Jihadist Can’t Finish Beheading, Twists Head Off

Jihadist Cant Finish Beheading, Twists Head Off

In Hama, Syria, a Jewhadist attempted to behead a young Syrian man, but couldn’t find the spot to cut through the spine, and proceeded to twist the head off instead.

Meanwhile, $500 Million of US tax dollars that was used to train “moderate rebels” to wage war on Syria, and empty the land of its inhabitants by flooding Europe with them, so Israel can steal the land with no one left there to stand in their way, ended up serving the predictable purpose when Pentagon trained Division 30 moderates handed weapons over to Jabhat al-Nusra immediately after entering Syria.

Also, a document released by WikiLeaks shows US had plans to destabilize Syria since 2006, which is nothing new really, given that Wesley Clark confirmed long before 2006 that: “We’re going to take out seven countries in 5 years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finishing off, Iran“, and that DIA director Michael Flynn admitted that Kenyan knowingly and deliberately armed ISIS militants.

Our video streaming service provided by ProChan has been having a lot of issues lately, so playback may at times be compromised. We’re hoping they will be resolved soon. Props to Best Gore member Amer the adventurerz for the video:

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    1. It’s pretty sick, that’s for sure. It’s like these people are still stuck in the Middle Ages. A few hundred years ago they loved this kind of shit in Europe. I can’t imagine being hung, drawn and quartered was any less brutal, and people turned up in droves to watch. If only they had BestGore back then! I’ve desensitised to a lot of this stuff after about a year of daily visits to this site. Every time I hear about some horrific accident or event, I always head straight here to get the real, uncensored story, and 9 times out of ten, it’s there. I’ve learnt more about history and politics from this site than my whole time in education as a teenager. I was just another sheep in the herd, but no longer! All thanks to this site. I’d love to sit down and have a beer with some of the commenters who clearly know a great deal about some of the topics that are discussed here a lot. I’ve so much to learn. My journey is only just beginning

      1. EzGerman
        ?I always head straight here to get the real, uncensored story, and 9 times out of ten, it?s there. I?ve learnt more about history and politics from this site than my whole time in education as a teenager. I was just another sheep in the herd, but no longer! ?

        I love BG ?. But don?t kid yourself, this site is as bias as any of web or new organization out there. If you don?t want to be a ?sheep? don’t always believe what you read anywhere, everybody has an agenda these days. Best way to avoid “seepism” my friend is using your own power of reason then do your own research.

        1. Amen, there were 5 count them 5 men trained with all 500 million.. I know this for fact. My cousin was one of the instructors. Hine where did the money go? He’s still broke as usual. At least give the money to the general populace. Oh but holy shit, let’s not do that shit. . ..

      2. Just a minor correction, Muslim world was the voice of reason and relative moderation during the Middle Ages, in contrast to Europe. Ironically in past times, it was the Sunnis who represented democratic progressives, and they still do to this day. ISIL is democratic, every idiot can become a caliph (they are the modern day Khawarij).

        Seriously something happened to Sunnis, and it’s basically two words: taqlid and hanbaliyah. Basically it means blind following conservatives. This plagues spreads from the rich Gulf states and it’s infesting the rest of the Muslim world. That’s why I find Shiites generally more likable, they’re more opened to talk about their religious bullshit.

        1. You watched to much leftist-liberal antiwhite history propaganda, diminishing accomplishments of European people and portraying Arabs/muslims as enlightened people in Middle Ages.

          What happened to Arabs is centuries of inbreeding and islam.

      3. Ok, I feel you. I suggest you continue your journey by taking a hit (LSD) or similar in a safe environment. After you saw so much of the cruel side of humanity you might as well try out the radical opposite. I am no mentor by all means, but I am trying to get there and I read from your comment that you could get far by opening up in that manner. You seem to be smart and, more importantly, radical in your thinking, like I am, and that can get you far. I hope you do, and in a way that helps people rather than harms them 🙂
        Best wishes, Felix

      1. That they without fear, can and will cut off the heads of persons who are bound and defenseless.

        The world needs to adopt the Angolan solution to islam. Ban it and jail all mooslimes.

