Man Beheaded In Front of Mosque by IS – James Foley Style Video

Man Beheaded In Front of Mosque by IS - James Foley Style Video

The Islamic State released a new beheading video which appears to show a beheading of a captive in front of a mosque, but it was post produced in the similar fashion to the alleged beheadings of James Foley and Steven Sotloff, so as the beheading is about to commence, the video fades to black and then resumes with images of the victim laying on the ground as his severed head rests atop his headless body.

At Best Gore, we’ve published dozens of beheadings by the Islamic State, including from back when they called themselves ISIS, and before then ISIL, and before then the Free Syrian Army, and before then whatever the hell it was in Libya. During all that time, after scores of beheading videos, they never used to fade to black for the actual act of beheading. This only started after the botched release of the James Foley video, which is now being widely regarded as fake, even by the war drums beating mainstream media. Is this a form of damage control aimed at trying to save face before those too slow to get it that James Foley execution video was fake?

Video below is all in Arabic, and version with English subtitles has not been provided. It is thus a bit difficult to understand, but it appears to show a group of captives, presumably from either Syria or Iraq, being interrogated by the Islamic State. The captives are dressed in orange jumpsuits typical of prisoners.

After the lengthy interrogation, the video cuts to the scene of one captive kneeling before three masked militants, one carrying the black and white Islamic flag. The mosque softly illuminated by the low lying sun fills in the backdrop. The militant in the middle gives lengthy speech which is accompanied with images of western leaders meeting with what I presume to be Arabic leaders. After that, the nameless captive is apparently beheaded, except that the beheading is not shown.

After the beheading, the rest of the video is dedicated to the show of force by the Islamic State. That includes a column of military vehicles being paraded down a street.

Props to Best Gore member Baby14 for the video:

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108 thoughts on “Man Beheaded In Front of Mosque by IS – James Foley Style Video”

        1. @ LillieG Agreeded, the Mexican Narco Wars are far bloodier than ISIS ever has been. ISIS seems far more interested in having some guy wrapped in a bedsheet stand there and spout a message which I’d like to see the translations of. They’re likely full of ‘allahu akbar’ type referances and other relegious edicts.

          But why doesn’t ISIS take a page from Sharia Law be-headings and do it with a sword rather than a dull little pocket knife, far more dramatic.

          And censoring/skipping the actual cutting, it just goes to show they’re only trying to put on a show.

      1. Its Photo shopped its easy to fake this stuff like that and just green screen, get a special effect CGI person that is good at making this stuff then boom fake threat video. You can tell its faked cause they censored the beheading. if this was really from them they wouldn’t censor it….

        1. Most of these new ISIS videos are a bit more complicated than photoshop. But they are completely able to be faked. (I have over 15 years of Hollywood VFX / CGi experience). These videos could be produced by a intermediate to advanced artist in 1-2 days.

          Because they are not consistent with the ISIS beheading over the last 2 years, I want to believe they are fake.

          Or did they change their methods. Maybe if it is too graphic America would be too agressive with them. Maybe they are fake, we won’t know for a while.

          I know the US said they tried to save the captives and failed that mission. But I wonder if they did save them, and then created these vids to gain support of the sheeples.

          1. you are right about the way I explained it being to simple but the Beheaded guy was probably Photo shopped then sent over to a person that works in the VFX and CGi department.

            either way I woudn’t be suprise if they just took a pic of the gut laying on the ground and then took a photo of the guy standing up then just edited the head to the body the added color that looked like blood to the body. you have more experience in that department as i’m just a Reviewer for anime, movies, and comic’s looking at visual stuff to the point if I question something if I don’t catch in full speed I put it into one of 2 video editors.. (Sony vegas pro 12.0 x64 or Avudemux 2.6 x32 both can take a video and slow it down to frames but vegas can go down to 100th of a second in a frame the other I think can go even slower can’t remember)

            not to mention the whole look of the blood on the forehead is off of where its so-post to be…

  1. How do you attack the enemy? You hit them when they are not suspecting it and your mission is guaranteed to be successful. Study them, find their weaknesses and exploit them. How do you wage a war? You must become ruthless. Are all you white guys paying attention?

