Man Beheaded by Tunisian Muslims for Converting to Christianity

Man Beheaded by Tunisian Muslims for Converting to Christianity

The religion of peace is at it again. There’s no spreading the message of peace like Muslims do. Especially when it comes to respect and tolerance.

Many Islamic scholars believe that people guilty of apostasy must be executed. Many practitioners of Islam carry executions out. The man in the video is accused of converting from Islam to Christianity and refusing to renounce his faith. And for that, he was beheaded.

The video was broadcast on “Egypt Today” – a liberal talk show hosted by Tawfiq Okasha. In the video, a young man appears laid on his side with head pulled back by a masked man. At around the 2:15 minutes mark, just before the beheading starts, the camera zooms in on the victim’s face which shows incredibly deep fear and pain. He knows what’s coming and makes no attempt to escape his fate, yet you can read fear clearly from his face.

Cameraman chants a lot of Allahu Akbar stuff and then the sawing begins. Traditionally, the knife used appears incredibly dull. It hardly cuts through tender tissue on human neck though the executioner manages to find the spot between the vertebrae so spine is severed relatively quickly for a beheading by knife.

After the beheading, the host of the program Tawfiq Okasha points out the reference from one of the canonical hadiths in which Prophet Muhammad commands: “Whoever leaves his religion, kill him”. Apparently, according to the founder of Islam, any Muslim who leaves Islam must be killed.

Although the video was broadcast on Egyptian TV, the beheading was allegedly carried out by the Tunisians. Egypt however, could be faced with similar executions becoming part of the norm, seeing how Muslim Brotherhood’s grasp over the country is tightening. These hard core Salafis want to force Sharia Law upon everyone and executing anyone who converts from Islam appears to be an important part of the Sharia.

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      1. On bestgore we have seen countless barbaric acts. After seeing every one of them, I have no idea how someone can still believe there is a god. After seeing this video and you still don’t think religions were made up by us useless humans, I’m sorry but I have to say you are a moron. Your no better than these piece of shit who is doing the beheadings. The man believe in faith and I’m sure think his god was going to save him, but I guess god didn’t care too much about his children. His children LOL, what a joke! As for these morons muslims, If they believe in there assbar so much and think beheading someone is what there god commands them to do, why always hide your face you coward of of shit! There is no god people and if you continue believing in one, these killings in the name of religion will never stop. There will alaways be excuses to kill and make no mistake about it, your contributing to thses killings as well. I’m sorry but I’m always steaming from the top of my head whenever I hear the word religion, because death ,scams and alot of barbaric acts are sure to follow!

        1. You would think the human race had matured enough to realize religion is just a way to control people. You don’t need religion to teach your children to respect others. There’s only one way to get good people to do bad things, religion!

        2. I signed up after reading this comment and I was a lurker for a while (about a month ago).

          This site has turned me from an agnostic to an atheist.

          There’s no way God exists. And if he does, he’s not holier than any one of us – he’s getting his kicks watching how chaotic things are all throughout human history.

          If all humans were made by him, surely he’s flawed to think that we’d live harmoniously with religion and how badly it would get abused for the sake of power.

          To me, he is entirely fine with the sacrifices made by people throughout history. He’s like us, watching the gory details on BG dot com, curious about the details and the aftermath.

          1. just wanted to say if it wasn’t for god my daughter would have died. one day my 3 week old stopped breathing and called 911 they airlifed her and after 3 days in the hospital they said she was going to die. So I prayed and then god came to me and I told him that he needed to give her back to me. well after I prayed she got better. I dont now why one gets there prayers answered and some dont I dont have that answer so please never give up on god but give up on these guys that think they are god and take someones life just dont give up on the lord…. sorry just wanted to share my story there is hope out there she’s 8 yrs old today I beleave in god but dont like what man can do to man???? live your life to the fullest and thank god your head is not on your lap…

          2. God gave man free will. god is not the one makeing people do these horrible acts of murder and mutalation. did u think that satan might have something to do with this? what they are doing is pure evil and wrong and they know it but they dont care they are evil men doing evils work. God will not interfear in man choices but he will judge u when u die. isnt it better to believe in God then die and no god then not to believe then die and meet him face to face? then your really screwed. think about people

        3. People have freedom of choice; that they misuse that freedom and cite that as evidence that there is no God really isn’t logical. I’m sure God didn’t intend us to be all robots capable only of doing good for others because that would not be true love. I am NOT defending Islam as I do believe that violence is hard-coded into their Koran, but I also think it’s unfair to blame religion in general for all evils in the world. People don’t need to use religion as an excuse to kill. All people need is to see some difference in someone else, and feel an intolerance for that difference. Your basic schoolyard bully who picks on the new kid, for example. Or Mexico in the 1920s when they began killing Catholics in order to establish a secular state. Intolerance is bred into us more by culture (whether religious or secular) than anything else, and that intolerance is really what leads to violence.

        4. Why people still believe in God? there is no proof of him not being real. And it is in fact recorded of his existence. The Bible, Torah, Quran all lead to something or some one. All the events that took place that involved super natural events of the time of Jesus Christ down has been recorded by over 40 authors of the bible alone recorded in writing what they experienced. 40 healthy young men (at the time of the writing) recorded strange events that took place. And for you to call someone a moron because of their belief system makes you an ignorant fool because you don’t know what happened in their lives for them to believe and have faith in something that isn’t there physically. People believe in God because there is to much doubt. I mean this whole site of people except for a couple of people are atheist. To much doubt in something that was recorded by plenty of people, something that was very much real and in front of them during this time. Not just a couple of people got this on record. 40 if not more people have the accounts of Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Joseph, Paul the apostle, and many others. Have recorded and have been recorded by others around them. And for me to say there is no God when there is recollection of the being, is simply….. me in denial.

          1. Ignorance is believing something because somebody tells you to believe it withoutany evidence to supportit. We know dinosaurs existed because of fossil remains, we know the earth is round because scienceproves it to be so. If religion was not forces upon children it would disappear because the masseswould not just accept withoutreason.
            If the bible, Koran etc where the word of an all encompassingpower would they not be full of all the answers and not contradictions?
            If there where a god why would he contacta chosen few to ” write a book” .
            I think the world would be a much more tolerantplace if we all taught our children the same thing, what we know to be true based on evidence and experience. There is lots to enjoy in in the world any many things to experience, you just have to open your eyes and think for yourself.

          2. i got delivered from witchcraft and saw an open vision god revealed himself to me and spoke to me three times I warn everyone will stand before his throne at the proof be warned

        5. God made the earth and humans perfect, but eve decided to fall into temptation by evil. evil will always be in the world, and no one can stop does not mean there isn’t a God when evil happens, because all humans sin and fall into temptation. this is complete evil. lucifer lived with God and he wanted the most power, so when he left God, he wants as many people to go down with him, he wants the whole world to commit evil with him. God let his only son brutally die for us so that we all can be forgiven for our sins. i’ll pray for you, i hope that you will find God someday

          1. That is what YOU believe.I find it rude to tell somebody you will pray for them to find your god. If I did pray I would pray people like you would shut the fuck up

        6. I’ve heard people say that these people may have commited crimes in their past life and are being punished in this life and this is our test if everyone knew there was a heaven and a god most of them would off themselves or risk their lives it would be a crazy place if everyone knew there really was a god.