        Who would have thought such clear thought would come from a 3rd world tribal lead African nation whose GDP is less than what you have in your pockets.

      2. They’re trying to scare off Shiites sects and other non-muslims in Syria. Seeing the migrant crisis we have here, they’re succeeding.
        Second, it’s no secret these videos are appealing to any extremist idiot, so this is an appeal to those kind of people.
        They might do this for their own enjoyment those fecking perverted cowardly bastards.

        Personally this would never scare me, it would only make me eager to kill as much as I can, make them taste their own medicine. Either way, it isn’t rational.

      3. Nice article Ate, that Wikileaks cable was a great read. I should turn more to it, I’ve been hooked on the official sources for my intel on Middle East way to much. I knew US diplomacy was always shamelessly interloping in other affairs, but that cynicism was truly fucking disgusting.

      1. Absolutely agree! And these Quranfuckers scare about pork? They should start to think again! I would never touch these dirty-heads without a protective suit. WTF, I don’t get the point. For the reason of pain, they cold torture, and for killing, there are much more efective ways to do so. So what’s the point of consuming beheadings? Just for bestgore? 😉

    2. There’s not dealing with these savages. It’s time to stop fucking around already and just nuke the fucks back to the stone ages! I’m all for that. I fought with the U.S. Army in Iraq in 2004 and I can tell you first hand they are like savages who came from the Middle Ages.

    3. That’s the result of faith. Believing things for no real reason. Inventing and going along with ideas that give pleasure, however ridiculous they are. Whether you believe that God left the last bag of marshmallows in the supermarket just for you, or you’re a jihadist sicko beheading people in some desert shithole, you’re using the same unthinking epistemology.

      1. Just the crazy ones that murder for religion or money….I can’t wrap my head around that. May as not just wish for that over there….would be nice to see that become a reality everywhere.
        Hope you and yours are well @IP.

      1. @grinzle agreed when it comes down to breathing for that next day or minute people will do all that’s within their power to make that happen.
        Then there is the opposite end of the spectrum where people have no hope…just accept their fate and lay down to die.

    1. Well you’re a fucking moron, aren’t you. Essentially you’re willing to do the same retarded, fucked up, grotesque, savage, backwards, repugnant shit they are, for essentially the same retarded, fucked up, grotesque, savage, backwards, repugnant reason. Why not just call a spade and spade and join them?

      Flush yourself.

    1. @BB

      I snapped at you the other day and I’m sorry for that. I know you are always joking around and I went all sensitive over something silly. I wasn’t feeling well and I took that out on you which was very stupid of me.

          1. @Little Foot
            I’ve gotta admit these past few days you were missed sorely . I hope you’re doing fine .
            Its nice to see you back again.
            get grooving now !

          2. @blucon
            Thank you! I’m better now so I won’t be leaving again 🙂


            Good I’m glad to hear that and nice new avi lol.


            I feel better already just being back here 😉

        1. @Horrorgirl, wasn’t his last victim strung up like a deer? I think she was a local cops mum? He made stuff like belts from nipples, skull bowls and a human skin vest, but I think most were from corpses he dug up when they where still fresh. I hope that stuff wasn’t destroyed, it should be in a museum, though I doubt the victims family would agree to that!

    1. @amour i wholeheartedly apologize for my untimely and overly aggressively disgusting comments to yourself a while back . at the time i was on a rage mode and maybe read too much into your comment . i burn with rage constantly and the slightest things can trigger ott responses at times . on second glances at your increased avatar size i think your actually rather quite beautiful if you don’t mind me saying. peace fellow european ,oh and brace yourselves after the immigrants have flooded and feel comfortable enough to attack the next great war begins .. it takes only a fool to not see what lies ahead .

