Islamic Beheadings Compilation Video

Islamic Beheadings Compilation Video

This is an all in one glimpse at practitioners of the Religion of Peace doing what they do best – beheading those who don’t follow the same religion. A few executions by gunshot to the head are blended with the mix, but most of it are typical Islamic beheadings. Traditionally, there’s a lot of Allahu Akbar in the compilation cause there’s no better way to celebrate the greatness of your God than by beheading people. Snackbar!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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80 thoughts on “Islamic Beheadings Compilation Video”

    1. @Brokeback
      i totally agree with you … a few months ago i couldn’t watch beheading’s with out flinching .. but now i’m like fuck yeah this compilation was like something i had only ever thought of as a faint possible dream πŸ˜› but it happened, so CHEERING!!!!!

    1. I’m with you all the way on that! I don’t understand why the world don’t put there difference aside, team up and go nuke all these fucks. While we’re at it, gather all religious brainwashed morons and give them each a good back hand and hopefully wake them the fuck up. It’s very interesting to me how people believe there is a god after seeing what they see on bestgore. If your god exist, he has one sick sense of humour and is extremely heartless!

      1. I totally agree with your statements. Just don’t get about the people crying about their god, brainwashed as hell they are. They do lots of nasty things in name of their god. I think religion is one of the worst cancers the humans have. If there is a god, he is a cold hearted bitch!

        1. well i can only assume that the way Mohammad livid his life around the other rich fools that had slaves and being an orphan is the reason why he needs an imaginary friend that will fulfill his dreams about paradise and the forever lasting virgins and loving followers that are ready to die for him etc. you can’t really convince a guy to like his small penis which he doesn’t too bad that he realized that every person had his own way of thinking but never thought to fuck off and leave them to be judged by the god he claims .

  1. LOve the raspberry he blew shame he couldent stick 2 fingers up to the sick bastards whilst he was at it , takes a fucked up guy to hack another persons head off regardless of the crime or religion he follows , at least they cut the throat first i seen videos here where there cutting the back of some fuckers neck up then get to to the juggular 30 seconds or so later EVIL FUCKERS

  2. I think beheading with a knife is so grotesque and barbaric… it really lacks elegance. To the muslims: If you want to behead smeone, at least do so using a sword or a long blade, because doing it in one motion and with a clean cut is far better.

    1. A petition signed by all the members of Best Gore was sent to the Muslims suggesting that they use swords or a long blade in their beheadings 10 years ago……..
      Their response was “No ,steak knives are better”.

    2. Yeah that’s why I laugh whenever I hear they do it in the name of religion. It’s what there god wants them to do. If that’s the case, why do it so barbarically. They do it with such enjoyment . I don’t know how you can follow a god who demands you to behead someone. I don’t know how any body believe in any imaginary god at all! I’ll run my own life thank you, instead of leaning on an imaginary person to give me extra back one strength.

  3. Out of everything we have on BG, I find beheadings the most difficult to watch. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the very first thing I saw on BG was a beheading. That Allah Akbar shit was driving me nuts, gotta remember to click on mute next time.

    1. dude, for god sake increase your IQ by typing word Allah in translator and see what you get, why some people think its oke to say bad thing about God just cause its not in your language ? shhh you and me are sick people watching this, but we are not stupid right ? proove it go translate that word and see if you can feel my drift

  4. You cannot help but wonder what that music is before the start of some of the be headings maybe the snackbar hit at that particular time. You would also think that someone over there would publish some sort of beheading good practice book as they all have there own preferred method.

    1 the cut and then chop

    2 carving right through

    3 cut and twist

    4 the point method (not widely used using the point of the knife to cut the spinal cord )

    The best we have seen was the carving right through method with separation in seconds must have been a very sharp knife. Perhaps we could give our thoughts as to the method we would use. πŸ™‚ Allah snackbar

    1. While I hate Islam, it’s important to make a distinction of what you hate. If not, you’ll become just like the barbarians you hate.

