Man Beheaded After an Argument Over Oxen

Man Beheaded After an Argument Over Oxen

A man was beheaded after an argument over oxen, which progressed into fight. The loser lost more than just the fight.

The headless corpse was found at km 108 of the Trans-Amazon Highway, between the towns of Medicilândia and Uruará in the state of Pará, Brazil.

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    1. We have California gang members in prison who are ordering murders by notes and letters to others on the outside…..when prison officials discover this kind of this…those men should be ordered out into the yard to face a series of wooden chairs…told to sit in them, then hand and leg cuffed to the chair….then another guard comes out in the yard with an electric chain saw….remove their heads….one at a time….just tell them it won’t hurt much and before they know it they will be shaking hands with Hitler and Stalin in hell……video it all have then have a special showing for all inmates.

  1. Adultery is a sin. He lusted for another rancher’s wife. God smote him. It’s sooo obvious. I’d know cause I read the Bible out of context. The cool thing about the Bible? I can cherry pick any phrase and it’s always true!

    1. I was just going to say something about that! I actually thought this post was kind of hilarious, an argument about bulls and someone takes the other person’s head off over it, leaves the hat exactly where it would be had he still had his head. Gold.

  2. He roamed the country like a cowboy with his hat, a belt and an oxen .That oxen must have been a good subsitute for a horse .
    A fight over a livestock seems unpalpable . The crux of the matter could have been an issue over some of the stolen stuff the guy held in his possession of which oxen was one …
    hence the fight to death .

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