ISIS Video with Beheading, Multiple Individual Executions, and Mass Execution in Iraq

ISIS Video with Beheading, Multiple Individual Executions, and Mass Execution in Iraq

Newly released ISIS video is titled “Hell of the Apostates 2” and was filmed in Wilayat Shamal Baghdad, also known as Tarmiyah, North Baghdad, Iraq. The video contains a lot of your standard Islamic propaganda, some combat footage, and ends with a lot of executions without orange jumpsuits. Did Dear Leader Trump get so distracted with sending US Special Ops (thank you for your service) to fight on the ground alongside ISIS in Syria, that he forgot to supply his boys with more of those?

Best action starts around 12:30. There is a beheading of two men, followed by multiple executions of individual men, and eventually a mass execution of a group of people on the side of a mass grave.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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64 thoughts on “ISIS Video with Beheading, Multiple Individual Executions, and Mass Execution in Iraq”

      1. You might be wrong.

        Their sick faith in the Quran is a intensifier, it is justification for this in their bronze age books. These creeps really think they got god on their side.
        In comparison you got the christian pastors who can get away with anything because “pastor” is in front of their name. I am pretty sure you know of some in USA. Some of them swines goes hand in hand with the latest joke of a president.

      2. Of course does religion has to do something with that. Why are they killing this people? Because they take the things written in the Quran literally. Its written there that people who do not believe in the Islam should be killed.

        1. I dont give a fuck whats written in quran or not. Fact is, there is not a single muslim nation which is able to build this heavy war machine, so by whom are they being supplied with all those heavy amo ? Certainly not by muslims.

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  1. Not a single woman in the region, it appears. Reason why probably cause these faggots have kidnapped them all and taken them to a whore
    Warehouse to be gang raped and sold as sex slaves.
    fucking dessert scum!!!
    And what’s up with their fucking disgusting ass beards and long hair…
    I think they let that shit grow intentionally so that they look ugly as fuck and use that as psychological warfare.
    I had one of those mofo’s in front of me, I would hate to!!

    1. ISIS “Al-Furqan Media” releases an audio statement from Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s message is titled “Your Lord Suffices as Guid and Helper” since 22nd September 2017.

      “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi tells followers he’s ‘certain that bloodshed in Mosul, Raqqa, Sirt, Ramadi and Hama will eventually lead to the downfall of tyrants’.”

      Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: “World countries became restless that ISIS remained steadfast despite years of fighting, trying desperately to delay their differences to keep the fight (reference to Kurds, Turkey, Russia and the US).”

      “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi blames American fatigue over the years for the Russian ‘control of the Syria portfolio’, unable to face off rising Russian power.”

      Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi pleading to Syrian opposed to Assad: “What have you gained from your backers other than truces with the Nusayris? Turkey and Sahwat won’t benefit you. If it wasn’t for us, the situation would be much worse.”

      Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: “Shia in Syria, Iraq and Yemen will never accept half-solutions especially after all the destruction and the gains they’ve made”

      Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: “We are remaining”

  2. The environment that is set in their occupied territory and strongholds is meant to psychologically torture even the bravest of warrior.
    So physical torture not much is needed to inflict fear upon the hostages…
    I was to fight isis I would make sure that I strap myself with an explosive vest that has a special unique way to be detonated and if I was to get captured I would play submissive until I can be surrounded by as many of this stinky bearded scum and would keep my dignity in tact.
    I wouldn’t give this bastards the pleasure of making me part of their video productions.

  3. I met a muslim once. He seemed like a very nice men. Did not speak much. Good looking smile. He seemed a little stiff. I was then told that the nice muslim man that I’ve been talking to for the past ten minutes was actually dead. He had been left sitting on a chair while they prepared his coffin. That’s a shame, he seemed like a nice guy. I guess all muslims are nice, once their dead! let’s all hope that we all meet a nice stiff muslim.

    Let’s all cheer for the destruction of assholes all over the world who believe that god (pick any god) is on their side and this god (pick any god) wants them to kill all of us.

    Silly muslims, Trix are for kids.

  4. I find it interesting how they fight for Allah and jihad on enemy invaders, they need to pray 5 times a day or they ain’t true muslims AND to induce jihad you have to ask the Elder Imam’s and get approval of this, but ISIS be like “We got our own way for islam, no praying, no asking elder we just enforce jihad, Allahu Akhbar !”

  5. I don’t get it! Why those people knowing they are going to dye within seconds don’t even try to react in some way!!!
    If I was one of the guys kneeling in front of one of those suckers I would at least try to lean back and bite his balls! I’ll be dead anyway, at least he won’t be enjoying the moment.

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