Los Zetas Behead Three Members of the Gulf Cartel – Nightmarish Screams

Los Zetas Behead Three Members of the Gulf Cartel - Nightmarish Screams

Mexican drug cartels are back at it. On Wednesday February 20, 2012 Blog del Narco presented the video of Los Zetas executing three members of the Gulf Cartel by beheading. For some reason the video cuts off after two beheadings, but I’m sure the third captive met gruesome fate two. Possibly worse cause the two who were killed are now free from pain and suffering. The one that was left, who’s also the one who had to listen to the nightmarish screams of the other two captives as the Zetas cut into their throats, may still be subjected to agonizing torture Mexican drug cartels are known for.

The beheadings were carried out in a cornfield. Eight hooded sicarios who introduce themselves in the beginning of the videos as Los Zetas are seen interrogating three blindfolded men who kneel on the ground in front of them. The Zetas refer to the captives as golfas (whores), deriving the insult from the name of the rivals – Cartel del Golfo.

When asked what their names were, the captives responded with Nelson Mora Ornelas, Antonio del Ángel Fernández and Edgar Sánchez Pérez and confirmed that the belonged to the Gulf Cartel.

The captives also said that the leader of the CDG in Manuela, San Antonio and Rayon in Tamaulipas was Raúl Cortés nicknamed El Rápido (The Fast) and indicated that they knew Alejandro Cortés Pérez – the money launderer.

Further to that the captives gave away the names of Ramón Cortés Pérez, Julio César Cortés García and Víctor García nicknamed La Máquina (The Machine) who is head of the Gulf Cartel faction.

A Zeta then says:

Miren pinches golfas aquí tenemos a su pinche gente, esto les va a pasar a todos a todos los que anden en contra de La Letra, especialmente a Vigilantes Mante y Cártel del Golfo, ya aliviánense de la verguiza que les metimos.

Translation by Google translate:

Look here’s whores fucking his fucking people, this is going to happen to all those who will walk contrary to The Letter, especially Vigilantes Mante and Gulf Cartel, and the verguiza lighten up, guys got them.

After the message, the members of Los Zetas proceed to behead the captives from the Gulf Cartel by first slicing their throats with knifes and then chopping their heads off with an axe. They must have gotten tired of being unable to cut through the spines as we have seen plenty of times before, so now they stick with their axes or chainsaws. The screams of sheer terror the victims produce as they’re being beheaded are the worst I’ve ever heard caught on video. Brutal.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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263 thoughts on “Los Zetas Behead Three Members of the Gulf Cartel – Nightmarish Screams”

      1. Is it just me or have they been paying attention to us here on BG? Because it seems they’re beheadings are getting alot quicker…no more of those dull fucked up knives they love using so much, and now they’re using axes? For sure they had to have been listing to us complain about there dull knives. They take a break and then they cone out with one of the most brutal vids…and axes!

        1. Pale Rider, they must be BG fans to know we’ve been begging for some good video. They delivered with this one! My favorite part is the 2nd guy getting chopped with the axe. The poor slob gets the axe buried in his chest when all he really wants is to finally have his head cut off.

          1. I know, right? That guy just kept screaming & screaming. That meant all that time the dude was cutting, he hadn’t even gotten through to the esophagus yet. It’s quite a long time (for someone being decapitated) before he starts gurgling. Very disturbing.

          1. It looked like they started backing away back into the corn fields. Like maybe they were going to leave him just sitting there. Maybe he was to go back and tell them not to duck with these guys.

      2. @ 2:16 when buddy starts chopping and the guys body is like, bouncing up and down on the ground….fuck did i LMAO. Mexicans and sharp objects dont mix. Fuck are they useless. Go to fuckin’ Al Qaeda school or something. Amateurs.

    1. ?Nelson? is a common name given to Salvadore?os or Guatemalt?cos as is ?William? and ?Elmer? and ?Ronald.?

      Filthy Los Zetas murdering innocent civilians, migrants from Centro America and bottom-feeders ?Halcones? (Hawks) who work for the rival cartel. Remember the 17+ band members Kombo Kolombia? They were all executed last month ?coup de gr?ce? and dumped into old water well outside the metropolitan city of Monterrey, N.L. It was the Los Zetas that murdered them because they had performed at a private party for a rival cartel.

      This video upload is nothing but to intimidate the rivals because they are losing control of their ?plazas? or ?cells? in many cities & municipalities. These poor ?halcones? that were beheaded so brutally. So sad . .
      Namas triya-dhvikana? sarva tathagatanam (Mahayana prayer for their departed soul to a better rebirth . . .)

