Killed PCC Gang Member Is Beheaded and Gradually Dismembered by Rivals

Killed PCC Gang Member Is Beheaded and Gradually Dismembered by Rivals

Video from Brazil shows an already dead man being decapitated with a machete, and then slashed up and gradually dismembered, though the video ends before complete dismemberment, probably because they couldn’t fashion a reasonably sharp machete and the dull piece of rusty metal they had was taking forever.

According to the information I got, the beheaded man was a member of PCC (Primeiro Comando da Capital, ie First Capital Command), and indeed I hear the killers mention PCC numerous times throughout the video, however whereas I don’t speak Portuguese, I could not tell if they’re really bitching at the victim, or praising themselves.


Best Gore member @jazzoverdrive, who speaks Portuguese reached out with clarification of the dialogue:

According to what we hear, the guy who is being beheaded was indeed a member of the PCC.
At 00:09 it is said: “Quem manda aqui é o CV“, which translates as something like “The boss here is the CV” (CV = Comando Vermelho, ie Red Command)

Later, the killers says things like “Esta é a Tropa do VL” (These are the VL troops), “Tropa do Nandinho” (must be one of the VL leaders), “Tropa do Diney” (by the sound of it, Diney was a recently deceased member (“se foi“), meaning that the guy is dead, “Está aberta a caçada aos PCC” (The PCC is being now being hunted), “Vamos pegar de um por um” (We’ll get you one by one).

Many thanks to @jazzoverdrive for the translation, and props to @1purple8 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. As usual a dull blade. They could of finished the job faster with one of their flip flops. He’s also dead and they still tryna act hard by pointing a favela revolver.

          1. Zabo, for the Holy Fucking Spirit’s sake, I would hazard to guess that the Brazilian cartels wouldn’t go to the expense and effort to advertize their own compounds in living color.

            I think it would be cool to get a different perspective of the action going down; and, there appears to be a willing paymaster for this operation – Misanthrope. Please contact him per the Forums regarding participation in this opportunity.

          1. I’m awesome. Lurking around. Checking out all the sweet content. 2018’s been bloody. And we’re still in the first month. How have you been brother?

            Still enjoying the blood and guts. And the hindu train phenomenon. I’m always here with you guys. Getting my fix for the day. And I too miss you guys. Lot’s of good times here on BG. Laughing at all the hindus. And sadistic Da Silvas.
            You be safe out there amigo.
            Talk to you later brother.

          1. Hell yeah brother good to see you. Yeah I am up for that match. Still kicking butt with Vega. Using my claw on all comers. Though still getting served from time to time. Hope all is well with you too dude. All has been great for me lately. I quit drinking and started smoking. More. Getting paranoid but that’s all right.

            Dang I hope Der is OK.

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        1. I know it’s a tough one to grasp but once again people are a product of their own environment. I’m sure they have been witnessing these types of murders at a very young age. It’s all they see and all they know. It’s just a matter of time before this happ to them.

    1. gotta agree with your assessment. i said it before, i’ll say it again… they need to join together with the isis team and up the production values on these videos. isis needs less propaganda and more gore, brazil needs better camera angles and, hmmm, probably better footwear for stomping around the jungles and getting shit done.

  2. do these dudes not care at all about catching something from all that blood exposure???
    every time i watch one of these videos with tons of blood and no one giving a shit about exposure, it kinda icks me out. come on, guys, don’t wanna cut your careers short with a nasty case of the hep c or something.

  3. You show him tough guy! Show the dead man who’s boss; keep hacking! Lmfao ok that was all pointless AF dude, woulda been a whole lot more entertaining if he was alive kicking and shit not just…dead already! Lol

  4. I would truly love to see some gladiator type shit happening, whereas having these tough guys fight to the death with their victims… I would like to see what skills they have then!.. At the same time, I know the victims in alot of these cases did the very same thing to their victims… Fukn conundrum!

  5. Bunch of pussies, do it while he is still alive, otherwise what’s the point other than wasting my damn time?
    I wanna hear the victim screaming, see him struggling to free himself.

    You could a thing or two from the Mexicans.
    They are the torture messiahs with no limits or morals, always being inventive with there techniques.

    Yes I’m a freak, call me what you will, after 5+ years visiting this site on a daily basis (sometimes multiple times), I’ve become desensitized to most of the violence & gore.
    I need to see the hardcore stuff to satisfy my inner blood thirsty side..

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