        7. I, in fact, believe in God, but unlike muslims, was taught to be courteous to others, and non-judgemental, seems like I don’t get that same respect from you. I guess it can be understandable to a point, to not believe in God, but to me there is way too much that proves otherwise. You shared your opinion of religion so i am sharing mine. Judge me, call me an asshat, moron, retard, whatever, but most humans are destructive beasts, bent on their own self preservation, and in some cases, their own demise. To tell you the truth, I believe all religions are pure crap due the human ability to screw things up, but I do believe in God and Jesus, so I don’t know really what to call myself. I didn’t write this as a means to chastise, just to express my own opinion, attack if you must.

        8. couldnt agree more with you. to sit there and believe there is a GOD,, is complete bullshit..thats like me walking outside on a clear night looking at the stars and saying nope there no other life out there. religous nutjobs shut th fuck up.

    1. wow, very intense. i have seen almost all of the recorded beheadings on this website and many others, but when it comes to this video- capturing every expression of fear and pain in his eyes- I would have to name this one the most graphic and disturbing beheading in my list.

      1. I agree that the man’s agony gives this video a certain edge that other beheading videos just don’t have. Even if we focus on this man’s despair alone I still think that this man’s agony wasn’t prolonged, the weapon used to kill was definitely sharper than the other ones which have barely been able to sever the head from the body. For me hearing the ghastly sounds that other beheading victims have made before dying is probably worse than the visual aspect of this video.

      2. I find it quite macabre how the pallor simply drains out of his face faster than the blood out of his neck.

        Poor guy. Well at least he converted to the one, true faith before he copped it.

        1. Fuck poise and dignity. This guy was simply fresh out of hope and resigned to his fate. He was a grade A prime piece of pussy for not spitting at them or cursing allah snackbar with his last breath. I am a man of the one true faith. The faith that 99% of all humans are a mix of wolves, sheep, and shit-rivets. The remaining 1% are bestgorians and like minded folk who have eyes for the true face of humanity. Just as it has always been and will be for the foreseeable future wolves will prey upon the sheep while the shit-rivet “leaders” of the world play them against each other so they can fill their own selfish needs for money and/or power and to hell with every one else. All the while we one percenters of the world watch and wait patiently, hoping that one day the world will finally wake up and erase religion from the face of the earth forever. All religions have to go if we are ever going to evolve beyond hating and murdering each other over petty differences. Any “faith” that says it’s OK to kill another person because they are different is nothing more than a crock of shit invented just to have a reason to kill someone that’s different. If god created us in his image then he/she is one seriously mentally ill mother fucker, and so are the people that buy into that shit. I am not against the idea of religion, I just think it should not exist beyond the idea stage. If you want to see some one who died well look for news stories where some one gave their life to save another, not someone who had theirs ripped away for no better reason than the fact that they believe in a different magical sky being who requires sacrifice or worship.

          This rant has been provided by Shit-Rivet Incorporated. thank you for your continuing support.

          1. ‘Grade A piece of Pussy’

            Love it Estep.

            I agree with you that organised religion and the current system of politics must go if we are to ‘evolve’ out of this faze of mutual self destruction.

          2. I feel your anger and would agree that if I knew exactly what was going to happen,then yeah,I would be spitting,shitting,kicking,etc.However if this guy was told,”take this execution without incident,and we won’t drill holes in your body,beat you with a ball bat for several days,rape your mom,sister etc. and other creative stuff……..see my point?

    1. Can you PROVE God doesn’t exist?

      You see the great thing is about being a Christian, is the FACT that I don’t have to prove that God exists (or doesn’t).

      With religion, you only need faith. The burden of proof is on you my sanctimonious little fiend.

      1. Wat.

        Sorry, but ‘I believe God exists, therefore he does’ is not a valid argument.

        Well, I believe he doesn’t exist. So there. He doesn’t. See how that argument just doesn’t work?

        You also appear to be confused on the issue of ‘burden of proof’. Plz research.

        Of course, you could be trollin’, in which case 8/10.

        1. ‘Wat’

          You are basing a counter argument on the incorrect assertion that I have proof God exists. Or exists due to a ‘magical’ whim of mine.

          As I have previously posted. Their is no PROOF that God does or doesn’t exist. Yet the faithful are taking a ‘leap of faith’ in believing he does exist.

          I also take Pascal’s wager. Which basically states that it is better to believe and He not exist. Than not believe and He does exist.

          Your argument is based on the character assassination of me and is highly immature. I am not ‘trolling’. I am trying to stimulate a valid debate here.

          We don’t need a brand new member here who has no idea of the social etiquette demanded on this forum.

          So PLEASE research this.

          Or you can Fuck off back to Facebook.


      2. I hope you’re trolling, Trooper. Sorry in advance, I’m going to be a bellicose cunt here. When it comes to religion, the burden of proof lies with the believer, not the skeptic. We can’t prove that God doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t mean God actually exists. Likewise, I can’t prove that invisible fairies don’t exist, but that doesn’t mean invisible fairies really do exist. So saying ‘Can you PROVE God doesn?t exist?’ is a very weak argument (it’s an argument known as Russell’s teapot).

        “With religion, you only need faith.”
        That’s an awful argument. Faith isn’t evidence of anything. If that’s how you want to play it, a Muslim could simply say ‘I have faith in Islam, so that settles it!’. It’s not an argument.

        1. I have no problem whatsoever in people criticising my religion (provided it is constructive).

          In fact I relish the opportunity. So their is no need to apologise.

          Stephen Hawking once said that their is room enough in science to have science and God. And it is quite the phenomenon that Physicists tend to be religious. Whilst Biologists are the opposite.

          A famous neuro surgeon once said, that when he cuts open a patient and gazes at their brains. He doesn’t see their thoughts. Yet he knows they exists.

          I understand about the ‘fairy’ argument. Yet fairies are a Human invention. They can be though of as tangible beings, and since they are absent from this planet. We can safely assume that they don’t exist.

          Yet, if I had asked you to imagine a being of unlimited power. With no beginning and no end. A being that transcends both time and space.

          You can’t, no one can.

          I like to perform a little mind exercise to boost my point.

          Think of NOTHING.
          Most people think of blackness, or lightness. Yet that is still SOMETHING.

          The point of this little exercise is to demonstrate that the Human mind is limited. Limited to within the earthly realms of time and space.

          I know. That I am not going to change your opinion. Just as you know you won’t change mine.

