Man Beheads His Father and Walks Down Street Carrying His Head

Man Beheads His Father and Walks Down Street Carrying His Head

An unexplainable patricide by beheading shocked the residents of Bela Vista in São Paulo, Brazil. A man decapitated his father and walked up and down the streets of the city carrying his lifeless head. When 41 year old Francisco Joaquim de Jesus was finally arrested, his 64 year old father’s head was still in his hands.

Preliminary examination of the headless body revealed cuts and stabs to the chest, possibly inflicted with an axe.

Residents from the Bela Vista neighborhood said they knew the killer and said he suffered from mental issues. This is consistent with the available medical records, which mention that the killer was schizophrenic and once attempted to commit suicide by cutting his own neck.

The family of Joaquim de Jesus is well known in the region. They are originally from Bahia, but have lived in Bela Vista, where they buy and sell cattle, for a long time.

According to Jennifer Estevam de Araújo – the deputy in charge of the case, the killer claimed during the investigation to have killed his father out of jealousy and because their relationship has not been very good over the past few years. The deputy however also said they are also going to talk to the killer’s family members and hopefully get some clarification, perhaps a hint of the real motives, given that the accused suffers serious psychiatric problems.

Props to Best Gore member Another Brazilian for photos and videos:

Here’s a brief video of the end of decapitation that shows the killer get up and walk away from his father’s dead body carrying his lifeless head:

And a news report on the killing (in Brazilian Portuguese) which doesn’t really show much and is blurred during graphic scenes:

And a gallery of a few photos:

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          2. sorry for dodging your question @Dutchy
            the truth is i haven’t been able to see him since his mother’s demise.
            i took @Zion’s advice and hired an attorney. he got me a court date 6/25/14 her mother king controller, that’s why her daughter was that way.

  1. Most natural thing in the world-its inherent in all men to want to kill your father and fuck your mother.Seriously! Freud documented these inborn desires meticulously on this fascinating subject .Also do not overlook Jim Morrisons poetry recitation in the awesome song “The End” -he is quite specific about this…

  2. The carrying around of the severed daddy head is also elementery-you see we are psyche driven to kill our heroes-we must kill them in order to claim our inheritance of creativity and realization of true potential and complete transcendence.You cannot very well become a terrible yet beautiful god and discover your destiny with your heroes and mentors in your grill all the time demonstrating their superiority !One must sever the heads of their heroes to claim their place .The carrying around of the head is symbolic of a child with his dear old teddybear-the inner child struggling to stay safe and protected and loved -clinging in fear to the last piece of shelter they had before they shake off all vestiges of childhood and transcend -finally becoming god themselves…Or it could be that they like soup made with the broth of a severed head-who doesnt right?

    1. Interesting take on the subject Freud had . I find his constant use of symbolism fascinating also , but I’m not sure I subscribe to many , if any , of the things he describes .
      I think he bore more hang ups than any average Joe .

    2. you’re giving a fucking Brazilian way too much intelligence there, bro. i have seen no evidence of that level of introspection in these apes… it was no more complicated than, “i mad a daddy! daddy die! look i carry daddy head to show i win!!!”

  3. Schizophrenia in Brazil , nothing new there then hey . I’d go as far as saying that the average mixed race Brazilian , suffers from delusions created of four or more minds rather than two or the voices .

    In all seriousness , it is an awful malady from which to suffer . I came into contact with one such sufferer once , who was inconsolable and frankly scared the shit out of me .

    Without their medication , disaster can occur very quickly .

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