Laotian Girl Found Hanging from Tree After Being Dumped

Laotian Girl Found Hanging from Tree After Being Dumped

A girl was found hanging from a tree in Laos after apparently committing suicide because she had been dumped earlier. Never attach yourself to any one person so much that you can’t live without them. People are inherently evil so it’s just a question of time before you’re flipped a bird.

The 14 and a half minutes long video shows mostly the body swinging at the end of the rope, and then the pack up of the body Laotian style after she was unhung.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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57 thoughts on “Laotian Girl Found Hanging from Tree After Being Dumped”

  1. Me: ”Sup hoe”
    Her: ”Nm, just hangin around”
    Me:”What you doin around 10 2nite”
    Her:”Umm i have this thing to do…”
    Me:”Oh piss off, no wonder Harry left you”
    Her:”Well at least Harry doesent have a 2 inch penis”

    1. Damn you fuckin’ scaring me with that comment that I only hid in the comment section while listening to the video. These people in the video are actually Hmong. Since I am also Hmong, I understood everything they said. If she’s actually moving in the video (I don’t know because I only listened to it), that’s pretty creepy. This girl is very young, only 14. There’s actually many stories about young Hmong women who kill themselves over issues like this. They come back as a female ghost named a “poj ntxoog”. These are one of the most well-known, terrfying supernatural beings in Hmong folktale. Also I’m not sleeping tonight because that’s how much your comment freaked me the fuck out. Guess it got me sobered pretty bad too.

    1. Exactly. I thought that was some pretty unimaginative filming. If it was me, I would have filmed the suspended body from various angles, I would have done some close-ups of her face and other parts of anatomy, and I would have filmed any evidence of loss of sphincter and bladder control which tends to happen to hanged people.

  2. Is that how you get back at someone who hurt you? Probably give them the biggest ego boost of their lives? I never understood this sort of thing. Killing yourself over another human being is the least logical thing you could do in this situation.

  3. Poor girl took it way to personal. Suicide is never a effective way to deal with problematic situation in life. Now her spirit will haunt the forest and serenity will never be obtained. Some people were just born in this world to set and example for the rest of us. Fate it seems.

  4. This remind me of the fag movie twilight that I was reduced to watching. There are parts in the film where Bella tries to kill herself in attempts to gain the attention of her bloodsucking ex lover. In doing this the bloodsucker would materialize in spiritual form every time she intentionally put her life in danger to make him feel guilty for abandoning her. This is nothing more than a lovers spout.

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