ISIS Threatens Turkey with Video Compilation of Executions

ISIS Threatens Turkey with Video Compilation of Executions

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has released a video compilation of executions, beheadings and combat engagements, combined with a warning for the Turkish government. I guess Turkey’s not buying enough oil to satisfy Tel Aviv.

The video is also allegedly aimed at recruiting ISIS fighters from Turkey. Props to Best Gore member @refuse2renig for the video:

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      1. im muslim too and fuck isis they are not muslims they are motherfuckers !!!!!!! they called Al-khawarij and it wrotes in Prophet Path and they are not muslim ! fuck isis ! we are iraqi ppl and we killed them and still killing them

      1. No additions alterations ommissions commisions can ever bring about the desired upgrades atleast for these ISIS gutter rats ;whose voices when heard in unison sounds as if a big herd of Drunk and beaten up Donkeys have gone about setting themselves loose.
        All upgrades eventually will spiral down to their self-destruction and irrevocable downright “Downgrades”.
        From now on their selfdestruct timer has started ticking .

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  1. In other news: Pulitzer winning journalist Seymour Hersh confirms that the sarin gas attacks on Syria were actually committed by the “moderate rebels” that Obama has been supporting using sarin stockpiles taken from Lybia and smuggled into Syria by the CIA. It was all done under Hillary Clinton’s orders.

    1. If I remember rightly this story came out not long after it happened,and a couple more times subsequently. Didn’t they even admit it saying the chemicals actually came through the UN after it had benn approved by US(and prolly Israel) government, either way MSM don’t say shit about these things (well, maybe the odd second or two of complete twisted bullshit) so one reporter who actually cares about the truth doesn’t really mean shit. There’s a thousand reporters who have sold out to one decent one.

  2. It’s au revoir to ISIS’s insanity
    They sold their soul to feed their empty vanity
    Their fantasies and lies

    They’re a drop in the rain
    Just a number not a name
    And they don’t see it
    They don’t believe it
    At the end of the day
    These Motherfuckers are just needle in the hay
    They got it signed and sealed it
    And now the world’s gotta deal with it

  3. normally i consider everything isis says to be garbage, but turkey is garbage also, so i don’t mind if they battle it out with each other. when 2 garbage groups fight each, everyone is the winner!

    1. All war brings is death and results in thousands of people in pain ie: families,friends ect. Isis are the scum of the earth though and need to be eradicated. They seem to be very quite of late so I’m assuming there losing slowly. Hurray for that atleast.

  4. That still shot is something to be admired. I just want to put my finger up his neck hole, or blow air through his mouth and watch the blood squirt out that beautiful little hole. But if I had a penis…. The morbid possibilities are endless!

    1. it is a hell of a still shot, i think when we wipe ourselves off this earth we should leave this shot as summing up who we were. we lived in a perpetual state of war murder and eventually death. the only species ever in the universe to wipe itself out. yes this shot represents the true nature of the human soul.

  5. For everyone who wants to know, he’s singing in german and says things like: “Brothers, (go) on the slaughter!”, “Where is your honor?”, “Hear and obey”, “Attack them from behind”, “Kill for allah”, “We rip you apart”, “Kill policists”, “Brother don’t be sad, your should understand it”, “Brothers fall on the field”, “Brother stay hard”, “The russians came, we’ll kill them all we swore”, “They bombed our cities but ways go forward”, etc.

  6. With the amount of time and money they spend on the production of these videos, could they not get some good fucking music? Not even good music, but just something appropriate like Rage Against the machine or Slayer?

  7. Hmmm, enough playing nice with these rapists / child molesters, uneducated fucked-in-head loser killers / having sex with animals, sex with anything really. No doubt …and I’d bet on it …fucking and sucking the cocks, licking the asses, of dead fighters. And these 3rd world freaks are pieces of shit and nothing more shit. Who the fuck in their right mind would bring this scum into their country, their neighbourhood, their backyards, in schools with our children !?!
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  8. Deutschland Erwache!!! Es ist eine Tatsache, da? Mohammed ein Massenm?rder, Meuchelm?rder, Sklavenh?ndler, R?uber, Kindersch?nder und Vergewaltiger war. Er hat seine religi?sen Kritiker/Gegner gnadenlos ermordet oder ermorden lassen. Alle Muslime verehren diesen Teufel. W?rde ein Deutscher in gleicher Weise Hitler verehren, w?rde er eingesperrt oder f?r verr?ckt erkl?rt werden. Deswegen kann man diese faschistisch totalit?re Ideologie (Koran/Islam) und die Person Mohammed nicht genug kritisieren.
    H?ngt sie alle!!?
    Killing man all tide up just shows how much of a pussys all you mumlims bitch killer are. facing man with guns you all hide like the cockroaches wenn lights are turn on in your filthy bed rooms lol keep up the good work 😛
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    1. not to worry. the people of deutschland are stirring, they feel heavy in their hearts and a deja vu of despair. all the agony of wars and today political correctness that has stifled this great nation of warriors is beginning to surface once again. this proud nation that fought against the international zionism and against the world fearlessly and sacrificed so many of its people, for which turned out to be the just cause. germany is becoming a coiled spring once again .. put your ear to the ground .. whats that rumble .. its becoming louder and louder. its the boots of the werhmacht, all the dead souls and ghosts from the world wars are rising and all the spirits of the noble german soldiers are seeping back to their nations land. they see what the traitor politicians and disgusting zio masters have done to their proud land. they are calling for you to deal with your traitors and punish them for disrespecting what they fought and died for. they fought for germany and the german people. once again you need to rise up and lead your nation and all of europe back into the light the way you tried to do before it all finished in 1945. hail victory ! this time the world stands with you . . not against you !

