Islamic State Displays Corpses of Slain and Beheaded Syrian Soldiers After Overtake of Division 17

Islamic State Displays Corpses of Slain and Beheaded Syrian Soldiers After Overtake of Division 17

Division 17 was the only unit of the Syrian Arab Army holding onto the city of ar-Raqqa. Ar-Raqqa is otherwise mostly under control of the Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS) who use it as their main bastion in Syria. Outside of Division 17, the Syrian army does not have any other significant military units in the area so if Division 17 falls into the hands of the Islamic State, ar-Raqqa region would be theirs.

For the longest time the Islamic State had Division 17 encircled and over the last few days, launched a massive offensive to overtake it. By the looks of it, they’ve succeeded. Loss of Division 17 is not significant as far as the overall war in Syria is concerned, but it puts Deir-Ezzor into a precarious position. Deir-Ezzor is still under Syrian control, but is also isolated and encircled by the Islamic State.

Video below was released by the Islamic State’s Raqqa Media Center and shows corpses of slain men left on display on a sidewalk in Raqqa. The Islamic State claims these were the Syrian soldiers their mujaheddin killed during the overtake of Base 17. Some of the corpses are decapitated, and toward the end there appear to be a few crucified on the fence.

If you’ve paid attention to the mainstream media, or popped in discussion forums overrun by the Israeli shills, you would have likely come across claims that ISIS was a proxy of Bashar al-Assad. This is your typical Hasbara manipulation technique which aims to establish a fraudulent claim in order to divert the public’s attention by entangling the readers in the argument over the truthfulness or falsity of the claim, thus preventing the discussion of what really is happening. In this case, the goal was to prevent the public from realizing that ISIS is a Zionist proxy militia, so the Zionists shills were deployed to get the public entangled in the argument over ISIS being a Syrian proxy militia.

It only takes as little as realizing that ISIS (and before them Al Qaeda), despite owning shit loads of military equipment and billions of dollars, have never made any move against Israel. Ever. But one can also listen to the insiders who’ve been there and done that to know who really created, trained and funded the extremists. Training, of course, was provided on behalf of the Zionists by their proxy mercenaries to whom the dumb ones bow and say “thank you for your service“.

Different video of the same macabre scene. Notice severed heads impaled on the spokes of the fence:

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      1. My thought is when pulling up there shirts is to show is this ….the carnage is at hand. “Look what they did !lalalalook!!!!”to add to there inhumanity ,heads cut off ,not enough?
        Lets show more injuries. These people know what happened its not dumbfounded they have no empathy its propaganda. Its easy for them to show thier ignorant ways and not even realizing it ,a buncha fucking ,Fucks kill them all id say.

    1. I think the better question here is, why the fuck were those citizens just walking around, looking so calm and taking pictures like it was just a regular showcase at the local museum.. Like, yeah, this’ll be a nice new facebook profile picture.

          1. Don’t worry @gothgirl it’s not easy to be a girl here I was wondering why you haven’t been attacked you’re cool πŸ˜‰

  1. Zionists, and their New World Order Agenda, has never been more evident, because of all the Wars going on right now! The old Divide And Conquer strategy in full bloom for all the worlds population to witness! Wake-Up People,,,WAKE-UP, while you still can.

          1. Another trailer trash that believes wrestling is real. Put the bottle down and your aluminum foil hat back on. We’re watching you.

      1. @cia agent… The fuck you got that name for hu? You worthless child molester!!! C.i.a is responsible for the crack epidemic and has a huge hand in human trafficking and training/funding terrorism… So dont come here talking your zog bullshit or something gonna happen to your wife and kids! I can promise u that bitch

          1. At least Cia guy got a point: it is never wise
            to threaten someone……
            especially under the
            False impression of
            anonymity. …..

      1. Oops, meant to post it here. Mexicans wear ponchos and muslims wear ugly dresses. Mexicans got black tar heroin. Muslims got brown heroin. Both start with M. Why can?t muslims afford pretty dresses?

