Little Girl Cries Bloody Murder When Her Mother Is Shot Dead in Outside

Little Girl Cries Bloody Murder When Her Mother Is Shot Dead in Outside

A pair of apparent hitmen pays a visit to a woman who is at home with her daughter and mother. They ask the woman to come outside, but she’s reluctant. They tell her they want to interrogate her and the woman eventually agrees.

Shortly after she steps out the door, the woman is gunned down. As a killer finishes her off, her daughter screams bloody murder: “Mamaaaa“.

The incident, according to the info I got, happened in Venezuela.

Props to Best Gore member @rellaxeitor for the video:

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127 thoughts on “Little Girl Cries Bloody Murder When Her Mother Is Shot Dead in Outside”

      1. OK, let’s cut to the chase, Rossiya Five Four. These favela monkeytards have to learn to stop cheating, snitching and fucking the wrong team. What better way than to bring the message home? It’s better than TV, which is available in the bar and grill 20 km away.

      1. Ummm, maybe, she falsely accused someone’s poor son, father, brother, or nephew of rape and that poor victim was tortured to death by being brutalized and then burned up alive and, just like in this country, she was allowed to go free with no consequences. Where she lives there is alot of false accusers of rape who are not punished. If, in fact, she falsely accused some poor teenager or adult male of rape falsely, then she should have received a punishment far more sadistic and brutal than the light and quick punishment that she received here. As far as her daughter goes, well, this is an excellent way to teach her to not falsely accuse anyone of rape. A little bit of mental trauma in the interest of correcting great injustices against an entire population of citizens is not a bad idea.

    1. Hell, I would say it did her good, although I don’t know if it has in her country. My experience was similar in nature although my mother didn’t die. What I saw was driving for me, it made me grow up fast. It taught me the world’s gonna fuck with you but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life still. I hate my father, life goes on.

      1. @carnage-2, in your 6.07pm comment above, I saw the words ‘pussy’ and ‘pass’, in that order. Yes, I think they should have given her a pussy pass. I think all she did was snitch.
        Nothing wrong with being a snitch in some circumstances. We’ve all been snitches at some point or other.

      1. True. They definitely could’ve made like Emeril and kicked it up a notch, fortunately for the fam. they were lucky enough to not witness such a horrifying act. Hard to imagine or grasp sometimes but things could always be worse…

    1. This came as a total surprise to me Carnage, as there was no obligatory 2 men with helmets on a motorbike & no dog pissing into the further obligatory shithole gutter. Hell, come to think of it, there was no obligatory flip-flops in this scene whatsoever. Right out of the blue!

    1. Amen to that! I’m just thankful there was fair warning about the scream at the end so I could turn the volume down – I happen to hate hearing kids screech.
      About comment section: they come & go (or like me, come back after a hiatus) but generally make the site more entertaining, IMO.

  1. Their lives are all irretrievably fucked anyway, the daughter will doubtless go one of two ways: Faithless slut who goes out like Amy Winehouse, or ardent religious type who believes her mother awaits her on the ‘other side’.

    1. Confidential informants with invaluable intel are protected by governmental legislations. One valuable snitch is worth more than a hundred of these murderous scumbags combined. Fuck their codes of the jungle. These chattering monkey’s lifeline on earth is momentary.

  2. That house reminds me of all the houses and buildings where we were in Guatemala. We stayed in some shitty hotel. I bought some kinda liquor and was slamming it. The next morning I woke up in a bikini top, flip flops on and a rubber in my butt. Good times!

  3. Although I think I can speak for most of us that we have been desensitized by this website, this video was particularly sad. My family is from Venezuela, and witnessing that little girl screaming “Mom” off the top of her lungs… It’s just fucked up.

  4. The assassin was calm and reassuring with his suave “…we just want to interogate you..” He was on a predetermined mission and that is that in shithole Brazil.
    I hate to hear kids cry when their parents are killed in front of them. Put me down for a wimp on this.

  5. On the up side they didn’t kill the “witnesses”. Although, having to witness it at all is pretty shitty. Can’t imagine what it would feel like for either one. A mother witnessing her daughter’s death. Or the daughter witnessing her mother’s brutal murder. Put enough bullets in her and killed the shit out of her!

  6. you know what dude, even being a criminal you can have some respect for people.
    Even being a killer, you can have some respect for life.
    Even being a fucking piece of shit, you still can be a little bit human.

    This guys never watched some mafia movies? Godfather? Don Corleone?
    You can be gentleman, and still a criminal and a killer. What happened to this world?

    I don’t care with what this girl did, doesnt matter, this isnt the right way to die and this isnt the “right way” to be a criminal. Killing a mother in front of her daughter? are you fucking kidding me? This is fucking disgusting, fucking bullshit, I don’t accept that. I would kill this both motherfuckers not because they killed the mother ( she probably deserved it ) but just for the way they did it. Fucking scumbags!!

    1. Agreed, although personally I hope the experience strengthens her. I found my trauma to be a gift. It made me advance beyond the petty foolishness of many situations. Back on topic, I agree. Top ranking assassins at best take the child, at worst kill her. Even third world country cartels often show mercy for children. It sickens me to know there are people lacking an ettiquete that is INSTINCTUAL. You shouldn’t do what they did. Kill the mother in front of them and you owe the child a weapon. That’s the rule I admire, but will never have the chance to follow. If I were to kill in front of a child, I would give them a gun or a knife and let them make their peace. If not I spare them the horror. Not that I’ve ever killed anyone.

  7. poor wee girl. i always wonder what they are saying. they at least tried to take her away from the kid pity she fell back into the house so the kid could see her. life sure is cheap over there

    1. Bruja es un calificativo, pero no es por eso. La mataron porque los delató con la policia por ladrones. En venganza una mataron. Por eso le decian: “Sal que te van a interrogar”
      Ella no era asesina, ni ladrona. Solo la mataron por denunciarlos. Pobre mujer, y pobre niña, y su abuela.

    2. Depending on what kind of witch she was. There are witches with positive karmic energy that bring good fortune to specific people they find to their liking. Witches with negative karmic energy that will sabotage all thieves/criminals schemes, especially if they effected their livelihood in some undesirable way. Relying on what is invisible to the retinas. Energy and spirit channeling.

  8. > Some neighborhood thieves enter your house, steal some of your things.
    > You go to the police and you make the report.
    > The police do their job, they face the thieves and the leader of the thieves dies.
    > The thieves look for who made the complaint, they find you and in retaliation they kill you in front of your family.
    > Rosa del Carmen Castillo was your name.

  9. There is something wrong with this video… For the amount of bullets that were fired, I don’t see ANY type of blood splatter on the ground around the body nor did I see any “bullet holes” in this chick. What were they using? A BB gun or pellet gun? I see no blood on the front side of this victim. I almost want to say “FAKE”.
    Even if you used a .22 or .25 caliber handgun there should be some type of “bleeding bullet hole” being that close to the shooter but I saw nothing that even looked like blood on the walls or floor. She wasn’s wearing a kevlar vest or body armor.

    1. Thought the same. I figured they’re using blank cartridges, until I saw the impact of the first blast paused the vid at the end where she’s laying on the ground in a upward facing position. I believe there’s a puddle forming from the crown and‎ labia oris. If this is counterfeit, then she did a splendid job at making it look like a actual homicide.

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