Leg Injured by Teeth of Bicycle Chainring

Leg Injured by Teeth of Bicycle Chainring

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @col-hanslanda, who injured his leg on teeth of a bicycle chainring:

Hello BG!

It is my first post on BG as I’m a new member, but that doesn’t mean I’m new. I’ve been visiting best gore since before Mark got snagged by the idiots running Canada.

These pictures are of my calf after my foot slipped off my mountain bike pedals and my calf came in contact with my large crank ring. (The spiky ring that your chain moves on)

Needless to say it was bleeding quite heavily, but what had me worried is all the grease/oil and dirt that was shoved deep within the wounds. I rushed home and soaked q-tips in isopropyl alcohol and shoved the q-tips in each wound to clean it out. Only after this point you remembered to take photos hence the lack of blood and gore.

Thanks everyone at BG for keeping the site Alive. You guys had me concerned.

Thanks for sharing the pics and the story with us, @col-hanslanda. I think just about anyone who rode bicycles would have injured themselves on these wheels to some extent. They’re mean little toothy monsters:

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17 thoughts on “Leg Injured by Teeth of Bicycle Chainring”

  1. pretty painful and annoying. my bicycle gave my feet cuts because sometimes i ride it with sandals and my feet get cut somehow and i only realise when it bugs me and i find blood. urs must be way more annoying

    1. If it helps you imagine, I was at the top of the pedal stroke, standing up rolling downhill pretty fast, I hit a bump and my foot slipped off the pedal. All my weight came down on the chain ring (kinda sideways) which is why it left “claw” marks which were quite deep.

  2. This happened to me also. Funny thing is, I didn’t even feel it while I was biking. It wasn’t until I got home that I noticed I had left a trail of blood behind me and that I had deep gashes in my calf.

    Yep, those scars seem about right. Its amazing how the human body bounces back from injury.

    1. I concurr. The injury wasn’t painful. It immediately started leaking blood especially from the 3 deepest gashes. It is amazing how the skin got gouged out and scar tissue just patched it right up. Fuck, I just remembered, wish I took pictures of skin pieces that were still stuck to the ring after I got home.

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