Man Beheaded by Barefoot Jihadists in Syria

Man Beheaded by Barefoot Jihadists in Syria

This beheading appears to have been carried out by the same group of barefoot jihadists, featuring the same ultra effective master executioner as seen in this video. He’s just as effective cutting the head off as he was before, but in this video his hand slips a bit so the decapitation takes a second longer. Still, no hiccup on the spine.

The cameraman went way overboard yelling Allahu Ackbar.

It appears that the beheaded men were with Jesh Al-Thowar – a group accused by other “moderates” of treason.

Props to Best Gore members Amer the adventurerz and Baby14 for the video:

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      1. The Christians, Jews and Muslims all worship the same god. These religions all ‘developed’ in the same small area in the middle East. I can’t understand why Westerners would want a middle Eastern religion ie. – Christianity. Even though it’s been chopped and changed to suit. They are all Abrahamic religions.

          1. Agree, soon the will probably have the Rajm Rodeo. You know best time in stoning, best time in beheading, etc. The way they jump up with the severed head so quick reminds me of calf roping. lol

      2. What ISIS is doing is inhumane to say the least, but this is the way they see it fit to defend themselves and fight those who fight them..I’m not trying to get a supporting position in fafor of ISIS but think of Coalition bombs falling day and night on ISIS fighters..what ? you want to Watch them get killed and that’s it. It’s their land and their battle

    1. Guna get hate for this but not all Muslims are bad still to this day a Muslim girl I was friends with is the most special person I ever met !! Islam Is getting a pounding over Isis etc but not all Muslims are fanatics like these !! Bring on the hate lol

        1. Well, white terrorists – oops – supremists – kills more people in America than Muslim terrorists – and the police kill more than them combined.

          The coalition – thats the good guys who are not terrorists apparently – have killed way more than muslim terrorists have.

          Remember one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.

          1. Wow jock strap that was a very valid statement

            “Remember one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.”

            Although I do not agree with terrorist activity in the least I do agree with that statement

          2. Can you show any facts behind that? I’m interested. Because I think it’s wrong. If you’re talking about mass shootings, and the stereotype that most mass shooters are white then that’s inaccurate as well. The problem is that the news deliberately misrepresents people as a certain race. George Zimmerman (who was hispanic) suddenly became a German supremacist. It’s almost as if killing black people transforms you into a white person.

            The stats I’ve seen that are most murders against blacks are caused by blacks. Most murders against whites are caused by blacks. Most sexual crimes are done by black men on white women. The ratio is very, very high in the black favor. But keep telling yourself it’s just their bad genetics, lack of education, and so on, and we can somehow fix them with more gubament programs cause he a good boy and he dindu nuffin.

            You sound like one of the people that instantly assumed the shooter in Cali that just happened was a white, far right supremacist, even though it turned out to be a Muslim.


            This is 2015, man. Why so racist?

        2. Yeah, well I’m just talking about the ones that do the actual suicide vest bombings, beheadings and attacks like the recent one in Paris. It seems like they are all Muslim. Who’s behind it all? Most people know more about it than me.

          1. Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, US government, Zionists… They already are the creators of most terrorist groups/attacks in the world. The only problem of Muslims (The ones in the middle east or the ones migrated from Middle East) is being stupid and uneducated. It makes them believe and do everything that is told like stupids.

    2. These beheading videos are getting repetitive and boring. These sand niggers need to get creative. I have a suggestion. How about you cut off their hands and feet one by one. Then go for their legs and arms one by one. Then you can go for the beheading. Hopefully they don’t bleed out first.

      1. I agree there are just too much of the same thing all the time. They have absolutely zero creativity. With all the camera magic they produced why not bring in a cartoonists and really make it desirable to watch. Use a green screen. Spruce it up

    3. What a shitty way to go too. In the middle of that boring mess surrounded by a bunch of sand nigs chanting “my God is the best God”. So grateful to be in the ‘free world’ where at least this shit doesn’t happen.

      1. You probably did. His head remains conscious for a little bit after severing. There’s been multiple accounts throughout history of people fated to the guillotine that have remained ,or seemed to, remain conscious. Like Charlotte Corday. The executioner held up her head and smacked the cheek. Charlotte’s head displayed a look of disgust as in “how dare you?”

