ISIS Video from Iraq Showing Multiple Beheadings and Executions

ISIS Video from Iraq Showing Multiple Beheadings and Executions

Islamic State (ISIS) has released a video showing multiple beheadings and executions by gunshots in the province of Kirkuk (Wilayat Karkuk) in Iraq.

The video starts with public beheading of two men. After that, four men are killed by having their throat slashed open and being left to bleed out. A man tied to a tree is then beheaded.

At the end of the video, three men are executed by being shot in their heads.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420Media for the video:

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95 thoughts on “ISIS Video from Iraq Showing Multiple Beheadings and Executions”

        1. They are sponsored not only by wahhabis, but also by zionists (which includes the US by extension), the latter benefits from the destruction of Syria for they can expand their settlements into the Golan Heights without Assad bothering them, as he has his attention focused on the war at the moment.

          1. why don’t they teach us about this shit in school?! Ugh it’s so frustrating, I don’t know much about Zionists, never heard of wahhabis, I don’t know anything about settlements in Syria or where Golan heights is, or who the fuck Assad is.. I don’t expect anyone to explain all of that to me, but gosh i just wish I could know all of it, it’s seems so important to know and it’s interesting too, yet on school all the reach you about are the presidents and Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther king, the 13 colonies, that shit. WHY don’t we have a class on what’s going on NOW!! That seems way more important.. But no, I’m stuck over here wondering if we are ever gonna get nuked by some insane Isis group, only to find out we are funding them, when the fuck did that happen?!?! I hate not knowing shit about shit. I feel like I’m wasting my brain and potential. @undergroundweller

          2. thanks @dethbyplaster, I only just turned 19, so I have a lot of time to learn things but I figure I never will if I never ask. that’s why I’m so grateful for BG, and the knowledge they provide. 😉

          3. @brand-wall It’s in their interest to keep the populace in a state of ignorance, you can’t argue or go against what you don’t know, as you yourself have expressed to be a frustration for you, as it is often for me not to know such things. So it’s easier for people to accept Hollywood movies as the truth, as many people have a vision of the Holocaust, for instance, based on movies, rather than facts, without even knowing the word zionist, I used to be like that. Moreover, it’s easier to watch a movie than read a book or even watch a documentary, and this can be dangerous as the songs, ”first hand accounts (narrative)” and construction of a sympathetic character in movies serve to appeal to emotion rather than logic and the imagery leaves a more deep impression on memory than boring words in a book, as the best way to retain information is via the visual sense. Add that to the zionist control over the mainstream media. And it doesn’t happen just in the US, here in Brazil, for instance, people are just as ignorant (and I’d say even more ignorant), which may explain why many people (and I am talking about well educated and well off people) are Israel supporters.

          4. @dethbyplaster That’s right, I ask questions too as I’ve been quite a curious person since I was a child, much knowledge is acquired through second hand accounts. I’d say you have to recognize your ignorance to learn. If you recognize it, it also happens that you won’t get easily fooled by simplistic explanations, like you see a lot in religion (scientology seems a good example from what I’ve seen).

          5. That’s all we need is Syria (or what’s left of them) going back to Golan. But on the bright side it was a helluva tank battle last time they tried it almost beat Israel too!

        2. Isis are a bunch of animals that want to kill all of us. I wanna wipe my ass w one of their beards. I absolutely fucking hate them. Brandi u gotta go back and watch the two year old killing people in a FRIGGEN ball pit. Yes like at Burger King!!!! A lil shitbag. I hate that kid. I wanna punt him. U gotta watch it. They gotta go.

          1. @kevin yes I know, isn’t it fucking sad as fuck that a 2 year old thinks it fine and dandy to murder someone in cold blood, shoot them in the face, beheading is an honor. This world is going to absolute shit.

        3. it’s good to ask questions but dont take the first answer as the right answer ? Isis is a bunch of Muslim fondamentalists for sure not funded by the US . it’s easy to just say that the US and israel is the cause of all desasters .

      1. Rather than giving money to ISIS in brown paper bags at drop off points, the US has, through its extremely friendly connections with its Allies in Saudi, Qatar, Turkey and Jordan. and of course, its infamous mistaken 50 ton arms drop into ISIS territory when they are on the back foot in Syria.