          I simply want to show you that religion has a base in something. And is not just a group of silly, scared, naive people following a book.

          I hope that is a better constructed argument. *wink*.

          1. Hey Trooper, stephen hawkins said that the universe didn’t need a god to create it, he’s never believed in god, his vision was to disprove god in the grand scheme of things, but like most people on deaths doorstep, he may have changed his mind recently. Which is another example of religions using fear as control, believe as we do or burn in hell, god made us the way we are (that all knowing shit) and then cast us to hell. Religions, including christians, are responsible for more death through history, my father is christian and I have a christian name, and it makes me sick how blind he is about everything, he always says have faith. now I’m fuckind pissed off so I will stop, please don’t be afended, i wasn’t trying to talk down to you.

          2. @phatman.

            I am not offended buddy. Quite the opposite. It is this sort of constructive honesty from its members which draws me to the site.

            I don’t set out to proselytise.

            And in fact. I agree with you that organised religion was created by the educated few to control the unwashed masses.

            Officially, I am a Roman Catholic. But in reality I am just a plain old Christian.

            When Christianity started out, it was a simple cult with simple beliefs.

            One God. Love thy neighbour. And try to do good.

            That’s my religion.

          3. Thousands if not millions of gods have been worshipped throughout history. Even if there was a god, there is absolutely NOTHING to suggest that your one is the right one amongst the other million out there. You can say “faith” over and over again in your little head but just realise that there are billions of other people who worship different gods to yours and have just as much if not more faith than you.

          4. @Aurora.

            It is true that many Gods have been worshipped throughout history.

            Yet why is Christianity the world’s dominant religion?

            Because our little argument has turned out to be highly persuasive compared to some of the tat that used to exist. The Vikings gave up Odinism whilst they still were a naval superpower. So they weren’t intimidated or forced to do it.

          5. I actually don’t mind people believing in God (deism, that is). My mother is a deist. I have a problem with religion because religions make absurd claims based on no real evidence. The Bible talks about donkeys having conversations with humans, virgin births and people flying into the sky. I just can’t get on board with all that stuff.

      3. Two wrongs.

        1. One should never be expected to prove a negative.

        2. With religion, all you need is a collective to associate with. Faith is not religion as a person’s personal beliefs NEVER require the blessing of anyone else. One may believe in a God-like entity, but completely find religion to be a scam. In other words, faith trumps religion.

        1. @Phatman, I feel your pain brother. I was raised by an alcoholic Mormon and often feel the same anger and embarassment for those who buy into the grand delusion of religion. Their minds are too often closed to the many paradoxes provided by their chosen “faith” and even more blind to the suffering that it causes to others.

    2. Oh my…
      What I meant by my comment was that by being an atheist I (hopefully) will never end up like this poor sod.
      As far as faith, I just try to have faith in my family and friends (and myself of course).

        1. Don’t apologise!

          The reason why I come onto this site is for the gore and lively debates, intellectual repertoire and banterage.

          I am always up for constructive criticism. As I believe it is a good mental workout. Keeps me on my toes so to say.

          By the way mate. When I called you a ‘sanctimonious little fiend’. I was joking. In rather bad taste I may say.

          One of my character flaws. For which I should apologise.

          Bloody hell. Too much apologising going on here

          1. It’s real here, that’s why I like it.
            I don’t mind being called ‘sanctimonious’, I’ve been called a lot worse.
            I am still fresh meat here Trooper and don’t feel I can tear you a new one until I pass probation.
            I also don’t get into debates about religion as I was raised by an atheist and know eff all about religion.
            But let me say this… aren’t the atrocities we witness here on BG a good start at proof that there is no God?
            And if there is a God who says ‘she’ isn’t a Goddess (like me)…. heheheee.

          2. @Fiend,

            As a newbie you are going the right way to becoming a fully fledged Goregian.

            I wouldn’t mind you trying to tear me a new one… Provided you don’t mind me ‘giving you one’ back.

            You are right. Witnessing death and destruction not only on this website but in the ‘real’ world as well does strain my faith.

            But like exercise. When you work out a muscle. It gets stronger.

            Don’t get me wrong. Their is nothing more that sickens me than people who are intolerant of other people’s viewpoint and cannot take criticism. It usually means that they are insecure.


            God might be a chick…

        2. Don’t apologise!

          The reason why I come onto this site is for the gore and lively debates, intellectual repertoire and banterage.

          I am always up for constructive criticism. As I believe it is a good mental workout. Keeps me on my toes so to say.

          By the way mate. When I called you a ‘sanctimonious little fiend’. I was joking. In rather bad taste I may say.

          One of my character flaws. For which I should apologise.

          Bloody hell. Too much apologising going on here!

      1. I know exactly what you mean Fiend. I’m an agnostic atheist. I do not believe any deity exists, but do not deny it as a possibility. I only hope that the day won’t come when they get smart enough to come after the non-believers, but till then it looks like we’re safe. xD

    3. It is flawed to think the world would be any better without religion. I am tired of seeing people blame Islam or just any religion for the majority of violence in the world.

      If everyone in the world was an atheist there would still be people who would be able to manipulate the mass without religion. Look at America’s political system for example, separation between church and state, and though there may be some crossovers in it, it works for the most part. However, politicians are able to use their political parties to control the people with little religious aspects.

      Now if one were to imagine a world with no religion but perhaps some political parties that were allowed to develop over centuries there would be just as much killing and war as religion. Once again political parties are just an example and one tool.

      At least with religion there are some set morals and fear of an afterlife. Also religion adds culture and diversity to the world allowing for beautiful architectural creations.

      Education is the only tool for peace and atheism does not necessarily provide that.

      And yes I know Fiend meant this post as that hopefully that thing would never happen to him but I figured this is a good place as any for this with all the other debates. Also an atheist probably has the same chance at such torture as the man in the video did.

      1. Well if religion was gone then there would be indeed one less thing to kill people over, in my opinion. True it may not account for a vast majority of violence but it’s still there. I admit I’m not an specialist or know it all in religion but it seems like the basic fundamentals for most are all the same: The Creator aka God is the good guy, The Tempter(?) aka Satan/Devil/Whatever is the bad guy, if you obey the good guy you’re reward after death, and if you follow the bad guy you’re still screwed after death… blah blah blah.. It’s all in the details, the fine print, if you will that we get our panties in a wad over. Not one religion is solely to blame. All have contributed. ESPECIALLY the radicals of any religion. Radicals scare me.

        If the American Government truly was a separation of church and state then we never would have put a ban on gay marriage. Religion played a MAJOR role there… I’d try to come up with more on that one but my brain is rebelling against me.

        You’re right. True without religion there would still be murders and wars but there would be one less total to tally. If not for religion.. well the clashes and backlashes there would be less blood.

