James Foley Beheading in Slow Motion, Frame by Frame

James Wright Foley Beheading - Assuredly a Hoax

At this stage, I don’t think there are many people left who still believe the beheading of James Wright Foley video is authentic. Even the mainstream media had to start admitting, quoting experts, that the video may be fake, although they can’t straight up admit it as that’s against their owner’s agendas (see HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

According to Bouthaina Shaaban – official Syrian government spokesperson, James Foley was captured by the Fake Syrian Army, and killed by the Islamic State militants a year ago (also HERE). Back when the Islamic State called themselves ISIS:

James Foley was first arrested by the Free Syrian Army and he was sold to ISIS. You can check with the UN. James Foley was killed a year ago, not now, they only released the pictures now, but he was killed a year ago. We have definite information, the UN has the information.

The most important thing to keep in mind that seems to avoid the hoards of the sheeple is that James Foley was a propagandist. He worked for Global Post, absolutely shameless pro Zio, pro war, pro violence, pro police state, pro indoctrination etc. publication with sole goal to brainwash the sheeple and keep them obediently in line. Thus, James Foley was sent to Syria with one and one objective only – to sell the planned military invasion of Syria to the herd.

I imagine it went something like this: “we’re gonna state a false flag Sarin attack and your job will be to make the readers believe the Syrian government did it so we gain the public support for military aggression against the country.” And what did James Foley say? “Sure thing.” It’s time to see this filth for who he was. The fact that he was possibly captured and killed by the very extremists he was paid to sell to he public as freedom fighters makes him no less the scum that he was.

The guy suspected of beheading James Foley is one Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary – a failed wanna be rapper who goes by the name L. Jinny (source). Six months ago he left his family’s $1 million dollar house to join Syrian rebels and posted to Twitter that he was robbed by them of his phone, money and car. 6 months later he is deep in biggest terrorist group on front stage in a video holding a knife to the throat of an American journalist in a video many think looks fake. Better yet, Jinny’s father is was supposedly one of Osama Bin Laden’s “closest lieutenants” (source).

Faking Sarin attacks in Syria did not win support of the public for war on Syria. Alleged beheading of the American journalists seems to be doing a better job in that regard. Senior Pentagon officials are calling ISIS “apocalyptic” and an “imminent threat”, while Kenyan already ordered his drones to conduct air surveillance of ISIS in Syria and will likely authorize bombing of targets in Syria without congressional consent.

Back to the video – there are only a few frames of what they want us to believe is the beginning of James Foley’s beheading in the video allegedly released by the Islamic State and then the video fades to black before showing a picture of a headless corpse with severed head on top of it. There is thus little to work with, however the video below is an extreme slow motion version of the footage, showing frame by frame video of the alleged beheading. Take a look and tell me what you think of the alleged beheading after viewing it:

It’s also worth checking out this interview with alleged siblings of James Foley. First of all – I can’t believe how fake and pretentious the host, Katie Couric, sounds. No wonder mainstream media networks are losing audiences. Who still falls for this type of pretentiousness in hosts? To imagine the pain… to imagine the pain… to imagine the pain that you’ve been going through. To imagine the pain… imagine the pain… imagine the pain…

But that aside. Notice how the room in which the siblings are located screams of a hastily put-together interview set. It has a nice little table with some knick-knacks framed between their shoulders, a soft lit lamp, and… a family photo on the wall? Looks like it was hung up crookedly and the nail gave way.

And the crisis actors, I mean siblings were like… “our brother was supposedly just, I don’t know, lol, beheaded or sumepthin’ lol?

Another bit from the same interview with “can’t imagine the pain” Katie Couric. Notice how supposed siblings of James Foley, instead of appearing bereaved or shaken by the horrific death of their brother, just can’t stop laughing. Those aren’t stifling, emotionally-raw, maniacal cackles. These guy are actually fighting big smiles.

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      1. ***Actually let?s not forget about Operation Northwoods?

        …that’s a fact!!

        Bay of pigs
        Gulf of Tonkin

        …plus a few more, that has escaped my aging memory

        The United State’s Shadow Government, has been in full swing for many years now.

