Islamic State Jihadists Behead Corpses of Syrian Soldiers Slain During Takeover of Brigade 93

Islamic State Jihadists Behead Corpses of Syrian Soldiers Slain During Takeover of Brigade 93

Jihadists from the Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS, or ISIL) took over Brigade 93 – one of the two last SAA controlled places in Ar-Raqqa. The Islamic State reportedly hit the base with 200+ grad rockets before storming it on foot. How great is it to know that it was our tax dollars that helped to create and arm the jihiadists, and that it was the “thank you for your service” US mercenaries who trained them.

In this video, the jihadists are shown beheading the corpses of Syrian soldiers slain during the takeover of Brigade 93. As his mates toss severed heads around, an incompetent, left handed prick tries to decapitate a corpse but is too useless to figure out how to do it. The jihadists also beheaded soldiers slain in recent takeover of Division 17 in Ar-Raqqa.

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  1. Hopefully when I leave Britain soon to join the Pakistani army, I end up scrapping it out with some of these Jihadis. Would love to take some heads myself. Fucking Wahabbi fucks.

    For any of you who think these are regular “Muslims” doing this, search up “Wahabism”. It’s all there for you to read. Sure most terrorists are Muslim, but all Muslim terrorists are Wahabbis.

      1. While your big brother Saudi arabia and it’s allies receive the oil money and have the support of zionist behind them the world won’t see a moment of peace.
        It’s so sad from Philippines to Nigeria only the poor countries pay the price but in the long run the migrants from these countries will break the fabric of western societies too.

    1. @Future_Leader, I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the following,

      “Sure most terrorists are Muslim, but all Muslim terrorists are Wahabbis”.

      The above places an emphasis on the group rather than the race and concludes that not all Muslims are the same in thought or action

      Now, The above statement could also read “Sure, most terrorists are Jews. But all Jewish terrorists are Zionists”.

      Yourself, being a Muslim and therefore natural enemies of the Jews by religious/political affiliation, do you regard all Jews to be the same, and therefore all terrorists, or do you conclude the same difference between race and group.

      Sorry for the questioning but other peoples perceptions interest me.

      1. @Morocann_boy: I’m Sunni, mate. Iranians are cool though, if only Pakistan treated Iran as brothers instead of being America’s bitch.

        Good question. I don’t believe all Jews are the same. I believe in the concept of superiority and inferiority, but I believe it’s mentally based rather than racial. I’ve studied history, and I’ve seen how when Europe practised what we would call barbarity on a large scale, the Eastern peoples ( Persian empire, Parthians and further eastwards) had very in-depth systems and they believed in such high morals which you rarely find now.

        So if the same race of people who once used to believe in such honourable things and never embraced slavery for how it takes ones dignity from them, who are now fucked up and even killing even their own family members, you have to ask, is a person’s behaviour racially motivated, or in tune with the culture they develop as a people throughout their own troubles through history?

        Sorry if I just threw a whole bunch of stuff your way. I just tried to explain how people are influenced by what they are exposed to, and none of this is link to race. So any and all behaviours humans show are linked to groups within their races, not the race of people themselves etc. I still believe the same difference between my earlier example, mate.

  2. All terrorists are Muslim? haha, yeah right, so all the atrocities that happened against Bosniaks in 90s were muslims? The Palestinians, the Muslims in Burma, the Muslims in Kashmire? Those are all Muslim terrorists, wdf is wrong with you people? A terrorist can be anyone regardless of creed or color. Most terrorists are the world governments which are run by ruthless zionist jews, yet still are not the ONLY terrorists in the world. But agreed Wahabbis do give Muslims a bad reputation.

  3. The artist formerly known as ISIS, are they still considered freedom fighters whilst killing Syrian soldiers or are they now considered terrorists due to them killing Iraqi soldiers?.

    Would they be considered both freedom fighters and terrorists depending upon where and who they kill?, a rather schizophrenic media image to hold you would think.

    The media hasn’t been very helpful on this one lately due to them focusing on the Pro Western Ukrainian freedom fighters vs the Russian terrorists and the Israeli freedom fighters vs the Palestinian terrorists.

    They should create a game show to make it easier for us, they could call it ?freedom fighter or terrorist?? and have a ten second clock count where the contestant has to guess correctly to win the prizes.

