Knife Cuts Noisy Throat Deep, Killer Dumps Body in Shallow Grave

Knife Cuts Noisy Throat Deep, Killer Dumps Body in Shallow Grave

There’s a new competition craze reaching all nations. Competitors are awarded opportunity to escape before the final finishing touch. The deciding factor for success: To Bleed or Not To Bleed? You must not bleed out! The only stipulation to the game, you must survive to completion. The reward is being set free to live another day.

The Tournament BLEED-OUT continues what CUT-THROAT started. All contestants must have the chops to survive this once in a lifetime contest.

Slicer vs Slicee

Who will be the ultimate champion in this rousing contemporary battle of slits?

A new arrival wants to become a victor in the challenge. You decide, does he have what it takes to overcome matter over mind?

The pent up pressure inside his throat gushes out. The noise struggling to emanate from his freshly cut throat is similar to a clogged snorkel. The sacred and desired art of squirting is on full display here

Props to up and coming Best Gore author @honkeykong for the video:

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        1. @honkeykong

          You think so brother?? You have to suffer longer, and think of the inevitable.
          But then, you could be right, because when you bleed-out you get very confused, and lost, falling into a sleep like state after a minute, or less i think, and at least you don’t have to feel your spine get cut, cause that is probably the worse thing. So Darn brother,,, You could be right generally speaking. Funny eh? lol. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. To think all this could have been avoided had he only put the fuckin seat down!the slicer was pissed! Nothing worse than to sit down on toilet expecting good time and bam his butt and balls touch the water!!!! Iโ€™d cut his throat too inconsiderat prick!!!

          1. I dig the edit as usual.

            And for those wondering, if your carotids are severed you only have your vertebral arteries to supply the brain. Iโ€™d bet most of the action post slice was agonal breathing and posturing.
            The death throes of an unconscious and hypoxic brain with an intact spinal column.

          2. So i guess the merciful way is to slice carotid ,let them bleed out for fifteen to thirty sec and then cut through the spine. Any motion or sound is autonomic and not felt by the victim?

            So this poor fellow had his trachea sliced so could not breathe ,while being half -arse bled out ! He probably felt all poor sod ,until his half -arsed bleeding -out gave him a hypoxic brain. All the shuddering then was autonomic and not felt by him.

            Is that right mate?

          3. @seraphim-serenata
            My best guess is sputum… every time you clear your throat or swallow saliva. Second best guess would be a small piece of flesh was forcefully ejected after being aspirated.
            Youโ€™re right except for the trachea being severed wonโ€™t keep the diaphragm from being enervated and the chest wall from expanding… in other words… he could still breath. But with the quick onset of hypoxia, his respirations were agonal.
            If you really want to be merciful, just occlude the blood flow in the carotids by external pressure. When they go limp, hold pressure and have a buddy or third hand sever the spinal column at atlanto-axial joint. Then sever the carotids and dance in the spray or hold up a painterโ€™s canvas for a modern art masterpiece.

          4. I do believe this guy was conscious in that hole in the ground. If you look/listen closely, he is desperately trying to breathe and also tries to scream. I think the clumps (there was more than one, and yes, I am aware of the edit with the replay) very well could have been sputum or vomit, but what I think happened is that he aspirated whichever it was so that when he was tossed in the hole, he was basically dry drowning/drowning in his own fluids. It looks like the bleeding was slowed by the angle of his neck so he was conscious longer than he should have been.

    2. Just awful. I could not watch. I don’t know what brain malfunction would cause a human to do this foulness to another, even if you hate them. A bullet to the head, after some verbal abuse should be enough to ‘send them off with’.. Not this filth. Have humans really evolved since we were mud-hopper fish?..

        1. The moments of silence is when middle Eastern sounding men chatter. The rest of audio is amplified to deafening status, for dramatic effect. The zoom ins is for visual effect.. the instant and reverse replays is for Best Gore members with only short term memories


          1. I’m just curious but why does the camera cut away to show a close-up of the guys neck? That severed neck looks way too clean and the blood squirt looks fake. When he’s thrown into the grave there’s no blood to be seen. Only those noises that are obviously added to the video. This one doesn’t add up.

          2. @xavior99

            Glad to hear it! I’m getting mixed reviews with my video edits.. it’s what any Gore fan would love

            I’m working on the next installment of Bleed Out Game now… Featuring all the loudest gurgles and cuting sounds one should enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

          3. I like the edits. At first, bleed-out annoyed me, but then I pulled the stick out of my ass and had fun with it. I do a lot of lurking, but I have been a loyal BG member since the Eugene Armstrong beheading. I think the solution to keep everyone happy is just links to the original videos in the description. Otherwise, keep them coming! Thanks @seraphim-serenata !