        Its a bit like the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan in the 70s and 80s against the Russians. the US funded them and blah blah blah – ad effectively turned that nation now into the biggest opium producer in the world that is being imported to amongst other places, the US ( a little like what the US are doing with Cocaine etc in MExico)

      2. Just look at AIPEC, why the hell did both candidates to the presidency have to give a speech promising they would do the best in the interests of a foreign government. Plus, it’s no secret that the US funnels billions into Israel as military aid, just recently Obama extended the aid, if I am not mistaken for ten years, I don’t remember exactly but I think it were 36 billion dollars (could be wrong).

      3. We will never know the truth or funding behind this. There’s a ton of $$$$$ ALL over that SHIThole. People will always point fingers and say it’s the U.S that created this. Which doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out. We went over there looking and snooping in the wrong places and took out a perfectly good dictator that had the people on their toes. Shitting their pants. Say what u WILL about saddam. As soon as he was taken out we the United States wanted to create a democracy for animals that never had one and will never want one. Tried to create an army for a bunch of pussies. I’ve been following this SHIT since day one. Scumbags posting pics of United States military weapons. Laughing and mocking us. we backed out of there knowing that their Lil army trained by us will be slaughtered by this very group. I knew it. Didn’t know it would get to this extent but I knew these animals want nothing to do w GOVT and or freedom. There’s a shitload of $$$$ from everywhere floating around there so who’s to say where it’s coming from. Now they have cartel control of everyone so funding is from themselves if u think about it. Am I right?? Am I wrong?? Who knows ?? Seriously. I don’t think anyone can prove where these animals get it.

          1. are you fucking stupid? the oil “crisis” was orchestrated by BILDERBERG, who got opec to play along. They wanted their companies to profit from new ventures in the north sea. its always the fucking jews. educate yourself

    1. No clue what happened there, but it was spectacularly bizarre!

      Did anyone else think that the toddler at the beginning was going to be one of the victims? For half a second I was thinking that ISIS was going down an even crazier path.

  1. Sick people killing, killing, and killing. There are NO winners in any wars,,, just looser’s, on all sides. Although i do not agree with the Zionist Fake Wars, and all the N.A.T.O. killers who are supported, financed, & employed by them, Killing their Brainwashed, & sometimes unwilling Goyim, as their propaganda tools, is just plain wrong, and accomplish nothing.

  2. Meh, fuck you ISIS. Slice the throats of guys that are already trussed up with no means to defend themselves, THAT proves how honorable you are.

    But I will give them props for using the thyroid for dramatic effect; the way it just slips back under the skin is spine-tingling, like the man’s soul has been exposed and is trying to get back inside his body.

    1. Like watching a bloody episode of the Generation Game (for nutty executioners though!).
      Their custom of Halal meat seems to be having an influence lately. Just cut and let it bleed…… A disgustingly cruel death.

  3. How can this Terrorist group represent Islam while Quran said ” Whoever kills a person it is as though he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved all mankind.” Guys I studied Islam 2 years ago and The problem with the 1.6 Billion muslim is that, they deny the fact that ISIS Follows the islamic rules “Sharia” while they Forgot about the Brutal Scholars books they still have ” Ibn taymiyah , SAhih muslim , Sahih boukhari …etc” i mean most of muslims dosent know shit about these books but Yo FFS Do something about it guys

    1. That’s what strikes me the most about many people who follow these religions. Many of them are actually very intelligent people, but they lead their life by a book full of contradictions. That, by itself, is a contradiction as well.

      “Virgin birth! An entire religion, built on an oxymoron.” (Quills)

      1. @Cadejito. you have the option not to believe in anything like every human on earth which is understandable, but if you think there is no God simply because it can’t be proved in a modern scientific lab, you will never believe in most things that occur but can’t be proved by modern science (which by the way is a few hundred years old and still undeveloped).

    2. I don’t know what you’re talking about, who are these brutal scholars, you say they are the ones who spread violent theories, like wahhabis (although I know there was a guy named Wahhabi, I guess)? Doesn’t the Quran defend jihad, although I hear that there may be pacific jihad, by spreading the word?

