Islamic State Executes Journalist James Foley

Islamic State Execute James Foley

Islamic State (IS) has recently warned the US that attacking their fighters with airstrikes will result in the US ‘drowning in (its) own blood’. We all know IS does not have even the remotest capability to wage war on the US, so the below video is about as literal as the IS threat will ever be.

It is very clear in watching this video that the IS militants are not your usual blood thirsty savages. The video released by IS is a very considered political and purposeful message to the West. Not only in what the victim, James Foley, says prior to his beheading, but by what we don’t see. The video is sanitised. It is ready for airplay by western media outlets on their hourly news bulletins. Only the scene showing James Foley’s head on his body would require pixelation before broadcast.

There is no scream of ‘Allah u Akbar’, there is no terrible music, there is no fountain of blood. What we have is a well considered, planned, filmed, edited and packaged product. The production is designed to demonstrate to you, the viewer, that IS forces are very much in control of their territory, their leadership are not mere goat herders, and they have the ability to be articulate in putting together a message for the world as to who they are, what they are capable of, and what they want. In their own Extremist way, they are attempting to demonstrate legitimacy. Not necessarily for your benefit, but for Muslims around the world.

As to the victim, James Foley. His statement before his death was probably written for him and spoken under duress of some form. James knew he was going to die, but it is quite likely he was threatened with some unpleasant things he thought were best to avoid. That or he agreed with the statements. Regardless, I pay tribute to James Foley as a freelance journalist who worked in some of the most dangerous places in the world with the mission to document history as it happened and provide insight to stories below the scratches mainstream media make.

It takes courage to do that job, and James Foley demonstrated he had what it took by dying like a man when his time came. How many of you could lay claim to being able to maintain such a stoic and upright posture in the face of what he knew he was about to endure. Kudos to you James Foley, Rest is Peace.

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    1. I?ve just watched it again this morning, he?s British born black, probably Jamaican roots. He must be one of those muslims that get converted in prison. He could be back in the UK in a day walking around the streets of London. OK that?s a scary development. We already had that black guy cut someone?s head off on a London street

      1. @wickedmama there’s actually an alarming number of niggers AND even white guys “converting” to Islam in jail here in canada. Most if them claim its for protection, pfffff.

        But one thing’s for sure; if the U.S & Canadian government doesn’t fuck off and quit screwing its own people “everywich way ’till sunday”, we are bound to see an awful lot more of this so called “converting”

          1. Oh they mean it!!! And im talking aboot junkies also (im not dissing users btw coz to be honest im quite the astronaut myself) but like, people who would normaly have no other interests. Its so weird…

          2. You are both right! But unfortunately, the worst is yet to come, unless we all stick together, and keep spreading the word, and save ourselves, and our Heritage.

          1. well turns out he is black and from London and goes by the name of “John” at least our government in Australia know of at least 60 muslims that have gone over to fight and have cancelled their visa and have also stopped their welfare payments, if they try to return the will be arrested.

          2. It’s a comMon, generi sounding accent amongst the ‘yoof’ of English people. Regardless of where they’re from these days. I was on holiday in Cornwall. Last year & even the kids down that way talk this way! Ya get me bruv?!! Man’s a fool innit, suck ya mother bloodclot!

          1. You can hear that he;s black, why do you think i left a comment saying that. Before I get accused of being racist again by whoever I’m just stating a fact.

          2. Get what you’re saying but I think we just need to be specific here. African blacks and American blacks sound different. Hate being “politically correct” but in this case it helps to differentiate. Actually I feel being “politically correct” is more racist than people let on.

      2. @wicked mama.

        If you believe a soldier was beheaded in woolwich on the 22nd of May 2013 then you are mistaken. Please read. ” The drummer man”

        If after reading it you are not totally convinced it was a hoax I will personally donate ?20 to the charity of your choice.

        I defy anyone to refute the evidence contained in that article.

          1. @wicked mama.

            Err, no….. But any registered one.

            It’s a long article and it changed the way I think about lots of things. If he was lying he’d have been sued, to date he has not.

          2. bobcat, there are indeed some strange anomolies. I looked at some of the video’s on you tube which i found more compelling. But to pull this off needed actors, including a bus of kids, how would you stop them all from talking?

        1. Hi Bobcat, I’ve read it, and if you cut out most of the waffle and boring filler, all he does is take a few loose, trivial leads and expands on them to make it seem like he has a case. He doesn’t. Just because you look at a couple of aerial photos of the crash, or read a few newspaper reports in the aftermath of the incident, does not make the conspiracy any more credible. I’d be happy to discuss each point in turn, but you probably have a life, so I’ll leave it there for now.

          My charity of choice is St Barnabas House Hospice, reg. No. 256789 Thank you Sir.