        1. @krimish no i meant gross pics for iip to use as avatars lol (it was meant for him but for some weird reason it didnt post in his reply box, could of sworn thats where i typed it tho….

          And what did you mean by “the one i dont like here?”
          … You mean me? :-/
          Its ok if so, its ur human right, just wondering thats all.

          1. Haha. No bro. What i said. Is i dont like videos of beheading.. about also the comment. Its also a mistake. I forgot to click reply and post a comment right away

  4. I know that the US and Israel are arming, funding, and training these evil, subhuman, savage barbarians. But what I ask myself everyday is: why?

    What does the US/Israel gain to benefit from empowering these Sunni Savage Barbarians (SSB’s)?

    My guess would be to create a force to take out Assad and eventually take on Iran since Israel and the US have had a hard on for Iran for years because of their nuclear program. To get to Iran, they need to finish off Assad and his regime first. That’s just my theory…..anyone else have other theories?

    1. Assad must have scared the pants off of somebody to generate such enmity. I’ve never seen such hatred in anybody except a Jew. Who else wishes brain cancer or anal cancer on anyone? Honestly? Did anybody you know ever hope for such a thing?

      We live in interesting times, in the Mideast, anyway. The states of Iraq and Syria no longer exist, and never will again. The old colonial lines have been erased for good. Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia can reap the joys of unforeseen consequences.

      Assad, bless his secular soul, presides over a rump state that will never again have real political meaning.

      Is that a good thing? Yeah, actually, probably it is. I. for one like a little reality for a change.

      1. Don’t count Assad out….he has the backing of Putin and Iran…..and hezbollah fighters as well….can you imagine IS fighters in Israel beheading Zionist Jews…..Islamic state vs Jewish state war ….I could just see the pro zionist on the cable stations screaming about the Jews being be headed..

  5. the world police is already on the way towards iraq i have heard. there are living many Yazidi kurds who need help. we have around 50k of them in germany, 80% of them alone in my area. envious?

          1. i mean, i don?t mind coaching, but chrust, put some fucking effort into it!

            …from the coaching aspect Obli, it sounds like you’ve sucked a cock or two yourself!!

  6. I had a dream last night that these taliban guys were beheading everybody in this broken down building. They tried to on me but I ran and got away. Then I took a nap this afternoon and had a dream my friend cut his finger almost off. I’ve been dreaming about gore and blood a lot lately. I bet you guys do too right?

    1. I love gore dreams, had a dream once where i was a freelance journalist and the guide in the jeep was telling us how a few months ago there was a genocide and that it was covered up. It was SICK!! Corpses everyfuckingwhere!! On the streets, in the ditch, on grass, all rotting away and encrusting themselves in the scenery, you actually had to look carefully to make out the faces as they all looked like the worm eaten faces were melting off into the ground…

      1. wow. I have not had any bloody dreams. I always dream about my dead grandfather. I always dream something like we are talking and he isn’t dead anymore and talks to me before he has to die again. The dream is different each time but basically the same story. I think it’s me trying to say good bye or me trying to let go of my pain. once my grandpa’s belly was exposed. It was very swollen and bruised from where they tried to revive him. he said I couldn’t touch him or he would disappear.Another dream he told me that he was going to hell and he’d already made his peace with it. I tried to give my soul for his. good wouldn’t let evil take my soul. I could feel both sides tugging at my soul. good wouldn’t let me trade my soul because it wasn’t my soul to give.

        1. damn, those sound more like nightmares. do you live with a lot of guilt? that can cause dreams like that, blaming yourself all the time.

          i’ve had dreams where my dad is alive and we’re just at a bar or something talking about mundane things.

          i also have dreams where i smoke crack and use coke again or am drinkng (i’ve been completely sober almost six years) and wake up feeling like i relapsed and feeling guilty as hell before i realize it was a dream.

          1. @obli congratulations bro, crack is living hell! Im far from being proud of it but thats what i was on last night, i felt disgusting. And im pretty laid back about drugs, even tho iv been struggling to go straightedge for a long time now,but still, the world would be a much better place without crack…

          2. you’re using that shit, too? damn. crack turned me into a scum bag…plus i was an alcoholic at the time as well…i was a piece of shit, deserved to die you know? bad memories.

