Jabhat al Nusra Finish Beheading of Syrian Civilian by Twisting His Head Off

Jabhat al Nusra Finish Beheading of Syrian Civilian by Twisting His Head Off

Jabhat al Nusra are the notorious Al Qaeda associates responsible for some of the worst massacres throughout Syria. Zionist puppets the ranks of Kenyan or Cameron go out of their way arming these jihadists with weapons of mass destruction. We’ve seen what exactly it is Al Nusra Front do several times on Best Gore. They were for example responsible for this brutal chopping into the neck beheading of a civilian, and this mass execution of several civilians, and the execution of two FSA commanders suspected of cooperating with the regime, and lately also the cleansing of all Shia Muslims from the village of Hatla. It was also Jabhat al Nusra American mercenary Eric Harroun joined in Syria.

In this video, Jabhat al Nusra behead another Syrian civilian and finish the beheading off by twisting the victim’s neck to snap the head off the spine. It took a few full twists to make it snap and then the spine still required assistance from a knife, which greatly added to the overall brutality of the beheading. The victim took the decapitation bravely and didn’t make a sound. The snackbarists on the other hand went ape shit with Allahu Akbar.

Props to Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf for the video:

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102 thoughts on “Jabhat al Nusra Finish Beheading of Syrian Civilian by Twisting His Head Off”

  1. Holy shit, that twisting makes it so much more brutal. Look at all the bright blood. Seems like a waste to just let it soak into the ground like that. let your pet goat slurp that shit up. Allahu Akbar.
    Thanks @DerSteppenwolf.

  2. i wait and pray that i may one day participate in the final war that ends civilization. Ragnarok is coming and our enemies are being supplied by our C.I.C. , Hussein Obama. be aware people, be prepared. drop the FSA here and they would happily behead random Americans, yelling praise god the whole time. killing us with the weapons we gave them —- Hail Odin!!

    1. Pretty much. Western Europe is fucked. The riots in Sweden, the butchery in London are just tastes of what is coming.

      I’d feel pretty vulnerable if I was Western European. As the Islamic demographic continues to rise, they’ll become more than just an annoyance with the occasional bout of savagery.

  3. Ugh .. The twisting is what makes me cringe. I can deal with somebody getting their head cut off, but that twisting.. No way. Makes my neck hurt watching it. At what point does someone die when they are beheaded? I’m not a dumb ass I’m just wondering.. When their throat is slit? When they cut through the spine?

    1. often wondered that myself. imma toss out a guess only based on personal experience and a suitable enough knowledge of human biology.
      My guess is this:
      since what we are dealing with is both the head and the body i will address both in terms of how each will die by clinical standards.
      Regardless of how well you steel your constitution, the cut has to hurt, causing the beginnings of shock, thus the feeling of pain is reduced.
      The brain is the most likely to be affected first as a result of oxygen deprivation. Now, i have had it done to me and done it to others so i know first hand how fast it happens…..the sleeper hold; it cuts off blood flow and oxygen to the brain via the jugular and cartoid and in less than 15 seconds, 10 for most people you’re out cold as ice. So, my guess is your brain “passes out” from oxygen deprivation long before actual death from blood loss occurs, however brain death can actually take several minutes too, i’ve heard 8-12 minutes without blood and oxygen and the brain is dead (anomalies do occur and brains have survived hours without oxygen, but do you really wanna test it?)

      since beheading type executions have more to do with rapid blood loss as a direct cause of death than it does the head and brain being removed, i feel this is the most probable cause. this kind of wound could cause exsanguination and later cardiac arrest in a matter of minutes, say less than 5 minutes. so even if your head was not removed the and spine severed, the actual cause of death is going to be blood loss and cardiac arrest.
      So, rapid blood loss and cardiac arrest in less than 5 minutes is my answer, i hope i kinda answered your question.

      1. So answer me this. Why don’t humans run around for a couple of minutes once their heads have been cut off like chickens? It would really add a great comedy twist to these beheading videos if they did.

        1. and joking aside. i think that the story of Mike the Chicken describes the possibility as to why chickens run around after beheadings and humans do not. all boiling down to what is necessary from a brain in order to sustain life. ….that and most humans are restrained in some manner preventing running around, whilst chickens are not restrained…..im too tired to think anymore

        1. my guess is the shock kicks in so fast and other factors, that the pain is furious but over quickly.
          …..or it lingers until your brain passes out and you feel nothing. there was an experiment done where the beheaded was to blink to send a message …….sketchy results, inconclusive.

    2. When the carotid arteries which divides the neck (they run parallel on both sides of are throats are severed) and major blood loss occurs you can rest assure most beheading victims are gone. The same can’t be said when they start on the back of your neck or when they want to make you suffer ala Leyva.

      1. I agree. lose consciousness and die from rapid blood loss before the head is finished being severed.
        although I wonder about the fast jobs like the guillotine or by Saudi sword? its seems to me that as soon as the spinal column is severed, you lose consciousness and die because your brain is disconnected. although some claim that you would still be conscious for a couple of seconds. but “you” and everything that makes you, dies with the severing of the spinal column, and you could also argue that the organ itself takes at least five minutes to die from oxygen loss.
        but yeah, in instances like this, the dude is dead long before the head is removed completely.