  2. If the US military dictators had any balls they would immediately execute a prisoner at Guantanamo each time there was a beheading, tit for tat.
    Not that I believe any of this crap…Just sayin’….
    wouldn’t have to chop off their heads, just announce a retaliation execution occurred and publish the prisoners name and photo. Make sense?

  3. These camel jockeys are pretty brazen standing in front of landmark buildings and driving in huge convoys down a highway. Can’t wait until we firebomb these turds and their precious mosques back into the medieval ages.

    Also pretty stupid thinking a few beheadings is sending some sort of “message”, when everyone over here is too busy fapping to Jennifer Lawrence nudes.

    1. ***Also pretty stupid thinking a few beheadings is sending some sort of ?message?, when everyone over here is too busy fapping to Jennifer Lawrence nudes.

      Who’s Jennifer Lawrence?


      …Where’s my lotion and tissue paper?

  4. I shall never understand guys on here who believe, just because the beheading is censored, that all these ISIS beheading videos are fake? They want mass media coverage, not just a video that appears on these kind of sites, but across all the news channels worldwide, that’s there aim, mass media, nothing more nothing less.

    1. Yeah right, because you know CNN don’t know how the censor violent videos, so isis thought : “hey let’s give these guys a favor and just teach them how to use video editing software !! yaaay ! “..

      seriously bro..why drop yourself in a pool of questions about legitimacy ? cutting the video like that from the source opens up a whole new front of suspicion and isis know that.

      Nah you don’t make any sense..if I was them I would’ve recorded the whole thing so nobody questions me

  5. Surely America can have thousands on techs monitoring Syria/Iraq from satellite on live video seeing these dudes in the act, and then just send a missile in to fuck them all while they’re filming their little video. I’m sure you’ll see lots of these bastard roaming around if you had a google earth live style system, add the ability to pinpoint strike, and you’re off to a great start.

  6. ISIS
    is it poetry

    There is no right side being on the wrong side of fear.
    Orange prison jump suits that we make our own wear
    treating our own inhumanely
    that America would kill if not for the money.
    Medusa’s head filled with snakes
    and the Hydra cut one off and two more that are worse
    take it’s place.
    America’s way of thinking is as anathema to them
    as is theirs to U.S.
    However immoral or unethical each claims that it is.
    Cause and effect there is always an oppisite and equal reaction.
    The fear of what comes next is always worse than before.
    Disillusioned our youth have no hope for the best.
    I am in fear of what both side can’t say at the cost of some head.
    See how easy it was to mistake those two words for another
    if mistakenly used for two others.
    The rule of law is made worthless in America if it cannot learn
    from militants their warning to U.S. and our leaders
    While from the militant groups,
    the United States air strikes will continue,
    when the ‘will to continue is that our knives are longer
    to attack the people that stand on your neck.
    And we can achieve it.
    From one administration to the next
    it’s going to take some time and it’s going to take some effort.
    After ISIS,
    America will deal with the next,
    convincing U.S. to give up what’s left of our rights.

    Is It Poetry

      1. Thanks for letting me know, and i feel flattered, although i dont really have much of an idea who catherine something something is or whatever else you mentioned… πŸ˜† Im too exausted to think right now, had enough of that the whole day, or even care of who those are, i dont feel like having to google them all one by one just to understand…

    1. Their lower loose fabric is moving, not quite as much as the flag. The cut to the side means there is another camera crew to the left, they might be breaking the wind. Especially for the microphone.
      There blend cuts right before the knife is pulled out. Difficult to see unless you are looking right at the head of the center terrorist.

      It almost looks to me like the prisoner is telling us something. His lips are moving.. could be prayer, but his eyes almost seem to be saying something.