    4. tas tiger, you’re pretty ignorant. You should have some knowledge on what you’re talking about before you post stuff. The Christians, Jews and Muslims don’t worship the same God. Stop feeding that lie. Muslim’s worship Allah. How is that the same as the Jewish God named Yahweh?

      Here. I’ll even do the work for you.

      1. Judaism, Catholicism and Islam are all identified as Abrahamic Religions. They all use the Torah as their base. They all accept Abraham as the one who received Divine revelation from a Singular entity and they all acknowledge Jesus Christ. Jews and Muslims recognize Christ as a prophet whereas only Christians view him as the son of god.

        Allah means god. Yahweh means god. they are not names of a god, such as Thor or Odin. They are simply different languages. they all worship the god of Abraham, they only disagree on the method. christianity evolved from judaism, islam evolved from christianity. so funny how atheists know more about your fake god than you do.

        1. Thankyou @Obli, most people (who don’t know) even this basic knowledge of religions, are usually just surprised, not many come out and say “you’re wrong”. I’m glad you could word it better than me. It’s still infuriating to be called “ignorant” by a dummy, lol.

        2. In Hebrew the name of God is spelled YHWH.

          OF. Not for.

          “The name was previously used by pagan pre-Islamic Arabs as a reference to a creator deity, possibly the supreme deity in pre-Islamic Arabia. Allah is unique, the only Deity, creator of the universe and omnipotent. The God in Abrahamic religions.”

          – The demon pagan moon goddess Allah

          Clearly not YHWH.

          That ‘we all worship the same God’ is just shit people that don’t know better recite because they’re liberal twits that want to love everybody.

          And funny, if you think Atheism is so bad, Stalin and Mao both killed more people than Hitler (mostly Christians). Stalin was a Jew (arguably an athiest) and Mao an athiest.

          Political and ethnic purges are commonplace during changes of regime so that there is no revolt.

          Though I love it when uneducated idiots open their mouths about things they could’ve solved figured out they were wrong about with a one minute google search and then the peanut gallery celebrates their ignorance with them.

          It’s sad what our world has come to.

        1. If you take a box of Frosted Flakes and replace its mascot, Tony the Tiger, with something else, and then put a different type of cereal in the box and start making different boxes as well is it still Frosted Flakes?

          I used to be an athiest fucktard once like you, then I realized there’s an importance to having a community and preserving your culture and not just waking up every day and living just to live. But to preserve the values that made you who you are and make sure that they get passed onto future generations. That or you can just let your children suck some dindu turd until your grandchildren get converted into Muslims because you were a pussy athiest bitch who didn’t think that his heritage was worth protecting and someone else that did takes your spot.

          1. who’s an atheist fucktard? tas tiger? that’s not very Christian…but, at the end of the day, there is no god, so we win regardless.

            all three religions recognize abraham, all three religions feature a creation myth and a flood, all three recognize jesus christ. they are spawned of the same idea. they have simply changed the methods of worship over the centuries the further they branched off. the more corrupt and charismatic humans manipulated their respective peoples in their respective regions.

            if there had never been judaism, there never would have been christianity. if there had never been christianity, there would be no islam. this is not fucktard opinion. it is fact.

            but if you are looking for something to worship, if you are so starved of purpose and meaning, my door is always open. and, unlike your santa claus, i come with the benefit of being real. haha

      1. Only blood I’m hungry for is Sunni terrorists. Deus vult. Their end game is retarded, and they’re completely bat shit insane if they think they’re going to win after they made everyone their enemy, but they seem to be run by a bunch of extremist nut jobs who think Allah is real and Muhammad will come from the sky and return to save them because they are /true/ believers.

        They’re going to get blown to bits and hopefully filled with lead. And hopefully their families are killed as well, because they must’ve had an influence in their conversion to radical Salafi-ism.

  1. Its a wonder he’s not Well paid to train the rest of the beheading ,ackbar shouting, towl heads…. This guy’s skill level is crazy o_0 I’d say best living beheader award of their year definitely belongs to him.