        While that is true for if not because of religion we wouldn’t have the Gothic cathedrals, no pretty mosques, etc, and there certainly would be at lot of art missing in the world. But there is a part of me that would like to think, minus the spiritual connections, that some of these things still would have come into existence because they are amazing. Sure there would be differences some major and some probably not. People are going to still be creative.

        I’d like to think that education would solve it all but it’s not that simple.. though if it is then that’s life just fucking with us. I think the key is acceptance. Education can help but it won’t do any good if you’re not open minded. If all religions could get along and not kill each other over it then that would be great. I’m an agnostic atheist. I personally don’t believe in god but I’m not against the possibility that one or several exist. To each their own.

        Well seeing as most religions have problems with other god believing people more so than with non-believers I’d like to believe we’re at the bottom of the list. It’s like one big giant to do list in which you do the hardest task first. So, everything after that slowly gets easier. Though if it happens it happens.

        1. As much as I enjoyed reading your article. I baulked at two of the things you said:

          Firstly, you claim that the total tally of death and destruction would be lighter had religion not been invented. That may be true. Yet religion is as natural to Human sentience as talking and free thought. We simply wouldn’t be human without it.

          Secondly, you remarked on how we wouldn’t have ‘pretty mosques’ without religion. Do you live near a mosque?

          I guess not otherwise you wouldn’t have said it. The atmosphere around an alien building in your country is totally hostile and disgusting. And the people are just as hostile.

          I suspect that you may say that the Hagia Sophia is a very pretty building. And I would agree, it is. But it began life as a Church. And I have no problems with Muslim mosques in Muslim countries. Just as I would have a problem with a Church of England Church in Pakistan.

          1. Mhmm that’s an intriguing way to think about it. I like how you phrased it. Though like I said I wouldn’t have a problem with it if people could not get so high strung over to the point of killing people over it. When despite the differences you all believe in a higher power. But even so I know that’s not going to happen so I don’t hate on any religion or any person who has faith. ONLY the radicals .

            Ah no I don’t live near a mosques but maybe I should have clarified on the matter. I’m referring to the older and more ancient mosques as opposed to modern mosques which admittedly I have no idea how close they are to them. I took several Art History classes and we covered Islamic, Judaism, Christianity, and Celtic art. I appreciate them aesthetically from what I’ve seen. True being there in person would be way different and probably hostile indeed like you say.

          2. Unfortunately, even though their are radicals in all religions. Islam encourages radicalism through its scripture, the Qu’ran.

            No other religion encourages the murder of apostates and non believers.

            I have a single Muslim friend. He is a very good man, a salt of the earth fellow, who considers himself as British as Roast Beef. Yet he does not practice Islam. So I guess that is why he is one of my best friends.

            I would also agree with modern places of worship (including churches) are bloody eyesores.

            I was in Birmingham yesterday. Now ‘Brum’ as it is called is a thoroughly modern, ‘multicultural’ British city. I can’t stress how sad I was to witness my fellow countrymen being a minority in their own city. With the scum speaking in their own tongue and not having the common decency to speak in the Queen’s.

            Have you ever seen a woman in a Burka and Niqab? It is not a pretty site.

            Glad to hear you majored in Celtic art. I would like to mention that you would be warmly received in my homeland. The Isle of Man.

          3. I understand but the scripture doesn’t have to endorse it for it happen. Back in the middle ages Christians would gather up the gays and burn them alive. This is where the term ‘faggot’ comes from. The original was used to refer to a a bundle of sticks used for kindling. I haven’t read the bible but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t tell you to do that. True there might be more of the Islamic faith since the scripture does encourage it but mainly depends on how the religion is being taught and the how people under it choose to take it.

            That’s sweet, as British as Roast beef, huh? That’s amazing. ^^

            I much prefer the Gothic Cathedrals. I love the high ceilings and all the stain glass windows. In one of my art history classes we had to make a model of a cathedral, Chartres was ours. It was a lot of work but in the end it truly was enjoyable.

            Ahh sorry about that Trooper I can’t say I know how that feels. And once more I’ve only seen pictures.

            Ah I should start clarifying better. I didn’t major in Celtic art. The classes covered a lot of material with Celtic art being just one of the subjects.

          4. Irregardless we Celts would welcome you to our nations.

            I would seriously recommend visiting the Isle of Man and Wales in particular with regards to their architecture.

            The past 15 years have seen a major resurgence in Celtic romanticism and this has been reflected in architecture.

            The port of Cardiff (including the Senedd), The resort town of Tenby (Pembrokeshire), The striking university town of Aberystwyth, the fortified town of Caenarfon and the Menai straights contain striking examples of architecture, both old and new.

            Ah, I didn’t know about the etymology of ‘faggot’. Cheers for telling me.

            A ‘faggot’ is also an English Black country dish consisting of a moulded patty of pork and herbs. Commonly served with gravy, mash and mushy peas.


          5. Aw well that’s sweet and I would certainly hope so. I hate that awkward feeling that comes when you’re in a place where it’s clear nobody wants you there.

            I will seriously consider that but I haven’t ever been out of the USA so it’s nice to have a suggested destination and places to go. ^^

            Ahh no problem. Knowledge is power and knowledge should be shared. Ah wow. Thanks for sharing that with me. I never would have thought that. xD

          6. @Trooper72

            Your paraphrasing was the gist of it in a way but not quite. I did smudge that argument up with faulty wording and perhaps mix facts. I could clarify and make my point more clear and less misguided but for now let us throw it out.

            Let me just say the Quran promotes violence just as much as the bible.

            “If a man still prophesies, his parents, father and mother, shall say to him, “You shall not live, because you have spoken a lie in the name of the Lord.” When he prophesies, his parents, father and mother, shall thrust him through.” Zechariah 13:3

            “Samaria shall bear her guilt, because she has rebelled against her God; they shall fall by the sword, their little ones shall be dashed in pieces, and their pregnant women ripped open.”
            Hosea 13:16

            “Make ready to slaughter his sons for the guilt of their fathers; Lest they rise and possess the earth, and fill the breadth of the world with tyrants.” Isaiah 14:21

            “Happy those who seize your children and smash them against a rock.” Psalms 137:9

            “When a man strikes his male or female slave with a rod so hard that the slave dies under his hand, he shall be punished. If, however, the slave survives for a day or two, he is not to be punished, since the slave is his own property.” Exodus 21:20-21

            Now imagine some tyrant Christian who would make these verses law or use them to manipulate the people to the point of intolerance. Now you may also see these versus could be taken out of context. Maybe there is a story before or after it that would justify it some how.

            I see no difference between the violence of Christians and the violence of Muslims.

            Perhaps the Muslims to show more violence at our present time, but every race, every culture, and every country goes through a period of savagery and hate. One may point out that the area such as the Middle East has always seen much violence but that is by no means the fault of the Muslims but its geographical position which is a strategic area that any power monger would care to have. However, that does not even matter as there have been times when that area has been relatively peaceful and focus on civilization.