      OK, getting back to the filthy Los Zetas . . . Guess what? There are new groups that were formed from deserters of the major cartels: Sangre Z?(Blood Z), ?Golfo Nueva Generac?on (Gulf New Generation) and ?La Corona? ?The Crown? ? Look out Los Zetas as these new groups will hunt you down!

      1. I heard about that, they could of been spared if they didn’t refuse to answer if they was part of a rival Cartel! if you are in a band and were kidnapped by the Zetas, would you refuse to say whether or not you were part of a Cartel?

    2. mexicans are living prove the indian did fucked the buffalo.there is no humanly excuse for what these scum bags are doing to good mexican peoples images all for a few fucking pesos!? these scum of the earth should not be allowed to walk on this planet,their souls hugh if they fucking had one will spend eternity paying for their actions! i would feel bad shooting a fucking rat in the head but would sleep like a baby putting a bullet into their fucking heads,no that would be way to quick! first i would tie them to the back of a truck and drag them at about 100 mph across black top and then pour vinegar and ghost pepper oil on their abrazions for a strart. then beat them with bats with 40 penny spikes sticking out of them. heal them all back to some what good health and start all over again and again and again.these fucking souless punk bitches are right out of satans dreams and i dont even think he would want these pieces of garbage!!! fuck off and die all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Nah, what would it matter to play the part, the others would be dead anyway. Besides, I think they didn’t kill the 3rd guy at all. It looked like they were backing away into the corn field, kind of liker they were just going to leave him there tied up and wondering?

      1. from the sounds of the screaming, you could sure tell the exact moment that the blade found the wind pipe. the sound changed to unintelligible gurgles and you know the cutter had finally found his mark. then a few more slits for blood letting and it was turned over to the ax man.

    3. Who is the one that screamed so much?… That was an awesome gargle towards the end, that’s what we need more of. Slit throat down to the bone then listen, listen to the body gargle and splutter through the gaping wound.

    4. I love the sound of the guy on the right as he’s lowered to the ground and the gagging and gurgling sounds as the knife cuts through his vocal cords and the blood fills up his windpipe. Fucking classic. I wish I could get an mp3 of that noise, I’d set it as my ringtone. I hope these cartels keep whacking each other like two cancers, and then the feds blow up whoever survives. Good riddance.

          1. Well I am a woman and I watch the beheading. I don’t even flinch. But the gurgling did kind of make me sit up in my seat.

          1. @Guts-n-Roses, I’ve only seen one beheading, that was the Saudi excecutioner. He’s quick and and professional. Of course, the cartels are sending a message with their videos, so they’re usually neither quick nor professional. The still photos, the description and comments are enough for me. :/

    1. The second guy took a long time to die. Pretty harsh — it seemed like that guy with the knife was slashing away at him for half a sitcom. Then again, that’s life, and death, in the cartels.

      What gets me is when they do shit like this to people not in the cartels, like that lady blogger whose head they cut off and left on top of a big cement globe in a public park a year or so ago. Or that female ex-politician who was targeted seemingly for no other reason than being a former politician. Mexico surely is a haunted land.

    2. yeah I didn’t expect the gurgling

      why did these midgets allow the enemy to take em alive?

      I mean, you already KNOW how you’re going to end up, why let them take you?

      also, I wonder if the guy in blue cut some sort of deal with the zetas? they don’t show him getting the axe

      or maybe, HE was the one who led his two companions into a trap, and the reason they got beheaded

      1. Every time I watch one one these clips that thought runs thru my head! Thats why I always have a weapon close by! Peronoid? Not really the neighborhood is half Mexican i live in and Ive heard stories that quite a few of them are in gangs! I may not be able to stop them from being able to kill me if it came down to it,but you can be sure a few of them are going to die trying!

        1. Im sure they tell them something to keep them from freaking out like they’re gunna let them go if they talk or that they’re gunna kill them quick…but in reality they’regoing chop their heads off. Either way if I was ever in their postion (which I never would be cause I would never be taken alive) I would continue fighting them and trying to run giving them no choice but to shoot me, fuck getting my head cut off…and if I did get my head cut off id shut my fucking mouth and not scream like a bitch cause that would just give them more pleasure.

          1. I always wondered why they don’t fight back. I think it’s cause A. they are scared shitless and B. they realize if they don’t cooperate they could be tortured for a very, very long time. Sure, that second throat cutting was brutal, but it was humane in comparison to keeping someone alive for a week and torturing them.

          2. They are pretty skilled with abductions. They sneak up on you or surround you with their vehicles and drag you into a van. Your’e gone before you know it.