        2. @JM Hearns – You must be new to BestGore. There is nothing fake about this video. I am not intending to be mean or disrespectful at all, just making an observation based on my years of watching gore and seeing people come and go. The fact that you say this looks fake tells me you are new to watching gore videos. The sounds were not added. The silences are where seraphim took out the sound in his edit. The throat cut is very real, as is the sputum plopping onto his shirt. Just watch more videos. You’ll better be able to tell real from fake.

          1. My[and my uncle and the rest of my fam still living in France still say it-uncle in Lyon and the rest if the family all over france…I do believe it’s pretty common though. Hope that kinda helps? Bisous!

          2. It destroyed my comment and wouldn’t ley me fix it! My mom and her siblings were all born in Northern France (Luneville) if I spelled it correct…and all said it-but they all shortened it to “C’est Bons” meaning “It’s good” either as a question or a statement, and it has been that way as long as I can remember. I had ended with-my uncle now lives in Lyon and my other fam-more extended-is everywhere-and they all say c’est bons as well. Sorry that was all over the place!<3

      1. Teamwork my good brother,,, Teamwork. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Now, if you both could pick-up a gorgeous 20 year-old blonde and tag team her that would be some legendary teamwork , & Eprick Video yea??, lol. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Wow, what provoked that response?
        Olโ€™ Svargy is only stating a fact, and warning others not to step in his garden.
        All I can think is maybe your i to same-sex action and his statement hit home. Otherwise, why the vitriol? Svargโ€™s a funny guy most days.

        1. No he isn’t he’s a full blown wank stain. Take a look at his comments on his profile he calls someone a homo or a faggot in almost every one of his comments. He is clearly the one in denial feel free to check my comments he is the only person I’ve talked shit to and that was because he called me a homo so thought I’d point out to him that he’s the one who seems like he’s having issues with his sexuality. Thanks anyway for your opinion

  1. Man, Iยดve seen some pretty bad shit here at BG, but this one is by far one of the cruelest things Iยดve ever seen. Not only they slit this man’s throat but they didn’t finish the job to make him suffer even more. Rest his soul.

    1. I’m never going to understand why people don’t fight with this stuff, be it the da silvas, cartel, isis. And I get the isis and like groups using the mock execution a few times and lead these guys to believe they just need some video with them, then spring it on them, or the possible drugging. I mean if you operate in or around these circles, you must be aware of what awaits you at some point. This kind of exit from life is pretty fucking bad, of course most of these guys are very creative and souless enough to be able to crank it up to 11. But I think if you were putting up actual effort on site, most guys would be compelled to put a few rounds in you to get control back. Solves the cut throat and buried alive problem at the least. Your not getting out of a basement with a platoon sized Zeta element or any other gathering 99.9% of the time. How about that almost immeasurable chance you might succeed? Lifes over, but at least they probably wouldnt use the video or edit you out of the video because that stuggle and fight ruins the total control narrative these groups cultivate. Or let’s say they do use it, I would like friends and family to see the last thing I did on this planet was trying to escape, or fight hard to try and take as many of those motherfuckers with me that I could. Easier said than done, and a terrifying event thats easy to make heroic statements about. That last image of this guy bleeding out would be all I would focus on, but not out of fear. But to motivate me to do anything and everything I could to make sure that isnt the last seen of me. Instead a video of them having to chase me down to shoot me. Or a dropped camera as my hogtied ass takes a few of them to hold me still when it looks like Im having a seizure and biting at anything near me. Anything to just not die a coward, and not having video proof that will live online til the end of our time on earth. It’s been a while since I’ve been to SERE, before this kind of stuff was in fashion. They have to go over this now, no doubt. I wonder what their thoughts are on this subject. I’m going to see if I can scrounge up a newer copy of the course material on it, might be a interesting read.

      1. @Westlos
        Ha,,,ha,,,ha, that was a fucking good one brother. As it was quick,,, witty as fuck,,, & priceless dude. Well Done Man! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Fuck i wish that i had half the wit you Younger Guys/Gals have these days. Well, actually some of our Older members are also pretty fucking good at it too, when you look at @illegalsmile55 and @Brockback You Seam to fit right in there. I Guess i just did way too much Acid,,, Mushrooms,,, Peyote,,, Speed,,, Heroin,,, Coke,, Opiates,, & Drank Too Much Booze to wash it all down in my younger days i guess. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I think most ppl think this is an extremely painful way to go but honestly I don’t think so. You would experience pain like no other for a brief time probably a handful of seconds at most. Youre body does a great amount of endorphin pumping during things like this and there are moments youre brain will self execute, and disconnect as a result of inability to communicate with other parts of the body or sensory overload. Not to mention bloss loss such as this causes loss of consciousness within seconds you might feel nothing at all during this period while youre body continues to spasm u basically are already dead and gone.

  3. I enjoy “edgy” blog posts and dark poetry as much as the next Korn/Slipknot fan, what I’d like to know is the back story. I’m weird like that.

    Don’t get me wrong, digging the whole ‘Running Man/Battle Royale’ vibe thing, but sometimes I like to follow up on the back stories and research what I’m able to, language permitting….

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