    1. haha. I was just thinking about an olympic style decapitation event where people from around the world get together and see who is best at cutting heads off. This guy would give the speech at the opening ceremony and a bunch of select guys will do their version of “running the torch” which is actually just a knife that they have to get to the stadium before the blood dries on it. I’d pay per view that shit

      1. yeah but then it wouldn’t be free to watch here, then all hell would break lose, people will start beheading everywhere in pure pandemonium. All the hood rats in the street would start rioting and using their greasy afro combs as weapons to plunge into necks of others and who would film it? it’s gotta stay underground. But good idea if us white folks could hold an event. Just using my imagination here.

        1. That’s easy enough to handle if the hood rats start running and you waiving their afro picks and broom handle spears, quickly introduce them to the element of lead 😉 it would be the quickest and final lesson one would ever learn….

  2. “Alahhh snackbarrrrr…. ALAAHHH SNACKBARRRRR ALLLCHHHH SNCHHHH CHHHH!! AACHHH CHHHHH CHHHHHHCHHHHHHH!! CHHHHHCHHHHHHH CHHHHCHHH!!” – The stactic on his damn phone is too damn high! 😆

    Still another well done beheading! Eat your hearts out Zetas! 😛 They are catching on with you now.

      1. Of course i meant the old Zetas beheadings where they would take arround 5 seconds to behead one of their victims. They probably started getting lazy at it afterwards because there was no one to compete with them to who was the fastest at the job… 😆

      2. I’m on the fence with the cartel vs ISIS methods of beheading. Gruesome (anything goes) like chainsaw victims of drug lords fighting over whose turf is who’s! Fighting over thats mine not yours. On the other hand so called spies or whoever looks at them wrong maybe more frightening to be muslim nowadays, can get yourself a allah Akbar stuck in your head forever before beheading

        1. The Cartel though aren’t one trick ponys. They’ve basically done it all. There is no limitation to what they can do and what they’ve done. They’re an old Cartel that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. They have most of their government on payroll as well as many of the citizens. Most say they’re a blessing to the economy

          1. @ train wreck Yep, they pray to a dead saint aka La Santa Muerte to keep them safe during drug trafficking. Also carry that thing around and get tattoos of that thing. Your right about that blessing to the economy status

          2. Oh yeah that damn saint. If they don’t want to be caught then maybe they shouldn’t pray to the Saint of drug lords. I mean come on fucking dumb.

            I’m only impressed with the Triad gangs of China. It’s the oldest of all the Gangs. Now they’re on a level unlike anyone else. Ancient.

  3. This guy was hot stepping so well, he left someone’s head spinning.
    Allahu ackbar! I had to add that because I dont think he said it enough.
    Hats off to the heads off guy! Well done, sir! Keep that knife sharp and keep on hating infidels! Just dont bring that shit to my neighborhood, haji! My knives are much sharper, I can assure you.

      1. The truck carrying their shoes probably got bombed…but it could also just be a gay spat over ones choice to wear or not wear shoes like they do over those lice infested beards of theirs…nothing would surprise me when it comes to the reasons they give why they had to kill each other.

  4. Looks like they’ve been practicing. With how fast that guy’s head came off I bet he was still conscious when they started waving it around and playing hot potato. This guy knows all the ins and outs;

    Ergonomic grip on the victim? Check

    Cut through spine efficiently? Check

    Hold severed head in such a way to avoid bloodstains on sleeve? Check

    Allahu Ackbar ad nauseum? Check

    Another job well done Mohammed. You are a shit stain on humanity.

    1. Loud….very very loud. I just feel confused with their whole apocalyptic outlook and the Allah Akbar I have no idea what they’re saying really. I put far too much thought into this. There is one guy in particular I want to watch burn alive. I loathe him more so than anyone else.

    1. 2 possibility

      1- you use katana style for cut with one swing on the neck (require extremly high knowledge of this, that those snackbar didnt know)
      2- using heavy sword that require to be used very fast for avoid the “impact” of the sword on neck (this probabl more break the neck/spin than cut the head)

      so technically its almost impossible (or extremly hard and rare) to behead somebody with horizontal swing with an sword, even if the sword is fucking razor blade. most of beheading are vertical for counter all thsoe problem (spin, weight, elasticity, centrifugal force (based on the sword movement, etc…)

      1. The katanna is the correct sword if you wish to slice someone’s head off sugar heavier sword such a a short,long, or broad sword are not made for slicing they are bade for blocking, armor piercing, and penetration of the flesh via straight thrusts ex: in between the ribs.