  4. The guy who did the beheading seemed to be so excited about it, he was going to do it @0:50 but they told him “hey cheikh (equivalent of father in christianity) calm down”

    And when he started doing the twisting, he was so proud of himself that he started saying in classy classic arabic (he used a very poetic old and literary arabic like he was happy and celebrating xD)
    “I swear by Allah I will dismantle your head from your shoulders”

    @2:04 , a snackbarist told him “Blessed are you skilled hands” LMAO

    And he responded by a hadith “Muhammad peac upon him said that an infidel will never meet his killer in hell”

  5. They really are a bunch of gobshites if they believe in doing this shit for religious reasons. One wannabe hard-man thinkin he’s the shit cause he cut the head off a restrained person while his pubic-hair-faced greasy cunt buddies shout that stupid shit like clockwork. What we need is a bunch of dead-mute snackbarists in the background doing the sign-language for allahu ackbar and the guy chopping off the head is in a wheelchair and he has a knife for a hand. Get a bit of diversity going, change that shit up.

  6. all these beheaders need to take notes from the Saudis…(I really don’t like them because of their false sense of entitlement…maybe their ancestors shed blood, sweat, and tears for their country, but the now generation do nothing positive)….but mother fuck, do they know how to chop off a head!…with 1 stroke too!

  7. i’m navajo when we butcher sheep i cant help but think of these videos..
    glad we aint alike.sheep could run around without its head if you dont take off what seems to look like an adam apple.can you imagine a person alive momentarily without a head?

  8. I always wondered why they prefer beheadings and chant snackbar when they do it. I did some research and it seems that its some kind of sacrifice ritual to their god. Just like they sacrifice a goat or sheep every year by cutting its throat and making it bleed out first then cut off the rest of the head. Chanting Alluah Akbar ensures them that the sacrifice they made is for well acknowledged and received by their god called Allah. Since they believe that they are on a holy war against enemies of their god or religion they must feel they have to ritually sacrifice their enemies the same way they do with their goats and sheep and chant snackbar to make sure the victims soul is sent and received by their bloodthirsty god Allah.

  9. Sick. The only gore video I clicked during the last month. I can’t handle it anymore, really fed up with all this brutality. Now I only watch car/air crashes. Getting older, I know.

      1. I was and am a sick mofo like you, brother. Or sister? Coochie Queef is so pointedly and meaningly (beg your pardon for my English, I’m mixing up some words and terms 🙂 ) I watched this shit for 5 years, now I’m just sick and tired. I always say to myself “Come on, motherfucker, don’t be a sissy, go and watch some gore shit as you always did for many years!” 🙂

  10. I fucking hate everybody! If most of the world’s people were even slightly educated, shit would be half as bad as it is. Skin color is the least of our worries. Stupid people are the true crisis of humanity. Seeing people kill others with enthusiasm just justifies my idea that stupid people are dragging us all down because ” I believe this and you’re not like me, so I should end your life.” People of low intelligence believe in ridiculous things and living in a place with little to no culture, a.k.a. humanity. Odds are they will not develope with out instruction from their superior people. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not religious but I would much rather follow the religion that figured out a thousand years ago that killing your opposers wasn’t the right thing to do. Religion at it’s core is all flawed. I’m right, you’re wrong. People are people and most are flock like. Show me the popular and I will follow suit. Uneducated black people in the U.S. think that if you “dis me” I gotta kill you.
    I work with all black people and I’m the one white guy in the place. I’m not the wigger you asses are gonna think I am, I listen to Eisbrecher, Deathstars (Blitzkrieg, recommended:)) Rammstein and ages of hardcore metal, but I am not judged by them for my music. I work my ass off and they see it. My ancestors fucking owned them and they see me as a hard worker which I can only hope for. Nobody owes me shit. I pay more taxes to support people who “can’t” work anymore than I do to support my government. Lazy stupid people should be on the internet more…..if you know what I mean. Cull the fat and stupid. Give me a break already.

    1. Haha. Well, there are massively more stupid people than not in the world, and with the human population steadily rising (Among the stupid) well… The future isn’t looking bright for humanity.

      A nice World War or plague that knocks off something like 3 billion or so would be wonderful.. Provided it hit the right spots, of course.

    2. If people would stop having litters and stop breeding like motherfuckers, we might be able to start addressing some issues. But nobody seems to give a shit about population control and there’s too many people on this planet. Fuck it, people suck.

  11. I was at Muslim wedding recently and what struck me the most was how very non-stereotypical they all were.
    No women with veils, no men with beards, nobody stank, no peodophiles, no suicide bombers and only one beheading.

    1. You should know that there is an important percentage of moderate muslims in middle eastern and north african countries.

      And the only beheading you witnissed there is a goat one , right ? 😀

      From which country the family is ?

  12. Seems like they could have used a sharper knife. They also weren’t slicing properly….just a bunch of quick, little slices that prolonged the process. For how much they like to behead, why haven’t they mastered the process by now? It’s not like they are making it more torturous because the victims lose consciousness quickly. Their efficiency level is too low….they need to attend a webinar or get some tools sharper than a butter knife.

    1. I dont think they all have a briefing in the morning to plan their day and to enhance their efficiency. Maybe a special beheading news ticker on the IPhone with Gordon Ramsey would help out, but this musluts are just a bunch of nonadaptive and disorganized turds.

  13. I would not be surprised at all if these animals that perform these beheadings all don’t have hepatitis. None of them wear gloves, not very smart. All it takes is a tiny break in your skin, something easy to do while using a knife, and all that blood everywhere. Hepatitis, AIDS, or any other disease transferred that way.

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