Khalid ibn al-Walid Army Executes Group of Four and Behead Three in Syria

Khalid ibn al-Walid Army Executes Group of Four and Behead Three in Syria

Khalid ibn al-Walid Army, an ISIS affiliate in Syria released a video showing an execution of four men, and a beheading of three alleged spies. The video is titled “Harvest of Shadows“.

The executed group dug their own grave in a field, but it ended up being a very shallow grave. The killers must have ran out of patience. The beheaded group got their throats slashed for added agony before being decapitated.

The short flash of a beheading by sword is from this video also by Khalid ibn al-Walid.

Props to Best Gore members @13lunt420media and @a-sick-mind for the video:

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139 thoughts on “Khalid ibn al-Walid Army Executes Group of Four and Behead Three in Syria”

      1. Well they did run a motherfucker over in tank, shot a RPG, lit on fire, boiled to death cowards, drowning, artillary shelled, thrown off a building, acid, dragging, arms cut off, shotgun to the face, “so I think their tired” but they don’t have umm The Mexicans filleting their victims still alive. But the gold medalists have done it a long time.

        1. sis is definitely more creative than mexico in their killings I agree. I particularly remember the artilery shelling, that shit was extreme lol… by the way, does anybody else here remember the name of the video of those isis members demonstrating how to kill someone fast using only a knife, like which parts of the body to hit? I remember watching the video here long time ago. They were basically demonstrating their Techniques on living humans just hanging there whilst they in cold blood and without remorse just ruthlessly stab in specific places of the body. to ensure effective damage and suffereing i would assume. anyway, if anybody know the name of the video please let me know..

          1. C4 is good stuff. Back in 1975, in Cleveland, Danny Green planted a C4 car bomb on Shondor Birns. Blew his ass out of the roof, sent his legs 50’ in one direction and his guts through a fence, and the Jewboy’s scorched remains were convulsing in the parking lot according to the witnesses. There were a few photos.

            Good times. My wife was born in Cleveland.

      2. Nah the Islamic guys are more efficient than the cartel… the Mexicans always need 20 minutes to cut off the heads. They are the most brutal tho… only ones that really torture the people. In my opinion they make the goriest gore haha… Sooo the gold medal is well earned 😉

        1. The Mexican cartels have demonstrated remarkable staying power in the face of heightened competition by deploying professional and strategic business principles. They don’t let any ideological or self-aggrandizing bullshit get in the way of their supply chain activities. For example, they conserve resources while effectively projecting a robust brand image in these marketing videos.

  1. Guys!! What the fuck???
    Here is a perfectly fine video showing us the riddance of some goat fuckers and all you do is complain?
    We have less Muslims pedophiles roaming around the earth for Gods sake!
    You guys should be praising the lord for such a good video.
    You guys make me sick…

    1. “good video”
      99% of ISIS videos are typically the same, heavily edited, propaganda shite. Once in a blue moon, they release a gory offering but the best gore (no pun intended) lies elsewhere… and has done so for some time.
      ISIS are no longer centre stage. They’re not even back stage!

      1. To be fair Skeletor this footage is from the deleted scenes section which is why their parts were left on the cutting room floor and in no way reflects the finished product due for cinematic release later this year.

      2. @skelet0r

        I think we have bombed them good and it has affected their bullshit propaganda vids they once were posting.

        And yes,while their vids are boring in comparison to Mexican and Brazilian contributers of gore, we still get to see a fellow Muslim being chopped up leading to his death is such as enjoyable for me.

  2. I don’t think it’s a controversial statement to say that there has been an Arab holocaust going on for the last decade.

    Jews want us to hate Arabs. They want to get us to fight each other. The Arabs have good cause to hate the (((chosen people))).

        1. Drinking the Koolaid or getting a Band-aid but what is your perspective on the war in Syria POZ? A lot of bad chaos going all over the world aside from watching gore and all from time to time don’t mind being human once in a while. Gotta balance out stuff a little gore here and little gore there doesn’t hurt any of us here on bestgore except the victims though.

          1. Syria is the same as all the other Arab countries. Iraq, Libya, Syrai, Lebanon, gotta make way for greater Israel. Plus, the middle east is where a major portion of the worlds oil supply is. All of our civilizations run on oil. When the oil runs out, we’re in big trouble unless the come up new energy solutions.

    1. @Theprotocolsofzion,
      Exactly brother, Divide, and Conquer my man!! They Are The True Masters At This Game, that i’m sure (of course,) you are very well aware of. But what i find Truly Disturbing, and Fucking-Funny at the same time, is that these Blind-Sheeple, *Still To This Very Day,* lap that Shit-Up, huge Forkfuls At a time, “like it’s Going-Out of style.” GO FIGURE, 😉

    2. ive only had undying problems with jews… blacks i had problems with when i was young, then i overcame that shit. pakis i just dont like very much and take the piss out of. whereas arabs (different to pakis) really dont trouble me at all. like chinks, they do what they do and dont bother me at all. i like a lot of asian (chinks) music ((brutal death metal)) from indonesia and thailand and places around that area….

      but jooooz.. they just are on a tangent to take over the world, and they cant see how it wont happen.

    3. lol @ arab holocaust

      Not in Europe, my bad. They’re fornicating like friggin rabbits here. If I see a stroller when outside, there’s a 90% chance it’s a veiled sandnegress pushing it, surrounded by a bunch of mouthy gremlins.

      Coudenhove-Kalergi much in the making.