      3. FAKE FAKE FAKE watch it again look at his shoulders not one speck of blood if a person got slashed blood would be pouring out especially as his head was pulled back the jugular vein would of not left the blood neatly as he lay on his front I could of made a better fake

    2. The USA uses people like pawns. Chop all the heads you want your just ok the next order of bombs and missiles to be dropped and shot at you. If they recognize you as a terrorist group they will not neogociate at all with you. They will how ever pour resources into finding you and killing you and your group.
      Once you started putting head chopping on tv spelled your doom. No one in the USA understands why a person would do so. You must be evil so you must die.
      Your gonna have a tuff time head hunting when you have to walk every place in Iraq cuz they will detroy every truck car or camel you have.
      There is only one thing the USA is better at then stealing and that is Killing. You will all die in that desert some will never even see it coming but your gonna die out there.
      You have no idea what terror is. You haven’t seen there worst weapons yet. Idiots like this will give the military to ok with a increase In size . Down size then get bigger then be4.

    3. These scumbags go abroad and commit atrocities whilst hiding their identities behind a head bag,then they come back to our countries and afford the protection our armed forces give them,i say start the beheading of muslims all over europe

      1. Have the balls to sever a mans head? A defenseless journalist with no direct involvement with the war and unable to defend himself, and you hide behind a mask. Let’s take that knife and castrate these fuckers!

        1. these fuckers are created, funded and trained by the USA in order to get the sheeple to accept their wars of aggression. If they came out and said ‘We’re gonna bomb the fuck out of this country because they have oil,’ or ‘Because they wont accept extortionate loans from the IMF.’ We’d be like, ‘Fuck no!’

          This is why 9/11 happened, this is why they’ve created IS and trained them in Jordan by the hundreds, only then they were called the Syrian Rebels. This is why every day the TV is telling our people that the Muslims are coming to kill us. This is terrorism. Terrorising the sheeple so that they’d be shit scared, accepting fucked up laws that take away our rights, and allowing our governments to wage illegal wars. All because o an enemy that they themselves have created.

          I’d urge you not fall for their tricks. They want to get us, at the bottom of the pyramid, fighting amongst ourselves. That way they can get away with screwing us all over.

    4. We need to make a parking lot out of that entire region. Fucking Muslim cowards. I would like to face that black Muslim convert piece of shit one on one in a 16 by 16 ft room, door locked with a dull ice pick. See how tough he is then! Oh and fuck you Muslims!

      1. What the fuck? The WH released a statement saying In Detail of their obviously Failed rescue attempt of Foley… I think its a CYA. Why the fuck did this happen? Maybe Obama was too busy playing golf to sort the Fact these guys Are Nazi’s…. Terrorist s to the hightest and they Are Not Going to Stop. Seems goddamn clear to me they have Waged War in the US. WTF are we gonna do back? ???? Obamas response was too damn vague for me. “People like that will fail…” Fuck that and get some goddamn balls go get these Bitch Ass Mother Fucking Assholes!
        RIP James Foley and damn.. I wish his family didnt get to or hear of this video. No one should see their loved one die like this. Obama… Step The Fuck Up!

      2. 1. Obama acted without consulting others in that case and they condemned him for it.

        2. It was said they tried sending a rescue team.

        3. These days it doesn’t seem president has absolute power if people can pressure him into some decisions not even he wants to make. Blaming the wrong person.

        4. Don’t trust everything you read.

    5. Fucking muslim slime. Need to be eradicated like the cockroaches they are. Its a made up religion, like they all are, that people claim is peaceful. Just like the nazis, until they are wiped out, it wont stop

      1. No shit. One month they have a different name and edit the Qur’an, the next month they change their name and start killing each other for no reason. They drove down the road and just open fire on innocent Muslims, then next month we have another group, they change the Qur’an to meet their standards. They chase people down on foot with their stolen vehicles yelling” kill him, he is still alive” what the fuck is their real belief, since it keeps changing. Bunch of assholes hiding behind Jason masks.

    6. ether way it does not matter I would have chosen torture over betrayal of my country, he became a martyr for them not for us He became a Marder for them… not for us! now he is became a propagand war machine for them. ask yourself what kind of savage would cut off somebody’s head rather them shoot them in the head? he has become a traitor to our way of life the Western Way of life. if it was a real video my condolences go to his family if it was not a real video they have brainwashed him and converted him to Islam he knew the risks going in doing what he does just like any soldier that enlist to the services of the United States it is better that he dies then the thousands and they kill for the radical beliefs in the hope that our army will destroy this terrorist nation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!remember Islam radicasl or not it states in the Quran kill or convert.

      1. 1. If you have not experienced torture, you can not really say what you would and would not do. Astronomy vs Astronaut thinking. He wasn’t a trained soldier.

        2. Only 2 ways this video can be viewed? I can come up with much more than that. (I’ll save it for last so you don’t have to waste much time with a long post if you don’t want).

        3. Some people are forced to join US military whether they like it or not.

        4. Unless he’s taken up arms and raised a hand against his own country with all his heart, he’s no fucking traitor. Don’t disrespect his life.

        (Long post as promised)
        The video could be fake, or the video could be real. . You’re not going to find answers at the drop of a hat. There are many questions surrounding the subject. 1, The censorship of the video, if you followed stuff that actually happened in the ME they don’t censor their shit and don’t care if they got a bad knife or not, they will see it through. 2. The scripting, seen some videos of them giving speeches and they sound so retarded fumbling over their words and shit like they’re still in the middle of thinking what they’re going to say. 3. Camera quality, usually isn’t that good.