  2. Every Arab should lower their heads in shame for allowing themselves to be divided to weaken and destabilize the whole region for the security of Israel….it makes me sick watching the massacre in gaza but atleast now the freedom fighters have killed 42 occupying soldiers….israels new president is another butcher Sharon that doesn’t want a two state solution….we all know where this will eventually lead when history will yet again repeats itself with Israel being the Jews next holocaust….

  3. Create infighting if you wish to weaken your enemy. Destabilise regions by arming and backing one side against another and alternating which side to back so as to make sure that one side does not gain overall dominance and become a threat.

    The above is a very successful strategy that has been used many times throughout history and is still being used today and the beauty of it is that the strategist’s own military assets suffer no damage whilst their opponents eventually lose due to attrition.

    It is very simple to get the people back home supporting this game because they will believe anything they are told by the newspapers, the media and the government. They fall for it every time, just tell them that one side is the freedom fighters and the other side is the terrorists and they will never question further.

    Social/political and financial classes and mass uncontrolled immigration is often used in much the same way against those back home. The people fight amongst each other when they should be fighting those who create the problems to begin with, their own governments.

    The downtrodden, ordinary citizens have the least amount of power in society due to their individual lack of wealth and influence but when coordinated in action via power of numbers they actually have the most power and influence. Those in power understand this fact and so they make sure that the ordinary citizens never become coordinated in action and they do this by, you guessed it, creating infighting and backing one side against another and alternating which side to support every now and then.

    My conclusion, what we see happening to the Arabs should not surprise anyone since most of us are subject to the exact same game. The only difference being that in the Middle East they are arming these chosen sides with weapons whereas in first world countries they are arming these chosen sides with the power of law.

    1. same thing is happening in Greece at this time. while the government (backed up by zionists) plunder and steal what is left of the country, they create a fake problem anarchist-leftists againsts nationalists. of course the nationalists reveal all the governent is doing to destroy the country while the anarchists create instability and hate anything greek related.

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  5. “What do you want to do today?”
    “I hear there’s a bunch of new bodies on the sidewalk in Raqqa, lets go check it out.”
    No doubt some citizens were looking for relatives or friends among the dead. Others, like the guy at the end of the clip, posing between the two crucified men, were probably not.

  6. Seriously, if anyone still believes that the mercenaries are under the control of Assad, they really can’t have been paying any real attention to the situation as it has unfolded.
    Those sick shills who believe they are carrying out their dirty work for the honour of Israel, need to realise that creating lies carries no honour whatsoever, but I suppose the bottom line to them is $$$$$ , as it is with all of those unspeakables.

  7. The thing I noticed, is that all the corpses are all real dirty, and I didn’t see a single uniform. I mean unusually dirty even for Syria.

    At first I thought Isis and the rebels in Syria were homies, cuz zog is funding both, but then I heard that wasn’t the case. Can anyone inform me if they are allies or not? ISIS and FSA.

        1. It’s a man’s world in the Fourteenth Century; you wouldn’t want your wife or daughters out getting ideas.

          Keep the women subjugated and the men can wander around Captain Spaulding’s Museum of Monsters and Mad-Men.

          Don’t forget to take home some of his tasty fried chicken! It just tastes so damn good!

          Seriously, what a bunch of retarded fucks; I’m straining my grey matter to think of one thing that came out of the Middle East that was created by the indigenous population other than offspring.

  8. ISIS killed the 17th division of the Syrian army… this is quite shocking even for me. These are approximately 10.000/15.000 soldiers that have been put to the sword. Only 75 Syrian soldiers were caught alive, and beheaded later.

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  11. I like the way people are just calmingly passing by on the second video instead on running arround in panic, like if they were walking in a fair or a museum, not paying too much attention and taking a few convinient pictures. All they need is a tour guide to make it perfect: “On your left side, you can see the vast display of heads that once belonged to real human beings.” πŸ˜†

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