            My ending remark:
            Islam promotes the same amount of violence as Christianity and the Jewish do, and to hate one is to hate all.

        2. And that is a very
          reasonable argument.
          Obviously not an
          explicit athiest,kudos
          to you for no immature
          name calling and not
          trying to rip someones
          beliefs into shreds with
          meaningless empty words.
          as a believer in a higher
          being(for want of a better
          word) i respect your

          1. Mhmmm thanks odgoso. My parents are Christians so I brought into the faith but I didn’t believe and I’m not against it to say. Immature name calling doesn’t do anything productive it only adds to the fire. Besides ripping someones beliefs to shreds is very Un-American of me. I respect that not everybody will agree and we are all free to believe in what we want. Thanks for the respect. You have mine as well.

          2. I would like to add that though I have not read the majority of the Quran I have read some so this argument is not in full but the part I read was somewhere around the beginning which was setting the foundation for the rest of the book.

            The main emphasis of it was not to lie, and lying took on all the different deeper meanings of the word. However, the few lines that caught me was that it said Allah could smite these people for their wrongs but he hadn’t need to because they would destroy themselves.

            Though I have not read the whole of it I am sure this same lesson goes on.

            The Quran does not hate the other religions as long as one truly believes in their god.

            However, like any written text the words are up for interpretation and unfortunately the religion is centered in the desert where civilization is near impossible to live. So there are more violent men who would use their faulty (or lie) of an interpretation to manipulate the people below them to cause harm to others. I am sure many of the lower rung terrorists cannot even read so they stand no chance if the are brainwashed from the start.

            Now to my point, the Quran does not endorse violence anymore than the Bible. If there were Christians in the inhabitable Middle East and Muslims in the West where civilization can grow I am sure we would be seeing the same things on TV just flip flopped.

            And there is merit to his argument. Christians have been just as bad as Islamist when put in a hostile environment such as the ever violent Europe in ancient times.

          3. @Chikami

            It has worked for me over the past 7 years!

            @My Lord,

            I can’t disagree more with you on the point that you make… Which by the sounds of it is “The Muslims are only excessively violent and malignant due to the fact that they live in the desert”.

            Forgive me for paraphrasing but that was the gist I got.

            The reason why I believe that is utter tosh is plain.

            What is the most populous Muslim nation?


            Which as you may know… Is not very desert-like. Is it?

            In fact, it’s climate is highly similar to that of the southern United States before colonisation.

            Also look at another Muslim nation with a relatively hospitable climate. Iran.

            These nations are perfectly conducive to human development and currently support large populations with even larger food surpluses. Yet are human rights basket cases with hostile governments and hostile people.

            If you have read the Qu’ran you would have caught several quotations which have been mentioned by a fellow Goregian on a previous article.

            Which by the way prove exactly what most of us have been saying all along.

          4. @My Lord,

            These are said comments posted by Jizzakh John further down the page.

            on June 7, 2012 at 5:22 am said:
            That?s right. Muslims seem to be obsessed with dismemberment, I reckon Luka Magnotta could have made a pretty fine Muslim

            ?As to the thief, male or female, cut off his or her hands. A punishment by way of example, from Allah, for their crime. So Allah is exalted in power.?
            ? Qur?an 5:38

            ?Remember the Lord inspired the angels with this message: ?I am with you. Give firmness to the believers, I will instill terror into the hearts of the non-believers. Strike them about their necks and strike all their fingertips off them??.
            – Qur?an 8:12

            Reply ?

            Cheers John. I was too lazy to search them for myself.

          5. AH! THE BOOK OF ELI!! Sorry Lord Erebos I couldn’t resist. Though for tons of people to say that the Quran supports violence their would have to be something to back that up, to at least merit that. Unless it’s all just a bunch of lies.

            But, yes even without a scripture condoning violence it the people interpret the words in such a way it becomes that. It’s all just very iffy.

            Ahh do you mean me when you say ‘his argument’ ? If so then just for clarification purposes I am a she.

          6. @Trooper72

            Ahh well it that is the case then it is indeed a success. Don’t change your tactics. Live long and Prosper. ^^

      2. The world would still have conflict if religion ceased to exist, but religion is absolutely the source of a lot of conflict, suffering and stupidity.

        Religion has nothing to do with morals. Look at this video; a man is being beheaded precisely because of bullshit religious doctrine. This disgusting display of depravity is solely inspired by religion. That’s not morality. Islam is obviously not moral and the Bible is definitely not moral. The God of the Bible repeatedly orders the Israelites to commit indiscriminate massacres. The God of the Bible is extremely cruel.

        Religion may have been a source of inspiration for art in the past, but that’s not a good defense of religion. Just because something has some positive by-products, that doesn’t make it good. For instance, we wouldn’t have microwave ovens or radar if not for technological advancements during the second World War, but that doesn’t mean war is good. Religion has also been responsible for destroying culture and diversity (like when the Taliban destroyed the Buddha statues in Bamyan).

        Samuel Huntington once said that Islam has ‘bloody borders’. Where ever Islam goes, there is conflict. Boko Haram (Nigerian Muslim terrorists) keep killing Christians. Muslim insurgents in Mindanao have been slaughtering people for over three decades. Al-Shabaab have been terrorizing Somali civilians for years. I can’t see how this world will ever see peace as long as religion exists.

        1. My last comment was in response to Lord Erebos.

          @Trooper, I agree with your remark that Muslims are not just violent because of where they are situated. Muslims aren’t acting violent because they live in the Middle East, Muslims are scattered all over the place. There are Muslims in eastern Europe, west Africa and south Asia and they cause trouble everywhere. The Muslims of Dagestan, Mindanao and Indonesia have no excuse for their murderous behaviour. The Islamists in Mindanao are just religious loons.

          1. I love this site! A man gets his head slowly sawed off from his body and you guys are bithin’ about proper grammar. Somebody start an argument about whether or not we should still say “bless you” when someone sneezes.

  1. round and round the planet goes, when the senseless slaughter will stop nobody knows. probably never as long as fv is walking around. anybody seen “prometheus” yet? the same aliens that created fv wanna come back to earth and exterminate fv because they’re so advanced they KNOW there is no hope for fv. we must go before spreading fv contamination thru out the stars. it really is the only logical conclusion to the fv race. EXTINCTION.

    1. You know how many people I have talked to about this and not ONE agrees with me?

      This, among many reasons, is why I have never left Best Gore from the first day I came here…well, I sleep and go do stuff, but You know what i mean.

      1. @stench. no one agrees with you [besides me] because of their own fear of death and mortality and “hope for a better tomorrow”. really? we are at a tipping point. by reproducing so many fv we are depleting every other species and natural resource we depend on for survival therefore ensuring our own demise. things are out of control on planet Earth. every new fv baby is a disaster for the planet. humans CONSUME yet they PRODUCE nothing of any value to the planet. much like a cancerous virus eventually kills it’s host.

