Islamic Extremist Poses for Photo with Five Severed Heads

Islamic Extremist Poses for Photo with Five Severed Heads

Whether it’s Islamic jihadists, Western soldiers, Mexican drug cartels or just random serial killers, I find posing for trophy photos with slain victims sickening.

Jihadist who posed with these five severed heads (and presumably carried the beheading out with the bloodied knife he’s holding) is a Dutch man named Khalid K. aka Abudurahman. Born in Iraq, Khalid immigrated to the Netherlands and lived in Almere for ten years. He was on full disability having been diagnosed with claustrophobia and schizophrenia.

Then as the powers that be started to recruit Islamists with extremist views to fight their proxy was in Syria, Khalid geared up for a headhunting holiday in the Middle East. He was first recognized as Khalid K. in October 2012, after Dutch media published a propaganda photo taken by an AFP press photographer which showed the jihadist sitting next to a corpse while shooting a Kalashnikov and reading Qur’an.

In the summer of 2011, Khalid was detained for 2 weeks on suspicion of involvement in terrorism, but was released for lack of evidence. Given latest evidence that he’s engaging in the acts of terrorism, the Dutch authorities withdrew his residency permit and the EU banned him from entering the union. According to the Dutch Public Ministry (Openbare Ministerie), Khaled K. is still suspect in the case for which he was previously arrested.

In 2012, Khalid was an active member of Jabhat al-Nusra, which is allied to Al-Qaeda. But according to the text that accompanied the release of the photo with five severed heads, he switched to the Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam (ISIS). The five heads are believed to have belonged to Al-Nusra fighters. Those groups have been fighting each other since at least the beginning of 2014. ISIS have become even more extreme than Al-Nusra.

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    1. At last the exhibit true face of “Islam”.
      I make sure not ever to have to do with any member of this religion.
      Of course they all claim otherwise, but the fact that not all terrorists are Muslims, but that most terrorists are (!!) Muslims, cannot be anymore denied by them.

    1. i agree 100%…….these disgusting excuses for humans infest their host country and nurse their vile and perverse doctrine while we let them in,and we the populace must embrace them,pamper to them and be indulgent to their ways…….they do not adapt or intergrate but spread like a fungus that smothers anything good or laudible,,,,all the time hating us as we are “infidels”….even lower than a dog we are to them!!!…they prey on an understanding and indulgent race who is full of understanding and empathy for them…..thus we are sealing our demise by accepting them.

      1. Good god! You nailed it. No truer words spoken. I don’t know why the fuck we fuckin care outside the oil. I got a 350+ hp z28 and I love it but would gladly burn it to the ground if we and everybody else would get the fuck out. Let them eat what they got. NOTING! Eat dirt you fuckin rag headed, goat fuckin, camel piss drinking , child rapest, you are all going to wind up eating SPAM with the devil and your profit, the pig fucker. Don’t like it? Come see me.

    1. agree with you on that point @DeadZodiac. referring to his presence there as an immigrant should have sufficed. i can’t tell you how often it disappoints me to hear a us american, canadian or natural born citizen of any european country is referred to in the news as having committed some beastly act of violence, murder, rape or otherwise involved themselves in peddling child prostitution – then only after reading into it does one realise it was some foreign bastard who took advantage of the generosity and freedoms that still exist in those countries and one wouldn’t even know that detail if they hadn’t bothered to read past the headlines

        1. Also agree, little give aways like when the judge goes to sentence someone for a serious crime says, ‘clearly you’ve already suffered because of the shame you brought to your community , so I will not send you to jail’. Absoloutly means it’s a muslim even if they’ve commited the same crime before. Shame my arse, who else escapes a prison sentence just because they’ve ‘bought shame on thier community’.

      1. seems this @BigDickjoe373 is desiring the attention of the exalted Aladeen. prepare for the fudge budging of your life – after which you will not be fit to jockey a camel again. you will instead leave his palace draped over the camel like a blanket unless his excellency sees you as fit to serve his camel as well, in which case you will be suspended underneath like a hammock. Aladeen rules!

  1. I think these guys are so fucking lost in translation that instead of just beheading non-believers like their unholy book tells them to they’re just stuck on the beheading part.
    He switched sides just to behead a couple of his former buddies. They had probably all shared goats and dead children to rape in the past but Allah would not forgive the one time they all butt-fucked eachother… Khalid had to cut loose ends!

  2. I think he’s pissed and saying one is missing, there’s clearly a stain to the right side of that 1st head that seems to be the empty spot.
    Akbar want his head back…. NOW!

  3. One piece of shit Sunni savage barbarian killing other piece of shit Sunni savage barbarians….this is great!!

    I wish all SSB’s would fight amongst each other and leave the Christians and Shiites alone.

    Al Nusra, ISIL, ISIS, FSA…..they should all just meet up and have a good old behead-off.

  4. I hope obama would sponsor these guys a couple of active nuclear warheads. They would probably blow themselves up like we saw in the other vid. This religion of peace indeed…tsk tsk tsk

  5. “It’s one for the money, two for the show, 3 to get ready now go cat go. But don’t you step on my blue suede shoes..” Khalid was an Elvis fan from way back. He even has a velvet elvis big head doll on the dash of his tractor.

  6. ” Whether it?s ( … ) or just random serial killers, I find posing for trophy photos with slain victims sickening.”

    So do I, especially the serial killers called “recreational hunters” . Posing with dead animals killed for fun is most sickening of all imo.

  7. Fish Head, Fish Heads, rolley polley Dune Coon heads. Too bad these fucks can’t cut all of their heads off. Even their on heads. I truly enjoy looking at any picture of Dune Coon’s heads cut off. Keep up the great work Akmed.

  8. I’m trying to build a good life for myself so that i can have a decent future and this guy is cutting peoples heads off with a buck knife. Someone should drill a nuke, wall it off from the rest of humanity and detonate that chum bucket?

  9. “I’m only going to tell you one time Rockship Pony, if you bring any more of these guys over to the house again, I’m going to send you to you room with their heads and lock you in there and be grounded for a whole week.”

    “Aawww Daaaad. I never get to have any boyfriends.”

  10. Does he get alot of fun doing that stuff ? Arabic is fuking brutal and savage .they just kill people like killing cockroaches uithout fear even they can reveal their face in the picture because their humanity is filled up with full of shit

  11. @@@ Lol, believe me or not, he is a family of mine.
    I swear, i know this guy and I cannot believe my eyes.

    Admin please, this guy left the Netherland a few years ago and he went fully into islam.

    Where’d you get all those informations?
    This is gonna be a new thing for us in our family.
    I hope you’ll contact me!

  12. just another towel head piece of shit bragging to the world how fucked he and his religion truly is.
    The sad thing is that in 100 – 200 years these fucks are going to be in control of the world. They don’t need war or to blow us up they simply infiltrate countries, breed like rabbits while continually eroding the way of life of the peoples of the host country until eventually there is enough of the fuckers to put there own people in parliament and use our own democratic beliefs to tear down everything we have built then piss on our corpses. For all those muslims out there who just wanna live normal life and be part of todays society I apologize for my view as there is scum in every race and religion, it just seems a lot of yours have failed to evolve past the barbaric practices of the middle ages .

  13. I think he’s trying out for the Xylophone position in his local islamic extremist band.

    If you think this is sick and twisted, you should take a look at the other instruments in the band.

    This is Death Metal at it’s finest!!!

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