      2. I expected the gurgling (beheading? there’s ALWAYS gurgling) but not the lengthy screaming. I swear the guy trying to cut red shirt’s neck must have been using a 2″ pocket knife or something, because it just wasn’t doing the trick.

        What I thought was unusual was how Mr. Axe gave blue shirt a little nudge to get out of the way of the job he had to do. Why would he be concerned about hitting blue shirt in a swing, unless they were maybe going to let him go? Sure, it entire possible he just didn’t want his swing messed up by nicking off blue shirt’s shoulder or something, but it makes ya think.

        I never can understand why abducted people end up on their knees, blindfolded in front of a camera. They have got to know what’s going to happen by that point! White shirt recites a bunch of information like he’s ordering lunch. Even if you can’t see what’s going on, you’ve got to have a clue when you’re on your knees. I would rather try to make a run for it at some point & get shot to death than beheaded.

  1. Since there is no way out of it, I just say lean back and take it like a champ. Or just kill yourself before they capture you.
    Struggle will only make things worse.

    By the way, why is the surviving motherfucker blindfolded? They should have made him watch. And then let him go, so he could tell everyone what happens to people who fuck with them.

        1. actually i was waiting for Mark to put a “The Caption This Photo Contest” but then seeing a new fansign didn’t resist to comment on it and then i came back to browse the recent posts i ended up here 😛 i might not come so often but just once a week or something thanks for your concern ahaha 🙂

  2. The second guy sounded like he was getting tickled to death, or a hand job from hell, until the gurgle gurgle chop part.
    I am not certain how the third guy dies, but I think I am going to vote to be the first one.

  3. OK, this one got to me. The worst place you can be on earth is waiting to get your head to be chopped off in a slow manner. especially if you’re not the first one and have to hear the agony of the other(s). I need to stop watching that shit. Mark warned us, but I still watched. Fuck me!

  4. This is the first beheading video I’ve seen where the victim yelled like that. Usually they take it like a champ. I suspect the third met the exact same fate as the first two. I wish it showed it though 🙂

    1. I don’t think they are consciously “taking it like a champ.” I think most of them are in shock, or just not expecting it. On top of that, most other beheadings, they slice right on through the esophagus very quickly, which is where the voice box is. In this video, beheader #2 is a useless fucking idiot & takes 10x longer than beheader #1 to cut through the dude’s throat. As long as air is still passing through the esophagus, he is able to scream. It’s not even until the axe guy is done chopping the first head off that beheader 2 FINALLY leans the unfortunate victim back onto the ground & uses more force against him, that you can finally hear the screaming end.

  5. Yeah great to see someone actually struggle and scream like a baby for a change. Normally they just go quietly, almost peacefully. I’m gonna set the screams as my ringtone! Good work drug cartel dudes and mark. Hail best gore!

  6. And another thing… I’d really like to see the humorous side to these cartel members. I’d love it after the beheadings the theme tune to match of the day came on and they started playing football with the heads or even basketball. Or the chief beheader comes on dressed as a clown and starts juggling with the heads! Cartel members, if you’re watching, please, for me!

    1. Hey Arsehole, do you realize how long its been for the Cartel boys to respond to our request’s for a video? And now you want them to produce a custom video with a little football action while in clown garb. I happen to think that is a great idea, only the clown shit is just a little much don’t you think…

  7. you gotta pity the innocent midgets of mexico, they have to deal with so many drug cartels, look at the way the cartel guys are dressed, like they’re part of some military unit

    these midgets act like they’re so tough and shit, but they’re all a bunch of cowards without the guns and the masks, just some 4′ 2″ cowards

  8. Yay ! Zetas are back ! You fluffy muthafuckers you. Made my day .
    I was getting tired of looking at pictures and watching people getting run over by stupid Asian drivers . Zetas we want more please. I find the human anatomy interesting

  9. I still think the vid of the guy that they put on the chair and then slowly they start cutting his head of is the most brutal one i’ve seen. And next the one where they hang that guy upside down and cut his junk off……

    LOL at the idea about a clown juggling heads! But hey, that would require some serious skill dude.

    I’m laughing a bit at the people who are commenting they would never be captured alive. You think these cartel members are stupid? How would you capture someone if you wanted to? They grab you from your bed when you are sleeping or push you into a van and put a bag over your head. From then on you’re a helpless puppy, no chance to grab your gun.

    Did you notice that the guy with the axe pushes the middle guy away before he starts chopping? As if he doesn’t want to hurt him, hmmm…

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