        …and if that “War Hog” Hillary Clinton gets in the White House…

        Christ, never mind!!

        …it hurts too much to think about it!!

        1. @craving no shit I mean I’m a woman & I even say it’s prolly not a good idea to have a woman as president. Especially Hillary! We’d put to much emotion into everything. Hmm not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing? But anyways us minorities elected a minority as president and look how that turned out.

        1. Hah I live south of the border. Right at the tip of Texas. Pretty much the anus of America. Bunch of dirty ass Mexicans down here! So no one elect a Hispanic president, which would never happen, or this border will open way up! Lol

          1. Also you racist and evil you probably i can tell you don’t know what real internal love is you live in a fantasy life in fantasy desires your soul is corrupted i don’t even know you but i bet i’m hitting some points you will say otherwise or try to slander me for exposing you to yourself in the end we are all human beings regardless of race religion and color racism is hate how can you love your own family kids and so forth when you don’t have love for human life ask yourself this your LOVE isn’t pure it’s an act sad to see so sad i pray for you.

    1. Just watched the james foley vid in slow mo. I totally missed the part where I was supposed to be looking for blood cos I was cumming so hard my glasses fell off. Seriously though the vid is fake right? But why so obvious? Theres nothing amatuer about the way the video shot so whats with the gaffs? Also the interview with the siblings wtf? Theyre laughing at us.

    2. I love that the dupers delight video was used pamela meyer has a lot of great how to spot a liar techniques she did a ted talks and im sure clinton bush and obama were pissed. Admitadly kenyan is better at schooling his face than the 2 afformentioned presidicks. Hes almost believable. But neural networks are what they are. And once youve seen the liar you cant see the facade.

    3. evrybody in Belgium nows for a fact foley whos still alive less then a year ago, we got a big terrorist proces comming up most off them SHARIA4BELGIUM. 1 of the guys was sick and tired of fighting in syria so he wanted to go back home but his so cald ‘ friends ‘ lockt him up in jail whit FOLEY and 16 others. when JEROEN BONTINCKT came back from sirya he BELGIUM POLICE arrested him for a short while. he conveset to about evrything. the things he said let to a mission from america to get foley and other out of there but they already sold him to isis at the time. and the video beging fake is pretty funny to say on THIS website de gurgeling when he strart slit his trouth should send some alarmbells of… never the less you guys have the right to think what you want…….

    4. Damn you Americans! always causing trouble and then bringing other countries into your BS! it’s about time your government realised that America is no longer “the super power of the world” Get over it.

  1. I have been wanting to see the actual video! The media has said countless times that there is a video out there confirmed. If the video I just saw was it, but just in slow motion, that looks fake. There is no blood! Background looks fake! The guy had a huge body, and in pictures he looked smaller frames. That female sibling bugged the eff out of me with that smile too! I mean, I pretty cold hearted but I’m pretty sure if either be crying or have a sad demeaner when speaking about my brother if he was recently beheaded. They looked a little fake themselves, as in facial surgeries

      1. Can someone please explain how the US media get away with hiring actors for his siblings? Don’t his parents see that shit? Or are they behind it as well? And why, what do they get out of it?
        Is this all just more reason to bomb them? Implying we don’t have enough reasons already lol?

    1. You know this interview video with his brother i stopped the video few times to think and came up with the exact same thought the video said. why the fuck wouldn’t you look back if something falls? if a painting behind me gonna fall now i will look behind me and pick it up like a normal person. but he i guess im not born to be an actor.

      after all, i agree with this propoganda being fake as usual. i discussed with my mother about the beheading already and will do it again at dinner in an hour or so to tell her it’s fake and pure propoganda to spread hatred.

      anyway more investigation is required here as this is one of the most disgusting way of spreading lies AGAIN.

      1. @Nopax.
        I agree my friend, if that was your home the picture would probably have been there for years, and then it decides to crash to the ground at that moment, and nobody flinched?

        This is what happens on a film set! This should be on an outtakes vid! Someone shouts cut! They all fall about laughing and then do it again.