        1. @Psykill I’m glad you and a few of our other members are able to technically break down what it is we are seeing. As I said before I’m no expert that is for sure. It’s why I love this site because nobody knows everything, but we have members that know some things about this and others about that. A fantastic base of knowledge for people who want to learn. Thanks to you and all who share their knowledge. πŸ˜‰

          1. @rayf
            I miss things all the time. I did notice the wind discrepancy when I watched for the first time. But would not have thought much more about it if you hadn’t posted.

            I agree that this site brings us the most amazing news of our time, and the users bring us the most amazing info and insight. That is why I am totally addicted to the website. I feel it is the most real connection I have to the rest of the world.

            Often times I wonder knowing is more hindering. I just got offered a 2-4 week fully paid work-vacation to Brazil.. I said “No way in hell”.. I would love to see Brazil and would love to experience the culture and those beautiful women, but I just cant un-see some things.

  7. That’s the Great Mosque of al-Nuri in Mosul, although I have my doubts about the group actually being filmed there.

    The flag is a complete artefact.

    The light and shadows don’t seem to fit and when the camera switches to view the group from the left, they are standing at approximately 90 degrees to the small chain fence rather than the more obtuse viewpoint in the frontal footage.

  8. Something is different in this video..much different..

    Unlike the typical ISIS videos, this one has no religious symbols, only the isis flag & the mosque are islamic..

    Even the song at the end is more like a Saddam Hussain smell, reminds me of the times when Iraq was a nationalist Ba’ath country..

    Not even one single “Allahu Akbar”..
    More like a typical “Ba’ath” execution.

    What the hell is this ?

    1. @Arabic I often wondered why some of these groups “this may not be one of them” will deny people the right to listen to music but yet have no problem using music themselves. You don’t have to translate the whole song or anything but can you give the gist of what the song is about ?

      1. It’s an extremist habit to view anything “fun” as a sin ; even if the Quran didn’t say it’s a sin. Some insane Muslim scholars invented a concept called “blockage of paths”,i.e paths of sins”. The most recognized type of muslims who adapt this pov are Salafi Muslims ; especially “Wahhabies”.

        To them, using musical instruments distracts people from religion. So it’s haram. So they use music that don’t include musical instruments. They only allow the usage of drums.

        So, if you sing while drumming you’re ok. but if you use guitar you’re a sinner infedel..

        Well about the song it’s in local iraqi accent, but I recognized some sentences :

        “Lions of god, lions of god, …, our Sharia is coming, sons of secularism…,…satan’s something”

        Still, that song is so different than Isis’s typical songs, which are never in local accents, and usually include lots of violence

  9. If the jews are not excluded from the United States by the Constitution, within less then a 100 years, they will stream into this country in such numbers that they will rule and destroy us and change our form of goverment for which we americans shed our blood and sacrificed life, property and personal freedom. If the jews are not excluded, within 200 years, our children will be working in the fields to feed the jews, while they remain in the counting houses gleefully
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    gentlemen, if you do not exclude the jews for ever, your children’s children will curse you in your graves. Their ideas are not those of Americans, even when they have lived among us for 10 generations. The leopard cannot change its spots. The jews are a danger to this land, and if they are allowed to enter they will imperil our institutions. They should be excluded by the Constitution
    Benjamin Franklin. 1787.

    1. @devilsdouble – Are you trying to say that Benjamin Franklin wrote this? Why not just show us the link to where this article exists so we can all read it ourselves. If you are right that would be an amazing find… but I highly doubt it.

  10. I know that I am going to get flamed hard for going against the grain here, but these videos are not fake. The reason ISIS has stopped showing the actual beheading is purely for propaganda reasons. Although folks on here enjoy a good beheading, your average punter does not. Your average wannabe jihadist is more likely to watch your video and consume your message if it does not include the gruesome bits. These videos are more about getting the message out there to potential jihadists.

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