        Then you got the interview with the parents. Something about it seems very faked and rehearsed to a point.

        The censoring and banning/limiting the video from the net, suggests a cover up.

        Anyone can draw their own conclusions for this, but don’t blindly waltz into something you’ll regret later. We’ve got to make sure what we do is absolutely the right thing. We don’t want another situation like we’ve done with Iraq and anyone believing 9/11 was an “attack,” it was more a retaliation.

        Have to ask questions. Stay informed and question every fucking thing. First and foremost, Fuck ISIS and other terrorist/extremists groups over there.

        If the video is real, then they are fucking retarded beyond belief. They’d be signing their own death certificates. Retaliation for air strikes? Think that’s going to stop America from doing shit to them? It’d give us more reason to hurt them more. We could decimate them.

        If it was actually another group posing as ISIS. If that’s the case, someone wants the US to get more involved for whatever reason. Maybe ISIS is their enemy as well and want to see them obliterated or maybe there’s another reason why someone wants us involved. Probably not likely as I haven’t heard anything on ISIS claiming they haven’t done anything of this sort to Americans, then again how would we receive that message, which brings me to my next musing.

        If social media and other sites on the internet are being asked to censor/limit/ban the videos, who’s to say they can’t control whether or not messages from ISIS get’s through? I mean the Liveleak site was down for a couple of days because of “high traffic” involving the incident on their site. Could be legit, could be government making sure no “sensitive” information was actually leaked. For all we know some western country maybe even ours, fabricated this video to get us more directly involved. Whether there is any kind of profit for us in this or another country I don’t know. Again these are just musings trying to find understanding. This is why censorship is bad. Leaves too many questions and allows for error in judgement and decisions, allowing others to capture your emotions and thoughts and work them toward their own goals.

        This is why I don’t trust the media.

        Feel free to share your comments and opinions. Open to others’ thoughts and opinions.

    7. They said they did mock executions on him daily….He probley went through this several times before they surprised him by actually doing it. You think he got the message right the first take? I dont understand why they didnt share the entire execution.. Thats a first. Dont know what to think on this one….He did died like a champ I have alot of respect

    8. Its so simply, these are the steps the Americans and Nato should follow:

      1. Try and negotiate with these extreme Muslims, asking them to allow the people in the territory they have seized to leave if they do not want to be ruled by this extreme law.

      2. If they do not agree to number one, we put troops on the ground and kill any that do not allow the people to leave if they want to, this shouldn’t take more then 1 month to get them to either surrender and allow this process to happen or we kill them all.

      3. when 1 & 2 have been completed (outcome dependant on extremists co-operation) formally recognise the Islamic state as a country like we do Iran.

      By following these few steps you:

      1. we (the civilised world) would know who the extreme Muslims are and who are not, as only the extreme ones would remain in the newly formed “Islamic State”.

      2. We take away their reason to want to attack us, as we are no longer interfering with their way of life.

      3. if they try invade any more territories, to impose their beliefs, then, like Nazi’s, we collectively destroy them like we did in WW2. Only this time it would be a lot easier having Nato.

      We need to treat them like we do N Korea, its as shame for the newly born babies though as they don’t get a choice but either way they would still be fighting against us as there parents would teach them that its right to not allow women to go to school etc.. But the only other option is to nuck them once step 1 & 2 is completed!! and we don’t want to ruffle the communists!!

      Please share if you agree.

    9. Nuke muslims. Nuke them all. and give russia and china ebola or aids. or a combined strain…… fuck all world…. fuck it….

      anone who replies to me in a negative way may the lord. muhamed or buddha…. supply your family wity enough …. Ebola. aids. or whatever to cause grief…

      Happy sunda…

  1. Hmmm, body in a totally different place to where it was beheaded (see line of small rocks)…. and the sleeves on the final shot of the headless body are rolled up, whereas during the speech they are not. Also don’t buy into the ‘edited’ for western TV either. All the media has to do is cut out the gushing of blood themselves like on every other beheading video since the dawn of time…… I don’t buy it until his body is identified.

    1. Yep, it’s very obvious that he was moved not just because of your astute observations, but also by the fact that the area.where his his head should be was bone dry where it should have been soaked in the red stuff

      1. If you look a little closer, you can see the edge of a thick pool of blood just below his elbow, under his chest/abdomen. Also when he is on his knees you can see a small formation of dirt clumps. There is also a tuft of dead grass between them and thirdly on the killers left side you see a divot in the dirt just below his hand. All are visible if you slow the video down or screenshot it. The dirt area under the body has been walked over and you can see minor blood spatter near elbow. The killer would of coped most of the lava squirts, as the poor fucker leant or was pulled backwards for the kill. As per usual body on display, they have moved him but kept the demographics in shot. A well orcastrated video indeed.

      1. @Stomper.

        I seriously can’t believe that a man about to die by having his throat slit is going to help his killers make a fucking video! The manner of his speech is to me rehearsed.