      1. Jihad in arabic dosent mean Only fighting 🙂 You can say ” I’m a science Mojahid ” means that u work hard and u do ur best for science . The word “Jihad” means alot of things !
        Brutal scholars like ” Al qaradawi , Mohamed al arifi , Sheikh al houwayni , Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdullah , Ibn taymiyah ” and more . Wahhabism beliefs is Fucked up ” yes this whole shit came from a guy called ” Mohammed ben Abdelwahhab ” .
        and Salafism as well is Fucked up they HATE non muslims and they treat womens like Animals, The burqa is Created by Salafism and Wahhabism because they hate womens !

  4. that kid at the end was probably 14 but then again we have seen them chop that kids head off on the truck, if that isnt enough to think about nuking the area then i dont know what is. the middle east is cursed forever. there will never be peace there.

    1. May be not nuking the fucking place but we can do something better….
      I was thinking something like the ultimate militaristic sport…
      Its a competition that would take place in the Middle East.
      (Specifically Iraq and Syria)
      It will involve the ultimate sophisticated technology in drones and unmanned air vehicles. We would arm the
      UAV ‘s and drones with lightweight artillery with hollow point tipped ammo…..
      The purpose of the game is to seek and destroy ninja-looking faggits and the likes….
      The more you kill the better.

  5. Or maybe instead of bullets the drones can shoot tranquilizer darts and put them sisis to sleep for 24 hours then after they wake up they gone find themselves tied and bound and ready for them to taste a little bit of their own medicine….
    Or maybe just shoot to kill. …

  6. This is so hard to look at those videos. ISIS are fucking retarded !!! Come on baby Trump finish the job there fast !!! ISIS deserve a nice nuke on their head !!!

    Just imagine, the nazis in 1943, or to be more precise, Himmler, found that shooting the Judes in the head was to discusting for him because he received blood in his face, so this is why they choose the gaz chambers !!!

    Maybe this is the raison why the ISIS killers wear a mask because of all the fucking blood when they cut the heads !!!

        1. @alain666 Just read about the holocaust with an open mind. Look beyond school text and look into serious, respected authors on the subject. There are also good documentaries. “The Greatest Story Never Told” comes to mind. It isn’t just talk. It physically demonstrates how some details had to be lies. I totally believed the school version that 6 million jews were killed. Then oneday I saw some literature and read it in a serious manner and open mind. I concluded most of the holocaust is exaggerated and there are serious lies. Just check it out at least.

          1. @haydolf_hittler I doubt that Peal Harbor was an inside job, but it didn’t caught the US by total surprise by no means. The US had been provoking Japan, and also Germany, for a long time with diplomatic pressure, an oil embargo and if I can remember well even troops as volunteers. I know there was the thing about the three carriers which were out of the harbor (I guess it was the day before or two days before they departed), and if they were history could be quite different, and it was a very suspicious thing…

  7. It’s so bad that when I watch it, I have to put my 2 hands in my face !!! It’s so against nature to watch it !!! ISIS are so retarded that they don’t know about the guillotine !!! Beheading will be the cause of their defeat !!!!! They deserve to be wipe out.

  8. Fuck these Isis pieces of shit!! What they are doing is totally wrong and no one deserves that kind of treatment. I’m a Palestinian Muslim American, I was born here and will die here. Nowhere on earth is better than the USA. I hate the fact they are misusing the Muslim religion for negativity. It is totally against my religion to kill people that way. So go fuck yourselves you ISIS bastards!!!!

  9. Yes, an islamic state must be a paradise, right?
    Murder, hate, violence, torture, these fuckers must be braindead to think an islamic state ever will come true. These kind of vids only make people hate them more.

  10. Maybe someone with some medical knowledge knows and could tell me but, why is it that when these guys get shot in the dome they fall over and legs straighten right out, like they are stretching. Ive noticed this on countless videos with guys shot in the head. Shot. Fall Over. And then body stiffens, legs stretch out straight. Is this just some sort of abnormal posturing or something?

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