        They know it’s live, they know it’s funny and they know it’s serious.
        They can’t completely keep it together.

        Should make lots of people awake from their slumber.

  2. FAKE……….

    Again, the sawing action of the knife produces no blood, Surely one of the bluntest knives on the planet.

    The mass of sheeple took this one hook, line and sinker.

    I couldn’t help laugh when the US gummint were raving on about the ‘tragic death’ and imminent retaliation.
    His family and friends must surely by now think the jig is up.

    FUGAZI you fucktards……… Bring on the next fake and let us be the judge.

    1. ***FAKE???.

      Again, the sawing action of the knife produces no blood, Surely one of the bluntest knives on the planet.

      Yeah…No Doubt!!

      I have more blood on my razor after four cups of coffee, than this dude has anywhere on his neck.

      I wouldn’t even let him cut my hair!!

      …he’d probably pull it out by the roots, like Moe use to do to Curly, on “The Three Stooges.”

    2. You wonder were they find these people with fake families and noone but thier fake families crying fot them? This is not the first. Sure there are plenty of broken mentally ill people, homeless or addicted but how well do they cooperate. Some do some dont too much is at stake to rely on the deception of a broken man or woman and clearly the siblings were not those. So where do they get the. Im a logicol person most times and i know if i could pay someone for a service and silence someone else could do the same after all greed is greed and a job is a job acting or otherwise.
      When youve raised children you understand that the world is the way you tell them it is. In their minds. It requires yrs of dissillusionment and suffering to change thier minds if you were anything but truthfull when raising them. So something on this scale requires knowing with certainty the backgrounds of your subjects and that cannot be fully acheived without having built the background yourself. Hmmmmm so where do they get kids to raise to believe the world is whatever they say it is??? Cant be thier own kids they have to have abandonment issues so they can build a savior complex. Anything less would be amature and sure to fail…. which is great if you want the deception to be found! Just some thoughts!!!

  3. I’m surprised Jewllywood didn’t supply better props like a knife that shoots ketchup while it’s cutting to make it look real.
    real jihadist don’t fuck around. They video tape the whole thing, so that you see that they mean business.
    I don’t see why they would edit a video of a beheading.

      1. When I first saw the vidja I thought that dude is gonna cut his head off with that knife?? Is there no blood because the knife was shit? Was there no actual footage cause the fucktards had to switch knives and look like fucking amateurs? I can’t imagine this is the case, but I’m not one for conspiracies. I can’t see these crazy ISIL cunts being that amateurish.

        I’ll hold out until I see an unedited vidja.

        As for those ‘siblings’. I’ve never had a brother have his head chopped off by Muslims, so I can’t really say how I’d react but it doesn’t look good.

        1. @plonk.

          If “ISIS, ISIL, IS. Whatever they are! Are actually real, then why have the not once mentioned the murder of 2000 plus Muslims in Palestine? They may well be murdering scumbags but they are owned and funded.

          Exactly as al qaida ( that’s probably spelt wrong) Mujahadeen fighters recruited by the US to stop the Russians invading Afghanistan, money was no object and it worked.

          So well in fact that they can’t stop.

          1. @bobcat1967

            I don’t know why they haven’t threatened israhell. A smart move maybe? They’re fighting on a lot of fronts right now.

  4. I didn’t think it at first, and still not completely convinced but it does seem likely this is another false flag to essentially rain bombs into Syria and excuse to go back and stay in Iraq. The result is still the same whether its faked or not.

    Funny how NOW the Americans want to take out ISIS when they have been ignoring them for a long time (and aiding them) while they have been causing havoc and cutting of heads in Syria.

    >Because ISIS hates Assad and the US hates Assad because Israel hates Assad
    > also because isis now pose a threat to Kurdistan, (an israeli ally)

    Although you would think that they would hire more convincing crisis actors if trying to sell something on this scale to an increasingly aware public?

    1. ***Although you would think that they would hire more convincing crisis actors if trying to sell something on this scale to an increasingly aware public?

      We have my friend…

      It’s our presstitutes at FOX, MSNBC, CBS,ABC,NBC etc.