        Funny that now Cameron wants to get involved in Iraq again, they just need the excuse. This is going to escalate, multiple theatres of war so nobody knows what’s going on.

        Did you get round to watching The power of nightmares? Because that’s what that video is.

        State sponsored terror to keep people in constant fear, look at the militarised cops in Ferguson?
        As Huxley said, ” people will learn to love their servitude “

        1. @bobcat.
          I see where you’re coming from, but he had been through many mock executions prior to this, so, as someone pointed out, he may have thought this was another mock execution.

          The discussion you had with mama. I haven’t read much on it at all, but I smelled a rat from the get go to be honest. It would take some pulling off, but I wouldn’t discount anything mate. It’s been proven time and time again, that our governments and their agencies, will resort to what appear to the average person on the street, to be far fetched schemes and plots to cover up just about anything.

        1. i’ll tell you why – because when the worthless bastards have got bored of playing “islamic homeland” in the levant, they want to come back to my fucking country, unidentified as murderers, and enjoy all the creature comforts that they purport to “hate” according to their bullshit pseudo beliefs…. thats why they cover their faces.
          ive opposed the actions in mid-east so far. but (& i dont care who does it) these worthless fucking IS scum need burning to a crisp – every single one

          1. Thats exactly spot on. Couldn’t have said it better myself. They soon be back in my country claiming benefits and driving around in their big mercs and having cushy meetings at million pound mosques that have just been built.

    1. I’ve just watched it again this morning, he’s British born black, probably Jamaican roots. He must be one of those muslims that get converted in prison. He could be back in the UK in a day walking around the streets of London. OK that’s a scary development. We already had that black guy cut someone’s head off on a London street.

  2. Definitely well-produced to make a statement, but is it a statement that they think we’re all ignorant of? It kind of has an Islamic Extremist 101 feel to it. No one but the completely unaware would learn anything from this video. RIP to the “victim”.

        1. Don’t be naive. They could still have beheaded him, but it’s obvious that this video was made precisely to be shown to the mainstream public. It makes me (and other people with brains) believe that this was staged to make it look like USA is fighting against ISIS and doing damage to them.

      1. I put the word “victim” the way I did not to imply a conspiracy. If that’s how it came across. I put it like that because that word is very subjective. His killers don’t see him as a victim like an outsider might.

      2. i also don’t understand the conspiracy theory. we know the guy was kidnapped and we know he’s dead. we know the political motivations of radical Islam and we know they’ve done this many times before. my guess is they edited the clip because snackbar botched the beheading.

        i suppose it’s possible this guy is still alive and it’s all a giant lie but why would something so outlandish be your first assumption? it’s also possible he was abducted by space aliens and they staged this to hide the truth. but not likely.

          1. @rips.

            I agree, when you cut someone’s head off its unbroken film, that’s the point maximum horror, life ends in front of your eyes.

            Question everything.

      1. Ive watched your comments and i must say your hate for jews made you pretty pathetic, the thing you dont realize is that youre spreading your lies here to other people that also hate jews so whats the point? If you hate us ao much leave the computer and come fight us, dont be afraid im sure you’ll do fine

          1. @israelikyke OH NO NO NO!!!!! Me!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!! I beeeeeeg you!!!!!!! Please!!! I’ll eat shit!!! THERE!!!!!’ you happy!? I’ll go as far as to eat shit,any type of shit too but PLEASE pick me! Come fight me!!!! I have a tear in my eye, thats how bad i want this! My life has went to hell in the last week so its ok im willing to do the time for the crime…. Oh please i beg you, come to me, let me taste your fears and tears, please mister jew, let me do things to you that wouls make Hitler himself cringe! I beg you, oh and i PROMISE i wont kill you,deal?

            I’ll keep you alive forever so i can hurt you over and over and over and over and over again as my blackened heart reels with pure sadistic lust everytime one of your precious jew tears roll down your cheeks and onto my forehead, like some sick nazi baptism

        1. ***Ive watched your comments and i must say your hate for jews made you pretty pathetic, the thing you dont realize is that youre spreading your lies here to other people that also hate jews so whats the point? If you hate us ao much leave the computer and come fight us, dont be afraid im sure you?ll do fine

          …I won’t speak on behalf of the people here who may hate Jews IGuy. I personally, don’t hate Jews.

          However, my utter distaste towards the cowardly actions of your fascist piece of shit Netanyahu, needs to be neutralized, by him wiggling on the end of a rope.

          Open up a fucking history book or a webpage, and do some reading about your piece of excrement, the size of Wisconsin.

          In addition, you may want to offer me proof, that Hamas was behind the killing of those (3) Jewish teenage boys, a couple months ago.

          …or has your latest bowel movement, prevented you in doing so

          ***the thing you dont realize is that youre spreading your lies here to other people

          …the thing that YOU DON’T REALIZE IGuy, is that Israel surrounds the Palestinian people from all sides. And with the curse of the United States of America, through their military funding of $62.5B since 1946, has left your piece of shit country, the fourth most powerful outhouse on the planet!!

