacket rifle round may only drop 20% of its kinetic energy in the target).

    An exit through the lower limb will have taken out 1 – 2 lbs of tissue and generated a fairly severe fuck-up of the internal plumbing, blood vessels and vertebrae, pelvis and =/- femur.

    Cause of death hydrodynamic shock.

    There is no reaction, at all, when the knife starts cutting.

    A couple of videos:

    Finally, note this guy’s reaction at the beginning of the video; he sees that there is a M2 .50 calibre machine gun being lined up, in close proximity, to him.

    The ‘confession’ was, obviously, filmed some time before:

    1. ‘Don’t worry Ahmed, we just want to film you answering some questions whilst wearing the red jump suit and immobilised on this concrete post’

    2.’Don’t worry Ahmed, we just want to film you again answering some more questions whilst wearing the red jump suit and immobilised on this concrete post. Oh look there’s a machine gun.’


  4. I wonder what the purpose was of leaking this out. It doesn’t show ISIS as a relentless force of God as previous videos, its more like a blooper reel; it shows they are fallible. So why put it out? If their goal is to intimidate…they’ve done worse shit than this, so….why put something like this on tape and then publish it?

    It doesn’t make any sense.

  5. Pfft disgraceful marksmanship, Absolutely atrocious. Gimme that fuckin MG, I’ll show you how it’s done.

    No more playing with guns for this dude, he’ll probably be peeling potatoes till Christmas after this embarrassing display of firepower.

  6. ISIS wants to kill Jews so much?
    They control how much of Syria, which borders Israel?
    They have artillery and heavy weaponry?
    No, they shoot a bunch of French stoners at a concert in Paris, then attack a bunch of bubehs at the Super Kosher. Lotta balls there.
    Bunch of pussies.

  7. Perhaps this son of a bitch never held a gun in his hand . He aims it then takes about ages for a bulls eye but fails miserably . It appears he actually was just a raw hand given his first ever task of execution but before that this goatfucker should have known the very basics and practised his shots at a firing range
    “Rafidi” should have been let off cause he survived the “KILL”

    That failure was enough to seeth his anger .Even the use of knife was amateurish. This ISIS fucker needs about a dozen kicks to his butt with an army boot to send him rolling in to the sand dunes .

  8. if it was me I woulda went back over and turn the guy around and Swiss cheesed his ass with that 50 cal. I mean come on how many times can ya behead somebody? Its kinda getting old ISIS!! Let’s see something else for once…maybe a chainsaw..see how many peices ya can make..just an idea for ya

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