      …Although I think the United States, has pretty much set the stage for ultimate destruction now.

      With all these proxy wars in the Middle East going on now, it’s only a matter of time, that countries will end up anhilating each other.

      It’s kind of like it was in the late 80’s, with the Northern Alliance and the Moha Jadeem.

      We aided Afghanistan in the war against the Russians, while we laid down our pipelines, and protected our oil fields.

      It would of been too obvious to fight the Russians directly. That would of been a dead giveaway, to our interest in protecting the “black gold.”

      …so we simply told the world through our corrupt corporate media, that we were…

      “Doing it for freedom.”

      …but in this particular case, it was the freedom of the Afghan people.

      Our freedom came on 911!!

  5. I thought the same cause we don’t see the full beheading and the knoife and build of the “terrorist” switches right before the start of beheading and you don’t see blood when he cuts you just hear a couple grunting noises the more I watch it the more it makes no sense then look at the picture of the body with head I don’t know if it’s just me but it doesn’t look like foley plus his gun is holstered for a right handed shooter but he cuts with the left? The entire tone of the recording is so awkward and doesn’t bare resemblance to what we have seen knowing beheading is often loud and they usually lye the person on the ground but no blood and fact it cuts away doesn’t send a Shocking message and what other reason would they not show the entire event that’s the whole Damn point!!!!! To shock and scare that beheading was not least bit gory that’s just not these guys MO ISIS never cared before and do these often.. Thanks for the post I’m glad someone finally said something good work

    1. Good catch! Through all the Beheadings we’ve seen on BG ALL of Us have a little more insight to judge authenticity! Who else has analyzed these incidents more Deeply than BestGore Members? 99.999% of the Net is to close minded and Droned to even listen to the audio!

  6. Even not slowed down there is an odd lack of blood, I mean it usually blasts out of there. And what of the second knife seen later? I am also happy that someone else agrees the background looks odd.

    As for the siblings, well they mention kids running around and being a distraction during the interview. As a parent I can relate; say the kid was being goofy and or hamming it up and smiling at them during this, not really understanding what was going on. It’s hard not to smile back at your kid even at the worst of times. It’s inconclusive for me.
    Needless to say, the idea that THEY would be in on what would be an international hoax seems kind of stupid to me? But I am open minded, someone please explain why his family members would all be in on the scam?

  7. While I do like paranormal conspiracies, I try to stay away from… political conspiracies. However, I would state that the individual in the video has a very pronounced frontal suture (line on the forehead). I can not see any such mark on photos of Foley that are available online. Also, his left ear looks a bit funky around the pinna, but I would guess that could be a result of cauliflowering from a heavy strike to the region. Also, that lack of blood was strange. Stranger is the very small amount around the corpse after the beheading.

    I’m no doctor, I just looked for things that looked off and learned what they were called. Anyone else have thoughts on this (I mean, regardless, someone had their head cut off and it could well be Foley).

  8. Wow, that second video with the laughing is the worst acting I’ve ever seen. You’d think the director would stop filming and tell her “hey, we’re trying to fool the western world here, could you stop laughing for 2 minutes?”. It’s pathetic really, “I was the last family member to talk to him, hahaha”. The word Tunisia really sets her off too. And the guy seems so sketchy on the details, and the way they relay the information, they have absolutely no emotional connection to it. It’s like someone telling a story they barely remember and laughing as they stumble their way through it. The world really is stupid for eating up this bullshit. Scary stuff, and fantastic post. I wish this was on the news. No room though with all the lies.

  9. i don’t doubt the Foley video was doctored and I’m pretty sure the general public never gets the full story. but this conspiracy video is a stretch. that tight-lipped smile at the end of an answer isn’t “duping delight.” It’s what most people (esp. those unaccustomed to being interviewed) do after an answer, like asking, “Was that okay?”

  10. It’s like the U.S. shadow government doesn’t give a rat’s ass, about being candid anymore…

    We have the fucking…

    Monetary Policy/Central Banks/Federal Reserve

    …and a partridge in a pear tree!!

