Jumpy Video of Two People Being Executed, Young Girl Is Then Decapitated

Jumpy Video of Three People Being Executed, Young Girl Is Then Decapitated

Jumpy Video of Two People Being Executed, Young Girl Is Then Decapitated

The killers in the video look African, but whereas I don’t have any backinfo, I got no means to know if it happened in Africa, or a country the Jews aim to silently genocide by flooding it with refugees from incompatible regions.

The jumpy video appears to show the killing of at least two people. Could be three, not sure. A couple consisting of a man and a woman gets shot first, but then more shots ring out, however at that time the cameraman has a temporary epileptic episode.

After the execution, the focus turns to the girl, who appears to be white, young and quite attractive. One of the killers first cuts off her hair, perhaps as a trophy, and then proceeds to decapitate her.

Since I got no backinfo, if you know what this is all about or recognize the language and can pinpoint the probable location, please share it in the comment.


The beheaded woman is most likely Zaida Catalan – 36 year old Swedish-Chilean dual citizen. The man could be 34 year old Micheal Sharp of the USA. Both were members of an investigation team of the UN. Along with their interpreter Betu Tshintela, they were kidnapped on March 12, 2017 while on a mission to the Kasai Central province in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The kidnappers wear red headbands typical of the local Kamuina Nsapu militia.

Props to Best Gore members @missprovacateur and @natural-selection-2 for the video, and @patrik1889 for the tip on the backinfo:

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  1. Hej, @happy

    It’s 100% African .. I have a very strong feel for the area around Congo – So many brutal poachers close by and the weapons used seem quite similar to that used in illegal wildlife crimes.

    Even the terrain is evident of that basin sort of feel I know; it’s not South African – but there are many languages taken on in around Congo so I can not pinpoint, they have so many like French, Mboshi, Bateke, Kituba and Lingala languages so would be good if someone could really grasp the accents.

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        1. I don’t think they where humanitarians; just tourists! Im yet to conclude on it being the same as the linked article from Dutchy.

          Feels more Congo , DRC…


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  4. It is in central Africa can be DRC
    with a village language, is called LOUMBOU. With a mixture of French language. we hear “shoot” ” shoot “from the 11second. after we hear in the 33 second in LOUMBOU language” Voumbouka “which means wake up.
    it must be in a lost village where we often mine gold.

    1. Yes I knew I was right with my Congo area thoughts!!

      I have actually realised now this is the murder of American Michael Sharp, Swedish-Chilean dual national Zaida Catalán and their interpreter Betu Tshintela were kidnapped on 12 March while on a mission to the Kasai Central province, And the red headbands characteristic of the local Kamuina Nsapu militia!!!

  5. Now if that woman had had stayed home in the kitchen, instead of doing do-gooder shit stuff “let’s make this ‘orrible world a better place”, none of this grisly stuff would have happened to her.

  6. They speak French, I can partly understand it. I don’t know if there is another language spoken or if it’s just a very strong accent and a very fast speech these black gentlemen have.
    At 00:03 she is saying: moi j’ai des enfants – I have children
    Then some bullets of approval are being shot at them.
    Then she says: Aaaaaah!
    Then they continue to shoot at them as their supervisor is instructing them: Tirez! Tirez! Tirez dessus! Tirez! Tirez! – Shoot! Shoot! Shoot on them! Shoot! …
    00:51 – ..mais pour-quoi tu.. – but why (do) you..
    01:36 – ..gliblimoulougloubabouma – coupe la tête – cut (off) the head
    01:40 – …on laisse comme-ça.. – …we leave it like that..
    01:48 – …(mais si!(?)) maintenant – (sure!(?)) now
    01:50 – gloubcladagugu.. tout le monde… couteau .. – everyone/each one of us… knife (probably saying that each of them has to take part in the cutting-off of the head, what they seemingly do.

  7. This is what the Prince Leopold of Belgium, Dutch East India and European Rubber Plantationeers created in the 18th and 19th Centuries along with the regular Black Slavers and White Transporters. Chopping arms off the slave children and people who didn’t bring in enough rubber each day. “Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad. These places fell through the fucking floorboards of Empires, no infrastructure, no civilisation ever, no medicine. No roads, no development, permanent war, no government. Complete Anarchy. The CIA likes it that way. Coup after Coup. They test every Biological Weapon on the planet there. Ebola is only the one we’ve heard of.

    These are the guys running amock on Smack, Jungle Juice and whatever Amphetamines Uncle Sam feeds them. This is how you keep a region in abject terror and keep Western eyes and ears OUT of what is going on.

    This area is part of the stretch from Namibia, Angola, Cameroon by the last remnants of those Slave Trading areas of the Congo, Gold Coast and Ivory Coast which fed the West Indies. Black Gangs of Slavers selling Black Captives to White Transporters. Vast sums were made by Black Traders and White Shippers. Still the same with drugs, blood diamonds, gold and the slavery running the operations withing the region. Wars rage for the control (how long has Angola been at war – 60 years? Who actually pays for that anarchy to continue? Yup!). The running sore of this kinda shit runs all the way up to Dakar and Senegal. Iy has seen about 400 years of this shit-stirring by Black Overlords and White Western Corporations happy to utilise whatever means necessary to keep up their work.
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        The Black African Slave Trading Nations and Tribes who sold Black African Slaves to the European Transporters/ Shippers were also not Arab and they were not Jewish. Black African sold Black African quite happily. Arab Traders were around – but they always have been.

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        What I am pointing out is that this area of the planet has been kept in complete chaos by some very powerful vested interests right through until the here and now. The fact that beheading and murder is used to terrorise, enslave and clear populations should be of no surprise when History shows us that it is a brilliantly effective method of controlling areas. No Jew or Arab was holding that knife or gun.

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  11. There is a huge story here – far beyond this video. These UN workers were lied to so they could be killed by the local government in the Congo. This video was shown with another (by the governing forces)trying to pass it off as rebel forces robbed and killed these UN inspectors…it was an inside job. Careful you white knights – good deeds never go unpunished.

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