      Islamist extremists, Mujahedin or Wahabis are the lowest form of life on. They don’t resemble other living things with life driven goals. But much like a virus. Keen on only destruction. Extermination is the only solution.

    2. You cant hate an entire religion because of the extremists. We cant hate all Christians if one bombed a hospital or shot down elementary school kids..There are bad people out there..period. If the extremists and jihadists arent following their religion they are wrong for that.

      1. Thank you! I am a Christian (albeit a liberal one), and it truly pisses me off when people talk shit about my God because fucked up people do fucked up things. We aren’t puppets. We have free will. I do, you do, and the snackbar folks do. So stop pointing an accusing finger at a diety that you don’t even believe in, and just hate the fuckers who are doing the beheading, okay?

  5. Why the civilized world hasn’t teamed up to just perform an extermination of this part of the world with a massive coordinated nuclear strike is still beyond me. These sandbox ‘nations’ (I use the term VERY loosely) have proven they want no part of the civilized world, and spew their hate at the very nations that welcome them. What do they produce, anyway? Oil? Big deal. We can send people in after a nuclear strike to get the oil out.

    1. These scumbags are barbaric cause they cut heads, but you are civilized hence you burn them with nukes, I wonder the amount of people who would gladly behead if they have the right circumstances, I believe many, I met a Liberian guy whom practised cannibalism many times during the war in his country, he was a very gentle waiter in a good restaurant in London.

  6. What a sick twisted fuck Islam is. Clerics (?religious? leaders) who proudly condone murder and terrorism. Seriously- Islam needs to be nuked. And their goat-fucking misogynist male population sterilized.

  7. Sandniggers being sandniggers. What else is new?

    Islam is a disgusting religion. I wish I could rip all of their mothers assholes out and smear the shit from deep inside the colon into their throats.

  8. T’sup All. I’m basically new here and now I have to see some bloodshed before I can go to sleep, I don’t feel right without it now. Just wondering if that’s normal or am I turning into Hannibal?

  9. Their knives could use an extra strokes on the sharpening stone and a couple stropes on the leather before showtime. Besides I didn’t see anyone sterilize that blade after the first head got chopped off

  10. Dude. I’m a moslem, but blaming Islam for this is just wrong. Some crazy people slaying others while yelling “Allah Akbar” doesn’t mean that Islam order ’em to do that.
    They THINK that they were ordered to do that, but in fact they were not.

    When people doing a killing for “something”, doesn’t mean that “something” has anything to do with their action. Many people kill for food, do we blame food for that? Many people kill for women, are women to blame for that? Many people kill for their football team, for money, for beer, and a lot of other things. Do we blame those things for their actions?

    So, I beg please. whenever you post anything like this, don’t say “Islamic”. Just say extremist moslem or something like that.

  11. Just out of curiosity, why do these savages even practice beheading and stoning? I mean, why not just hang or drown or just shoot these poor folk? Granted they obviously do two of those too, but what significance is there in beheading and stoning? Is stoning all that, “Seven stones to keep the devil at bay” nonsense?

    Still, typical savages. Not representing every Muslim in the world, but still, the Religion of peace back at its backward, violent and bloodthirsty ways with its brainwashed savage followers. The sooner that cancerous Religion is torn from society and humanity as a whole the better we’ll be for it. It’ll be a good day when humanity expunges Islam from itself, hopefully a few of these fuckers get a taste of their own beheading nonsense before that arrives, though.

  12. These people shouldn’t even be called muslims bc they aren’t following their religion. None of the major religions of the world be it Christianity, Islam or Judaism allow this type of horrendous acts. These people are a shame on the name of religion.

  13. Do not get me wrong, I know it looks colorful, because you are not used to it, but we have to do it until we finish all infidels is all in the world. It is all in the name of Moohamad and Aalahhh u agba! That is why we go straight to heaven. Alahhh will reward us for our holy actions to liberate mankind from infidels.
    Please convert to our holy religion. This way you too help us to eradicate the infidels. We then will all enjoy Sheria laws and use only machetes to correct,each other holy trespasses.

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