      1. @haydolf I sincerely appreciate the apology, but I truthfully say I was not expecting nor was I wanting one Im more than happy to leave things as petty as name calling in the past. It was unfortunate you took the joke in a manner is was not meant to be taken but many of us often mistake what others write, such how it is on the internet when one can not hear an intended tone or see ones expression to determine intent or humor. I do want to thank you for taking the time to write the apology as I said I very much l appreciate it. I also understand many people have been through a lot of fucked up shit in there life and are easily triggered by certain things I myself have a few. Just please in the future if you don’t quit understand something I say inquire first next time so we can avoid any further incidents 🙂

      1. My bad, niggers to then. I guess I just forgot them cause we don’t have that many niggers in Australia. We got more than our fair share of muslims though, and the jews are just about everywhere wether directly or not. I don’t know if the damage done by multiculturalism will ever be undone…

          1. Aww don’t cry!! I had a lovely little trip to the emergency room this weekend and the doctors couldn’t figure out what’s wrong with me…again so then I spent a couple of days in some pretty unbearable pain. But I’m back…like I could ever stay away from you 😉

          2. Now I know why my dogs act like they do when they haven’t seen me in a while… 😉

            I’ve missed you…

            *humps @Little Foot’s leg*

          3. @Jack, don’t cry, leave that to me! (believe me when I say I’m embarrassed about my comments, yesterday, but what can I do, they can’t be taken back 🙁 )

          4. @LF I’m glad you’re ok and I’m glad to see you back and I’d give you a big hug if I could

            @tas don’t feel bad. I was gonna lay into that fucking clown no matter what. You had nothing to do with it

          5. @LF, what’s the difference between a poodle or a pitbull humping your leg? You let the pitbull finish! Glad you are back, hope you are well, you were quickly missed.

          6. @Jack

            I’ll always have a leg for you 😉


            Thank you! I feel better, no more pain just kind of sore like I got my ass kicked and I’m bruised all over lol.


            Hello love! Lmao damn right I’ll let the pitbull finish! I don’t want my face eaten although he may do that after he’s finished anyway haha. And thank you I missed my favorite Aussie lady. 🙂

          7. @LF, wow, thankyou so much for saying that, you certainly have come back very happy and positive (you usually are anyway) I like it! 😉

            PS – 20 years ago, it was quite rare to see an African face in Australia, now we get a few 1000 migrate here each year, *shaking my head* I don’t understand how this could have been considered a good idea?

          8. @tas

            Whoever came up with the idea is an idiot. The problem is all of these people migrate to different countries and have everything handed to them. There’s no work involved in getting what they want and it causes a sense of entitlement and greediness. From the sounds of it pretty soon you’ll be like the USA 🙁

          9. Apparently western Sydney alone will be getting 7000 more syrian refugees real soon. That’s where I live to. Like there weren’t already enough middle eastern shit stains around here

          10. @Jack

            You’re in Sydney? I’ve always wanted to go there. I was actually going to study abroad in Sydney but my major wouldn’t allow it. Try not to beat up too many Muslims when they get there haha.

          11. @mamason

            Lol I know! Although now it sounds like the number is increasing there 🙁 I’m thinking living on a boat is about the only way to truly get away from all of those violent pieces of shit.

  1. Holy shit, autoplay on the vids is gonna catch some people out haha! I can never watch the knife beheadings with sound, not yet anyway. That half screaming, half gargling noise fucks with my head for some reason. It’s the ultimate savagery in my eyes (or ears)

          1. Ever had to fart real bad but then you remembered what you had for dinner so you try to clentch your ass cheeks shut until you can make it to the toilet but the pressure is overwhelming so you try to gently let out a little gas and end up shitting yourself?
            Not me.

