ISIS Video Shows Children Killed and Wounded by Peshmerga Bombing, Kurd Beheaded in Response

ISIS Video Shows Children Killed and Wounded by Peshmerga Bombing, Kurd Beheaded in Response

Since their overtake of Mosul, the Islamic State has been in control of Iraq’s second largest city and has run it the way it wanted to. Recently, the city was bombed by the Kurdish Peshmerga forces. This video shows the aftermath of damage the bombing caused, both in terms of material damage to properties, but also by killing and wounding residents, including children. At the end of the video, ISIS behead a captured Peshmerga in response to the bombing.

One notable thing about the video is that the overhanging gut guy who beheads the Peshmerga soldier speaks with a Kurdish accent from the city of Duhok. What this means is that even though most Kurds fight ISIS (being the obedient pawns of Israel that they are), there are many Kurds who are not only in favor of what ISIS stands for, but are part of it and act on its behalf.

And of course, as has been the tradition of late, the act of beheading is censored out James Foley style, even though the video does not spare the viewer of enough gory detail to be disturbing to the uninitiated.

Peshmerga did announce on January 23, 2015 that they targeted the city of Mosul and surrounding villages with artillery fire. They were clearly aware and deliberate with their intentional shelling of the city populated with civilians in the middle of the day without precision weaponry. How very Jewish of them.

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  1. i was very interested in Peshmerga at first. I even did a few articles on them. However, never one to takes things only as presented, i learned for myself and the more i saw, the less i liked. and wow, they just blatantly taking a page from their sponsor.

    what i’m trying to say is, the jew is indeed strong with this one.

    1. and this is what i fucking said from the begining of the media ass licking on the FUCKING UNIBROW kurds no ONE IS THE GOOD SIDE ok !! but ‘murica plays with the logic of . if your terrorist are fighting what i consider terrorist then you’re a worldwide hero congrats πŸ˜€

  2. Its worth noting in this video the proof that Sideshow Bob is working with ISIS… πŸ˜†

    Ahhh the jew puppets VS jew puppets… The jews must be worried that they have too many mercenary “recruits” sucking from their money… So they “dispose” of them accordingly, taking a few children sacrifices just for the joke of it. πŸ˜†

  3. Once in a while I happen to think…..
    What if it had been a ” Muslim” holocaust….???
    I, then ostensibly…..understand that the shower “trick”
    Wouldn’t have worked with such little cave fuckers…

  4. These assfucks will be exterminated soon. They’re fucking religious bullshit is sickening. Imagine a world without religion but a few good philosophies. would be so much better. fuck the islamic followers. And dont say im being retarded… all muslims are retarded, and stupid. their religion is decieving and bad.

      1. Such is the horrible truth that when combatants become scarce targets its the civilians that pay the cost. Always sad to see children brutalized that way. And if they happen to survive they end up repeating the viscous cycle , blood for blood.

      2. Now you’re just stupid. I dont have to believe in any god to know whats right and wrong. Religion is just a problem maker, mainly because most of them are sick, and people like this take it litterally. Mass murdering people would be an evil act to do, which would not benefit anyone(but a sick mind). These people kill other people when they find a page that allows it( or they just allow themselves), so who is the real fool? The religious psycho who gets permission to kill in his book, or the non believer who makes up his own mind on things based on experience and science?

  5. In the Middle East the population is s lion when dominant and sheep when dominated. Either you cast off the group with their boot on your neck and get it, or live under that boot and get it when the others show up.

  6. Here is the good news….. After a 3 month battle the Kurds have decisively kicked ISIS ass. The Sand Pigs are on the run and every step of the way, planes are strafing and bombing the hell out of them.

    The Kurds are no princes, but they mind their own business and leave others alone. Live and Let Live… Except when you fvck with them… Bad assed fighters who have defended themselves for millenia..

  7. why? Why even in their God alla do they find it justified to kill the innocent children? FAWK they are nuts… Give coodos to our law enforcement and our respect to it. Religion aside… I personally respect all religions colour and creed. But you must not kill the babies. WTF No wonder I go through a strong regiment when I cross the boarder into the US of A from Canada.
    Teresa. (HUGS)

  8. ” Here I have a captured soldier and I’ll be snackbar damned if I don’t lop his bonce off. However, as I am a very thoughtful person, my editor will fade out the worst part so as not to upset any viewers.

      1. I second that. Of course children die when you hold up and fight in a school or playground. They want children deaths to make them look good. Honestly those who don’t think like bad guys can’t beat bad guys.

  9. Really? Now the Kurds are on the side of Israel and are fighting ISIS who are also Israel lackeys? I miss Mark’s post. Didn’t necessarily agree with them but at least it was consistent. Nowadays a fucking meteor falls from the sky and it’s Israel’s fault on BG.

  10. What is so stupid wrong with these people? They are cowards when they wear the balaclava to hide themselves and want to be proud of it. FAWK! Man up! Flipping cowards, ya, I said it… stop hiding behind a fallacy. If you’re going to commit genocide and try to make a point, we’ll probably take you more seriously for your cause if you didn’t hide behind a mask… you know that what you are doing is wrong. Take the mask off!

  11. The A.I.S., the A.C.E. and pro-American Kurdistan will be punished for more than 100,000 Islamists they murdered. The Liberation Of Mosul isn’t a democratic march to victory but a chaotic invasion against peace that’ll lead Iraq to dissolution that’ll start WWIII.

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