Man Beheaded by Tunisian Muslims for Converting to Christianity

Man Beheaded by Tunisian Muslims for Converting to Christianity

The religion of peace is at it again. There’s no spreading the message of peace like Muslims do. Especially when it comes to respect and tolerance.

Many Islamic scholars believe that people guilty of apostasy must be executed. Many practitioners of Islam carry executions out. The man in the video is accused of converting from Islam to Christianity and refusing to renounce his faith. And for that, he was beheaded.

The video was broadcast on “Egypt Today” – a liberal talk show hosted by Tawfiq Okasha. In the video, a young man appears laid on his side with head pulled back by a masked man. At around the 2:15 minutes mark, just before the beheading starts, the camera zooms in on the victim’s face which shows incredibly deep fear and pain. He knows what’s coming and makes no attempt to escape his fate, yet you can read fear clearly from his face.

Cameraman chants a lot of Allahu Akbar stuff and then the sawing begins. Traditionally, the knife used appears incredibly dull. It hardly cuts through tender tissue on human neck though the executioner manages to find the spot between the vertebrae so spine is severed relatively quickly for a beheading by knife.

After the beheading, the host of the program Tawfiq Okasha points out the reference from one of the canonical hadiths in which Prophet Muhammad commands: “Whoever leaves his religion, kill him”. Apparently, according to the founder of Islam, any Muslim who leaves Islam must be killed.

Although the video was broadcast on Egyptian TV, the beheading was allegedly carried out by the Tunisians. Egypt however, could be faced with similar executions becoming part of the norm, seeing how Muslim Brotherhood’s grasp over the country is tightening. These hard core Salafis want to force Sharia Law upon everyone and executing anyone who converts from Islam appears to be an important part of the Sharia.

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  1. Ok, I am Muslim and this is just crazy! This is not in Islam, the talkshow host did not say that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon say whoever leaves islam, then kill him. He in fact said that this is a complete disgrace and this is not what islam is about. Islam is in fact a religion of peace, if it is not, then why is islam the fastest growing religion in the world? It was almost doubled in the past 10 years. This has absolutely nothing related to Islam, those guys are clearly crazy, don’t blame it on Islam just because people like them do messed up things. I have never seen or heard anything like that in my life. If a person leaves islam, we do not kill him. He can do whatever he wants, its his life. This is just absurd, and for people who say that God doesn’t exist, and you want proof that he does, Please… you cant even handle the sight of the sun, how are you going to be able to handle the sight of God? Is everything around not enough for you to believe? how greedy can you be? The messed up things that happen aren’t because of God, its because of the ignorance of the people. If God did everything and saved everything from everything, then everyone in the world would be a good person and then we would not have a purpose to live on this earth. But he is watching us, and those who do stupid things like this will be punished. Religion is not a way of being bad. Religion also needs to have some logic. Islam is all about that, but these guys are clearly messed up in the head. If you have never lived with muslims or met them or whatever, then you probably wont know, because they never show anything about them. But I have been living with them my entire life, and we also have christians and many other religions, and some people even converted back and fourth but we never killed them. There are crazy atheists, christians, muslims and many other people from different religions, but this doesn’t mean their religions promotes violence. There are videos of people of other religion and without religion doing crazy things, judge the person, not the religion.

    1. Poisons the planet. Acid rain & radiation etc. from these bombs doesn’t stay in one place, it gets into the atmosphere and spreads pollution around the whole planet. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly.

    1. The other beheading videos I’ve seen usually don’t go so quick. They either use and extremely dull knife or let the victim suffer by doing it slow. The other videos, the victim is screaming in pain as soon as the knife first penetrates the throat. The worst part is the sound of gargling blood as the victim tries to breathe. I think the guy in this video must have been dead or something cause he didn’t even flinch or make a sound.

    1. those men who did this is not a really muslim..haram…islam is a good people…converting to any religion its a freedom cos its for GOD not for the people…they are all animals..they dont have heart…

  2. the fukin reporter is the guy that really makes me puke. I don’t know what the fuk he’s saying but his body language is totally screwed. Even as he is personally reeling from the gastly beheading, he’s dutifully trying to uphold muslim belief lest he be beheaded backstage. Media sucks.