        1. @knowitall. your name is a misnomer cause you do no know it all. bg is not my whole life fool! at age 48 i have considerable life experience and have no need for meaningless sex or a relationship that only desintegrates over time into chaos. i find bg to be the most interesting/truthful/uncensored site on the net so i come here and comment because i choose not to have personal interactions with fv if i can avoid it. if anyone enjoys my comments that’s good and if they don’t i don’t give a flying fuk. notice this is not an ordinary fuk but a flying fuk which are always more intense. the less people know about you the better for you because they will always use that knowledge against you. therefore i have no personal interactions with fv. i’ve always wound up being screwed by fv so i always keep my guard up. it’s a survival mechanism so don’t troll me boy!

          1. Have you noticed that since the ‘new crew’ turned up. The word ‘Troll’ has been used many times.

            I never seen it pre- Luka.

    2. that has been said since the ancient times it ain’t gonna happen buddy at least not in this life don’t lose faith people are hopeless they only see the bad things about life there’s more good things happening right now than bad things just because some idiots are evil doesn’t mean the whole planet and every single individual is like that

      1. tell us about all the good things happening now you fucking idiot @jesus. you have a child’s mentality. your stupidity pisses me off to no end. were you next to me i’d happily behead you to put you out of my misery.

        1. Althought I agree with the fact that the human being is rotten, it doesn’t mean there’s no hope of a better tomorrow. And fuck tomorrow anyway, your life is ending one minute at a time. Just see life as an entertainment rather than wait for exctinction. Jesus is right (the member, not the crucified hipster), humans are capable of the best as much as they are capable of the worst. But yeah, on BG we don’t see much good things. You should read philosophy, or take a look at science progresses (you know, science : maths, physics. Remember those multiple choices tests you used to failed back in the old days mouse ?) they truly are one of the aspect of human greatness.

          1. @mxpwn, you say there’s hope for tomorrow, but then you say fuck tomorrow and life is only entertainment. Its people like that, that are fucking this planet up, which is why Mouse, Stench, and me, think planet earth and the universe are better off with ALL FV GONE. You also sound like like science sheep, don’t kid yourself by thinking what they tell you is all true.

          2. if you agree with jesus on anything then i question your own inteligence. i know all about science and philosophy and the only thing that exceeds man’s inteligence is his capacity for evil/stupidity and destruction of himself and his enviroment so no i don’t hold out any hope for fv. it’s only a matter of time before fv exterminates itself. hopefully we don’t kill every other animal as well. THEY deserve to live.

          3. It’s rather confident to think you know all about philosophy and science. No one does. Anyway, I’m not asking for hope, we’ll eventually destroy our environment, and yeah that sucks but that’s the way it is. The perfect thing would be a new beginning, as Tyler Durden says in Fight Club. Destroy everything and rebuild the right way. But that’s utopian.

          4. What a debate…

            Although I acknowledge the valid points that RS and Mouse put across… It is tempting for me to side with them. Witnessing all the evil on this planet certainly does seem to drown out the good.

            Yet by the same token. I reckon that this same evil can be reversed by the good that Humans can achieve.

            It will take an awful long time to undo the amount of damage we have wreaked upon this beautiful planet in such a short time.

            Yet if our species was to last another 500 years. I can foresee a global community co operating on the important future issues (terraforming planets) and cleaning up the mess we humans seem to create.

            We are like the Flu for the planet. Nasty in the short term (bearing in mind we haven’t been around that long), yet benevolent in the long term.

          5. Hey trooper, I to, like to think that star trek could be real someday, but I also like the end of the world ideas, I’m not sure what would be funner, but I do believe that people need hope, and well, ????? I’ve always said hope is the first step on the road to dissapointment. I’m fucked in the head;)

          6. Hey Phatman.

            I do enjoy a tad of star trek now and then. Next generation and voyager only though.

            I agree that it would be great fun living through an apocalyptic scenario.

            I have hopes on a great plague that would massively depopulate the earth (but not destroy it).

    1. Especially when they show the person’s face so clearly :/ I just don’t understand what the point of killing him was. Those people are retarded if they think a book gives them the right to do that.

      1. Religion sure seems to bring out the worst in people. Only despicable wastes of flesh like these would stoop so low as to twist divine teachings for their own perverse political and power-hungry agendas.

  2. I’m sorry for this off topic comment, The girl in the naked picture… She has a bike,
    Do you know how uncomfortable it is riding a bike nude? Not to mention the leather would stick to your G spot like clothe on Velcro.
    Last thing you want is getting analed by a bike seat when you hit a bump.
    Wanted to get it off my chest, That’s all.
    Your usual logical bestgore comments will continue below, Thank you.

      1. If shes tight, Just call it a night, Is what I say.
        Tight “back doors” aren’t meant for “entry” as you can give her a pink sock.
        Then you have to carry her to the emergency room and wait 5 hours… Not worth it..

        1. So, in other words, your not much into analing a chick.
          Pink sock? never heard of it. Of all the women I’ve fucked in the ass I don’t think I’ve ever given one pick socks.
          Well, I did have one that wacked me over the head with a 2×4 for giving her a sore bootyhole for a week.

          1. pink sock is rectal prolapse, You gape her so bad that part of her insides pop out.
            I had a gf who was into the occasional back door entry, She was Peruvian, It’s hard trying to get an american girl to do it.
            Unless shes drunk..

      1. Interesting. I would like to know the answer to that myself. Perhaps that is why so many women are into “spin classes”/stationary cycling. All women are horny perverts, they just like to pretend they aren’t because it turns us on.

    1. Bikes are uncomfortable to ride anyway with clothes ON. >.> I need a fatass seat so it won’t get rammed up my asshole or grind into my balls. She has no seat imprint on her ass, which leads me to believe it’s just a prop.

        1. Haha,that just gave me a
          mental image that i shall
          store away forever,and
          retrieve whenever i see
          a hog with a happy female
          on the back,many thanks.

          PS do you think a golf ball
          discretely placed under
          the seat leather would

  3. This video was aired on Egyptian television? Can you imagine the whole family gathered around the tv watching this after dinner? Imagine the kids talking about it at school the next day. What kind of society is this where such brutality is viewed as any other local news broadcast?

    1. its the same shit that happens in Mejico everyday, props to this Tawfiq Okasha talk show host for showing their countrymen the feats of these deranged lunatics.
      Holy books and mesianic crap were always the prime facade used by these psychos and sadists along world history to justify their wicked mass murdering pleasures.
      Luckily, now sites like BG and this egyptian tv program show them for what they really are: an army of Manson-Family-like loonies justifying their perversions in some ancient crappy book they don?t even have the brains to understand. Or SHEEP, as they like to call’em here lately

  4. That guy had some serious faith, he didn’t even flinch or cry out. fuck muslims and Islam, the world would be a better place without them. They should praise allah that I’m not president, cause I would turn all their countries into glass.