          1. Not to mention the grunting sounds the gnat would have to make to rip a head off of a body. Haha probably sound like hes taking a really fat shit

          2. Ever been on the toilet pushing out a fatty as you struggled to keep the log going and you’re leaning forward pushing as hard as you can when your sphincter clentches shut causing part of the log to stay inside you and then you spend the next fifteen minutes wiping your ass?
            Not me.

  2. When he twisted the dude’s head it reminded me of a scene from the movie “The Exorcist”. You know the scene, Linda Blair sits up and her head turns completely around and says ” fuck me, fuck me”. I thought that the dude with the twisted head was going to sit up and say ” fuck me, fuck me”. I love the Exorcist. I wonder if the dude with twisted head saw the movie? And if he did, I wonder what he thought of that scene. I guess I’ll never know now.

        1. There’s a surgeon by the name of Canavero in Italy that claims he’s figured out a way to do the world’s 1st successful head transplant. He hopes to do it within the next 2 years, as long as he gets enough doctors to help with it. He already has patient that is afflicted with some sort of spinal atrophy disease who’s volunteered. It’ll be interesting either way.

          1. @Mikey, they have done it to a dog, there is a video online with the transplanted head (a smaller dog’s head transplanted onto a German shepard type dog) I think the animal(s) lasted 25 or 26 days, then I think the ‘head’ died, followed by the whole dog. It’s an old black ‘n’ white video. I bet they’ve done it to other animals? or possibly sneakily done it on a human?

    1. A name change is in order. Some suggestions.

      Mostly Brutal Bob?
      Somewhat Brutal?
      Brutal between the hours of 0900 – 1700 Monday – Friday.
      0900 – 1200 on Saturday.
      And not on Sundays Bob.

      Not so much as brutal, but more of a cantankerous smarmy, smart ass bob?

  3. And Germany vows to take in 100K of these subhumans a year. So much for the proud German people and Germania. Soon you will know the mindnumbing bullshit Merica must deal with on a daily basis.

    Have fun with your multiculturalism. Oh and ladies, don’t walk alone ever. Your mooslime neighbor is extra rapey.

  4. Let me tell you ’bout a place
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    Fuck you Sam Cooke, you are boring.

  5. Terrorism is a form of propaganda by the deed. And the more chilling the deed, the more impactful the propaganda. The graphic nature of beheading, the focus on the individual, and the act of bodily desecration involved all render this far more chilling than the violent shattering of a ripping bomb

    Jewhadists rhetoric presently outstrips their capabilities
    soon enough the new dawn will find them outnumbered

    Jewhadists now Listen up we are coming for ya

      1. @tas tiger
        Hi there ! I am happy that I got you to talk to me at last and seeing you peppy elates me and can you believe I just went poetic only to grab your attention ……. can sing it any which way YOU like .
        Thanks to you to let me be back again .

        1. Ahahaha @blucon, I just wish I could have said/sung the poem to a rhyme, you know like a nursery rhyme. I’m hopeless sometimes (but I am busy, snatching 5 minutes on the computer here and there) it’s only 6:05 pm here, I’m cooking dinner, I have to be careful not to burn shit!

          1. @boozer, tonight I made a chicken stir fry, pan fry chicken meat (strips of breast with skin removed) in dash olive oil and fresh garlic. In a different pan I tossed snow peas, baby corn, thin sliced carrot, baby bok choy, red & yellow capsicum (peppers in US? not hot anyway) and stirred thru bit of olive oil til tender. Then I mixed the chicken with vegetables and served on a bed of rice, with dash soy sauce. Takes so bloody long to prepare and cook, but it was worth it!
            @blucon, now you can salivatate cos I’ve said what I cooked! It was good too.

  6. Hi gore freaks!
    News coming out of Saudi Arabia 717 towel heads dead with the possibility of many more dead. That should put a smile on your face. Can’t wait to see the images of the dead towel heads on BestGore!

    Allah was, apparently, taking a crap when all this went down. After Allah left bathroom, he was asked about the events coming out of Mecca and this is what Allah said “Shit happens!”.