    1. They’re becoming sloppy in their desperate attempts to maintain the lie.. Truth is, they have probably always been sloppy, it’s just a lot easier to see now.. Bring on the propaganda fuckheads, WE can see right through it. Pathetic soulless creatures..

  11. Hi Mark!

    I know this is somehow a “Zio” plot or something, but given that Foley was a leftist who tweeted about Israeli “war crimes” and the “rights” of Fakestinians and so, how are we to convince people that he was a pawn of the international Jew?

    1. watch the facts before opening mouth imik.
      Isis did fake video so US will attack them and they could point finger look how evil US is ? then showing them james is still alive…

      Isis wants good, but playing chess game with jews is too difficult. they will always turn the tables around. different method is needed

          1. @killosopher.
            Take people as you find them that’s my motto. I have the luxury of not knowing my race, I maybe a jew, Arab, Asian? I have no clue so I have no immediate prejudice to anyone.

            It’s governments or should I say, people controlling them that fuel these divisions.

            Divide and conquer, it’s age old.

          2. @bobcat,you have decency. I know that you know there are people who do not. We have to be aware of deceit. Jews are no different than any other religious fanatic, except they are more intelligent and conniving. They are equally deranged. Like I said, most secular jews don’t knowingly subscribe to their doctrine of superiority masked by victim – hood, but almost more alarmingly, it is ingrained and second nature to disrespect, infiltrate, undermine, and eventually destroy non jews.

  12. Beheading is without doubt fake. In all of the be headings I have seen, where the victim is in a kneeling position, the head will be tipped backwards so the cutter can gain access, which doesn’t take place in this video.

    The siblings are having a really hard time keeping those grins hidden. In fact they didn’t manage to hide it very well at all. Pair of lying skanks.

  13. Having had seen the original video when it was initially released and determined it to be a fugazi-fake within mere minutes, I find the media attention is support of this to be laughable. Certainly they must have at least one graphic artist working at those major news organizations who would have questioned some of the visual abnormalities within the video.

    When I saw the initial video and the scene of a head on the back of a corpse, there were glaring aberrations. I downloaded the video, pulled a single frame of the head on a corpse, tossed it into the GIMP (Linux bitches, it works!), ran some of the custom scripts I employ in refining my micro-photography (mostly insects and other microscopic things), stretched the contrast and HSL/HSV/HSI levels to expose significant aberrations and artifacting around the head. Though I’m not a formally educated photographer nor graphic artist, I could have done better.

    With new video of the ISIS grunt drawing a knife against the throat of his captor, it’s obvious that whatever production company made this has never worked in feature film nor with special effects. Squids (or blood packs) are easy to make, and making fake blood is even easier. Potassium Thiocyanate and Ferric Nitrate are used to create the effect of blood being drawn from a knife. These chemicals come as dry crystals and are reasonably easy to procure. Mix a teaspoon of each with about a cup of water, keeping them separate. The Potassium solution is colorless and applied to the skin of the victim/actor. The Ferric solution is brown (like a cup of steeped tea, no cream) and applied to the edge of the prop blade. When the two chemicals come together the Ferric (Iron) solution quickly oxidizes and turns a bright blood red. Honestly, I made this stuff when I was 12, and an entire team of video producers can’t replicate blood.

    Though I’m certain that nothing will ever come of this fakery, it would be nice to see the producers and actors offer public apology and post that video on YouTube for the world (and ISIS) to see.

      1. Actually, I’m a Canadian, but still a colony boy who has the Queens smile upon his currency too.

        Though I’m not terribly familiar with the Woolwich incident, I asked the Google and found a picture of Lee Rigby (the victim) with him wearing royal guard garb (red formal uniform with the big fuzzy hat on his lap). There have been numerous indications that this photo is a hoax or Shooped (Photoshopped). I ran it though some of the graphics tools I use and came to the conclusion that the image has a better than 80% chance of being fake. There are minute aberrations around the head and on portions of his hairline that indicate a cut/paste. Whoever constructed the image did have some skill in photographic forensics, but was just lazy enough to let a few pixels slip.

        But for the record, I’m do not now nor have ever believed in the conspiracy theory construct of ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government) nor the notion that Jews are secretly controlling the world.