  5. Death has become so common in these places, a commodity that can be distributed through propaganda, terrorism, and religious corruption. How long do these governments think they can use fear and power to subdue and kill people just because they have differing ideologies? I was expecting to hear that eerie croaking or wheezing noise when they cut the guy’s head off. I guess the knife cut through him so quickly he didn’t have time to take his last, strangled breath.

        1. Aparently ALL god’s do, whatever one is real, whatever any one is beleived and preceived to be real, whatever one, if any, look over this place with a great degree of patiance, just waiting, waiting for what?
          Isn’t it proven beyond ANY doubt that humans can’t control themselves without being stupid and blood drunk?

          I don’t see any wide-spread intervention, does anyone else?

        2. God hasn’t intervened since he created all the fleshy viruses a very long time ago. We have been left to our own devices and some might argue that the devil is in control of the world but we all know that humans are more than capable of destroying the earth and each other without an evil entity being present. It’s only going to get worse from here on so don’t expect any divine intervention any time soon. I’m sorry to say that any shred of hope I have for humanity dwindles with each passing day.

          1. @Nihilism.

            For a nihilist, that was a rather pious sentiment.

            Usually Nihilists are militant atheists. Yet you seem to me like a bit of a believer.

            Closet Christian?

            I am an unrepentant Christian whichever way it is spun. So their is no shame on it. Although many people on tinternet will try to belittle you for it.

            Not here though.

          2. @Nihilism, You forgot the ancient aliens, You know, all the ufo and abductions shit, they’ll reveal them selves soon enough, I hope they take a big shit on all religions.

  6. Bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep.
    Hey its ok if you guys can’t understand what I’m saying; most of us aren’t sheep. But heads up Mark, I can fluently speak and write sheep so if you ever need help with sheep documents you know where to go to.

    1. That beheading was way faster than most beheadings I’ve seen so far on BG. Most of the time these ragheads and others that use a knife use a dull one that takes forever.
      The knife this raghead used was very sharp. Sharp enough to cut though the neck bone without having to chop at it like with a dull knife. Dudes head was off in like 10-15 seconds, that’s fast for a beheading with a knife.

      1. I hated the Eugene Armstrong beheading, it took way too long. I hated how you could hear Armstrong struggling to breathe when his head looked like it was barely still attached. Made me feel fucking sick.

    1. and THAT is exactly my proof that religion is a fatal trap.

      Renounce or alter now, and be veiwed as a worthless pile of shit by your god later.
      Talk words to get that big fucking knife away from your throat now and use it as verbal ammo later (when talking to your imaginary friend) as to why the fuck you were put into the situation in the first place.

      Would F.V. like him feel so fucking stupid if they had to do a do over based on a LACK of free-thinking

      1. Religion is a fatal trap? Stench is usually wise with his words but generalizing religion…… not so much. I would ask you when the last time you heard the Amish beheading each other? A precious few are actually peaceful.

        1. @The Tinman, MOST Amish, but remember a few years ago when an Amish man went into a tiny school, lined up all the little girls (approx. 6-7, aged 6-12?) and shot them dead!

    1. I was thinking about that. How the fuck is this guy so good at cutting off heads? I mean, this is Tunisia, how did he develop his beheading skills? This is the first beheading I’ve ever seen from Tunisia, who was he practicing on? Tunisia is probably the most liberal Arab country, that’s why this incident confuses/surprises me so much. Perhaps the executioner developed his neck-cutting skills in Iraq? I wish I knew more about this one, I don’t even know the victims name.

  7. The most puke-inducing bullshit about Islime is how the shitstain American liberals try to tout it as the “Religion of Peace” despite the stark reality of what that “religion” actually perpetrates on the non-muslim innocents. They bash on Christianity as being “evil” and “wrong” while defending THIS kind of muslime behavior. Why? Brainwashing and because their beloved Kenyan-born messiah is one of these vermin. I’m not religious but I defend the rights of those who choose truly peaceful religions as part of their lives. Fuck liberals, Fuck Islime, Fuck Onumbnuts, Fuck the Fleshy Vrius…
    Go Nihilism!

      1. Because Christianity represents the establishment. The old order of things.

        It is seen as being trendy to be a ‘progressive’. By casting off the old skin and renewing itself. It buys votes from the middle classes, as they have a constant ingratiating guilt complex about what ‘we did during the empire’.

        It is a load of shit.

        1. I agree Trooper. Faggy liberal kids like to defend Islam because they want to seem cool and hip, they want to be seen as defenders of the underdog. It’s pathetic. When Middle Class hipster faggots defend Muslims, they’re trying to appear open-minded and accepting of all cultures. Libtards just don’t want to rock the boat.

          Look what happened to Theo Van Gogh; he rocked the boat by criticizing Islam. Unsurprisingly, he was stabbed to death in the middle of the street by Muslim scum.

          1. The funniest thing is. These silly, naive bloody middle class lib stains aren’t the ones who have to live with the bastards.

            It is we in the working class who have to defend ourselves from packs wanting to kick our heads in for no reason.

            It is our women and daughters who are abducted and sold into sexual slavery.

            In the English resort town of Blackpool (where 98% of the people are white) . 99% of the sex crimes are perpetrated by Muslims.

            White schoolgirls (often from broken homes), are bribed with drugs and fast food. And once they are hooked. They are moved to Manchester and put to work on the Game.

    1. Same here. I’m not religious either but people should be allowed to believe whatever they want. People should be free to leave one religion and embrace another (or leave religion altogether). People should be allowed to try out different religions to see if they like them. But that’s the problem with Islam; you’re not allowed to leave. As we all know, the prophet Muhammad said that apostates must be executed. Free and independent thought is not allowed in Islam. Muslims are not allowed to think for themselves, they’re not free to think their own thoughts. If you are born into a Muslim family, that’s it, you’re stuck for life.

      As long as Islam exists, this world will never see peace.

  8. i find it rather comical that they actually believe such bullshit ? Its also comical that other muslims spend so much time trying to convince non believers ( and themselves ) that islam is a loving / caring & responsible religion which is very far from the reality ? islam is a dangerous threat to mankind ? seriously / they saw this guys head off for not wanting to join their club / then some assclown host sums up why these people are beyond dangerous

  9. The “Religion of Peace”… Yeah, right. More like the “Religion of Piece”, because that’s all Muslims ever do to each other, and anyone else, who doesn’t believe properly. You stole. We’re taking a piece of you. A hand will do nicely. (Insert any ol’ flimsy excuse here.) We’re taking a piece of you. Your head. Hey, look. A whole crowd of those whom we’ve deemed deserving. Let’s make pieces out of them. Suicide bombing. Savage, violent. Muhammad… Piece be Upon You.