    1. Lol . Eh, @Brokeback,

      If you pause it as soon as they show the first head in that shallow hole(you might have to pause, & play it a couple times), lol, but it’s kinda-funny dude,,, But just when they throw-in the second head, you will see that the first head has got his lips sticking-out just like A Huge Lake Ontario Carp/Sucker, that we sometimes see near shore in Springtime, in our Ontario Rivers, & Lakes, lol. I Guess that he was desperately trying to suck air, until the other head was thrown-in, and fucked-up his rhythm. I Thought That You’d Get A Kick Out Of It Bud, lol.

      1. @thedre I was wondering if anybody else noticed that first head moving. Kinda creepy. I remember a video I saw a few months ago where the heads were rolling down a hill and a few of them looked like they were looking around. I wonder why it’s never happened in a Mexican video..

  3. They should put all the Mexican Drug Cartels, ISIS, Russian Mob, Chechen Seperatist all an enclosed area about 50miles/80km and give them all the weapons they want and let them annihalte each other. Have drones monitoring everything and cams on all of them and stream it. Have people make bets on who will reign victorius.

  4. ISIS has lost the plot and needs a reboot. They need a good healthy dose of Bestgore to give them some creative new directions to take. Our friends in Brazil and Mexico know what people want to see.
    Heart extraction

    I’m confident that with a change of direction, ISIS will again rise from the ashes and grab our attention once more.

  5. I’m sorry but where the fuck are all the women in these bullshit videos?!!? Are they THAT fuckin ugly that you can’t at least feature ONE fuckin artillery gun execution in this goddam sausage party? Are their beards bushier than yours? It’s all just one big cock forest! Do you have to hide your mothers from these videos because they look like Minotaurs?!?

  6. Hey wow i just noticed, the other day i was bitchin in the comments how i miss those isis butchers slicing heads in one swing, and this video is shown shortly afterwards. Nice.

  7. When does the nuclear holocaust begin in the Middle East? Why are we worried about innocent lives over there? They’re already dead. They have no hope so put them out of their own misery along with every ratlike piece of verminous, parasitic shit like these animals! Just get it done and then any others who rear their ugly heads in retaliation anywhere else would be shot on sight. They’re the ni22ers of the desert. They kill far more of their own in the most heinous ways than anyone else could hope to.

      1. Gotta go full nuclear or else too many of the vermin will get away. We could use your dirty bomb idea on the periphery to mop up any rats who manage to slither away that way they won’t last long. Best thing about full nuke also is that they will never in our lifetime be able to re-infest the region and we can just pick of the ones who rear their diapered heads in retaliation.

    1. Have you ever considered that maybe ISIS members are just violent, blood thirsty, uneducated, loners that love gore and know BG will post it and they look for their handi work on here every night after returnimg from their psych appointments and day leave from the mental hospitals etc………….

  8. Interesting, anyone here have a translation of this video I kind of wish I knew the context of what they were saying. Hmm, I wonder if I have watched “too many videos of such” or have I become so accustomed to this sort of thing on the internet that the desensitization and normalization of this has become a norm? Well, a norm that “we” could only handle?

  9. “shooter in full metal garb”
    what do you gorians think of this alarming statement by florida witness?
    the plot thickens. this sounds like government/deep state is behind these attacks. they are shooting and killing children then just to get the guns off americans and further the NWO agenda. when the truth comes to the surface about all of this i think the backlash will shake the earth.

  10. Just wanted to stop by and say that pretty much all of you are cold, heartless people. The stuff you say on these videos disgusts me and I don’t know how you live with yourself. Watching these videos is disturbing enough without all of the sick twisted shit you guys post in the comments.

    1. @ Chris,

      I have to say that I agree with you on this one and I just can’t believe that people would say these things. Yes, I hated being in Iraq and all of those places when I was overseas. But it gave me a chance to really experience what these people were going through. ISIS are cowards and I hope one day we will figure outa way to take them down.

  11. This one actually has me convinced its real. Typically these staged videos are entirely too fake to believe.

    One thing I don’t understand is, you’re gonna give me a shovel and stand within reach of said shovel to request I dig my own grave. I’m smacking a mother fucker in the head

  12. Man, having your eyeball shoved to the back of your skull has gotta hurt worse than a knife across the throat!

    All of these festering boils on the anus of society need to meet the same bloody, horrific end that they deal out to others.

  13. It’s pathetic that these cowards hide their faces. If they actually thought they were doing Allah’s work, they wouldn’t be scared to show their faces… Pieces of shit, every last one of them.
    Fuck Allah, Fuck Mohammed, and Fuck you.

    1. @ randomstuff,

      Yes, because when you die the organs and everything take what is known as a last breath. Have you ever seen someone after they die they have bowel movements and urinate on themselves as well. I do not know if it you noticed it in this very disturbing video.

  14. These people ISIS are a joke. President Obama would of eventually caught them if he had time. I agree these men are cowards and only someone who is a savage and no respect for human life would do something like this. I am just confused as to why these men do not make an attempt to try to escape? I mean call me crazy but I think that I would try to fight my way out of that situation by using the shovels as weapons. I really feel bad for these people. No one deserves to die this way.

  15. Man… In 2008 i was in the USMC and was going to Afghanistan after i completed my training but backed out cuz my ma was diagnosed with cancer and i didnt believe in the war, but fuck! I was ignorant kid! My ma beat the cancer and is still alive and after seeing all the shit these Mother fuckers have done and still do to people i shoulda stayed in the service and killed as many of these disgusting pieces of shit as i could. Instead i stayed here and fucked up my life with drugs and bad women. Just goes to show, trust your instincts and dont choose the options that seem easiest or most beneficial to you only at that moment in time… Humble people dont have to apologize for being wrong as much as know-it-alls.

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