        But I do believe in humans, and some some humans can be utter pricks hell bent upon greed and polluted with corruption. BestGore shows this to be in-arguably true as every scene of human debauchery involves humans.

        If some humans decide to conspire to commit murder so as to advance either a social, political or financial agenda, then it’s humans doing this to humans.

        Besides, as an atheist I don’t want to give credit to religion for anything, whether it be good or bad, it’s all a construct of humans.

  14. Well i kinda knew it just from the point that i didnt saw any blood comming out from James’ neck during his beheading… ๐Ÿ˜ …Sometimes i even amaze myself with such things that end up being bigger than i expect…

  15. cmon vince mcmahon could of came up with a better storyline then this stuff here…isis is a name the media wants u to hate..for what…simple oil money for the u.s and land for the jews..simple trade off..seeing the first vid of the beheadin made me wonder..well hes wearin orange but yet theres no blood on it..hmm plus location,location,location..this is the only “beheadin” ive seen with a setting like that plus their camera looks too perfect for a sandman then what they usually use,for some reason i believe they are using this as a distraction for something greater it looks tooo pure…now theres talks that isis is working with mexican cartals so they can get in through texas n all hell breaks loose..listen yall in 2016..thats when the real fun begins..the gates of hell will open..this is just part of the phase! stay up!

  16. Bye the way may be I’m the first who recognize DIFFERENT KNIFES and talk about SECOND KILLER. You may look my comments here and their date on video “Islamic State Executes Journalist James Foley” .

    The truth is that the CIA strictly follow my comments and on CNN is forbidden to mention my name. When something told by me start gaining strength on the Internet CNN tries immediately to avert it create news article and starting to explain that other experts have said this or that.

    They’re just afraid someone would notice my comments here ๐Ÿ˜€


  17. Discover the difference between CNN article on 26 august:


    And my comments here on 20 august:

    MadManEE on August 20, 2014 at 1:52 pm said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Look at THE KNIFE ?use? by the man who is ?beheading? the ?journalist? ? it is quite different from the knife that is on the ground next to the already beheaded body!

    ISIS would never stream a video that doesn?t show the act of beheading ? because purpose of this beheading is exactly to show the ACT ITSELF to INDUCE FEAR!


    MadManEE on August 20, 2014 at 2:17 pm said:

    By the way for every who believe in this video ? the executor move his knife almost 6 times and there was no drop of blood at all. After the 3 cutting blood will flow abundantly ? this is not only fake, this is totally stupid fake.

    MadManEE on August 20, 2014 at 11:57 pm said:

    Of course, there may be other reason to not show act of beheading.

    Simple guy with FAKE KNIFE (look like made from plastic) and fluent English is not able to do beheading. Someone else do it instead of him. He is only spokesmen. But I don?t believe much in this ? because they would just use two man do it ? one to speak, and one to behead.

  18. If I was being interviewed following the gruesome death of a family member or close friend in the hands of Islamic Radicals, I wouldn’t waste time on news shows sadly talking about nostalgia, childhood memories or what were deceased favorite hobbies , rather I would angrily call the whole world for a Global Reverse-Jihad against all Islamist Terrorists and those who fund them……

  19. talk radio torn this a new one at first and then excepted it as legit. now that I saw this smack what a tease they killed him but it was like a trip to tallk it out right before. the reserve of people. -951-

  20. Whenever I look into conspiracies for too long, I start feeling overwhelmed. It gets to the point where I start questioning everything. You never know truly how deep the rabbit hole goes, and when you think you’ve got it figured out, you see some other aspect that changes everything all over again. If I try to talk about it to friends or other people I feel like they think I’m crazy, but then again thats what they want right? They come up with so much bullshit that when someone actually tries to call it for what it is, they get labeled crazy or insane.
    Anyway since these are actors, what of the real siblings? Does Foley even have real siblings? Why aren’t they making a video or standing up and saying ” the media is lying, they’ve impersonated us.”?
    The peeps above are right, this stinks of a false flag. If it was a legit video it wouldve shown the entire beheading.