  3. I’m wondering, where do the radical Islamist s find their victims? Do they get a tip from some third person and then kidnap the converts based on rumors? , or is the victim someone from their own circle of acquaintances whom they perhaps used to practice their religion with?

    1. I reckon! I don’t know what other members were saying – this guy shows NO emotion at all! Some people said his face showed how awful it was for him etc. but they mustn’t have seen other beheadings where the guys are screaming, grimacing – you can see the pain on their face, this guy – nothing.

  4. This is why I’m not a fan of religion. Yes, I believe in God, but I don’t need to be part of a cult to show my support. Killing someone because of religion is absolutely sick! Great vid by the way 🙂

  5. I never expected Egypt to go downhill like this, i’ve been there and it’s a pretty stupid country but had hoped it would develop in another way. Then again, we should not judge too much based on a vid. The problem with Islam is that they are still pretty barbaric. A few centuries ago the christians did stuff same as this and even more gruesome. Now christians have found ways to convert people to their religion in other ways. By dropping bombs in name of democracy for instance. Looks a lot less messy and wipes out more non-believers. Clean and from a distance instead of up close and personal with a blade.

    I wonder if the sheep ratio will decrease or increase over the next few centuries.

  6. What the hell is wrong with these guys (do Muslims even have hell?).

    Why the heck do we only see Muslims commit these atrocities?

    I don’t understand it. Does that make me an agnostic?

    Count me two videos in here committed by Catholics, Protestants, Hindus or Buddhists and I will ?suck your chocolate salty balls?.

  7. at least he changed to the GOD that is going to provide him heaven for standing like a man and doing the right choice. God gave us freedom of will to make our choices and if that’s the punishment for choosing in their religion i think they’re praying to the DEVIL. the Devil as their god makes sense now, god would never use lust as a reward in heaven.

  8. i dont think someone has the right to kill another human being just because they dont believe in what they were brought up to believe in, we are all human beings fighting for life and just living it, Religion in my eyes just means death. People choose to believe in a God because there scared to know the truth thats why they take a life because they dont want any saying its not true 🙂
    ( Just my point of view sorry )

  9. I’m a big supporter of this site and generally agree with most of what our webmaster has to say, but I feel as though his discourse on Islam is a bit harsh. I’m a Canadian WASP, but I’ve visited Tunisia on several occasions, I’ve also been to Egypt, Qatar, and Indonesia. The people living in Muslim lands that I encountered were welcoming, hospitable, and open to people of other cultures. This is not to say that religious fanaticism does not exist within Islam, this video, along with countless others attest to the fact that it does. However, we shouldn’t let the violent extremism of a fanatical minority skew our opinion on one of the world’s major religions.

  10. These sad fucks don’t even have the intelligence to read their own quran and understand it’s actual teachings.
    Instead, as is common with the lazy easily led scumbags of the target audience of the region, they follow blindly, like the sheep and goats that they routinely slaughter in contravention of their own teachings, and carry out the disturbed will of people who are beneath contempt, and whose very existence should be corrected with absolute prejudice.

    I do not follow religion. it is for the weak minded. it is control of the masses by the twisted.
    But I do believe. And Islam as it is present today is 2 things-
    peaceful, and lazy
    or evil, and satanic at it’s worst

  11. Again, stupid logos all over these videos, obscuring some of the important stuff – very annoying!

    I had to mute the video because that guy shouting was really getting on my nerves.

    So this is what it was like for hundreds of years when people got beheaded. I remember a few years ago wondering about it, before internet and videos were available. We could only see fake movie shit. This is pretty gruesome. Very bloody. It appears that the people are still conscious and aware for several seconds, until the face goes white and there’s no more blood flow to the brain. However, with a guillotine, which is instantaneous, there is no reason the person would immediately be unconscious. There is still blood flowing in the brain for a few seconds at least, maybe even long enough for those people to feel their faces smash into the basket at the head falls.

    Humans haven’t changed one bit since the beginning of recorded civilization. We have always been a race of monsters. 🙁

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