  9. The guy with a handgun in each hand looked like he was having fun. (at approx. 1:50 sec) On a more serious note – I wonder if they recycle those orange jump-suits? Or if someone has to wash them, hopefully they know that you use cold water to remove bloodstains 😆 That goes for their own clothing too.

      1. @illegalsmile55, haha well it’s gotta be a good commercial for something?
        “rubbley-ub-dub, that’s just the way she rubs,
        rubbley-ub-dub, that’s just the way she scrubs
        rubbley-ub-dub, she wears out all her dubs
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        Rub rub rub rub, a rubbin’ all day,
        she’s a scrubbin’ a boogie woogie rhythm all day
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        If you want to hear a funny version of this song to a cartoon, type in ‘banned cartoons’ – ‘Scrub me mama with a boogie beat’, that is in case you haven’t seen it already. 😉
        @re-pete, calling @re-pete, lol, could you please provide a link to this cartoon for me?

  10. Everyone seems to be wondering why muslim terrorists are so quick to commit suicide.
    Lets have a look at the evidence:
    – No christmas
    – No television.
    – No nude women.
    – No football.
    – No pork chops.
    – No hotdogs.
    – No burgers.
    – No beer.
    – No bacon.
    – Rags for clothes
    – Towels for hats.
    – Constant wailing from some cunt in a tower.
    – More than one mother in law.
    – You can’t shave.
    – Your wife can’t shave.
    – You can’t wash off the smell of donkey.
    – You wipe your arse with your hand.
    – You cook over burning camel shit.
    – Your wife is picked by someone else.
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    Then they tell you that “when you die it all gets better”
    No shit sherlock!……It’s not like it could get much fucking worse.

    Thanks to clint.for that one. iv got your back bro.

    1. I know what you mean, but thats only the theory. I live in nuremberg in the middle of the red light district and most people i see there every day are the most holy moslems. Instead of praying face in the carpet and ass up, loafing around there all night and being the best customers for those infested, tacky romanian whores. That fits!! That ‘religion’ is to me only hypocrisy and mendacy.

    2. omg that is so funny haha I love the “rags for clothes” “towel for hats”. yeah islam sucks. at least real islam sucks. i know people that call themselves “muslim” but don’t really follow islam at all and think it’s a good religion. real islam sucks. who wants to live in a society where everything is a “sin”, no women around until you get married to someone you don’t even get to see before you are married etc.

      but if you think about it other middle easter religions like christianity are also pretty similar, it just seems like muslims take the religious teachings far more literal.

  11. I wonder where they get all those orange suits from, there must be a mass production of them somewhere, and it should be possible to track down orders of thousands orange jumpsuits. Maybe it comes from same place where they get their ISIS starter kit and weapons. They are deffinently not producing clothes themself by looking at the standard compared to their civil clothes.

  12. Listening to this moronic song, I quickly get an image of a bunch of sand niggers getting on their knees, in a group, and then start sucking and fucking each other as they sing this song with gusto.

    It also sounds like “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” hurrah hurrah.

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  13. Fuck all their stupid editing, they have these super high def cameras and never give us more than a split second shot of a beheading… Can’t a guy just get a nice, high def, possibly slow mo shot of a beheading beginning to end without all the ADD, spazzy editing!


  14. Fuck all their stupid editing, they have these super high def cameras and never give us more than a split second shot of a beheading… Can’t a guy just get a nice, high def, possibly slow mo shot of a beheading beginning to end without all the ADD, spazzy editing!


  15. BORING! Keep killing your own shitty stinky race, nobody cares. Keep chopping these dirt farmers heads off until there’s nobody else to kill, then kill yourselves, do us all a favour. Shit countries, shit people, shit race. Grow up preaching all that Mohammed shit, as time goes by science is proving religion is bullshit, just an excuse for people to believe there is some blissful afterlife as reality in itself is tedious. Be happy get on with your life, start a family whatever, but no these dune coons want to chops people’s heads off, bet your families proud. Allah akbar fuck heads

  16. Yeah….Whatever…Fuckin CIA orchestrated bullshit… Fuck it… Itll be Trumps problem, him and his cum guzzling harem of uneducated low income white demographic asked for it…

  17. Don’t care what religion you are or if it said in the Bible you should behead non believers and let their be rivers of blood in exchange for a gaggle of sluts in the afterlife, you can’t have a soul if you’re able to take another persons life like that with no remorse.

    1. Most young Isis fighters were just average muslims before they were radicalised, you could have gone to school with them or lived next door to them and wouldn’t of known. Most were respectable, polite teenagers not too long ago, and they became easy to radicalise with all the death and destruction going on in the middle East (which is being done by the West BTW).
      I’m anti ISIS but I like to look at things from every angle, that’s all.

  18. If they have such nice shots of executions, how come those people can afford a cameraman, but they didn’t manage to get some drums or a guitar to get the music right! X)

  19. I read the title soooo wrong at first lol when I past it, my mind immediately was like, “so they’re threatening a turkey now? Wtf?…. Ohhhhh… Turkey. Not the animal, stupid.” ugh long day at work lol

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