  21. The video is fake as fuck for way too many obvious reasons.

    As for the family members, they definitely are his siblings there is no doubt about that. The resemblance between the guy and his brother is definitely there. However I’m not sure if I’m buying their story.

  22. I don’t get it…if these aren’t his siblings where are his real siblings then and why aren’t they up in arms about this? Or if he doesn’t have siblings then surely friends or family would speak out? Makes no fucking sense.

    1. Exactly… Seems like that would be the most obvious. If these were just actors pretending to be his siblings on national television you don’t think his real family, friends, relatives, acquaintances, his pastor or doctor for Christ sake would all be thinking WTF is this?

      Come on guys, you’re better than this. This is 8 year old logic.

      1. Agree completely. The beheading was real as you can clearly see in the aftermath picture. And no way has a ‘fake’ family been created, it is ludicrous to even suggest that. Seriously, I have never read such deluded nonsense in my entire life.

  23. I am sure the Brit guy was used as the spokesperson only….cut ..bring in the real be-header….bottomline the guy is dead and no American should be in Iraq or Syria in the first place…we would be pissed if Arabs had been bombing the hell out of us and killing us….ISIS is identical to Israel that uses religion to invade other people’s land….Israel was founded the same way…driving out over 750,000 Arabs, killing them, burning their crops, taking their homes and land….as Billary Clinton would say…what difference does it make…

    1. To be honest Arabs don’t belong there. They are not the indigious people of that land they murdered their way through in the 7th century and replaced the locals and converted the rest to submit to Islam. Arabs and Muslims have been doing this since day one. Now the tables are turned and they don’t like it. There is no difference with Isis behaviour and how Islam was spreader out of the Arabian desert during the bulk of Islam

  24. The video is not fake. Muslim fake ass UK rapper just sucks at beheading.should just narrated. U can hear the windwipe being cut open and air/gases coming out.the neck quit (sic) so to speak.when during somomes neck with a knife or blade like that it make a certain sound witch u can clearly hear. The fake untalented Ali G mentioned the airstrikes so the event timeline is believable. As for his reactio/demeanor/calm nature of Foley, who knows what he might have been told,or been through thus far. Maybe he was told it was just for the camera and another mock execution.or was we are going to not kill u if u read the statement so we can get a ransom.then end up killing him anyway….I personally just think Ali G is a pussy hence jointing the small dick parade. He couldn’t make up for his lack of sexaul prowless with hip hop so he got a gun and power trip.a great mask for a bully with high testosterone. Real men don’t need a gun.we use are words then our hands.I rather choke the ignorance out and watch it leave through their sad little Beatty eyes then end it quick and pussy like with a wanna be gangsta gun. Only time u should fight with a gun is if there is a horde of zombies or you are in a trained military fighting for a cause.more people die in the name of god.(SOMEONE ELSES) then all other ways of death.its sad that all people do is sit behind a keyboard and complain about america.when we come to your foreign aid,taking away from need attention here on our terrain.just to have people bitch and called everything a false flag.goverment does not always get it right but in no way are the solely what’s wrong. Fight for cause.see the front line or at least report on it do some research. then ur opinion will have some wieght. Tired of all the bitching u guys are no better then politicians.power walks beside greed. As only the innocent grieve. U have no clue what the flag really mewns so stop putting false in front of it.oh wait u cant ,u have no life and live a sheltered mad at my parents for getting a divorce and not giving me all the attention I think I deserve kinda pent up hatred u direct at the people that playing real tug of war with the dicks caught in the ropes. McDonalds called they need u to fill in tonight go to work and shut the fuck up

  25. Holy shit. Another clue is that when she is remembering she looks up and to the right. Most people look up and to the left for accessing memories :

    Eyes Up and Left: Non-dominant hemisphere visualization – i.e., remembered imagery

    Eyes Up and Right: Dominant hemisphere visualization – i.e., constructed imagery and visual fantasy (Vc).

    1. Good one @Kniqui, indeed, when a person looks up to the left, they are trying to retrieve images / details of reality, things that have truly happened….. memories.

      Those involuntary, unconscious head movements, are one hell of a give away.

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