    1. That’s right. Muslims seem to be obsessed with dismemberment, I reckon Luka Magnotta could have made a pretty fine Muslim 😛

      “As to the thief, male or female, cut off his or her hands. A punishment by way of example, from Allah, for their crime. So Allah is exalted in power.”
      – Qur’an 5:38

      “Remember the Lord inspired the angels with this message: ‘I am with you. Give firmness to the believers, I will instill terror into the hearts of the non-believers. Strike them about their necks and strike all their fingertips off them'”.
      – Qur’an 8:12

      1. I have to admit that those passages make for some pretty bad ass reading. Maybe I should buy a Qur?an for it to be my new toilet book. Old magazines are getting really…well, old and it’s a shame that that book inspires such savagery. Lucky for me, though, I’m white. So, the dune coon book couldn’t hold any sway over my mind.

  10. Interestingly enough, I found this:

    The Qur’an:
    Qur’an (4:89) – “They but wish that ye should reject Faith, as they do, and thus be on the same footing (as they): But take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah (From what is forbidden). But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them”

    Qur’an (9:11-12) – “But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then are they your brethren in religion. We detail Our revelations for a people who have knowledge. And if they break their pledges after their treaty (hath been made with you) and assail your religion, then fight the heads of disbelief – Lo! they have no binding oaths – in order that they may desist.”???

    Other verses that seem to support the many Hadith demanding death for apostates are Qur’an verses 2:217, 9:73-74, 88:21, 5:54, and 9:66.?
    So theres proof. He could have saved himself if he pretty much bitched out and apologized but he didn’t so he lost his head. What kind of religion promotes death to someone who decides that Islam is not for them??? It’s fucked up!!!

    1. If it weren’t for men like this.

      Sacrificing themselves in the name of something greater than themselves. What would we stand for?


      But then again. Patton once said “No poor bastard won a war by dying for his country. But making the other bastard die for his!”.

      Yet that still doesn’t mean he should have ‘bitched out and apologised’.

      1. Don’t get me wrong, I completely agree with you. If we have nothing to die for than why the fuck live? Regardless, id rather bitch out and renounce my religion if it means i can see my kids faces again than losing my head in such a traumatic way while just laying there like a helpless dog.

  11. He took it like a (G) though I didnt hear him SCREAM @ ALL … or is that cuz the VIDEO AUDIO was DUBBED LATER ?? & The MEXICAN UNCLE & his NEPHEW took it like (G)s also especially the NEPHEW who just seen his UNCLE get DECAPITATED with a CHAINSAW which slightly cut his LEFT ARM & then he got BEHEADED SLOWER with a KNIFE

  12. I don’t think I could ever get used to watching beheading videos. They’re all brutal and sickening. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna fall on my knees and thank God I live in the good old U.S.A., even with all its problems and faults. If I so choose, I can become a Buddhist Ubangi tranny.

  13. This… is Egyptian news…. our anchors…. pause.

    A lot…. in sentences…. when there is… probably no need to.

    As a result…….. the delivery… sound incredibly stupid………

    To people… who don’t speak….

    The language.

  14. This is the real face of Islam. This is what Islam is about. Like Mark already mentioned, the prophet Muhammad said that anyone who leaves Islam should be executed, according to the hadith. This isn’t a bastardization or corruption of Islam (as some Muslim-loving liberal fags would have you believe). This is as Islamic as it fucking gets, it is the physical enactment of Islamic doctrine. What will it take for everyone to realize that Islam is a revolting and evil death cult? Anyone who still believes that it is a ‘religion of peace’ is a fucking dullard.

    This is pretty much the same as the Mansuur Mohammed beheading.

    1. True. If all “Muslims” practiced Islam like this, then it would be fair to hate them in general.

      But it’s the fact that most Muslims practice a, may I say, fake and filtered version (thank goodness). All the Abrahamic religions are guilty of having a dark side. When’s the last time I heard the story about the bears mauling the little children in Sunday school? Uh, never. Why? They just don’t like it. It makes their religion look bad.

  15. Unlike the bible, the Qu’ran has been altered, added to. They cut the head off because they believe that if you are buried headless, you have no chance of getting into muslum heaven….kinda talking out of both sides of their mouths tho isn’t it when they send a suicide bomber in to kill a bunch of innocent kids and women in a town market, the bomber is supposed to become a martyr and go to heaven, WTF???

    1. @daweeka, the bible has been altered many times, and there are several books not put in the bible, (like the book of Enoch), all religions are fucked up in that way, its all about control.

      1. @phatman,actually have
        to agree with you on that
        one,they (Ieraneous) left
        out a lot,am thinking the
        early church was a bit
        paranoid about people
        joining the dots,and as
        a believer it peeves me
        off no end.

  16. I think his left common cartoid and vertebral were severed pretty quick thus reducing his BP and he lost consciousness rather quickly > 30 seconds. I would hope so, as that would reduce his suffering. I am going to assume he was in shock prior to this event and may have possibly been given a GABA agonist which would explain his calm demeanor.

      1. After all the fucked up videos I’ve seen, I think those Mexican cartels are much more brutal than the Muslims. Muslims usually just behead their victims, but the Mexicans do mad shit like cutting off dicks THEN cutting off the head. The Mexicans flay people alive and shit, they’re much more creative than these scummy Muslims. What I hate about Muslims though is that their victims are ALWAYS innocent civilians (like the poor guy in this vid). When the Mexicans cut people up, it’s usually someone from a rival cartel. Manuel Mendez Leyva wasn’t some innocent civilian.

  17. Martyred for Christ he shall see the Crown of Life and much more.

    I wish everyone’s momma that has lost a child in these wars could see this video. THIS is what we fight against if only we used nuclear weapons (I would).

      1. hahahaha
        Yeah, She was light brown, Short and hairy,True ewok.
        But she was americanized so she waxed everything off.
        She was one pretty gal..
        I remember her for her fat brown poosy.

      2. Ah. Tar for the charming insight into your banana republic Tulio.


        Your Guiri is a stereotypical Brit.


        I do like a bit of hair on a pussy. Namely a ‘landing strip’ of sorts. But in reality, I am cool with hair on women. It stirs caveman impulses inside me.

        I did know a lovely Greek girl. Ever so petite with lovely perky, handful sized breasts. She was pretty hairy down south, yet I had no qualms whatsoever.

  18. I would love to get the chance to brutally murder millions of muslims, im christian so i guess the fact i want to murder them all doesn’t make me any better then muslims themselves but i could care less.

    1. Please tell me you mean only the extremist Muslims. If you mean Muslims in general, then you should try to think less ignorantly. Christians (SOME) kill other non-believers as well, but it maybe less common and not quite as popularized as these extremist Muslims. You know… people under the name “Christian” have provided humanity with some of the bloodiest and most gruesome times in history religion has to offer. Does that make me want to kill every Christian at my local church? No. That’s stupid. Just because a small group of people call themselves *whatever* and commits a heinous crime does not mean everybody in *whatever* is evil and hateful and should die. C’mon.

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