        1. @Am0ur, my 15 year old kid has a katana, he’s going for his black belt (tai jutsu) on Dec 18th. It’s only for home though, he trains with a wooden katana at the dojo. I couldn’t be more proud 🙂 I can still remember when he was 9 years old and we used to drive past the dojo and he’d say “I want to go to that place, mum”. He has a green belt in the adult classes.

          1. @rayf, I read a story of a Jap catching some poor soldier, tying him to a tree, then he cut the man’s liver out and cooked and ate it in front of him! I don’t think you can live long without your liver, but I think it’s long enough for someone to eat it in front of you?

          2. good one @rayf. Do you know about unit 731? The Sino – Japanese war, were the gaps used chemical warfare on groups of chinese civilians, I believe this occurred in the mid 30’s.

      2. No doubt it will take extraordinary skill to perform such execution. The Arab executioner said, i read somewhere in article, took him years of practice to be able to perform one clean cut to seperate victim head from body, and that is vertical swing.
        They made it look so easy in Kill Bill. But that’s hollyjewd fake motion picture.

  5. dat poor men was extremly nervous… insta spread his blood at 1m just after the knife cut the carotid. crazy blood pression

    i hear donald duck is behind this…..allahu quackbar ! *put donald duck voice*

  6. Yes, he was going overboard on the ARKBARKING for sure! What happened to the whispering Arkbarker,s that use to be around? They did it so quietly, that you could hear the spraying, and sometimes, the chocking, or voice box noises. Now, you hear nothing from the victim.

  7. Hahaha this one didn’t have enough hair for them to lift and take their selfies with the head. Also this guy was hyperventilating with fear, he was so scared. Looked like he’d already had a beating too.

  8. How do we know this is Al-Nusra Front? Regardless, it wouldn’t surprise me, US has no clue whom it supports over there. What’s most confusing here is that these guys, if they are who this video claims they are, should be allies, afterall Al-Nusra is allied with the Islamic Front and the Syrian moderates, falsely called the Free Syrian Army made of divisions that are so different between themselves they often defect to other radicals.

    Just imagine how absurd this is, that United States indirectly supports its nemesis, the Al-Qaeda in Syria (or Al-Nusra), they are indeed tacit allies in this. If only more people from Syrian opposition would understand they’re just being used as cannon fodder, and for what end? Syria is already a failed state, and it will remain a breeding ground for radicals like Al Qaeda and ISIL for a significant time.

    1. You just need to offer a firm point of view that doesn’t follow trends created to entertain sheep and you will usually be accepted. Perhaps you will never make friends, but life has hit a low point for you when you can’t form friendships outside of internet interaction. People here like resolute personalities with intelligent input on serious subjects and the ability to exhibit a sense of humor in the face of the horrors that humanity tends to face at their final moments. In other words, they like unadulterated, raw, honest versions of the human beings we were born to be, not the ones we were trained to be. Hopefully that helps. Not like I head the social circle. I actually still just lurk around like someone playing duck duck goose by himself, tapping everyone on the heads as I pace the outside of the circle.

      1. Lol. I forgot that important piece. Blackie won’t be so welcome. But, I really gotta hand it to any black members of BG who actually stuck around. That’s commendable character if they eat all the nigger bashing here and don’t go all “black lives matter” all over the place.

        1. Only time I ever fuck with them is when they push they’re agenda or troll. There are a few black members on here that are not 6 monthers…they defend themselves and their people as they should but have shown themselves to be gore colored as well by respecting the site and it’s rules…those last 2 things are what always decides it for me.

  9. I wonder how he feels when IF such an asshole beheader ever comes to terms, and realizes what he has been doing all along.
    Cannot imagine his ideas that chopping of heads is a good thing remain the rest of his pity life.
    Telling the stories proudly to his grandkids .

  10. Wake the Fuck up. ‘Allah’s snackbar’ has been closed for a very long time because off it’s lack too coop with the hygiene standards. Wake me up when those idiots start a football team, cutting off heads is getting boring.

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