ISIS Video Showing Assassinations with Silenced Weapons and Executions

ISIS Video Showing Assassinations with Silenced Weapons and Executions

Newly released video by the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service ISIS in Yemen shows the POV assassinations of targets with silenced weapons. At the end of the video, two men are shown being executed – the first by beheading, the second by being shot with a rifle after digging his own grave.

I like the seemingly humane touch they added to the video by only assassinating the intended targets, but sparing bystanders. Good quality video, great POV killings.

Who knows, maybe one of these days there will be a similar video of a brave American offing terrorists who are executing random citizens and get away with it:

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    1. that 16 million was spent long before yesterday, I say use it!
      would have liked to seen the footage of the plane releasing it, seems rather surreal. far more bad ass than a launching.

      1. doubt we will ever know how many were killed, not killed. what true target was or wasn’t. only thing clear is whatever it was they wanted it gone or yes they could have slid in there with some bullets

    2. One MOAB costs about $170,000, an Air Force representative said Friday. The Air Force has not confirmed the development costs associated with the weapon system…. This is a reference from an article in Business Insider..

    1. Slow-mo shotgun head-taps, det-cord synchronized beheadings (ok, the last guys was a partial – fat fucking neck), immolation of Jordanian pilot, ‘rats in a cage’ style drowning, 18mo. old doing a headshot with a pea shooter…wtf’s your measure of ‘cool?’

  1. Gotta love the surprise factor. Sneak up behind the guy and shoot him in the head just as he’s turning around. Then the delayed reaction and the slow falling over after being hit…just brilliant.

  2. Must really suck to be kneeling down with a guy standing behind you holding your hair with one hand and waving a 13 inch blade with the other, knowing that in the next few minutes he will be slicing your head off.
    Makes you wonder what the last thoughts going through your mind would be. Probably wondering how painful it will be and how long it will be before it’s all over.

  3. Ok I’m bored with ISIS. They need to do a bit more torture and find some new killing methods if they want to maintain my interest and I’m sure the interest of their media viewers in the ME. They’re just not shocking enough anymore. Let’s have some skinning alive, tooth extraction, limb amputation, acid baths, flamethrowers, needles pushed in eyes, more bayonet murders, slow cooking of live men in a big cauldron… How about a beheading using a gruesome machine that slowly twists the head round till it snaps? What about taking some ideas from horror movies and playing more torture games like the victim isn’t allowed to move a certain part of their body or a sensor picks it up and a head vice slams shut and spikes into their face? How about victims are lined up facing each other and are forced to watch the person opposite die first, but neither person knows who is going to be first as it is randomly selected? Maybe victims could be fed to a pack of dogs? forced to eat their own barbecued flesh? forced to watch their own slow death in a bunch of mirrors? Someone could be tied to a very slow conveyor belt taking them towards a circular saw (cliched I know, but at least it’d be something different)…

          1. the richard kuklinski rat videos would have been crazy viewing. apparently roy de meo felt sick watching them and even kuklinski himself felt ‘uneasy’ and ‘uncomfortable’ watching his own work.

  4. I’ve only had the pleasure of shooting an assault rifle with a silencer once, but it was definitely a memorable experience!, all you could really hear was the sound of the metal slide slamming back and ejecting the spent casing, almost orgasmic, lol

  5. Does anybody remember when Isis was still small and making a name for themselves, these where the only videos they did. Storming check points with silenced assault rifles ect. I wish they did more videos like this

    1. The murdering is the easy part. It’s the being identified, charged and convicted that’s hard…not to mention getting butt fucked for 25 to life by a seven foot tall gorilla with a herpes infected cock the width of a beer bottle (the wide part).

      1. Oh and incase you’ve never been to prison…you should see the way the gorillas eyes light up when a new white boy walks in. It’s the same look children get on Christmas morning right before opening their presents.

  6. I wish there was some sort of translation. I’m always curious who these people are that they’re killing, I mean they have a video game style scene where they list some sort of information so they must’ve spent some time looking for and researching these dudes

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