Man Bit on Lip and Cheek by Pet Dog Named Dude

Man Bit on Lip and Cheek by Pet Dog Named Dude

Man Bit on Lip and Cheek by Pet Dog Named Dude

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @killitwithfire, whose husband got bit on the lip and cheek by a pet dog named Dude:

This is my husband. He was bit by his moms dog, “Dude”. Basically what happened is it was a hot day so Dude was already grumpy. He got into Dude’s face and started talking to him. Little did he know that Dude had a cancerous tumor in his neck.

He grabbed Dude’s neck playfully, growled in his face and ended up getting bit. He had to get 19 stitches. It ended up being where his lower mouth was torn in half, his upper mouth was torn into and bites on his cheek area.

It took about a week and a half for him to open his mouth again. It’s fully healed and his facial hair covers everything.

Thanks a lot for the pic, @killitwithfire. The latest trend of getting faces mauled by dogs continues unhindered.

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  1. How’s the dog doing?

    I had a dog with cancer years ago. Took it to a religious vet, who performed a Duderotomy on the poor guy.

    Dog ran away a few weeks later. Ended up at a basketball game in Canada. Witnesses say, that he was Toronto Raptured.

  2. I have been dog grooming for a few years now and I never had a dog bite like that however I did have a cat tear my arm up after I groomed him and put him in the tub for a bath he was so cool I thought he would be ok for the bath.

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