          3. Obli I feel like I shoul have told him that he was my hero. Also I left his house within an hour of his death. I was and sometimes feel angry at him for dieng and not protecting me like he did when hewas alive. II’m angry becausewe made plans the next day. He said I will see you tomorrow but it was a lie becausehe died. I wwasn’t ready for him to die. Im mad becausemy dad and my sisters and step monster beat me up after his funeral becausethe wanted to be my payee and I said no.we got in an arguement and they ended up fighting with me in my grgrandpa’s house. my grandpa promised me that my dad would never attack me again. I know he couldn’t helpe but I feel angry. I blame myself for not telling him how beautifulhe was and how aappreciative I was for all he done for me. I feel like I let him down. I feel like I didnt get a proper chance to say goodby becausehe just fell over dead without any warning within an hour after I left him. I guess people never expect their hero to die. He came to visit me in the mental institions, supported my art, college, protected me from my evil dad and made him respect me. He was my everything. He deserved better than me. I do think I was loved more than his kids becausehe raised me and liked that I have balls but I think somethings I done let him down. He was good and I miss him, I feel angry, sad. and lucky to have had him.

          4. obli congratsfor getting off the stuff. I know people around here that are still on of my best friends sells her body for it when she doesn’t have the cash. sometimes 5 or 6 different guys in a night. she is a great person but that addiction makes her do that. my cousin will sell his car, everything out of his house, he stole from his own mother. you are strong.

          5. @atucker31
            You know what? You and your grandfather didn’t deserved to live here on this inhumane planet.

            You and him, both of you have a great heart and this cold world treat you like shit.

            Both of you deserve a another planet with the people around you, who doesn’t treat you like that but with love!

            Please, don’t feel angry. He has done alot of things for you.
            You’re a lovely and sympathic person and I’m pretty sure, we’ll meet our loved ones after life.

            And I say that as an agnostic person. πŸ™‚

        2. At31-I have dreams about my friend that died from crashing into a steamroller. Some of them are so real. It’s real as real life. The wind is blowing,i can feel the sun on my skin,the background noise of birds and people making noise,the leaves blowing and hitting the street,the cars all at the same time. And it’s different each time just like yours. I really don’t know if my life is the dream or the dream itself.

          1. The humorist…. I love what you said. I believe in God but after his death I have been struggling with my relgious beliefs. I’m doing better with it. No matter what, I have always believed in souls and I hope you are right about us meeting in our after life. That is a beautifulthougjt. I miscarried a child a little over 2 months. Not far along but I read that my baby already had a heartbeat. I hope I see my baby in the afterlife.

          2. I sometimes have dreams so real that I have to ask people if I dreamt it or if it is real. But as soon as I wake up from a dream about my grandpa,I know immediately it was just a dream. I have some mental iillnesses and I am on Medicines and I think it makes it difficult to know dream from reality. when I was little I thought I was a dream and not alive. I used to cut my fingers with my grandpas razors to feel pain and bleed and then I realized I was real. or Id find something scratchyand rub my skin until it was red. mostly I used the razors becausemy grandpa was badabout leaving them around. my grandma thought I got cut while playing with them but the truth is I needed to be real

      2. Zen-wow! Thinking about death and going on these sites definitely intensify our dreams. I used to trip but kinda scared of it now. It used to be half good and half evil scary. Who knows what it would be like now. I want some DMT. Only lasts 15 minutes.

        1. Yeah bro! @ritchy, That one genocide dream has happened to me 2 or 3 times, a lil different each time but the beginning part where im in a jeep with a tour guide telling me about the genocide cover up was very similar in each dreams about it…
          And DMT can and most lilely WILL let you have vivid/lucid dreamings. I’v never tried the synthetic smokable kind,. And as far as i know i may not be allowed. Coz in 2001 i was introduced to shamanism in quebec and spent 3/4 of the summer with a friend of mine wjo lived on a commune where they grew their own food, had a bunch of sled dogs for the winter, they stayed outside of society as much a possible and there is where i first learned about illuminati/n.w.o after a sweat lodge ceremony using ayauashca (the sacred brew made from cappie yegi that contains DyeMethilTriptamine) and i also experienced Yopo,Peyote ceremonys there.

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