          Let’s play a game IGuy…

          I’ll give you a slingshot and a 20 gauge. (with a full box of buckshot too)

          You walk inside your house, and I’ll send my bodyguards, my football referees and my playboy bunnies over to surround your house with flame throwers, hand grenades and AK-47’s. Your children mean nothing to me, as it will take far less firepower to bring them down quickly.

          …I’m counting to 30 IGuy, but I’m starting at 26!!

          ***If you hate us ao much leave the computer and come fight us, dont be afraid im sure you?ll do fine

          …aah yes IGuy!!

          Let’s play the victim game shall we?

          The United States plays that game with the utmost of precision as well.

          Remember 911, when your shit filled membranes were cheering,, when innocent civilians in the World Trade buildings, were dropping out of the sky at 157 m.p.h?

          …but please feel sorry for the U.S, as we try to kill the human race, in our quest to find a man in a cave, half way around the world.

          Spoken like a true yellowbellied spineless coward, who receives $62.5B from us.

          For that kind of money IGuy, you ought to be over here, sucking my dick and thanking me. Especially when I see how much our filthy government, is taking out of my check, to support your filthy manslaughter!!

          …so grab some lipstick and some tissue paper tiger!!

          And with the help of my playboy bunny talking in the background with the lights off, I’ll give you a discharge you’ll never forget…

      2. Israel will never be destroyed, God is with the Israeli people,he will never abandon Israel, they are the one who crucify his son Jesus Christ. Thy will be done. He’s crucifixion has a purpose, to those who believe in him shall not perish but have an everlasting life. Jesus died for our sins.

      1. @Arabic that’s rich coming from someone claiming to be a Saudi.

        I don’t deny the US link to ISIS through past support, but Saudi Arabia is the true snake here. They continue to support ISIS. I don’t care about your religion buddy. I care about your government.

        1. @McTreblar

          I’m not saudi. I don’t have a government. I don’t have a race, i’m mixed.

          Saudi arabia is america’s slave, or in other words “bitch”. They count on american military support & advice.

          Saudia can’t make a move without american acceptance. It’s a well known fact.

          Americans in saudi arabia live like kings, even better than saudies. The police never stop them, alcohol is forbidden allover the country and just possession might get you into jail, except in american compounds -like aramco-.

          So, I agree with you that saudi arabia supports isis too.

          America is the boss. Saudi arabia knows the language, the religion & has borders with iraq to get jihadists to the other sides.

          I have detected saudi accent in many isis beheading videos.

          so, don’t call it my government.

          I dont have a government.

        2. ***I don?t deny the US link to ISIS through past support, but Saudi Arabia is the true snake here. They continue to support ISIS. I don?t care about your religion buddy. I care about your government.

          Well said…

          …if you have a suggestion on how to separate religion from our government, I’m like a row of corn…

          I’m all ears!!

        1. No, the drones can’t.
          My point is my dear : it’s not a battlefield there between america and isis.

          Simply, america already has the coordinates of places which low ranked isis members gather in. who gave the coordinates ? isis itself.

          The low ranked members of isis don’t know shit about their leadership..ISIS members themselves admitted it.

          which simply means this : isis leadership might be sitting in tel aviv or america πŸ™‚ while the stupid low ranked maniacs get killed according to the scenario at hand.

          1. Don’t care mate the amount of Jew dribble you spam on every post has made your words lose any merit.. Seriously your worse than the arabs who recite Qaran chapters.

          2. i’ve had a thought regarding the ‘headless suit’, although it’s difficult to get my head around them faking it as we’ve seen so many beheadings on Foley is buried in the sand and resting his head on another guy wearing the headless suit. Not saying If I think it’s fake, but that would be possible.

  3. James Foley did indeed remain remarkably calm and composed , on the outside at least, in those final moments. Absolutely deserves credit for that.

    The IS member, the man in black. I got the distinct impression , after listening carefully to his accent, that he may be British. He pronounced words ending in the letter T, with the letter T dropped or missing, in a distinctly familiar manner. Just the impression I got.

    1. James Foley has been captive since 2012. It’s fair to assume that in 2 years he’s been through a number of mock executions, repetitions of this one with varying messages he thought were being “recorded”.

      He probably thought this was another one of those mock execution so he stayed calm as usual.

    2. Hi, newbie here. I agree with you and If I had to guess I would say he is defiantly black and most likely from the London boroughs. Perhaps Brixton or Peckham. There will be people there now saying they recognise the voice.

      1. Hi there @TheRunawayBalls, welcome. Southwark area could be the one. The msm has gone ape shit about this. All of a sudden the threat posed by these home grown muppets has become real !! . Christ, our politicians make me puke.

        1. Before jumping on the bandwagon of calling it a fake, consider that the developing wound was being held shut by the angle Foley was on. Also, until you hit a major vessel, blood is not going to squirt out. The amount of adrenalin that would have been coursing through his body would have ensured superficial wounds would not bleed considerably straight up.

          It seems apparent to me that the video was intended for airplay. ISIS know they won’t get airplay on western media with their intact message if it contains graphic content. Consider it a press release.

