ISIS Video Featuring Multiple Executions and Beheadings of Alleged Spies

ISIS Video Featuring Multiple Executions and Beheadings of Alleged Spies

Video released by the Islamic State depicts the mujaheddin carrying out multiple executions and beheadings of civilians accused of being spies. The video was filmed in Wilayat Sayna (Sinai Province), Egypt.

The video is almost 17 minutes long. Skip to 8:25 for the beginning of 8 minutes worth of killings. At 15:00 a captive is blown up with explosives.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420Media and @african-angel for the video:

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67 thoughts on “ISIS Video Featuring Multiple Executions and Beheadings of Alleged Spies”

    1. I understand where your coming from. But when I watch this, I can’t help but think that some of these people being killed may have done the same brutal killing of others that is being done to them. So when you see this being done, it’s easy to wish the same for the killers, and then their death’s are filmed and uploaded on here and others watching will say the same about the ones killing them. I just wonder how innocent these people really are. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t.

      1. I don’t think being blown up like that can cause pain. Unless the brain somehow doesn’t get destroyed with the rest of the body. Pain is only felt because of nerve signals being sent to the seems logical that if the brain gets destroyed so instantly no pain is felt.

        1. Define instant? It’s fair to assume that even in explosions and high speed crashes an extreme form of agony is experienced before death, whether it’s seconds or milliseconds the worst thing you could ever imagine is still felt. “Instant” is a word used by the media to console people from reality. The only likely painless death is being zapped by an atomic bomb

          1. I’m an RN, and though we all would like to think we are a lot tougher than we are, it amazes me that more people are not killed everyday. We are so vulnerable. I don’t pretend to have any idea how long (microseconds, etc…) it would take for a bomb to annihilate one of us-but I imagine it is FAST AS HELL. Then, take into the fact that the brain USUALLY is blasted into a million peices being under pressure in our cranial cavity already. Even if there WAS a microscopic amount of time the brain could send a signal to those nerves, the connection-aka spinal cord-used to send those messages to the nerves, has also been blasted, as have all the previously said nerves. So even if the nerves wanted to send a signal to the brain that “something has happened brain, please process it!” The brain would likely NOT even have the time to send back it’s “Ouch!” analysis. This isn’t to make me feel better-I see horrible stuff everyday and still come to these sites to remind myself it can always be worse. It just doesn’t appear to me to be a possibility that our bodies would have the time to communicate…on top of the pain reducing adrenaline pulsing through our bodies already…honestly…I would choose blown up over beheading ANY day…

    1. When being blown up you’re gone in a millisecond you might feel the blast but you will no longer exist.

      I remember as a kid I lit a fire cracker while I was holding it between my lips

      And half of my face went numb, I couldn’t feel shit for a couple of hours. I’m surprise my teeth,lips,ect didn’t get fucked up. Lol

  1. Man, that snapshot is brutal. Hook your finger right into his fucking eye socket while you slice his throat. Is not like he’s going to be needing them in the immediate future. That’s actually the worst part of this video, talk about spiting his face.

    1. The finger In his eye was done to cause excruciating pain to the victim. Take note the whole weight of his head is being lifted up by his eye just adds to the shock and violent nature of the execution. But some of these ISIS executions are fake but that’s a whole other story

  2. Interesting rifle that guy has at the end of the video. It has a FAL-style hinged folding stock, M16-ish receiver, uses NATO 30 rd 5.56 magazines and appears to have a Kalashnikov-style piston gas system.
    Anyone know what the hell it is?

  3. Isis, they were getting creative with the underwater cage and such, but just got lame. They need new ideas now. Just too boring, beheading after beheading….get some new material.

    1. What I would do is make someone suffer by shooting them in their leg and pour salt and alcohol over each and every wound.
      And rip each Finger nail and toe nail one by one .
      Then throw them down slip & slide full of glass shards , thumbtacks , and needles

  4. I wonder if they’re going to hell for this. I mean, depicting this is technically depicting living things (even though some of them ultimately end up dead), and depicting living things is considered a very significant sin in Islam.

  5. I love the driversity in cultural music however I can’t listen to this melody from this culture any longer. It’s pissing me off to high Heaven that even the language irrigates me. I can no longer appreciate the culture as I find only associated with death. Am I the only one to be irritated?

  6. Well, I hope every one of these evil sick fucks meet the same exact end they carry out on others.
    The ones shot in the head or blown to shit instantly got off far easier than ones having their throats sawed open and bled like livestock!

  7. Nuke them all, the innocent are murdered, so not to nuke all them together?
    Russia, is the only one who have the balls to nuke them all, and after last Russian assassinations, i think we are close…

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