Little Iraqi Soldier Promenades Severed Head of Decapitated ISIS Mujaheddin

Little Iraqi Soldier Promenades Severed Head of Decapitated ISIS Mujaheddin

This is why you never can get the full picture from the mainstream media. Right now, the official story is that the Islamic State guys are evil and must be stopped because they are savages that cut people’s heads off. High ranking politicians go into overdrive bringing up the beheadings in order to justify monetary and military support for our “allies” in the region, who fight these “savages”. What they don’t tell you, is that our “allies” are not any different.

This video shows a little Iraqi soldier who made up for his size by beheading a captured, and thus rendered defenseless, ISIS mujaheddin and then promenaded his severed head before his buddies who cheered him on like he’s just won a medal in the Olympics. He’s still holding the knife he used to decapitate the mujaheddin with in his other hand.

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    1. I want to put a tiny porcelain hat on his head and then smash it with a tiny bat, and then put on him a new little porcelain hat and also smash that one, and so on, repeating that process over, and over, and over, and over…. we will then be friends.

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  1. There are actually a few differences between this guy and the subhuman savage barbarians of ISIS.

    1) This guy for sure didn’t behead the ISIS piece of shit while he was alive and pleading for his life, he beheaded him after he was already dead

    2) This guy doesn’t go around killing Christians just because they are of a different religion, matter of fact he protects minorities from the ISIS barbarians

    3) He is a military member defending his country from foreign terrorists, he’s not invading other people’s lands and killing them for some radical piece of shit belief

    Yes….I agree that it’s still fucked up to walk around with someone’s head, but let’s be real, this is the Middle East…this isn’t a French or Swiss soldier

          1. Lol ew! A maxi dress is a comfy dress that’s floor length, generally. That little guy could fit right underneath one and get to work. No one would even notice him

  2. Why would the iraqi soldiers not be the same,there in duality the same attrocities will always happen as its in the conscioussness of man to do it,doesnt mean everybody gonna chop somebodys head off,still a human beings done it.

  3. They are all useless Muslims with no value of human life, eradicate them all. So why should the rest of the world care? Maybe that sounds cold…honestly at this point I don’t even care anymore. I simply despise them all.

    1. What the hell man putting everbody in the same box? Look i’m from a country with a lot of cultural difference. They came in the 60’s to work in the mines. Their grandchildren talk, walk and act like me. It’s people who grew up in their native countries who got to deal with this shit on a daily. So it’s nut unusual that an uneducated, brainwashed and warscarred soul goes on a extreme rampage. Just saying budy

  4. Each time I see someone clutching a severed head by the hair for display, it reminds me of Thulsa Doom’s fate in Conan the Barbarian. Too bad there isn’t a nearby mountain temple stronghold with stairs to hurl the head down bouncing on its way. It just goes to show you can’t have everything. On a more positive note however, this is infinitely more gory than our failed Russian ice drivers! :mrgreen:

  5. What is good for the goose is good for the gander… Sick shit is sick shit. Lopping off heads was bazzaro -sick-assed behavior for ISIS… It’s just as fucking sick as it is for these turkeys.

    A ‘mini-me’ executioner… charming.

  6. @Ate, That’s a real shallow point you make. I’ve never thought the media or politicians justification for supporting the anti-ISIS fighters was a beheading argument.
    It’s always about the lesser of 2 evils, i.e not sending our own troops in and seeing massive casualties.

    I dont care that much whos good or bad, muslims are killing muslims, a perfect situation that can continue indefinitely for me.

  7. Yes beheading isn’t right period, but over there that is their way of life. This is what they have grown up seeing and listening too. ISIS deserves to be beheaded as a whole! In that one short video, probably half the men we saw had a loved one or knew of someone who had been killed by ISIS. They have every right to behead everyone of those sick fucks! Since we are to coward to go over and do it or bomb the living shit out of them. Nuke em all I say!

  8. Nukes would be good if the rest of us where on another Planet. But as we’re here I don’t want leukemia as a bi product of a nuclear bomb half way around the arsehole of the world. I watched my Dad die of it and I believe he contracted it from just being near to depleted uranium warheads during a conflict. Keep the nukes grounded please.

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