          1. I’m thinking that bit was staged for the camera, that’s why he’s so cool he know’s he’s not getting it then. maybe they then took him off and someone else did it. I think they were trying to make everything look as efficient as possible for the camera, the whole thing was produced to be shown on news programmes.

    1. Exactly what I thought, I have watched countless beheadings and blood always pisses out after even one cut. Also I do notice a weird lump under the back of his shirt on the corpse pic. The general public may buy this shit but I call bull fuckin shit.

    1. ***As if the US government cares about it?s own citizens. They killed thousands of them on 9/11 so they could kick this shit off in 2001 and the death of this goof doesn?t mean shit.


      In the blood stained eyes of our neo-fascist government, everyone is a terrorist. We must first yield our hearts, souls and civil rights to big brother. Who in turn, will protect us, and give us our warm milk at night. (with Teddy)

      …and in the event you get bored listening to this line of bullshit, day in and day out?

      Well, just go shopping, like Neo-Bush stated in his speech, days after 911.

      We’ll show those terrorists, that we can get a line of credit, that would make Goldman Sachs blush with envy!!

  4. If they thought that they were dealing with a large number of casualties then, they are going to shit themselves now.
    What a cowardly thing to do, by killing a couple journalists they think Obama is going to pull out? That plan has been tried and failed multiple times before.
    I doubt they’d let that other poor soul go anyway. As much recognition they deserve in the bravery category for going over there, sorry I’m not sorry. Those journalists knew the danger of going over to that shit-hole just do get a “scoop”.

  5. Oh shit, that IS terrorist guy is British. He clearly speaks with a London accent, only the garment on his face muffs his words slightly.

    I wonder how many members of IS are actually from Iraq or Syria? I have a feeling they’re mostly Western Muslims who are indoctrinated in terror in our own land’s. What I don’t understand is why are other non-terrorist Muslim’s not condemning these barbaric war crimes!? Muslim’s are animals.

    1. Oah poor you, so you do believe that isis are muslims fighting for a cause..just poor you.

      My dear boy I’m a muslim. Most muslims would carry the gun against isis, don’t you see how they cover their faces all the time ?

      All arabic media channels fight isis, the majority of arabs and muslims don’t even believe what they see in iraq.

      and guess what ? there is a very wide opinion that your STUPID WESTERN INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES are playing a dirty game, and isis is the bastard long lost son πŸ˜€ the dead cell of serial killers and sick fucks who traveled the whole world -without annnny interpol or UN or nato intervention- to iraq & syria to form this pack of maniacs..

      Poor you..believe everything you see : )

      I condemn their terrorism..I’m an arab muslim.

      So never say that you never saw an arab muslim who condemn this..we all do.

      but most of us don’t know how the west allowed serial killers and mentally ill people -like that dutch fuck khalid- to gain entry to arab lands like syria and iraq, why you give them guns, and why you always love to glorify them in your media ! this is a gang without even an air cover !

          1. @McTreblar
            Moham married 5yr old eisha and consummated when she was 9. Moham wrote she was his favorite. This is a holy man? Bring it up in conversation with any muslim maggot and watch them turn into stuttmmies. Deep down they know their so called prophets actions are wicked as hell. Naturally try to defend their leper by saying Mary was also prepubescent. The fact is the Bible never mentions Marys’ age and is really irrelevant considering her impregnation was not carnal. This was a virgin birth. Mary didn’t have an explanation for Joseph and he was going to leave her. So what happens next? Pick up a copy of the #1 bestseller of all time, yes it’s true, the king james version of the bible to find out. Matthew chapter 1 verse 19 and Luke chapter 1 verse 26. I admit my previous comment was crude but these crazies wanna cut my head off for loving Jesus instead of a man that has raped a small child, bunch of Crap.

      1. Then i suggest my friend all peace and freedom loving arab muslim send their army and fight this isis before its too late. Where are the saudis,quataris,egyptians the gulf states fight this muslims because this are the ones that give you or all muslims a bad image on earth. i cant understand why all you do is only words and no actions. A good muslim should fight an evil muslim. Fight them on the ground send your good muslim fighters. So that we will believe that not all muslims are evil. I know they are good muslims,but please my a stand also and fight this evil ones.

  6. Man. maybe its me because I’m high as a kite. But the whole thing seems fake. Even the background seems like its a green screen = drop down landscape screen. I’m pretty Fuckin turned up thoe haha.

    1. I agree. When did they start using multiple camera with a/b switch editing. Maybe it was done by Israel , so all of us American sheep can demand that our terrorist military bombs the fuck out of Iraq some more. If no one thought of that yet, Your welcome.

  7. Who showed this guy the art of decapitation anyway? Slow down… in fact I think I’d like to use this sheet-wearing diaper head as an example. Don’t worry about our camel-fucking friend… I’ll send him to his 72 virgins very slowly.

    Btw who the hell would like to teach 72 women how to fuck. I like mine experienced. Just saying. O:-)

    1. Niiiiice πŸ˜† …….. The more I read and analyze the above story I’m beginning to think an elaborate fugazi.

      Teaching can be fun sometimes but will take an experienced one any day.