      1. Their Mohammad was fist fucking another goat in the loo that’s when the shit happened .
        Lesson: they bought it …. they got it coming good as ever .

        A camel and a jackal lived together in a jungle. On the other side of the river flowing beside that jungle, there were fields having ripe sugar- canes

        One day the jackal came to the camel with a plan to cross the river and enjoy the sugarcanes. As he did not know how to swim, so he requested the camel to carry him on his back.

        The camel agreed to the jackal’s request. They set out for the river and soon reached its bank. The camel carried the jackal on his back and crossed the river. On reaching the other side, they began to eat the sugarcanes.

        The jackal was soon satisfied but the camel was yet hun?gry. The jackal began to howl loudly. The camel asked him not to do so but the jackal said that it was his habit to howl after meals.

        His howling attracted the attention of the farmers. They all reached the spot with long sticks. The jackal disappeared in a bush but the camel was badly beaten.

        Now they were to go across the river. The jackal requested the camel to take him across the river.

        The camel agreed to do so since he wanted to retaliate upon him. When the camel reached the middle of water, he began to roll in the water. The jackal told him not to do so. But the camel said that it was his habit to do so after meals.

        As a result, the jackal slipped off the camel’s back and fell into the deep water. He was soon drowned. He was rightly punished for his mischievousness.


        As you sow, so shall you reap?

          1. [email protected] ……none of it’s mine honey .You might have had really missed reading that as a kid back then as you say but it was very much part of “Aesop?s fable.”

            quite moralizing isn’t it ?

            By the way ….. did boozer was given a whiff to what you had cooked last night
            You must be great in the kitchen too…….

    1. @Brokeback

      what the heck is that boy ? I ‘m neck deep in streams of tears for the goat poker and his clan and you and you

      come chanting those reverberationsssssssssssssssssssss

      hell I’m gonna hide in the same loo where the goat poker was last seen .
      Pray for me I do not wish dying of stampede at least for now

  7. fuck sake, i watched a lot of beheadings, but this one make me completely felt something disgusting in the stomach, omg those fucking people have to disappear from earth, i cant belive they enjoy doing this kind of brutalities

  8. A bit of Rammstein (original, yup I know) for the proposed raghead beheadings by the Germans…

    Ich tu dir weh
    Tut mir nicht Leid
    Das tut dir gut
    Hoer wie es schreit!

    Well it beats chanting snackbar..

  9. Fantastic another byproduct of Americas interference of other people’s country’s that as fuck all to do with them in any way shape or form. I mean look at there track record we got ww2 they interfered in Japan’s shit and got them selfs bombed at Pearl Harbor for there troubles. Next they interfered in Korea now that country’s been split ever since. Then we had Vietnam and they got there arses kicked by them for good measure. Then we got Iraq because they couldn’t control the guy they put in power there. Next there was 9/11 because they keep interfering in the Middle East so terrorist as the yanks call them retaliated. The we got Iraq 2.0 because America thought fuck it we will make shit up and just do it. Then Afghanistan because of the same shit then Libya and now Syria. Doesn’t America understand nobody likes them because there the bully’s they say there protecting the world from?how would America like it if every other country started to interfear in there shit? They wouldn’t because nobody likes it when people interfear in your business uninvited. Russia China please fuck them up.

    1. Why does the UK let so many refugees in? I know it’s not what the people want, your island country is too small! Our last PM Tony Abbott at least he “stopped the boats”. My country is huge, but we have a serious lack of water, people say “what about all the land in the centre?” If it was livable, a lot of people would already be here! Not many live in the ‘outback’ it’s too harsh for long periods. You can die out there, it’s as dry as a nuns hooha.

  10. Those inbred (it’s a proven fact, look up cousin marriages map across the world, Africa, Middle East, parts of Asia – Pakistan, prevails) retards are shouting Allah Snackbar ad nauseam like retard from South Park Timmy is shouting Timmy.

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