Machete Decapitates Bump On A Log With Two Neck Chops, Deeper Within The Kill/ Welcomed Death

Bound Man Moves Eyes after Machete Decapitation

Bound Man Moves Eyes after Machete Decapitation

S.S. Story Time

Having a little fun with Death and supplying own Life with endless happiness. Is it wrong to enjoy suffering from others to have happiness?

This video graces one out of the thousand of pages, hosted here at our very own home away from home, Best Gore. Enjoy the Re-Killing!!

We are kick starting Sat-GORE-day Edition Rewind Killing, one day late. I swear I would lose my head if it wasn’t duct taped on. Hehe.

Ladies and Gents, S.S. breaks new grounds, airating stagnant surfaces, starting anew. The never ending journey in life must continue foward, evacuating from dangerous unrestricted depths. A strong mind unbreakable is an ultimate force against catastrophic disasters.

Cleansing the mind and body with soul is simple as wiping away the cobwebs on the all knowing all wise mind’s eye.

Props to Best Gore member @dasaboy for the video:

Deeper Within The Kill/ Welcomed Death

We see a defeated and stunted sapling at the end of a mobile restricting rope. Face down, the subdued murdered-to-be man empties conciousness and submits to the impending and inescapable doom with glee.

Ireversible eviction notice rids all good spirits and puts any remaining to waste. Welcoming death sedates all uncertainty with a restless, wornout soul.

A potentially good clean, yet slightly worn out soul welcomes its more than likely Death by a succulent deadly kiss.

A blurred mind’s eye undetered by unwinnable dance of fate triumps by self defeated soul sucking kiss. The uncertainties of Life ultimately serve no purpose to the grander scheme of things compared on richtor scale.

Success in overiding default unbreakable will to live drowns and suffocates for certain outcome. Abandoning only for certain structure breaks his spirit and will to win an unfavorable and unavoidable outcome.

The bump on a log, an empty shell of a human existence adapts well to his empty surroundings. Tortured relentlessly by the inner thoughts that scream aloud will sooner than later be a light chip off his shoulders.

A would-be Lumberjack cuts to the chase and lops poor sapling’s seed of life. Utterly defeated with binding ties griping arms tightly behind back, like hot steel slicing through liquid butter, spine tingling sensation robs him oxygen. The low grade specimen welcomes his freedom in the neck of the Latin American woods leaving in Death how lived in Life.

The will to live leaves like a tree and splits.

Final soul sucking breaths vacate beneathe soulless eyes admiring own Death. How sweet of him to give his nothing for us all viewing pleasure. Hehe.

In a brief gore rewind, a drowned spirit and defeated sap of murdered-to-be bump on a log welcomes death with open arms.

236 thoughts on “Machete Decapitates Bump On A Log With Two Neck Chops, Deeper Within The Kill/ Welcomed Death”

  1. Science spent centuries trying to study the phenomenon of conscious or lucid decapitation, but for obvious reasons it is an experiment difficult to investigate and therefore to advance in research.
    These IDIOTS have the opportunity, I do not say to investigate, but to “browse”, but demonstrating an intellectual level patently LOW, nor are immuted.
    This case is clear, the consciousness remains about 10 or 12 seconds until the brain collapses due to lack of nutrients, which is the period that this occasion is fulfilled by the instantaneous decapitation, however we can see the effects of consciousness, not For the interest or curiosity of these morons, but by pure chance given by the speed of the act itself, I always wonder the same, since they have the opportunity to investigate this issue in their hands very often, at least put a little sense , even if it is ridiculous, when taking a life, but then I realize it and it would be like pretending that a monkey questions the reason why the sun rises.

    1. Actually we still do not know. Eyes moving around is still not conclusive evidence of consciousness. It could simply be residual electrical impulses in both nerves/muscles .

      A way may be to quickly decapitate an animal/human whilst it is rigged up to eletrodes and see if certain neurons fire ie neurons dealing with recognition of familiar faces or one’s name when photos are shown or called out quickly once decapitation has occured.

      So we are still in the dark and i am scared that maybe cutting peoples’ throats is maybe better than cutting their heads off quickly. In trying to be merciful ,we may be doing worse! Dr Guilotin was proably wrong.

  2. Blah blah blah blah blah, shut the fuck up you sound like you smoked or injected some really good Meth right before you rambled on about kiss souls death, BS what ever the fuck that was! Lmfao! I read a few paragraphs and sounded like BS!
    Just another beheading big fucken deal poet! Lol…
    Show us the next one wise guy.

  3. Two chops, instant. I think he was still alive for at least 2 seconds, long enough to see his own body removed from himself. Impressive. Bit excessive for a mere car jacker, but that’s what you get in good ol’ decrepit piece-of-shit Brazil. South America’s sponsor of savagery. Well, when they’re not competing with Mexico, Honduras or Venezuela that is.

  4. i remember when i was 6 or 7 i was in basra in iraq im speaking 2007 when iraq was hell during the (sectarianism war) and at the morning weird men in black clothes(we knew later that they were unity and jihad group aka intial isis ) came at our neighborhood with heavily tortured man i knew him he was a good man his name is haji hateem and he was from shea witch was his only fault afterwards they spook their shit about god and jihad with speakers and then they behead him with single slice by sword and the mans eyes kept blinking even after beheading and ill leave to u to think what would that do to a 7yrs boy? i still live in the hell called iraq and sorry if my english is as bad as arnolds english

  5. Okay, that just bugs me out! He was still looking after his head was off his body. This answers a long held question of mine about whether or not you know if your head is off your body after it’s been severed. What do you think?

    OMG, that was harsh.

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