ISIS Video from Wilayat al-Furat Featuring Executions and Beheadings

ISIS Video from Wilayat al-Furat Featuring Executions and Beheadings

Newly released ISIS video comes from Wilāyat al-Furāt, which is in the area of Deir ez-Zor in Syria, and features multiple executions and beheadings.

The 13 minutes long video is full of Islamic propaganda, talking in foreign tongues, and in between those there are interviews with detainees who are then shown either being shot in the head, or decapitated.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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100 thoughts on “ISIS Video from Wilayat al-Furat Featuring Executions and Beheadings”

    1. This week….the Saudi Shari Law government is planning to behead about 9 men who opposed their government….these new big friends of Herr Trump love this kind of action. I bet Trump would not mind Hillary Clinton be subject to Shari law too. I suggest all of you watch the movie Hacksaw Ridge….you will see that the Japanese were just like ISIS and at the end when the battle was lost…one General takes a sword and cuts off the head of another Japanese officer.

      1. @thedre thank you for your reply, I’v been using best gore for 3 years, but I’m not a regular user. I barely watch ISIs behadings I did watch some videos in past long ago I always had a question if the whole video was real, I did know that most of the contents are real but cuz of some theatrical effects I was confused if it was edited on some point somewhere in some clips ..was curious to know so I asked! and you can call me by sister πŸ™‚ I m not brother lol

      1. @yolkypalky You must me fairly new on here bud, because 99% of the time, Mark does say, and post the time of when the action will start anytime that it is a long video, when there is one Gory part. But, in this case there were about 4 different ones, so telling you the time, and where to skip to 4 times would be very time consuming, and a pain in the ass for him, no? πŸ˜‰

    2. M8 what kind of drugs are you on to think that shit ain’t real, that’s as real as you’re gonna get boy. What about the poor dead children do you think that ain’t real. OMG.

      1. Dude must be high on sniffing gruesome MALE SCAT, thinking this stuff is not real.

        Let’S cross fingers that he travel to Syria and getting caught by these sons of scat and behead the dude. Then, lets see if he still it’s fake!

        HARHARHAR (big pirates laughter)

      2. @dtswoghater A.K.A. Oberleutant I agree with you 100% as every beheading has different blood flow depending on where they cut first. For example when they cut deeply on one side, hit the artery, and lift the head to let it spray out, not much spray is left once they finish cutting the head-off. I have seen some fake ones before on other Mickey-Mouse/K-Tel Sites,
        And let me tell you bro. that you can tell right away, after viewing thousands of real ones on here for almost Ten Years. This is as real as it gets! πŸ™‚

        1. So when you saw those dead children, you rubbed your nipples. You are truly sick.
          And the ones being executed are brave for just taking it the way they do. I wonder where it will tickle you when the blade touches you’re neck. Dumb bitch.

          1. Kevin I agree! we need to formulate solid plan of non dumb resolution. long live our super secret gore side! yesssss

          2. Wait… Why would this site be going down? Mark is still posting regularly and I don’t recall any urgent matters relating to a possible shutdown.

    1. Not fake.!!! 100% REAL.. I feel They make it look like a movie and not too over the top to recruit idiots from around the globe. Def real stuff. The videos have slowed down lately. They are being exterminated slowly.

  1. They put a lot of love and passion into the filming of their beheadings and excecutions in general. You can see that they are totally into it. The music, the multi-camera shots, the slo-mo’s, all the different camera angles. Great work. Total pros.

  2. It appears, the CGI after effects really help their production value, but here in the states… we’re all pretty much blood enthusiasts and I can tell when I see some fake blood. These guys, man. I mean who the hell would have such a brutal execution right there in the middle of the street where people are working. Usually they go with clean executions, not so much on making a huge mess right in the middle of someones commerce center. Last, these guys look like they have absolutely no fear of dying at all. You could probably dangle a bagel in front of every single one of them and they’d go for it in a panic. There ain’t nothing going through their heads, they might as well be bumming around (which is what they’re doing anyways).

  3. I can’t watch these anymore. Its 5 minutes of them flapping their dicktraps, then 2 seconds of beheadings, edited for prime time news.

    Fuck Isis. And Robert Tilton too. (I woke up with the intro to Farting Preacher 2….fart harder” in my head this morning)

  4. They’re basically always doing the same shit, a theatrically “In the name of allah and mohammed (saw)” followed by remarks about Kuffars and Muhajedin.

    Other muslims saying their name, what military grade they have and what army they fought for before getting beheaded.

    Images of Syrian civilians getting fucked by the Assad/American/Russian forces, just so they can justify what they’re doing.

    It’s like a broken record, basically you already know what’s coming, they always stand in the same formation when beheading, talking about the same shit as usual, showing the same images.

    They really need to spice their shit up, in the beginning they were being creative with all the effects and shit but I think the editors lost their sense of direction. Yawn.

  5. Hell I have better C.G.I. then this ISIL BULLSHIT… Need to speak English any way for me to understand what bullshit they are saying. Yup drop a Alka-Seltzer in your mouth and wal-laa rabid human foaming at the mouth!!! Take that ISIL!!!!

  6. At around 12:25 if you look closely you can see the severed head move on its own, which makes me wonder if that was just a muscle spasm or if the brain was still alive for a few seconds after the beheading?

    There are stories about people blinking and even making faces of disgust after being decapitated before total brain death, kinda creepy but very fascinating if you ask me.

    1. I saw that too! It’s still unknown really how long a person remains conscious after being decapitated but this makes me wonder. It’s like you could see the life drain from his mind. I hate ISIS, but their execution videos are always fascinating.

  7. I like how these cunts take some hero badass stance after killing a handcuffed, shackled and probably drugged man. I would like to see a straight up beheading where the accused can fight back. How the tables would turn then.

  8. Damn! Say what you want about ISIS, but their gore, death, and propaganda videos are top notch. Even if the camera work is sometimes amateurish, the kills aren’t that graphic or the gibberish is worse than usual. It’s the total package that makes these so interesting too watch. Brutal HD death to a soundtrack. If I were religious and muslim(thank fuck I’m neither) after watching this shit and others I’d wanna join. Switch out the religion, idealogy, and music with your own extremism( whatever it may be each to his own) and tell me you wouldn’t be saying this shit is cool. Provided your more of an active person with rolled up sleeves and bloody gloves over the simple spectator who only likes to get hit with blood mist.

  9. My biggest takeaway from this is that I’m so amazed at how advanced these folks are now. Hell, it wasn’t so long ago I couldn’t write that. The most notable sign is that their fire, smoke and blood are almost the same colour as those things are in the normal, non-shithole world. Such an amazing universe we live in.

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