  8. James foley rest in piece
    I don’t think I could stay that calm if I was in that situation. So fucking sad to see. If I was in charge I would blow the whole fucking Middle East off the planet kill all those sand niggers

  9. I don’t give a fuck what anyone says, this shit is very suspect to say the least. The Obama video in the beginning, the message given by the victim with the camera changing angles for a theatrical effect, the guy speaking English doing the execution, the lack of Allahu Akbars, the lack of blood during the cutting, and most importantly, the fact that they didn’t even show the fucking execution.

    They’ve killed Americans before like Nick Berg, Daniel Pearl, Eugene Johnson… etc and they always showed the execution. And ISIS is more brutal than any of the terrorists involved in those videos.

    This shit is some 21st century technology used to perfection by the CIA, Israeli Mossad, or MI6 to get us ready to support another conflict.

  10. To me the whole “beheading” wreaks fake. Cut scene without continuous shot is a huge red flag. The “body & head” could’ve been move props for all it looks. And that British fucker talks way too good for those sand lice.

        1. πŸ™‚ *sighs* hanabi, something so pure, so innocently sweet about you… Almost like as if it feels like even if you were at my side 24/7 i couldnt get sick of you… And im a misanthropist btw ;-)… Sorry but i might be heading to jail for a few months soon so i had to get it off my chest, sometimes you make me smile by barely doing anything.

  11. Who buys this crap anyways ? sadly, looks like the whole world is..

    I’m a native Arab, Muslim from day 1, never left the middle please don’t underestimate this comment or my knowledge about my own people & culture.

    I never saw or heard of ISIS, heck I was in Saudi Arabia for years, Egypt too, all I know is that extremist Muslims are hated everywhere -even in mosques-, and arabs themselves are not so inclined into religion ; they only use it as a cover in many cases, you’ll be surprised by the amounts of muslim arabs who don’t even understand the Quran. Go open egyptian media, or saudi “Rotana” channel to see for yourself that arabs are not so “Islamic”..catholics are more muslims than muslims.

    Anyway, ISIS is cheap & fishy according to arab norms. In other words, arabs don’t act like that.

    In all the beheading videos of ISIS, I have smelled 2 main smells : either insanity or “faking”. Bestgore never translates these videos, but if you understood what they say, these people are other words they don’t have a cause ; somebody told them to do this & record it.

    Sometimes, when the camera isn’t shooting, they speak in slang, but when the camera faces them, they speak in “Pure ancient arabic which the quran was written in”. They repeat the same phrases as if somebody has pushed it to them to memorize & repeat.

    In some other videos, I swear it was obvious from the language that the killers are insane & sadistic ; not islamists with a other words : it is as if you brought a pack of serial killers & promised them to let them kill as much as they can openly ; but under your flag. Somebody forged this organization.

    This video precisely, is so so so so fishy & so hollywood. I can see obama in the background. Especially the ending of the video which is stripped taken from your typical western saturday movie of the terrorist threatening the superhero with his girlfriend.

    Don’t buy this shit..don’t be a sheep.

    Ask yourself why america let isis expand.
    Ask yourself why the Iraqi government let isis expand.
    Ask yourself why isis is so shocking..

    You see ? CIA might be the answer to all of this.
    or war economy.

    1. Exactly.

      I always compare the level of intervention.

      In qadafi’s reign, nato killed him in weeks.

      In Sadam’s reign, america captured him from the underground ALIVE.

      But with bin laden, it’s fuckin drama for years & years, whenever america needs money, they throw some jihadists here and there, governments ask for american weapons, america sells, $$$

      They want to takeover, but they can’t risk their economy in such a risky process. Since taking over is all about $$$, they can fetch $$$ in other means, and that is “proxy wars”.

      ISIS is a perfect spark for a proxy war. assuring more $$$ growth to the united states & weapon producing countries.

      1. I grew up on american media & videogames. While my friends used to watch arab shows I used to watch Friends & the X-Files. Loved american culture & english, so I self studied until I mastered the language before I even finish high school..

        Believe it or not, yes I never left the middle east.

        When you hate your own society so bad, not because of race but because of their actions and mentality, you would do anything to escape the hell you live in.

        And sadly, the good arabs are always crushed..either by america itself, or by dictator arab governments, or by terrorists like ISIS.

        I love arab language. I love arabic land. But it’s so full of blood.

        1. @Arabic good arguments and commenting to a hostile and skeptical crowd. Thank you for stating the facts as they are or how you believe them to be without using religion as a cudgel or excuse. Your real unlike this fake video. Most Arabs who comment on this site seem to have got lost on they’re way to a Jihadi web site. Stick around bro you got the knowledge first hand by being there, and your willing to share it without the preaching.

  12. Look how still the dummy was at the start of the beheading also no blood right away? I’ve seen a lot of beheading videos and instantly when the knife cuts into the throat blood is present seconds after. No blood or anything then fades to the black screen. Disappointment

  13. I agree with the majority of the posters here; this smells like hogsheisse. Suddenly they *don’t* show a complete execution? They’re trying to get a ‘serious’ message out but completely eliminate the real reinforcing shock value? Makes no sense. And the repeated ‘cutting’ with no blood? Right. The changing of scenery, and everything else, not only does it seem false, but it seems like whoever put this out was trying to say were too dumb, gullible, and un observant to put two & two together. Insulting. Unless or until there’s convincing evidence, I say it’s a half assed ploy to try and draw us further into regional conflicts, or garner sympathy or perhaps convince our pres. to turn a blind eye to ethnic cleansing in certain other areas.

  14. That must have been one hell of a SHARP knife! we’ve seen bad beheadings on BG done with small knifes…always end badly! Also, nobody mentioned the musllim leather flip flops when they show the beheaded body at the end….certainly surprising accent of that towel head…again, why would they not show the full execution? the US has been faking shit for ages, so this is no exception…

    1. ***That must have been one hell of a SHARP knife! we?ve seen bad beheadings on BG done with small knifes?always end badly!

      …yeah, I was thinking that myself!!

      Unless it has a chain rotating around the blade, I’m leaning towards a fake myself.

      …simply way too neat of a beheading, with such a small knife!!

  15. Nobody in reality would be so calm and defame their family when they KNEW they were about to be beheaded.
    This reporter knew more than any one of us this reality and I put it to you all that he is an ISIS supporter and this is all fiction.

  16. Smells fugazi to me too.

    I didn’t hear any real stress in Foley’s voice when he was reading that prepared statement, and I’ve never seen a victim smile like that right before his own beheading. Very peculiar.

    But fake or not, just drop The Bomb already.
    Cause only one thing’s certain….
    They’ll all be better off dead.

  17. I smell bullshit. Too pimp for snackbarians: steady, tripoded cam, perfect illumination, fancy photo angles, artsy but shitty video fx with a small black flag in the corner, missing background sopranos, no blood at the cutting, clean gay clothes in a Se7en final scene fashion, and.. Clip mics? Really? Come on ‘merrican propaganda guys, you can do it better, who directed that shit? Clint Eastwood?

  18. This is the exact reason why I think the U.S.A. should remove all military personnel and military “equipment” from every non-American base, and let the rest of the world fend for itself. If the left-wing pinheads think this ” islamic caliphate ” started with the U.S. well I guarantee they’ll be the first to die… slowly. Put down the kool-aid turn off the propaganda and actually go to a library ( oh I know that’s a dirty word ) and quote from me a history book that you can actually back your facts with that hasn’t been written by some low-rent leech that’s sucking off the government sitting in his momma’s basement claiming that he/she has it bad because of all the “terrorism” that’s happening. That’s what I call a “slug”. Just crawling on your belly leaving your slime and excrement in your wake only to be stepped on when the shit goes down. Not a sermon, just athought. H.U.A.

    Exactly. I always compare the level of intervention.In qadafi’s reign, nato killed him in weeks.In Sadam’s reign, america captured him from the underground ALIVE,also in a very short time.But with bin laden, it’s fuckin drama for years & years, whenever america needs money, they throw some jihadists here and there, governments ask for american weapons, america sells, lots of cash. They want to takeover, but they can’t risk their economy in such a risky process.

    Since taking over is all about cash, they can fetch cash in other means, and that is “proxy wars”.

    ISIS is a perfect spark for a proxy war. assuring more cash growth to the united states & weapon producing countries.

  20. Because I have seen this video, my hatred for every muslim is justified, upon seeing a couple videos on the internet, I am allowed to hate every person whos skin colour is different to mine, half the time I don’t even have all the facts but I’m still justified. I most likely wouldn’t go out of my way to get to know someone who is different to me because I already know how they are. My race and lifestyle are under threat even though I personally don’t experience bombs dropped on my house, It’s so hard to live in my western society. I need to kick out all foreigners from my country because it’s my country and I own it! My sense of entitlement is through the roof because I’ve been coddled so much and have been provided with all the things I need and want without even working for it, I was just born into it, but the world still owes me! I don’t feel the need to get off my but from the comfort of my mediocre life to step outside my comfort zone because I already know everything, I’ve seen the videos on the internet, I’ve been spoon fed the news, my watered down college education has taught me everything I could ever need to know!!!! how could I possibly be ignorant?

    1. You have every right to be the way you are and want to be. Yes I agree with OOTW. Shari’a law is very close to being implemented in the west. But hiding ones head in the sand does not make the problem go away either. All we can do now is get ready. I’m a Christian and there will be countless souls who will be beheaded very soon because Jesus is coming very soon. You dont have to believe what I believe but if we all looked the same, talked the same, ect. Than the world would br a very mundane place.

      1. ***I?m a Christian and there will be countless souls who will be beheaded very soon because Jesus is coming very soon. You dont have to believe what I believe

        …but I DO, agree with you bloodbath 1985

        And that’s the problem!!

        I can believe that the Cubs are going to win the World Series this year. However, after you “neo-crypts” enter Wrigley Field, everyone will be dead anyway, so it really doesn’t matter at all now, does it.

        Does your God have a vision of YOUR head popping off before mine?

        …or is He going to keep you around a little longer, to make sure your “Military Jesus” can get through our airport screeners?

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